Watch: IMAX Featurette on the Making of Malick's 'Voyage of Time'

September 8, 2016
Source: YouTube

Voyage of Time IMAX Featurette

"Really trying to make this ultimate combination of organic and digital." IMAX has released a fascinating featurette on the making of Terrence Malick's new documentary Voyage of Time, examining the creation of the universe leading all the way up to the origin of man. We've already featured two different trailers for the two versions of this movie, but this video dives into the processes and techniques they used to make the visuals in the movie. It's remarkable to see how they made some of these visuals using practical methods, including fluid tanks and smoke machines and other tricks. They tried to make this as realistic as possible, and it looks so so so beautiful. Malick is going all out with the visuals here with great attention to detail. I really can't wait to experience this in its full IMAX glory. "We deserve to pause sometimes and just reflect."

Here's the new IMAX featurette on Terrence Malick's Voyage of Time, direct from IMAX's YouTube:

Voyage of Time IMAX Featurette

The unfolding of the universe takes place before your eyes, in this experience for the senses, mind and soul. A labor of passion by director Terrence Malick (Days of Heaven, The Thin Red Line, The Tree of Life), Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey is an exploration into our planetary past and a search for humanity’s place in the future. Humming with the energy of nature itself, the film melds innovative special effects with awe-inspiring footage from around the globe, in search of what lasts, what endures through time’s changing scenes. There are two versions of Malick's new documentary - an IMAX experience that has a running time of 45 minutes, and this full-length version titled Voyage of Time: Life's Journey. Terrence Malick's Voyage of Time will be initially released in IMAX theaters starting October 7th later this fall, but we're not sure when the full version will arrive (after it premieres at TIFF & Venice). Stay tuned for updates.

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I seriously hope this is released where I live. I'm a sucker for all things Malick and I'm a sucker for all things science. Especially things that explore the origins of the universe and life. I loathe religion and creationism.

InNolanWeTrust on Sep 8, 2016


So for you, the universe was created ex nihilo?

tarek on Sep 8, 2016


How do you figure that from my post? There can be a god without Christianity or Islam for example. God can exist without any organized religion being true. Jesus and Muhammad could be ordinary men and there still be a god. I want facts not fiction.

InNolanWeTrust on Sep 8, 2016


Yet, you denied the creationism. Creationism is the belief that the universe and life originated from specific acts of divine creation. or did I read you wrong? Ok. Let's say you are an "agnostic". So, you believe that God , whatever his name is in different religions, has created the universe (through laws of physics, atomistic, biology, etc.) just for fun?

tarek on Sep 8, 2016


What evidence is there for creationism though? None that I am aware of. I am open to the idea if evidence is ever found.

InNolanWeTrust on Sep 8, 2016


So do you believe in God or not? I need to know before I can give you evidences.

tarek on Sep 8, 2016


I do not but I am open to the idea.

InNolanWeTrust on Sep 8, 2016


fair enough. Then, I have two questions for you: 1- Do you believe that nothingness could create something? 2-You agree with me that the Universe, and all that exist and live within it obey to the laws of physics, atomostic and biology, right? My question is: Can a law exist without a law maker?

tarek on Sep 8, 2016


The fact that I'm open to the idea of God means I'm open to the idea of something coming from nothing 😉 That's the rub though, right? If God doesn't have a maker why can't the universe be without one? And if the Universe must have a maker then so does God.

