Watch: Dark Cyber Punk Short Film 'Lost Boy' by PostPanic Pictures

November 18, 2016
Source: Vimeo

Lost Boy Short Film

Another wicked cool cyber punk short film to watch. Lost Boy is the latest project from PostPanic Pictures, an Amsterdam-based production company (also behind the sci-fi short film Sundays). The film is a pitch for a feature sci-fi project from directors Anthony Scott Burns and Ash Thorp, and introduces us to a dark, gritty, barren world. Inspired by American action classics and Japanese samurai films, this has a true cyber punk design aesthetic, and looks damn good for a short film made on a limited budget. I really dig the world design and the costumes, though there's not much of a story here but hopefully that is something they're working on for the feature. The vehicle that shows up at the end is probably the coolest part. Check this out.

Lost Boy Poster

Thanks to Quiet Earth for the tip on this. Short description from Vimeo: "Year unknown. Population Zero. Welcome to Lost Boy." Lost Boy is co-directed by filmmakers Anthony Scott Burns and Ash Thorp, produced by PostPanic Pictures (they also made the sci-fi short film Sundays) based in Amsterdam. Lost Boy is an "ambitious sci-fi concept heavily influenced by the American action classics and Japanese samurai films." Starring Nerea Revilla and Wastecley Morales; cinematography by Arnau Valls Colomer. Featuring music by Angus MaCrae & PilotPriest, and with costume design by Patrick Razo. For more info or behind-the-scenes photos + concept art, visit the film's official website. To watch more shorts, click here. Thoughts?

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a little rapey and misogynistic

david andrews on Nov 18, 2016


hahahah...get a load of this libtard

Ricardo Felix on Nov 19, 2016


If it were a man attacking a man it would have been sexist, because women were not casted. If it were a woman attacking a man feminitwits would come up with some other bs to complain.

Nash on Nov 19, 2016


nope, knowing that this is a teaser and only showing 9 mins, you would expect more story to unfold with more possibly female characters. but if ALL you show is a woman running from and being strangled to death it paints a very misogynistic message. It appeals only to the lowest common denominator. its strong stylistically but very weak in terms of story and originality.

david andrews on Nov 19, 2016


You say 'Nope', and then you don't address the point I am making. But in response to your statements: a movie clip showing a femalish creature being slaughtered does not prove anyone hating women. We have no idea about the feelings, intentions, statements or actions of the director. If the director were to state "I hate women and that's why I made this clip", that's misogynistic. If the director shows this clip and then calls for violence against women because they are women, that's misogynistic. This clip, at worst is poor taste and a very bad example. But there is no evidence for anyone hating women. If we were to accept your argument, Hollywood hates men. Look at how many males get slaughtered in mindless ultra violent movies. These movies do not prove misandry, they only prove that the movie industry embraces the portraying of violence in order to make money.

Nash on Nov 20, 2016


saying that the lack of females in 9 minutes would have people crying sexism is a little weak. As most people would assume that there might be a female featured in the wider story, However we wouldn't know, your version is not what is shown. What is shown is clearly a weak 'story' of a man strangling and crushing a woman. We are not told why, we are shown her fear, we are not told why or even hinted at why. We simply are shown a man choking and crushing a woman, so it is very simple and quite pertinent to suggest that it is misogynistic. With more context it might be less so, but on face value it simply is misogynistic. Hollywood by its nature doesn't hate men, as defined by the 'Male Gaze' (look it up). It is made by men, and as storytellers there should be a responsibility to our sisters, daughters, girlfriends, wives and mothers to try and not be misogynistic, to set an example. This film ONLY shows a man chasing a woman, crushing her face, after strangling her then feeding off her power. then riding off. If it had been done better it could have used those 9 minutes to show clips of the wider story, perhaps why she was about to have her face crushed, perhaps she killed all his puppies and he wanted revenge, if that were the case then on face value we could see marginally less misogyny however it doesn't. It just shows a man strangling and crushing a woman face for seemingly NO reason... not hard to see the misogyny in that one.

david andrews on Nov 20, 2016


I quote "We are not told why, we are shown her fear, we are not told why or even hinted at why." So in other words, we have no clue about the motives of the character or the director. So we don't know if either of them hates women. Misogynism is hating women. That's the definition of the word. It's a state of mind. And it's not proven by a clip that shows how a woman is slaugthered. Your argument that Hollywood doesn't hate men because it's made by men doesn't seem valid to me. Men can hate men too. The way you define it, only men cate hate women. That's called sexism. If a clip without any context of story line or character background, showing a woman getting slaugthered, proves hate against women, then a same kind of clip showing a man getting slaughtered proves hate against men. Logic works two ways.

