Official Trailer for Matt Reeves' Sequel 'War for the Planet of the Apes'

December 9, 2016
Source: YouTube

War for the Planet of the Apes Trailer

"All of human history has lead to this moment." 20th Century Fox has debuted the first official trailer for Matt Reeves' next sequel in the Apes franchise, this one titled War for the Planet of the Apes. After the tensions kept building in the first two movies, this time it's an all out war between humans and apes. Andy Serkis returns to play Caesar, and the cast includes Woody Harrelson as his adversary, the Colonel. Also starring Judy Greer as Cornelia, Max Lloyd-Jones as Blue Eyes, plus Steve Zahn, Chad Rook, Ty Olsson, Aleks Paunovic and Sara Canning. Everything about this looks awesome - I love the poster, I love how epic and gnarly this looks, I so can't wait to see it. This new Apes series keeps getting even better.

Here's the first trailer (+ poster) for Matt Reeves' War for the Planet of the Apes, via Fox's YouTube:

War for the Planet of the Apes

In the third chapter of the critically acclaimed blockbuster franchise, Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the Colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both their species and the future of the planet. War for the Planet of the Apes is again directed by Matt Reeves, of the previous Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, as well as Let Me In and Cloverfield. The script is written by Mark Bomback and Matt Reeves; based on Pierre Boulle's novel. Fox will begin the War for the Planet of the Apes starting on July 14th, 2017 next summer. Excited?

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Absolutely stunning!

deerosa on Dec 9, 2016


The CGI is staggering. I'm glad Matt Reeves is back. The man is one of the best in the business.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 9, 2016


Yes sir! Very exited about this. Excellent CGI, I can't see what's digital and what's physical. And Harrelson is the proper kind of bad-ass villain we love to hate. The score was intriguing. Sounds a bit like the score of the first Suicide Squad trailer. And the intense hate and pain are almost touchable. Looks like a must see.

Nash on Dec 9, 2016



Higgens on Dec 9, 2016


So will this end the trilogy? Or will it continue up to a full on PotA remake?

Higgens on Dec 9, 2016


Good question. A full on remake seems illogical considering half of the genius was the twist conclusion.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 9, 2016


Well, they could sort out some other twist. If one is even needed for this series. I do remember that there is a space crew lost in space from the first movie though.

Higgens on Dec 9, 2016


Well they also just did a full remake before this series.

bumboclot on Dec 12, 2016


I mean they aren't tied to a Hugh Jackman/Wolverine situation. They can keep going on with the ape universe, like the old series did, just keep bringing in different casts as they go. Just don't go back and do the origin story AGAIN is all I ask.

bumboclot on Dec 12, 2016


The first film was spectacular but the second just felt rushed. Human characters acted illogically and the script seemed more concerned with steering itself in directions to set up the next 'cool' shot (monkey on horse with double machine guns). In Rise, the effects aided the story. In Dawn they were the story. I'll be remaining quite cautious about this.

Payne by name on Dec 9, 2016


Really? I need to watch it again, haven't seen it since it came out. Hopefully the story in this one will be the focus instead of the action.

grimjob on Dec 9, 2016


I don't know, I felt Dawn was just as concerned with story and characters as Rise, the action was restrained and in service of the story, not the other way around. I never felt that an action scene was just plugged in there for the sake of it, it all felt like the action scenes (fewer than you would see in a normal blockbuster) were motivated by what preceded them and had real consequences. I mean, that's what makes these movies so great. I expect the next one to have way more action though, so we'll see how it turns out. But until now I loved what they did with the Planet of the Apes concept.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Dec 10, 2016


I liked how in the original that you felt for Caesar and the apes and their plight was a simple one in just wanting to get to the forest. Okay an origin story always offers more meat but it had me a lot more involved than Dawn which was ultimately a leadership struggle film. I felt this film was weaker because it descended into the rather clichéd dad trying to connect with his son, 2nd in command wants to take over, they have a big bust up at the end. If the main protagonists were humans and not superbly rendered apes, I think some more might think the story a little predictable, almost like the Lion King. It's like how I thought the first was clever for showing the monkey strengths and ingenuity in outsmarting the humans. However in this film the monkeys wouldn't actually have been any good at aiming the guns or reloading. So although cool seeing them fire guns, the humans would still have had a tactical advantage. I'm not saying this to be a spoil sport for the action scenes but it was lazy film making that the makers didn't then think of a clever way to use the monkey strengths to get round this tactical weakness. Fox bundled the original director out of the way for daring to want to make something of equal calibre and switched in Reeves to create an inferior sequel that hit all of the generic blockbuster marks but had no real heart. Maybe this is proof that recreating the 'lightening in a bottle' of Rise does require a little more time and effort than simply throwing money at special effects. For me it was one step forward in the technology and CGI but two steps back in the story telling.