InNolanWeTrust on Sep 8, 2016


Any truth is to be found in the deep of our doubts. So, you have no problem with the fact that [nothingness creating matter/energy] is in total contradiction with the first law of thermodynamics? If nothingness is by definition “nothing”, it is then void of any energy/matter, right? Then, from where and how did the matter/energy pops out? Now as for “if God created the universe, who created Him?”, well, it’s a tough question I asked myself since I was 10. It’s like asking a Bee her opinion on the Fermi Paradox. Our brain can’t deal with such concepts. It’s above our primitive intelligence. But what our brain can do is to observe and deduce. Observation isn’t limited to vision. We know now that quarks exist, even though we have never seen them. But we have “seen” their “print”. Same thing with God. We can’t see Him, because we don’t have the tools for that, but we can see his prints on the universe through his Laws. Speaking of first law of thermodynamics, you didn’t answer my question: who “wrote” the laws of the physics that rule the universe? Why an electron “spins/exists” continually around the nucleus? Because of the laws of quantum mechanics. Why atom shells/orbits can’t take more than 2, 8, 18 or 32 electrons? Because of the laws of quantum mechanics Why…You can put a question on every physical phenomenon, and every time you’ll explain its manifestation by a law. Who wrote these laws?

tarek on Sep 9, 2016


There's no proof that the Laws of Thermodynamics exist OUTSIDE of our universe. It would make sense that if we indeed live in a Hyperverse there could be different laws and different constants. Plus if God can be created in violation of the Laws of Thermodynamics then why can't the universe? The problem with your line of reasoning is that it contradicts itself. Everything must have a creator....oh but God is the exception. Well then clearly a creator isn't a requirement. 😉 I am open to the idea of a god but so far I have zero reason to believe in one.

InNolanWeTrust on Sep 9, 2016


Absolutely. Laws of thermodynamics or quantum physics could be totally different (and they probably are) in different dimensions. But then, this cannot elude the main question: Who wrote the laws? and why? Other thing, If we accept that this universe was "created" by... Nothing, that means anything that exists has a futile purpose, right? So there is no good or evil, right? That means killing someone or giving him a hug has the same impact on the moral side. You shouldn't be "morally" afflicted, because hey! why should I bother to do good things? And what is "good" in first place?

tarek on Sep 9, 2016


Why does god exist? Good and evil are relative things. You don't need a god for there to be morality. Nature itself encodes most of our moral code simply because of our desire to be alive. I'm not going to kill you because I don't want you to kill me. Morality is achieved through mutual benefit. No god necessary 😉

InNolanWeTrust on Sep 9, 2016


The real question is not "why does God exist" but "Why do we exist"... Good and evil are relative things indeed. But if you see me slaughtering a kid, will you apply this theory of relativity ? ;D What is morality ? You said that "Nature" ( yet another name for God?) encodes most of our moral code to keep us alive. But WHY? Why does "Nature" want us to be alive? Why is it fighting the Entropy? PS: you didn't answer yet my question on who created the laws of physics...

tarek on Sep 9, 2016


We aren't not talking about religion, but about how the universe was created. anyway, your comment could easily make it in some hip hop song. Hip hop is full of rape stories.

tarek on Sep 8, 2016


I cannot argue with such rational and irrefutable argument.

tarek on Sep 8, 2016


Sounds like you do love a certain region only by another name. *Not a serious, nor critical comment. Consider it trite and offhand.

DAVIDPD on Sep 8, 2016


What religion is that?

InNolanWeTrust on Sep 8, 2016


The beautiful thing about science is that all of this could be wrong and real scientists would be cool with that. *See the scientific method.

DAVIDPD on Sep 8, 2016


Looks beautiful, however, this film will always boil down to the debate of evolution vs. creationism. See comments below. On another wavelength, what's the best Terence Malick film? I've not seen any of them, so I'm not sure where to start. Critically his films seem pretty divisive. It seems folks either hate them or love them...

RAW_D on Sep 8, 2016


I'll check it out! Thanks Bo! Btw, watched Zardoz for the first time the other day. At first...I thought it was terrible, but there's some deep sci-fi theology going on in that movie. Interesting imagery for the 70's as well.

RAW_D on Sep 8, 2016


Definitely a blatant red diaper. LOL But yeah, it's a "so bad it's good" kind of movie. I wouldn't watch it again, but I understand the cult following it has.

RAW_D on Sep 8, 2016


Just avoid any movie of his featuring a man and a woman walking on a beach.

tarek on Sep 8, 2016

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