Teaser Trailer for Michael Bay's Latest 'Transformers: The Last Knight'

December 6, 2016
Source: YouTube

Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer

Paramount has unleashed the first trailer for Michael Bay's latest Transformers sequel, Transformers: The Last Knight, yet again starring Mark Wahlberg (who was introduced in Age of Extinction). This sequel puts an interesting spin on things, with the Transformers going back to medieval times and meeting up with King Arthur for an adventure. The full cast includes Anthony Hopkins, Laura Haddock, John Goodman, Stanley Tucci, John Turturro, Josh Duhamel, Isabela Moner, Santiago Cabrera, and Liam Garrigan as King Arthur; plus the same voices as before: Peter Cullen, Frank Welker and Ken Watanabe. I lost interest in this series after the last movie, but they're really trying to make us care again with this fun back-in-time storyline. It honestly doesn't look as bad as I was expecting. What do you think?

Here's the first teaser trailer for Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight, direct from YouTube:

Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight Poster

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Optimus Prime finding his home planet, Cybertron, now a dead planet, which he comes to find he was responsible for killing. He finds a way to bring the planet back to life, but in order to do so he needs to find an artifact, and that artifact is on Earth. Transformers: The Last Knight is once again directed by iconic American filmmaker Michael Bay, of all four of the previous Transformers movies, as well as 13 Hours, Pain & Gain, The Island, Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, The Rock, plus Bad Boys I & II previously. The screenplay is credited to Matt Holloway, Art Marcum and Ken Nolan. Paramount will release Transformers: The Last Knight in theaters everywhere starting June 23rd, 2017 next summer. So how does that look?

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I wonder how badly Michael will screw up Unicron.

Cyberdine on Dec 6, 2016



Cyberdine on Dec 6, 2016


It's hard to tell how this will pan out. It looks promising, even though trailers and teasers can be misleading. To have said that, I enjoyed all previous Transformers movies, even though I would remove some passages (only the ones where - surprise! - the humans interacted with each other, plus some scenes with the obnoxious sideline transformers just "filling the void with stupid jokes"). Adding this to my list of "to watch".

Joe Kundlak on Dec 6, 2016


"So how does that look?" Well...That looks yet another mumbo jumbo CGI crapfest, 2 Megaton of explosives and a bimbo wearing a sexy short pants and running for her life ( Bay is saving her for the next trailer).

tarek on Dec 6, 2016


Fool me once shame on you...fool me 4 times and I'm just another dumb homo sapien who still hasnt learned this guy sucks at making movies

Kenobi on Dec 6, 2016


But c'mon you aren't sauced for a new BAD BOYS?? Haha~~

DAVIDPD on Dec 6, 2016


Didn't watched the last one. The whole franchise is screwed up by bad scripts, to much noise and no connection with the main characters...

ari smulders on Dec 6, 2016


So dumb, but at this point who are we to complain?

DAVIDPD on Dec 6, 2016


I don't understand why they keep giving away major plot points in these trailers. So Optimus is dead at the beginning of the trailer but comes back by the end of it to kill Bumblebee or whatever. Ugh. Let us have some surprise. They did the same thing with BvS and I think it cost them. I think if you went and saw BvS without the Wonder Woman, Doomsday, and "Team Up" reveal they gave away in the trailer audiences would have raved about it instead of criticized it.

chuckpenz on Dec 6, 2016


Who cares if the plot is spoiled in a shitty movie.

Kenobi on Dec 6, 2016


That is the point. Maybe it would be slightly less shitty if there were some surprised twists and turns. If your expectation was to be moved emotionally and gain perspective on the world, a Transformer movie shouldn't be on your radar.

chuckpenz on Dec 6, 2016


It's like I lose a little more of my soul every time I see one of these movies. Being a big fan of Transformers, I have no choice but to see it. Hopefully it's as ridiculously bad as the last one, since at least I had a good time laughing at the whole thing. I sure wish Bay would get off this train, then Paramount give us a little break and reboot the whole thing. And this time, go back to the 80s and learn what the characters were actually about. I don't mind an updated aesthetic, but the way these guys all behave is a joke that even Peter Cullen's voice can't fix.

Mark on Dec 6, 2016


Why couldn't they just focus on Cybertron? No one gives a crap about the humans in these movies, they just want to see giant robots beating the SH*T out of each other. BANG, SLAM BOOM BASH! Maybe if the robots actually killed humans (stepped on them, ripped them apart) there would be more of an element of danger and suspense. Actually...Idk why I'm even trying to rationalize a Michael Bay movie at this point. Rant end.

RAW_D on Dec 6, 2016


i second that.

Cyberdine on Dec 7, 2016


The problem is with those who go see these pieces of sh*t, not with Bay. He is just feeding them with the same crap they are asking for.

tarek on Dec 7, 2016


I know that Lord Commander Alex will criticize me for it, but this is not even worth of pirating (even those people have souls comparing to the creators of this). This no-film should be something that buys tickets for audience since it creates pain inside one's soul. Even watching it seems like the crime in its own right, paying for it is a sad life ...

shiboleth on Dec 7, 2016


You can't pirate a movie that dumb. Pirates are educated people.

tarek on Dec 7, 2016


Yeah, this is offense for every educated person, whatever one does ...

shiboleth on Dec 8, 2016


Okay, I've held my silence on these long enough. Going back to 1 Shia was awesome and I still think hes an amazing actor....reason why 2 and 3 basically was sucked because of writers strike combined with deadlines of studio. Michael Bay knows he's decent at the genre of action and hot girls. Only a few directors know how to add story the audience cares about with heavy CGI....(Cameron and Nolan) also Bay in my personal opinion has made 2 better than average movies and 1 great movie which are Armageddon-VERY funny and action packed looking back even if the science is wack and Bad Boys-Funny AF. But his best work was by far THE ROCK-Cared about the hostages, action packed, funny as hell because I still quote it. "I;m only borrowing your Hum-V" "Mason sir? Vaporized" "sir mason has a gun....WTF do you have a water pistol" lol anyways. If they realize these films are still grossing i'd say most abroad escpecially China then he's gunna go for it. But if given a better cast and writer I think he could direct another film of substance. He won't ever win an academy award guys but hate him or love him you have seen majority of his films.....In any case that's all I got on Bay and what's upcoming. The one last thing I do want to comment on because he has gotten more shit than anyone in actor jail is SHIA, I mean he may be weird and took some questionable roles but I think in a good way, he's got moments where I see an A list actor.....Watch A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints, Fury, his part in NY I love you or Charlie Countryman. I'm still to see American Honey but the kid is still on my actors to eventually get out of actor jail this may sound bold but I think he's a lot like Sean Penn. Anyways let me know your thoughts.....

ari on Dec 7, 2016


You should send a written apology to Sean Penn for this ...

shiboleth on Dec 8, 2016


Hahaha I didn't mean he was him now the kids 30. Penn isn't even a member of the academy n he's won twice I meant crazy and misunderstood with potential is all.

ari on Dec 8, 2016

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