Watch: Jason Statham is Back in First 'Mechanic: Resurrection' Trailer

June 23, 2016
Source: YouTube

Mechanic: Resurrection Trailer

"I've been waiting too long to get even with you." Lionsgate has released the first full-length trailer for this summer's Mechanic: Resurrection, the sequel to The Mechanic from 2011, arriving in theaters in two months. This film stars Jason Statham in his 10,000th action film, as an assassin who makes his hits look like accidents. Aside from Statham, the cast includes Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones, and Michelle Yeoh - impressive names for just another action movie. You thought he wouldn't return to this series, but he's back. The Mechanic is forced to travel the globe to complete three impossible assassinations, and do what he does best, make them all look like accidents. Well at least Tommy Lee Jones looks cool. Have a look.

Here's the first official trailer for Dennis Gansel's Mechanic: Resurrection, direct from YouTube:

Mechanic: Resurrection

Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) returns as the Mechanic in the sequel to the 2011 action thriller. When the deceitful actions of a cunning but beautiful woman (Jessica Alba) force him to return to the life he left behind, Bishop’s life is once again in danger as he has to complete an impossible list of assassinations of the most dangerous men in the world. Mechanic: Resurrection is directed by German filmmaker Dennis Gansel, of the films Before the Fall, The Wave, We Are the Night and The Fourth State previously. The screenplay is written by Philip Shelby and Tony Mosher, from a story by Philip Shelby. Lionsgate will release Gansel's Mechanic: Resurrection in theaters starting August 26th later this summer. Anyone up for this?

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Reader Feedback - 22 Comments


Well, why not? I'll take Statham anyday over Cruise because at least he looks and acts like a real tough because he is and the other ain't!!...and Tommy Lee Jones in the weirdest look he's presented to us yet and he looks like an old queen? Sure! Go for it Tommy! Then Jessica Alba in a bikini. Not gonna pass that up.Looks like all the ingredients to a dumb da dumb entertainment on cable on a quiet night a home. Now if I can just remember to watch it several months down the pipeline.

Bo on Jun 23, 2016


Bo on Jun 25, 2016


Why do you choose to indulge in movies if you just shit on everything?! What have you done to make a flawless movie, or just make a movie at all?! Have you made any efforts to try to change the industry? You complain more than an anti-Trump protester as if making film is supposed to change the world or cure cancer. And believe me, I'm not defending this movie by any means, It's just exhausting for me as a viewer of this site to see you perpetually post negative comments, so I can only imagine how this eats away at your soul because of the amount of negative energy you carry around for such a trivial subject. Perhaps you should direct your energy towards something philanthropic so it's not wasted.

Cyberdine on Jun 25, 2016


"The uncritical acceptance typical of the herd mentality is the soil in which all false beliefs and ignorance takes root." I've actually been in some pretty good movies with some of the top directors in the world, but what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? The movies being made today are junk for the masses...genial pleasures for the undemanding. What can I say? I'm neither of the herd mentality and don't succumb to junk made for the lowest common denominator. I seem to demand more, if you will. If that upsets you, as it appears to, then you have a problem and it has nothing to do with me. You might own your exhaustion and stop being such a drama queen about it. If it 'exhausts' you, come on, really?...then stop reading posts that are intelligent critics of some of this junk poured out into our vapid and shallow culture. You need not be bothered by anything eating away at my soul. My, you really are a drama that's okay. You see, I don't see films as being a trivial subject. On the contrary. If you do, then why are you on this site as a 'viewer'...or as a passive aggressive member of the silent, on the side lines, peanut gallery? Your advice, unsolicited as it is, about directing my energy towards something philanthropic is typical of a 'critical parent' personality reeking of PC herd mentality values. Yet, your reply and rant to me is nothing but being critical of me. Okay for you, but not for me, eh? Another indication of a lack of sophistication typical of the herd mentality. And last, but certainly not least, I find the courage and the ability to criticize our pop(ular) culture to be a very courageous and philanthropic endeavor as one must be willing to face the wrath of the herd's reaction to someone disliking their cotton candy and articulating it in an intelligent manner. I hope this answered your (rhetorical) question. It was rhetorical because it wasn't really a question but a rather cowardly way to share your fear and displeasure by coating it with a question where you could care less about an answer. I wasn't going to even bother as I usually don't stoop to the lowest common denominator level, but I was feeling a bit extra philanthropical today so decided I'd wade in. I do hope you feel better from reading my answer(s), but I fear you might be the one with internal demons eating away at your soul and these pleasurable feelings I'm hoping for you will not come for you. And for that I feel great empathy and compassion for you and wish you the best. You might stop engaging in activities that you find exhausting, rather than trying to control others so you won't experience these feelings you suffer greatly from. I mean that in all sincerity. Please consider, I'm not instructing you as you did to me, only asking you to consider stop blaming others for your negative feelings and take responsibility for them yourself. After all, they are your feelings. I realize I'm a pretty powerful presence, (I'm being ironic here in case that flies over your head) but you don't need to give me that power that can generate and control and be the master of your feelings. Thanks for you reply and again, I wish you the best and peace within yourself. Exhaustion is a mean thing and if it becomes chronic it can be disastrous for one's body and soul. Please take care and be easy on yourself, and others. I shall continue to post my views and perceptions and opinions regarding film as I've been doing, of course. Intelligent and respectful debates and discussions around films which have such an impact on our lives and cultures is something I've loved engaging in for almost 50 years. You should try it sometime. The key words being intelligent and respectful. Cheers!

