Watch: Kevin Spacey & Michael Shannon Star in 'Elvis & Nixon' Trailer

January 8, 2016
Source: The Film Stage

Elvis & Nixon Trailer

"Everybody loves Elvis. He could really help us with the youth vote." Bleecker Street and Amazon have debuted the first official trailer for Elvis & Nixon, a comedy about the time when Richard Nixon met Elvis Presley. Nixon is played by Kevin Spacey, and Presley is played by Michael Shannon, and they both look awesome despite plenty of obvious make-up. Everyone looks like they're having so much fun making this. The cast includes Evan Peters, Ashley Benson, Alex Pettyfer, Colin Hanks, Johnny Knoxville and Tate Donovan. This looks surprisingly good, with plenty of laughs and revelations. And Michael Shannon!

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Liza Johnson's Elvis & Nixon, found via The Film Stage:

Elvis & Nixon Poster

A recreation of the meeting at the White House between Elvis Presley and President Richard Nixon. On the morning of December 21, 1970, actor-singer Elvis Presley shows up to the White House and requests for an urgent meeting with President Richard Nixon, to swear him in as an undercover agent in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Elvis & Nixon is directed by filmmaker Liza Johnson, of the films Return, Hateship Loveship and a number of short films previously. The screenplay is written by Joey Sagal & Hanala Sagal & Cary Elwes. The film was produced by Bleecker Street Media and Amazon, and hasn't premiered anywhere yet. Liza Johnson's Elvis & Nixon arrives in theaters this April. Anyone interested?

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Hopefully the theme song will be Pinkard & Bowden's "Elvis Was a Narc".

Michael Wolff on Jan 8, 2016


Is that Michael Shannon?? actually?!

Joker's hideout on Jan 8, 2016


The concept is great, the acting is great, but really, Shannon is no Elvis. He is unique in his own way and one of the finest craftsmen in the movie industry, but he ain't no Elvis.

Nash on Jan 8, 2016


Michael douglas is no liberace; but, "behind the candelabra" was a good movie. this can be a good movie too.

dan on Jan 8, 2016


Well, I was rather impressed by the resemblance between Douglas and the real Liberace... Nonetheless, Presley&Richard could be a fun and even very good movie. But we only see the trailer now. And in that trailer I sort of get the idea that the facial expressions, make-up and body language of Spacey result in a real nice Nixon. But I don't have the same idea of resemblance when I look at Shannon.

Nash on Jan 9, 2016


This would have worked as a great parody trailer, but I can't imagine sitting through those performances for 2 hours. Also, how does Michael Shannon keep getting acting gigs? He'll always be Gooz from Pearl Harbor.

Mr Universe on Jan 8, 2016


he keeps getting jobs because he's a good actor.

dan on Jan 8, 2016


Watch Shotgun Stories then watch your mouth.

Peter McCormack on Jan 11, 2016


He was Agent Nelson van Alden in Boardwalk Empire, heck have you even seen "Take Shelter" yet? dumbass

Joker's hideout on Jan 11, 2016


He can't even get the words out of his mouth... It's like watching Danny Glover with a What, Me Worry? mask on...

Mr Universe on Jan 11, 2016


lol I may not agree with you but that's a pretty creative criticism

Joker's hideout on Jan 11, 2016


G-d, this looks like a ton of fun.

DAVIDPD on Jan 8, 2016


thankyou - someone else gets it.

dan on Jan 8, 2016


For real. Shannon looks like he's got similar comedy chops to Joaquin Phoenix.

Terry Craig on Jan 10, 2016


have you seen him in "grand theft parsons"? - great stuff!

dan on Jan 10, 2016


Love the concept of the film, but this looks all kinds of WTF?

cuckoozey on Jan 8, 2016


this looks like great fun - a zany, madcap take on Nixon and elvis meeting!

dan on Jan 8, 2016


Love Kevin Spacey. Love Michael Shannon. Love the idea of a movie about Elvis meeting Nixon. All that said... This looks awful.

Guy who comments on things on Jan 9, 2016


lol great comment

Joker's hideout on Jan 11, 2016


Oh come on, that's the beauty of it ...

shiboleth on Jan 11, 2016


I absolutely adore the idea of Michael Shannon playing E. Presley. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Finally some real subversive thing from American cinema ...

shiboleth on Jan 9, 2016


So... how many movies feature the 37th president now? And Spacey joins an elite group... Cusack, Langella, Hedaya.

Duane on Jan 10, 2016


r eally? other than making his hair similar, I didn't think there was much of a likeness.

dan on Jan 10, 2016


Really, so that's why he won an Emmy and a Golden Globe, because of the hair... And I thought it was beacause of the impressive way of mimicking the intonation, body language and facial expressions of Liberace.

Nash on Jan 11, 2016


you brought up "resemblance" and showed pictures -which implies LOOKS - NOT voice, body language or expression. I have no argument at all with those I loved douglas as liberace- you're just proving my point that Shannon doesn't have to LOOK like elvis to portray him. and, without having seen the movie, I don't see how you can say otherwise until it's released. no offense, but you seem kind of dense -or you just want to argue.

dan on Jan 11, 2016


If you wish to avoid offending people, perhaps you should stick to discussing movies and refrain from speculating about the intentions and personality of individual forummembers. The picture was indeed to demonstrate the resemblance in looks. To demonstrate the other resemblances I would indeed need to collect a few clips from Youtube but I didn't feel like doing that because the whole point was about Shannon. The trailer gave me the impression that Shannon just didn't look very much like Elvis. If the name Elvis wouldn't be mentioned in the trailer, I wonder if most people would understand who Shannon is portraying. Is it required for Shannon to be a look-alike of Elvis for this to be a good movie? No, of course not. I never said that. But does it help the audience if an actor stongly looks like the famous character he portrays? I happen to think so.

Nash on Jan 15, 2016


I'm not offending anyone. if you're so thin-skinned, perhaps you shouldn't be here at all - NO offense intended. look - you think I'm wrong. I think you're wrong. lets let it go.

dan on Jan 15, 2016


There you go again, discussing personal character trades of individual forum members. Please, stick to movies in this forum.

Nash on Jan 15, 2016

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