Watch: Impressive Final Trailer for Killer Shark Thriller 'The Shallows'

June 8, 2016
Source: YouTube

The Shallows Final Trailer

"Now you may think that's the end of the story. Actually, it's only the beginning." Well I'll be damned, this is a stellar trailer. Sony Pictures has released one final trailer for The Shallows, the killer shark movie starring Blake Lively as a surfer who gets trapped on a rock hundreds of yards from the beach. The most recent trailer we featured for this gave away too much and spoiled most of the story, but this trailer counters that by being much simpler. It shows us how malicious and, apparently, intelligent this shark is. And it uses minimal dialogue except for an excellent audio recording, which is very effective. I also really dig the music.

Here's the final official trailer for Jaume Collet-Serra's The Shallows, direct from Sony's YouTube:

The Shallows

If you're interested in seeing more footage, watch the other full-length trailer for The Shallows right here.

When Nancy (Blake Lively) is attacked by a great white shark while surfing alone near a secluded beach, she is stranded just a short distance from shore. Though she is only 200 yards from her survival, getting there proves the ultimate contest of wills. The Shallows is directed by Spanish filmmaker Jaume Collet-Serra, of the movies Run All Night, Non-Stop, Unknown, Orphan and House of Wax previously. The screenplay is written by Anthony Jaswinski (of Vanishing on 7th Street). Sony Pictures + Columbia Pictures will release The Shallows in theaters starting on June 29th this summer. Anyone interested in seeing this?

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That was kind of cool

Lin Group on Jun 8, 2016


I stayed away from watching the previous trailers because of your warning that they give away so much. This one is just enough and I'm definitely interested in watching.

David Diaz on Jun 8, 2016


This literally shows the same scenes.

Bob on Jun 9, 2016


with more water.

tarek on Jun 9, 2016


Oh, well I don't feel like it showed too much at all.

David Diaz on Jun 9, 2016


It misses out all the other surfers. And the shark with the chainsaw.

Carpola on Jun 9, 2016


U need to see the first trailer because this movie looks like crap

Tester on Jun 9, 2016


Much better edit on that one.

Carpola on Jun 8, 2016


I can't be against her, but I don't know how can I be against the shark. It does all the natural things considering the environment. And if she gets out, shark is dead. Sooner or later. So, on the end, I can't be against either of them. I hope both will survive eventually. Without hard feelings among them, of course ...

shiboleth on Jun 8, 2016


Of course, no hard feelings, Bo! I just can't resist entertaining the idea of different situations and all the odds related to them. This movie is classic idea of no way out of the odds staged where two sides, one against the other, must confront, and, it looks like, unavoidably die. Imagine her, as a career woman and all the sharks (or just one, really, the bad one) that are on their way to crush her, kill her. It's 21st century and Hollywood is still teaching us about survival of the fittest. For me, the best metaphor of those Hollywood enterprises are those silly (and quite unwatchable movies) called Jackass... Cheers

shiboleth on Jun 9, 2016


Hopefully you at least gave the English language a pillow to bite down on. Talk about going in hard and dry.

Bob on Jun 9, 2016


Well, not being originally speaker of English language is another way of being its speaker too, right? And there's some enjoyment about it.

shiboleth on Jun 9, 2016


You'll make me watch this film only for the sake of conversation with you. Well, I have no problem with that either. Oh yeah, I can go with your scenario... And while we at it, let's mention that guy a few posts above this thread who mentioned the idea of demonizing the sharks (expressed in this and in some other movies). What if shark is really a victim and his deeds of 'killing and harassing' are just reaction to endangerment he sensed in his natural environment? After some time, he feels there's no real danger and he leaves feeling finally safe. But, after killing two surfers in the process, does shark deserve to live? Shouldn't that animal feel the law of survival, the way men see it? Wouldn't that be a really good dilemma and wouldn't be just great if men would let the shark go afterwards, since they are reasonable beings aware of the threat they represent for natural habitat and its beings in the sea? And aware there are much more casualties on the sharks' side. Now, that's some scenario that we won't see, right? Sorry for overstretching the argument, but I just couldn't resist ...

shiboleth on Jun 9, 2016


Thank you Bo for your answer. No, you're right, I wouldn't like to be a screenwriter. It's quite obvious that the whole thing is about alternating a few known concepts. Appealing actors and other appealing ingredients mostly make profitable film which means no creativity and less and less fun, too. Exceptions from that is what counts, of course... As for the English, I express through it many things and I do I it often in a written and also in a spoken form. Yeah, since I don't always do it in English speaking environment some might think it's not real enough. I understand that and accept it as friendly criticism since originally English speaking people can always help me teach something more. And I rarely, to be honest, meet originally English speaking people who are not polite. But mostly, I satisfy all interested engaged in conversation with me, so no worries there either. On the other side, the language I originally speak, Croatian, is not for everyone. It's nice language, as most of them are, but it has less speakers than some bigger ones (besides English,like French, German or some others). It has one peculiar (dis)advantage and that is very complicated grammar which, after you've done learning it, helps when you learn other languages. People willing to learn it, feel it. Bo, thanks for taking my side on that matter, very cool from you. Of course, I didn't feel a good reason to be worried about unnecessary sarcasm from someone's else, but thanks anyway ... Cheers

shiboleth on Jun 10, 2016



DAVIDPD on Jun 8, 2016


Dude! Where Keanu Reeves?

tarek on Jun 8, 2016


Ok this looks promising. I hope they don't go the Gravity route and have her jabbering away to herself the whole time like Sandy did. That ruined that film for me. Film is action. Don't be afraid to let your audience work it out for themselves.

eurogibbon on Jun 8, 2016


what cut did you watch?

Bob on Jun 9, 2016


Right, yet another movie demonizing sharks, as if Jaws did not damage their population well enough. Fvcking great. Sharks kill maybe 4-5 people a year, toddlers a better killing machines, how about a horror movie about them? 😀

kalex_85 on Jun 9, 2016


When was the last time you read about a Zombie killing someone? That hasn't stopped Hollywood from fear mongering and profiting from this gross misrepresentation of a peaceful group of living dead.

Bob on Jun 9, 2016


Cracking a joke, great, but the problem is real - while zombies do not exist (I hope!), their portrayal might be correct (you wont know until you see one), sharks on the other hand, in reality are quite fearful of humans and attack only in very rare situations. Now, thanks to movies like JAWS or this little gem above, generations of people are fine with killing them for no reason or even fun, cause "they are such monsters". In reality, they keep the entire Eco-system healthy. Sharks are wolves of the sea and sadly, getting the same treatment as them (for instance, "The Grey"). Hollywood loves getting free rides on the nature's expanse, sadly.

kalex_85 on Jun 9, 2016


A movie about toddlers shooting their parents would be amazing, those nappy-clad warriors seem to have a pretty high body count.

Carpola on Jun 9, 2016


Anthony Jeselnik - is that you?

denverchris on Jun 9, 2016


This should have been the first and only trailer

DJROBL on Jun 9, 2016


Well this looks damn good! Very high on my list!

ari smulders on Jun 9, 2016


This looks terrible.

Brian Ricci on Jun 11, 2016


Agreed. Great trailer, much better than the last one! RE: "I also really dig the music." -> Alex Clare - Relax My Beloved,

kip0r on Jun 11, 2016

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