Payne by name on Dec 11, 2016


I agree that if you replaced apes with humans the film would seem almost cliche at times, but that's why I think Dawn is so effective emotionally, the apes work as a sort of mirror to ourselves, going through the same hardships and making the same mistakes as we did (and continue to do). What I find most compelling about the film is that, by putting the two races (humans and apes) in conflict, we get more insight into why we behave the way we do. Besides the main leadership struggle theme, there's also this examination of our own "nature" and past through the apes' evolution. Because the apes are this new race, you hope they will grow into a civilization free of human fallibility, but by the end that hope is thwarted as history can't avoid repeating itself. It is predictable because we've seen it happen before, it's us and our own past repeating itself, and we know it's inevitable that the apes will make the same mistakes as we did, which for me makes the film quite sad. That's why I think the father-son relationship and the second in command narrative feel fresh and have weight. About the apes using guns, it seems to me of little importance whether they would be able to use guns or not. Maybe the apes are just that smart, although I agree the war would be one-sided and less suspenseful (we kind of know where all of this is headed anyway). I like to think of the apes-using-guns-and-riding-horses thing the same way as the moment in 2001 when the apes start using bones as weapons. It shows progress, and also progress used negatively, which gets back to the whole history repeating itself aspect. And as a bonus, it's really cool. Don't get me wrong, I get your points, I just think there's substance behind those CGI effects and I don't find Dawn that much different from Rise (sure the scale is a bit bigger, that can't be helped, but it feels just as intimate). Rise used the show-don't-tell formula to great effect and I think Dawn does too. Both tell their stories primarily through images and gestures instead of lots of dialogue and plot and use action sparingly, unlike most blockbusters.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Dec 11, 2016


I appreciate what you are saying but they didn't feel fresh to me. Whether it was because I mapped our own fallibility onto the apes too quickly, I don't know but it just didn't hold me in the same way. Fox could have spent more time on the script for the Dawn and given Woody's delivery in the trailer and the telegraphed final line, could possibly have spent more time on this one as well. Dawn was a real disappointment after the wonder of Rise and I have to credit that to Fox in not giving the original director time to craft the second story and script.

Payne by name on Dec 12, 2016


A movie about "apes taking over the world" may actually be a good bet for too much CGI. Not sure why you would expect otherwise.

bumboclot on Dec 12, 2016


It was more a comment on everyone being so blinded by the amazing CGI and what Serkis has done (or rather what the FX guys did with his intentionally over the top acting) that they lose sight of the story being rather poor.

Payne by name on Dec 12, 2016


Ah man! They are ratcheting everything to 11!!!

DAVIDPD on Dec 9, 2016


Looks like Woody will have to remain serious in this. Not cool, not cool at all ...

shiboleth on Dec 9, 2016


I'm sure we'll get some sweet Woody-isms.

grimjob on Dec 9, 2016


I certainly hope so. Everything else would be unnatural ...

shiboleth on Dec 10, 2016


Love it shiboleth...

ari smulders on Dec 10, 2016


This movies were FAR better than I anticipated them to be. Very emotional and character driven. This looks on par with the series. A well executed franchise reboot that was a pleasant surprise. Pretty cool!

RAW_D on Dec 9, 2016


Looks fantastic, like the others. I really hope this film establishes a path to the world we see in the originals. By that I mean I want the humans to lose, be left to fend for themselves in the wild, and I want to see the apes really start to become the intelligent society we've seen them become. Can't wait!

grimjob on Dec 9, 2016


If there is one word to describe this it's "Beautiful". Amazing cinematography. Hopefully all the other pieces align just like Dawn. This trilogy so far has bee nothing short of amazing. Technically there is nothing close to it. Still can't tell the difference in 95% of the film between CG and reality.

TK on Dec 9, 2016


Same thing with the 70s movies! Couldn't tell who was a talking ape and who was a human in a monkey suit.

bumboclot on Dec 12, 2016


Like the trailer, and going to war is the most logical thing to do. Got a aliens 2 vibe of it, hope it's just as good as the masterpiece of Cameron...

ari smulders on Dec 10, 2016


Man,i have a total respect for Woody-his variety of characters from "Natural Born...",White Man Can't Jump" trough "Kingpin" and "True Detective" is simply stunning.Hate its's in 3D and my eyes are not what they used to be,but will see it in the following months never-the-less.

Maxim Karagogov on Dec 11, 2016


They always produce such great teaser trailers. PLUS - Woody FKN Harrelson?!?! I'm stoked.

Cyberdine on Dec 12, 2016


The music was good but I thought the build up to the final line delivered by Woody felt pretty wooden and forced in.

Payne by name on Dec 13, 2016


Wow man. The fate of the human race ends up depending on Woody Harrelson? Finally, after all these movies, we know the reason the apes won.

bumboclot on Dec 12, 2016


LMFAO - scary but genius realization!

whoafilms on Dec 20, 2016

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