Watch: Fan-Made Trailer for Live-Action 'Futurama' Movie is Awkward

July 21, 2016
Source: YouTube

Futurama Fan Film

I am a huge, huge fan of Futurama - it is perhaps my favorite animated series ever made. I never get to talk about it on FS because we don't cover TV at all, but finally I get a chance to gush about it. Timed perfectly with Comic-Con this week is the release of a trailer for a live-action fan film version of Futurama, titled Fan-O-Rama. To save themselves from getting in trouble, this is a completely independently made fan film, made by fans for fans, with quite a small budget. As much as I want to love this, there's something that just feels off about - I'm not sure if it's the make-up or the cardboard robots or what, but it's almost too awkward to seriously enjoy. And I'm saying this as a huge fan of Futurama. Maybe it's just best as a cartoon. That said, this trailer is still worth watching anyway, just to get a sense of what they are going for. Have fun.

Here's the official trailer for Fan-O-Rama, a Futurama Fan Film, direct from YouTube (via SlashFilm):

Fan-O-Rama Poster

Description from their website: "In the year 2014 one man, Dan Lanigan, in addition to other men, and some women, set out on a quest to become the first person in his family to create a live-action Futurama fan film. He is now regarded by most of his immediate kin as the foremost authority on the subject. This is his story." The trailer for a "out of this world" feature quality live action fan film of everyone's favorite Sci-Fi Comedy, FUTURAMA! This is apparently just a trailer for a full-length feature, but who knows if it will ever be released publicly. SlashFilm also adds: "The film is privately financed and they’re not looking for any donations to make it happen, and they likely aren’t looking to make a profit either since that would be illegal. They’re just fans with resources and passion for Futurama." For more, visit the film's site. Thoughts?

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It's definitely weird. I don't understand why the human characters have prosthetics on their faces to make them more "cartoony". Isn't the whole point of a live action adaptation of a cartoon to bring the characters to life in the flesh? Instead, everyone looks like weird rubber puppets. Zoidberg, my favorite character, looks like a mess too, and why does Hermes have a fake nose? I'm sure they put a lot of hours and love into this, but it looks terrible.

TheOct8pus on Jul 21, 2016


This looks better than Speed Racer though.

tarek on Jul 21, 2016


Haha!! A lot of things look better than Speed Racer.

TheOct8pus on Jul 21, 2016


Indeed. I think the CIA is using it on terrorists as a psychological torture.

tarek on Jul 21, 2016


I prefer seeing this than blood in my stool, ofc.

capitandelespacio on Jul 21, 2016


A hurtful experience indeed. The Wachowskis have lost their ways, talent and minds since the original Matrix.

tarek on Jul 21, 2016


I saw Speed Racer in 3D IMAX. One of the few cinematic experiences I can truly say was the exact same as experiencing hallucinogenic drugs...

RAW_D on Jul 21, 2016


the Wachowskis were probably on "Lucy in the Sky with diamonds" when they shot this movie.

tarek on Jul 21, 2016


Hermes has crazy teeth as well for some reason... so strange

Bibowski on Jul 25, 2016


Bender looks terrifying.

DAVIDPD on Jul 21, 2016


Dude, they ALL do.

Bibowski on Jul 25, 2016


Interesting. But yeah, a little strange. I bet they had a shit ton of fun making this though. Makes me want to go through the episodes again.

grimjob on Jul 21, 2016


There are a lot of amazing animated shows out there now but I just can't stop watching futurama. Surely I've seen every episode 20 times.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 21, 2016


is it that good? I've never watched a single episode.

tarek on Jul 21, 2016


I'd recommend the seasons prior to it's initial cancellation. After it was brought back, it didn't have the same charm it once did. Similar to Family Guy...

RAW_D on Jul 21, 2016


Thanks for the heads up. Is it absurd humor? Dark humor? subtle humor? All of them combined?

tarek on Jul 21, 2016


It's very dry humour.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 21, 2016


Subtle smart humor mostly making jabs at pop culture and society in general. Very Simpson-esque (which makes sense) and the characters humor seemed to evolve naturally and made them more interesting as the episodes progressed.

RAW_D on Jul 22, 2016


It was never as good as its first run, and its final run wasn't as good as the second run but all in all they continued to make awesome television.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 21, 2016


Same here, same here...

Alex Billington on Jul 22, 2016


Why was I expecting this to turn into a porn parody...? I need help.

Huck PS on Jul 21, 2016


Interesting. I never watched a single episode (and my friends always tell me that I miss a lot) but who knows. Maybe I should ...

shiboleth on Jul 21, 2016

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