Bo on Jun 25, 2016


That was a pretty epic reply...

Nash on Jun 25, 2016


Yessir! And pretty grand too. Right? Right? Well, what can I say? It just flows out of this person I inhabit and all I gotta do is stay with the flow and try to keep up. It ends when it ends and then I run for thanks for the rather, what would be the best word to use here?...innocuous(?)

Bo on Jun 25, 2016


"Innocuous", OK that'll do;-)

Nash on Jun 25, 2016


Cool. I didn't want you to take that pejoratively...not that I worry about what people think, but for some reason I hoped you'd see it was to be taken with good humor as my tongue was firmly in my cheek when I wrote it. Cheers. Oh, did you think Tommy Lee Jones looked weird in that great western flick he did The Missing? Just wonderin...

Bo on Jun 25, 2016


The man simply can't look normal... Cheers to you!

Nash on Jun 25, 2016


Ha "drama queen"? Funny, that's exactly how I feel about you when I read your posts. And your response? Even more laughable. Same meaningless rhetoric you spew every time to make yourself feel superior in your own sick way. What's even more laughable is how you think you're some sort of physiatrist who assumes to know me as if I've been a patient of yours sitting on a lounge while you analyze my mind and emotions all because of one simple post. Yeah, okay.....Hilarious. You can continue to respond with your novelistic rebuttals but they will never truly help your case as much as you would love them to. In the end, it's simply you complaining because something isn't being made to your standards. You talk as if you created the industry and it was taken over by someone else who changed your life's work. Get over it. Like you said, you're over 50 years old, so act like it and quit treating this site like it's your personal drama queen diary. On the other hand, just like a drama queen, you will continue to do so no matter what I say so I guess I'm at an impasse. Good luck with your pessimistic views of cinema. Cheers!

Cyberdine on Jun 26, 2016


This movie is a real surprise. Didn't expect this to be that good. Overall this movie should be put on one shelf with other good movies that you may watch once in a while.

Marsha on Sep 3, 2016


CGI fire and CGI explosions were obvious. Hope it gets resolved in the final product.

theboyd on Jun 23, 2016


The first one was fun and pretty cool. This looks looks fun. I am glad Statham decided to take a little break. There was that three year sprint where it felt like he was making like 3 movies a year.

DAVIDPD on Jun 23, 2016


Well my kind of movie. Mindless fun analyzing it could be possible or not. Statham is the best b list action star by far.

ari smulders on Jun 24, 2016


So, Jason Statham is definitely working as an action hero. Jessica Alba is not working as an actress but can pass as a bikini exhibit and Tommy Lee Jones can pass as almost anything when he's really willing to do it right... So, that's what makes watchable fun and I plan to enjoy it shamelessly ...

shiboleth on Jun 24, 2016


Jason Statham returning as Jason Staham!

steve on Jun 24, 2016


OH MAN that title sucks SO bad! And honestly, the predecessor to this wasn't that lousy! Even the Bronson version still is pretty cool. This looks like a definite Redbox/Cable viewing. And Statham is a solid action star, but I think the guy deserves better roles than this! Lock Stock is still my favorite flick of his. Looks like another "pay the rent" role- just getting the paycheck to keep that house in Malibu. One more thing, lets retire the "damsel in distress" storyline for action films for a years please? SO TIRED. Rant end.

RAW_D on Jun 24, 2016


yes lock stock is a classic...

ari smulders on Jun 24, 2016


Jessica Alba still looks hot, Tommy Lee Jones is skinny as hell, and Jason Statham is doing Jason Statham things still. On to the trailer, I enjoyed the first one, I'll watch this for free when that time comes.

Justin R on Jun 24, 2016


in the poster - what seems to be a detonator is on the same ceiling as the one he is hanging that wise?

grayrid007 on Jun 25, 2016


Now that's a great still from The Missing and it obviously makes your point very, very

Bo on Jun 27, 2016

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