Sound Off: Duncan Jones' 'Warcraft' Movie - So What Did You Think?

June 10, 2016


Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "Our hope is destroyed; there is nothing to go back to. Is war the only answer? " Now playing in theaters worldwide is Duncan Jones' adaptation of the popular Blizzard video game Warcraft (or World of Warcraft), pitting Orcs against Humans in the kingdom of Azeroth. The full ensemble cast includes Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Robert Kazinsky, Clancy Brown, Daniel Wu, and Ruth Negga. So how is it? Best video game adaptation yet or not? Better than most are saying, or much worse? Is it for the fans of the games only? Once you've seen it, leave a comment with your own thoughts on Jones' Warcraft.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To fuel the fire, as much as I seriously wanted to enjoy Warcraft it's a really big mess. There are some very fun moments, and not so fun almost cringe-worthy moments. I respect what Duncan Jones pulled off, he tried his best to make a damn good movie that honored the universe and the games. He even tried putting in a diverse cast of characters, with some emotional aspects worked into the story, but it never really comes together. Too much of it jumps around, lacks coherence, and it attempts to cover more ground than actually possible. It seems so much of it is designed to continue right into the sequel, and thus it doesn't feel like a movie with an engaging story to follow. Even the battle scenes weren't that great, when they should've been.

My favorite character is actually Durotan, he seemed to have more depth than just about any other character in the entire movie. As my friend pointed out afterwards, Lothar seemed more like a humble stoner when he wasn't in battle; and none of the humans ever really seemed that badass or competent until they put on their armor and started swinging swords. I was very happy to see Ruth Negga in a small role, she's very talented but was underutilized. Paula Patton is great but had a weak script to work with, so her character seems all over the place. I pretty much hated Ben Foster as Medivh, but that was part of the setup for his character. So much potential that was lost in the mix, and the result is a mediocre movie that I likely won't be revisiting.


What did you think of Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie? Totally awful or absolutely incredible?
We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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The script was too po-faced for the art style, though I didn't dislike it it had a bit of a Star Wars prequels feel.

El_MUERkO on Jun 10, 2016


Yes, unfortunately Blizzard decided somewhere along the line that they wanted to dump a good chunk of their humorous side to be a 'serious fantasy franchise'. I wish they would have embraced the fact that many of their games are campy and nearly a parody of the fantasy genre and gone on with their undertone of dark humor.

Waffles on Jun 13, 2016


Liked it.

Zed on Jun 10, 2016


Saw it last night...really enjoyed it. I do play WoW but I think anyone who likes the fantasy genre won't be disappointed. The critics have been bandwagon harsh. What I find especially humorous are the naysayers that for some reason want to discount how much money this film is making just because the bulk of it is being made overseas.

Pork Eating Infidel on Jun 10, 2016


Fantasy genre? We have Game of Thrones, which practically deals with the same kind of fantasy. This movie plays like a bad cosplay or LARP video on YouTube.

Railgun on Jun 11, 2016


Game of Thrones isn't as much fantasy as it is a medieval soap. It's the young and the restless in the dark ages with some magic sprinkled on top.

Manos Kon on Jun 12, 2016


You sound like you have a hard time with the concept of opinions.

Jon Odishaw on Jun 12, 2016


I never said GoT is bad, i'm just clarifying that "fantasy" plays a minor role in it. Heck, the whole first season had just a couple of zombies and an oversized dead wolf! (did we even see the wolf?) Illegitimate children keep popping up, there's a gal who's constantly trying to marry into power, everyone is doublecrossing everyone, there is a forbidden love and it takes one or more seasons for the tiniest subplot to unfold. This is the description to: a. Every 90s - 00s soap b. Game of Thrones c. All of the above

Manos Kon on Jun 12, 2016


And this terrible Warcraft movie wasn't a medieval soap? C'mon buddy, pull your head out your ass.

Railgun on Jun 12, 2016


Not really it wasn't. GoT's drama is centered around petty people, Warcraft's around war and the characters' honor. GoT does have a much better story than the Warcraft movie, but so does The Walking Dead (to a lesser extent), what they also have in common is that they are not primarily fantasy shows, but rather focus on human nature, just like soaps!

Manos Kon on Jun 13, 2016


Petty people? You mean all the ruling families of a fantasy world? C'mon man, you're not even trying. This Warcraft movie had plenty of soap in it, that shallow half breed character was the center of it.

