Watch: Full-Length Trailer for Drake Doremus' New Sci-Fi Film 'Equals'

April 18, 2016
Source: YouTube

Equals Trailer

"I can't stay away from you… I can't not be around you." A24 has debuted a full-length trailer for the sci-fi romantic drama from Drake Doremus called Equals, which first premiered at the TIFF and Venice Film Festivals, and is playing at the Tribeca Film Festival this week. The film is set in a futuristic society where crime and violence have been eradicated through elimination of human emotion, and those afflicted with emotions are "diseased" and forced to go on the run. Kristen Stewart & Nicholas Hoult star, with Guy Pearce, Bel Powley, Kate Lyn Sheil and Jacki Weaver. This is all about the romantic angle, and they even use a pop song to play up the emotions further. I'm still curious to check it out despite mixed reviews.

Here's the new full-length trailer for Drake Doremus' Equals, direct from A24's YouTube:

You can still watch the first teaser trailer for Equals here, to see even more footage from this.

Description from TIFF: Equals takes place in a utopian society where violence and crime have been virtually eradicated — via the genetic elimination of human emotion. People like Nia (Kristen Stewart) and Silas (Nicholas Hoult) live calm, uneventful, drone-like lives. The two work alongside each other in a large office, creating informational publications and exchanging the occasional pleasantry. Life is simple, until a rumour starts to circulate: a disease has broken out, one that causes people to manifest emotions. If discovered by the powers that be, the "infected" are sent away, never to return. Equals is directed by American filmmaker Drake Doremus, of Like Crazy and Breathe In previously. The script is by Nathan Parker. This first premiered at TIFF last year. A24 will release Equals in theaters on July 1st. Official site.

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It looks cool but dear god how many times can the same movie be made?

Jon Odishaw on Apr 18, 2016


Agreed. My first thought was "Equilibrium without the guns".

Michael Wolff on Apr 18, 2016


The Island without the bad action sequences.

Huck PS on Apr 18, 2016


Not that it's a special movie but that might be the only Bay movie I actually like.

Jon Odishaw on Apr 18, 2016


Yep that and the island come to mind. Also feels too Gattaca-like.

Jon Odishaw on Apr 18, 2016


I'd like to see this with numbed emotions....although I'm afraid it would suck

TheOct8pus on Apr 18, 2016


Finally, the perfect film for Stewart.

kitano0 on Apr 18, 2016


So much hate because she got cast in a terrible movie. The best cast in the world couldn't have saved that script. Can hardly blame them for phoning it in. She's proven lots of places since that she can emote just fine when she feels like it. But it's always back to the same old tired jokes. ... that being said, I don't expect much from this movie.

Jarin on Apr 18, 2016


I can't believe I have to be the one to say this, but: George Lucas already made this movie in 1971.

BTA1138 on Apr 18, 2016


And it's still bad ...

shiboleth on Apr 19, 2016


And even then it was already a remake of a short-film he did in 1967.

Snev De la Fontaine on Apr 19, 2016


Well, a "remake" of your own school film for a wide studio public release isn't really a remake, I would think. The films are only vaguely similar anyway, with the studio release a much better, more complex film (disregarding his recent "director's cut" that is).

BTA1138 on Apr 19, 2016


I had just read "It looks cool but dear god how many times can the same movie be made?", so I think I was stretching the term "remake" a bit to be in fit the spirit of that earlier comment. But you are right of course (although I only own and have only seen his director's cut).

Snev De la Fontaine on Apr 19, 2016


That's already grotesque. I mean, there's no more communism to scare us with so this is ... what? Capitalism's fear of itself. Oh come on guys, we are not that afraid, the whole system of today's societies is rotten and inhuman already ...

shiboleth on Apr 19, 2016


I wouldn't see this in the theater but it looks like an interesting way to do a love story. I'll definitely give it a watch on Netflix.

David Diaz on Apr 19, 2016


Been there, seen that. Especially with Kirsten Stewart. HARD PASS.

RAW_D on Apr 19, 2016


Bit of a snoozer here.

DAVIDPD on Apr 19, 2016

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