Nash on Nov 20, 2016


I think the answer is more simple than that. The runner is a female because she is the director.'s girlfriend.

tarek on Nov 20, 2016

9 true

Ricardo Felix on Nov 20, 2016


which one?, anthony or ash he must have some serious deviancy issues then... hi darling I'm making a short film "id really love to see you strangled and your face smashed in"... no nothing wrong there.. this verges on the realms of a snuff movie if thats the case. fetishizing the killing of his own partner... delightful. Either way the other one should have said, hold on... can't we tell a bit of the story, motivation, tease out more of the wider world explain why? instead they both went along with a sick fantasy

david andrews on Nov 20, 2016


HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA No way you are serious. This is an elaborate troll job.

Ricardo Felix on Nov 20, 2016


okay then...what story do you see in this work? what picture does it paint to you? what message does it say?

david andrews on Nov 20, 2016



Ricardo Felix on Nov 20, 2016


so no answer then? it doesn't have any story for you?

david andrews on Nov 20, 2016


It doesn't need one moron. It can be enjoyed for just its artistic qualities. Don't anyone show David any paintings...he might get confused by the lack of story. Or classical music. Or a sculpture. HAHAHHAHAHAH This was basically test footage to establish their style. Genius here wants a full story arc.

Ricardo Felix on Nov 20, 2016


It could have been helped by at least a little less misogyny. Its like a jeff koons, or matthew barney piece of work, its bro art appealing to the hooting frat boys who cannot see the inherent misogyny. stylistically strong. To fix this, it could have been a 60 second test that would have kept the world mysterious, non linear cutting, jumping in time could have created an ambiguity which would allow the action to feel less misogynistic, as less emphasis would have been placed on the action. Instead the directors made a choice to make it 9 minutes and yet ONLY show one action, chase, strangle, crush, escape.

david andrews on Nov 20, 2016


we get learned the word misogyny last week in school and now you use it all the time. My 4 year old does the same thing. My wife is laughing at a lot of women she finds SJWs like you to be offensive...why? because you try to fight on her behalf. She didn't find it misogynistic at all....her response "but it would have been ok if the victim was a man?"

Ricardo Felix on Nov 20, 2016



david andrews on Nov 20, 2016


why do you treat women like children? Why do you need to project opinions on them that they might not share? Why do you try to reduce them to one perspective? The irony is that you're the one that is treating women poorly. Grow up man...most male feminists are just kids trying to get laid by appearing to be "sensitive". News flash...most women will be offended by you reducing them to special needs children. News flash....tons of women will enjoy this short video because they don't see rape when none is actually shown.

Ricardo Felix on Nov 20, 2016


Well, I suppose that, according to David's logic, if the victim were a man, it would prove hate against men. That's ridiculous. The girl has dark hair. Does it mean it shows hate against dark hair? She could be labelled as 'punk'. So the clip shows hate against punks? No, it doesn't show any hate against any group. It just shows a man slaughtering a woman in some post-apocalyptic landscape. You make like it, you may not like it. But it doesn't show hate, it doesn't approve of hate and it doesn't call for hate against anyone.

Nash on Nov 20, 2016


You could be surprised by the motivation of some girls to make their way in the movie industry. Some choices are very questionable..

tarek on Nov 21, 2016


we are not shown the motives, we can only judge what we see. and what we see is clearly misogynistic. This project on face value (in the 9 minutes we are exposed to) is misogynistic, a state of mind visually brought to life. That clip shows a male stalking, strangling and smashing the face of a female. Someone thinks very little of women that was involved in that, one of the directors, maybe, the writer? we don't know... but clearly the way it is written the character does as he stalks, strangles and smashes a womans face. So who wrote the characters actions? who directed their motivation? And yes hate against men is possible, with a rise of equality, and a level playing field where men and women are directing and writing in equal measure we can then say that it can swing both ways. For now though 93% of films are directed by men. Men can hate men, but we still live with the glare of the male gaze without equal footing. As that levels out your statement would be true.. until then i stand by this film being misogynistic.

david andrews on Nov 20, 2016


What we see is not 'clearly misogynistic'. Misogynism is hate against women. It is only clearly there when proven by solid evidence. We only see a women being slaughtered. Even though some of us might find this a horrible clip, it does not prove that anyone hates women. For the sake of the argument, let's assume your are right. In that case you should be able to identify at least one individual who hates women. Which one is it? The director? One of the actors?