Railgun on Jun 13, 2016


except that was a sub-plot, not 90% of the movie.

Manos Kon on Jun 13, 2016


The rest was all about pregnant orc wife giving birth, losing a son in battle, etc bullshit. Aka, crappy soap plot lines.

Railgun on Jun 13, 2016


losing a son in battle is soapy... ok... bye.

Manos Kon on Jun 13, 2016


Well yeah, and comparable to all the movies and shows we've talking about. But sure, run along cupcake. Go back to the basement you came from.

Railgun on Jun 14, 2016


Not a fan of game of thrones either - but yes this is far worse than game of thrones and the lotr films.

Thomas Smith on Jul 25, 2016


The story was a bit of a mess, but I did want to like it. Still think the creature designs were a bit strange. The epic battle parts seemed a bit silly, but the wee magician guy was ok I suppose.

Carpola on Jun 10, 2016


The worgs looked pretty awful in terms of canine anatomy. And I want to see that review quote on the DVD case: "The wee magician guy was ok I suppose" ~Carpola

Waffles on Jun 13, 2016


I saw it last night. I heard up to 40 minutes was cut out. I agree it should have been longer. As a WoW player, I was absorbed and enjoyed all the tiny aspects that a non-player would not get. So I can't speak for those unfamiliar with the premise, but any fan of the game will be thrilled with the movie.

veggiedude on Jun 10, 2016


I thought it felt too long. It had like six climaxes.

Jon Odishaw on Jun 10, 2016


That's just the right number of climaxes..

Mark on Jun 11, 2016


Huge fan of the original two games here, and could not possibly have been more bored of this movie. Maybe WoW players are just more retarded than the RTS players though? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Railgun on Jun 11, 2016


I have a hard time giving this movie more than a 6/10 but I really enjoyed it and I know it doesn't mean a lot but I think it's the best video game movie ever. It's like Jones actually said "I'm going to make a straight up video game movie" and he did. The CGi ranged from better than Planet of the apes to worse than Gods of Egypt but was, for the most part, awesome. I thought the lead Viking dude was great and I actually found that Ben Foster killed it in his role. The dialogue was the worst part but also gave the film part of its authentic "Nerds wrote this in 1993" feel. PS my girlfriend said it was the worst thing she had ever seen. Hahaha.

Jon Odishaw on Jun 10, 2016


Your gielfriend has a good taste.

tarek on Jun 11, 2016


You fuckin my girlfriend???

Jon Odishaw on Jun 11, 2016


;D I said she has a good taste. I wouldn't have a damn chance with her.

tarek on Jun 11, 2016


She tastes good too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Railgun on Jun 11, 2016


i guess you guys never saw 'raging bull' but given the film we're talking about now, i guess we could've guessed that

Thomas Smith on Jul 25, 2016


"Nerds wrote this in 1993 feel" Nailed it. IDK if you play the games but they STILL write like that... that campy feeling is an embedded part of the franchise.

Waffles on Jun 13, 2016


It is campy and that's a huge part of the reason it's getting criticism but it's also one of the reasons I enjoyed it a lot. Because I did play those games as a teenager and I have to say that I think Jones nailed it.

Jon Odishaw on Jun 13, 2016


it's not that it's campy. it's that it's shitty.

Thomas Smith on Jul 25, 2016


I liked it..I played Starcraft as a teen so did not know much about warcraft...but it was a fantasy movie and I like stuff like I brought my flask of whiskey in the theater so it was a good time

Trey on Jun 11, 2016


I played Starcraft and Diablo as a teen but didn't get into Warcraft. But I can honestly say I would like a Starcraft or Diablo film of the same caliber. That's why I gave it a positive review.

Jon Odishaw on Jun 11, 2016


A Diablo film would be really neat to see.

Waffles on Jun 13, 2016


Average. The battles were nice and the visuals were pretty good, but pacing, story, and the romance was off.

Salvador Venturanza on Jun 11, 2016


I enjoyed it despite its flaws. I played Warcraft2 for hundreds of hours in middle school, so it was cool seeing the characters come alive. I could have done without the human-like orc female character and the baby-orc/family plot-line. Also, I like Travis Fimmel in Vikings but he's miscast or he misplayed Anduin Lothar. In the games, Lothar is a great warrior/soldier; Fimmel plays him a bit too silly.

Zack Smith on Jun 11, 2016


Yes, birth was awkward as hell and I wish they hadn't included it in that way (good god did she just... she just dumped that baby off in front of the entire Horde army! and Gul'dan the midwife, wtf is happening?!). They somehow had to include the kid's birth however, as he's necessary for the rest of the story if they decide to make sequels! The family thing was important because it reflects Durotan's belief in family, and how they belong at your side - something that gets hammered into our heads in the most recent game. They also wanted to make it clear off the bat that not all orcs are mindless monsters - they are a people who have families and can love one another. Garona was done poorly... they needed to hint more at her purpose and origins, her romance was ham-fisted, and the actress seemed to be having trouble speaking clearly with those fake looking plastic fangs in her mouth. As is, people who don't know her would think she's half human, and that makes no sense given the timeline.

Waffles on Jun 13, 2016


Masterpiece. FTW!!! Loved that they respected very well the game. And wonderful story and acting. TOP!!! ยต/โ€”>X) โ˜ โ˜ โ˜ 

Christian Plourde on Jun 11, 2016


Just watched it, and can confirm this is a terribly boring and disjointed movie. This is coming from a person who grew up playing Warcraft 1 & 2. The mix of CGI and live actors just set back cinema at least 5 years. With the quality of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, I can't imagine how this passed through a creative process. I would have shut the whole damn operation down. Believe the hype, this movie sucks.

Railgun on Jun 11, 2016


I honestly thought Lord of the Rings was a neverending dog too, but this is much much worse.

Thomas Smith on Jul 25, 2016


So just got out of the theatre and I'm really mixed on my feelings about this movie. To say I'm a huge fan of everything blizzard is an understatement as I have enjoyed everything they have produced and the Warcraft / WoW would be the crown jewel for me. While there was many things I enjoyed about the film its the character development or lack of that left me feeling kind of empty. The pacing seems really rushed as they jump from scene to scene and I'm still not sure what story was actually being told as everything was so mish mashed. The special effects, costumes and settings were really nice to see brought to life. 6/10 is being more than generous.

Jare Henrik on Jun 12, 2016


Loved it. Saw it a second time last night. Picked up a lot more on the second viewing. I don't really understand to hate towards it. It really hopes it does well enough so they can keep making more of these.

GetFiquette on Jun 12, 2016


I want to see more as well , but they need to do a better job with execution... you need to care about the characters and they missed the mark.

Jare Henrik on Jun 12, 2016


I think the hate is a bit over exaggerated and is there because Warcraft is such a big name with a lot of money behind it and big expectations. I'm actually surprised the fan base didn't crap over it more because we are known for being whiny little d bags.

Waffles on Jun 13, 2016


The hate is merely comparing this to any other film. It's either as good as most films or it isn't. How much worse is it is the real question. It's pretty fucking bad.

Thomas Smith on Jul 25, 2016


I just accepted this is the vision the film, that the makers wanted to make. But I guess its not the movie you wanted to see. It's very differently structured to most movies, having both good and evil character on both Orcs and Humans side. And it does feel like a prequel movie to bigger things in the future. I've seen it a few times and slit love it. Maybe if you gave it a second chance and just accept if for that it is, you may like it more, or not ๐Ÿ˜‰

GetFiquette on Jul 25, 2016


Yeah, Durotan was the man...uh, I mean...orc! never played the game but thought there was too much craft and not enough War. I enjoyed watching it but did think it had flaws. And you should never make a movie with an obvious sequel in mind, but just think how much better the sequel will (should) be after getting all this 'valuable' feedback. I may watch it one more time just for kicks.

Whichhalfofthewit on Jun 12, 2016


It does take two viewings to actually review a film. I actually enjoyed the movie the second time around and would like to see more of the world in the sequel. They just need to improve some aspect on the approach of the movie. The world is epic and opens many doors for stories to be told for the future but throwing into many in one movie is not the best idea. This had the same issue as Batman vs Superman, there are too many sub plots and less focus on the main story. When the story focus on the Orcs, it becomes very interesting and when it goes back to the humans, that's when it falls. A lot of human actors are missed cast and two cast members let this movie down. Robert Kazinsky as Khadar and Ruth Negga as the queen Taria.The actors who did well are Toby Kbbell as Durotan, Paula Patton as Garona, Daniel Wu as Guldan and Clancy Brown as Blackhand. While Ben Foster as Medivh was passible. I hope that they make a sequel for this as it still can be improved upon. The world is vast and very interesting to explore. The visual effects by far is the best I have seen in the movies for awhile. The visual also captures the essence of the world that no other films have done. I really hope that they truly embrace the fantasy world than the humans. Would love to see the other races and there world and I am very sure those are great stories.