Nash on Nov 20, 2016


stop treating women like special needs kids. You're a brainwashed, SJW, libtard.

Ricardo Felix on Nov 20, 2016


misogynistic? Boy...don't fight our battles.

Kenobi on Nov 21, 2016


Man! who decided to use this awful soundtrack? It doesn't serve at all the picture. And please, don't overplay thrill. As best thrillers benefit of fast editing during stressful sequences. Watching a girl running for 2 hours in slo-mo is somewhat embarrassing. Other than that, the cinematography is cool. Color palette is maybe too washed out, but it's not distracting.

tarek on Nov 18, 2016


Music was awesome

Ricardo Felix on Nov 20, 2016


Probably,if you are the composer.

tarek on Nov 20, 2016


I like Star Wars...does that make me George Lucas? hmmm...need to check my bank account

Ricardo Felix on Nov 20, 2016


I am your son Lukas. ;D Was teasing you.

tarek on Nov 20, 2016


music was awesome...the numerous comments about it on YouTube would suggest that I'm not alone. Defend at every turn? It's called a conversation Einstein...are you knew to the Internet?

Ricardo Felix on Nov 21, 2016


"A chef's first day on the job and he burnt the chicken!"

DAVIDPD on Nov 18, 2016


I'd meant to mail this to you Alex, Ash Thorps title work is top notch, as is shown in this. I found the movie itself like a strange dream, the way things move seems unreal. It reminds me a lot of movies from the 80's. it's cool he made the movie though, The Ghost in the Shell video they made was also pretty good.

Carpola on Nov 18, 2016


That was pretty awesome...thanks for sharing!

Ricardo Felix on Nov 20, 2016


It's basically test footage to establish art direction, style, etc. I thought it was extremely well done and got me to want to know more. That's a success in anyone's book.

Ricardo Felix on Nov 20, 2016


So Cyber City Oedo 808... in slow motion

Dan Hibiki on Nov 21, 2016


Nothing alike

Ricardo Felix on Nov 21, 2016


geordi la forge is laughing at you

Ricardo Felix on Nov 21, 2016


the pic you posted shows a yellow visor with a clear wrap around frame...the guy in the movie had a solid red lens with no visible frame HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA GET GLASSES TROLL!!!!!

Ricardo Felix on Nov 21, 2016


guy in movie no mohawk...this guy has mohawk PRACTICALLY TWINS!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Ricardo Felix on Nov 21, 2016


this guy has hair...guy in movie didn't....this guy has purple shirt...guy in movie had a leather jacket with spikes VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Ricardo Felix on Nov 21, 2016


What a laughably retarded breakdown... Dark Knight Returns (mutants) - yeah...TDKR was the first and only movie to have mutants Akira (Bike) - yep...Akira...the only movie to feature a motorcycle The final shot - yeah...I've never seen any other movie use a conventional shot...they are always randomly generated to avoid any similarity. Take Star Wars for example...there has never been a movie with a picture of people standing in front of a crowd. You are the most dimwitted troll on here

Ricardo Felix on Nov 21, 2016


Its cute you think DKR invented red glasses... cyclops...cough...cough...cyclops

Ricardo Felix on Nov 21, 2016


Funny how we get like 4 posts from david andrews and then he disappears...doesn't post anywhere else. Then today tetsuo666 shows up and does same thing. SOCK PUPPETS!!!

Ricardo Felix on Nov 21, 2016


david andrews is that you? HAHHAHAHAAH

Ricardo Felix on Nov 21, 2016


The music by Pilotpriest is brilliant as always. Beautifully shot...excellent CG....I look forward to their next movie

Kenobi on Nov 21, 2016


Well this escalated quickly...

Carpola on Nov 22, 2016


I kinda wish every short film had as active of a discussions as this one... Whew. I respect both sides of the argument.

Alex Billington on Nov 22, 2016

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