Bishop on Jun 12, 2016


huh? Robert Kazinsky played Orgrim, who is Khadar? do you mean Khadgar who was played by Ben Schnetzer? how did you mix up thous 2 actors and characters, they are completely different in everyway? haha

Cable on Jun 12, 2016


I too felt that the orcs had a much more interesting story and was a little disappointed each time they turned back to the Alliance - almost like having to wait through a commercial break. This unbalance has sadly been the norm for most Warcraft games and I can't say I was too surprised to see it continue into the movie. The orcs are Metzen's little darlings and at base they get more attention and depth than any other race on the regular. The human side of things typically comes of as generic fantasy stuff. Doesn't bother me THAT much because I like orcs... but I can see why it bothers a lot of people and it really doesn't make for a very balanced story. Thankfully Khadgar was lovable enough to get me through the human side of the movie. I wish they had fleshed him out more for the people who don't know him, because knowing his backstory and what becomes of him makes him even more endearing, I think.

Waffles on Jun 13, 2016


NO. It does not take two viewings to review a film. I'm not sure where you heard that or why you'd think so, but if you cant digest a film in one sitting, it's too complex for *you* to get, that doesn't in any way mean it's that way for every one. And this is the worst film to say would take two viewings. "Berlin Alexanderplatz" this is not.

Thomas Smith on Jul 25, 2016


The movie felt ham-fisted in many areas. There were some things that felt pointless to include, some things they left out that they should have included, and some things made no sense for even this longtime fan who is a big enough geek to actually role play in the universe. They presented a lot of information and even some of the lines in a way that a general audience would have to 'mind read' to figure it out, and not in a good way. I wouldn't recommend this disjointed, badly paced movie to a non-fan, but as a fan I left feeling like the movie was fun. I got to see a lot of things that were previously only in my imagination. I appreciated the gorgeous CGI for the orcs, and the props/costumes for the humans bringing the world to life. The quality was very 'Blizzard' in terms of delivery of lines, believably and cheesiness of the writing - and saturation of colors - so the movie ended up being exactly what I expected and I just rolled with it. I didn't think this would be the next LoTR or GoT - in fact I thought it would be terrible even not comparing it to other well known fantasy franchises. Warcraft is its own thing and not for everyone. So no, it wasn't the best but it was a hell of a ride and worth seeing for me. I hope they continue the story and try harder to fix the problems that made so many people upset, because it truly could have been better if they just slowed down a little and took the time to focus on why someone who doesn't know the characters or world should care about any of what happened. ...and maybe don't say that the Guardian is just a title... it's not just a damn title that dude is powerful as hell.

Waffles on Jun 13, 2016


All this movie did is remind me of how much I'd rather be watching Game of Thrones.

Ben Moore on Jun 13, 2016


While there were flaws I don't understand the hate. I enjoyed the movie and I am interested in seeing the directors cut.

Vepr on Jun 13, 2016


One of the worst movies I have ever seen. I went to a test screening of it a few months ago and people got up and walked out of a test screening!!!!!! It's not even for Gamers. I think they just spent so much time on it and couldn't get anything right that they pieced together the best of what they had and went for it.

tyban81 on Jun 13, 2016


sadly i think you're wrong. they planned every step of this plodding mess and this is exactly what they were going for.

Thomas Smith on Jul 25, 2016


Well, I went because my boyfriend highly recommended it and wouldn't stop talking about it! He proved to be a typical World of Warcraft ( fanboy. He was so into the movie, he didn't notice my falling asleep half way ๐Ÿ˜› I got that "feeling good" feel as I walked out of the cinema...Naturally, after a nice long nap, who wouldn't? ๐Ÿ˜›

Zoey141 on Jun 15, 2016


If you like acting, writing, or even martial arts or effects, it was fucking unwatchable on every point - but the suffusion of those elements, ugh. I feel so sorry for Jones.

Thomas Smith on Jul 25, 2016

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