Watch: Matthew McConaughey in First 'Free State of Jones' Trailer

January 9, 2016
Source: YouTube

Free State of Jones Trailer

"No man oughta tell another man what he's gotta live for, or what he's got to die for." STX Entertainment has unveiled an impressive new trailer for Free State of Jones, the epic new Civil War film from director Gary Ross. The film tells the story of Newton Knight, a poor farmer from Mississippi who decides to secede from the Confederacy and fight back on his own terms, creating the "Free State of Jones". Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey plays Newton Knight; he's joined by an excellent cast including Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Keri Russell, Jacob Lofland, Mahershala Ali and Sean Bridgers. Well, I've learned not to underestimate Gary Ross anymore, as it seems he has put together a profound film with plenty to say.

Here's the first trailer (+ poster) for Gary Ross' Free State of Jones, direct from STX's YouTube:

Free State of Jones

An epic action-drama set during the Civil War, and tells the story of defiant Southern farmer, Newt Knight, and his extraordinary armed rebellion against the Confederacy. Banding together with other small farmers and local slaves, Knight launched an uprising that led Jones County, Mississippi to secede from the Confederacy, creating a Free State of Jones. Knight continued his struggle into Reconstruction, distinguishing him as a compelling, if controversial, figure of defiance long beyond the War. Free State of Jones is both written & directed by veteran filmmaker Gary Ross, director of the films Pleasantville, Seabiscuit and The Hunger Games previously, screenwriter on Dave, Mr. Baseball and Big. STX Ent. will release Gary Ross' Free State of Jones in theaters everywhere starting May 13th, 2016 this year. You in?

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Reader Feedback - 22 Comments


I don't know much about him (the leading character), but I think this is one of those roles that fits perfectly to Matthew McConaughey ... First, I was disappointed by another idea of war movie, but later I found that the war against the real war is in fact really intriguing. They were almost communists. How could you not like that?

shiboleth on Jan 9, 2016


This looks great. Matthew looks like Christian Bale in a couple shots.

DAVIDPD on Jan 10, 2016


i thought so too in the preview pic....thats Bale!

desispeed on Jan 11, 2016


Considering the insurmountable list of films I have to catch up on, Hollywood is really doing me a favour with these trailers that show the whole film in 3 minutes. Thanks, guys!

eurogibbon on Jan 10, 2016


A white man helping the black slaves. I'm sure I've seen this movie before somewhere....

Have Hope on Jan 10, 2016


gotta do them every 2 years

desispeed on Jan 11, 2016



Have Hope on Jan 11, 2016


Ugh! God oh mighty if it isn't Matthew Mc pontificating and preaching and spouting silly sentimental nonsensical bromides for the masses. Can't stand the guy...or his acting/work. Don't know him personally, but he sure appears to take himself pretty seriously with all his grand-standing, ego aggrandizing, arrogant and ridiculous speeches from the podium, etc. during his 'award' time. It seeps into his work and for me I'm so totally repelled by him I wouldn't go to see one of his movies for all the tea in China. So there! to those of you who buy into his schtick I'm not interested in the least in hearing your angry, immature and silly reactions to my opinion (which I've a right to have and to voice) on this guy. So don't bother as I won't even read them. Righto cheerios?

Bo on Jan 10, 2016


it's ok if you have fucking atrocious taste, we need useless shitheads like you in the world too. if we didn't have people who liked worthless drivel, how would we know what was good? if you hate it then it must be good.

davidshaw on Jan 10, 2016


Wow, David. Get a grip, man. I was trying to be a little funny. Guess that didn't work for you, eh? I know I promised not to read any of the angry and silly and immature reactions, but yours caught my eye. Couldn't resist falling into that category, eh David. I see your vile reaction to Terry Craig above so it's pretty easy to ascertain what type of guy you are who just cannot handle others not agreeing with what he likes. That's a pretty huge problem, David. And easy (not to say cowardly) to do from the safety of your room typing words into a computer. My, my. As far as my tastes I go for the likes of Tom Hardy and Daniel Day Lewis and sometimes even Leo and the french actor Matthias Schoenearts, which I doubt you know who his is. Which would be telling about your tastes. Calm down, David. You're revealing yourself to be an angry and very unsophisticated jerk. That's gotta be a painful place to be and I'm glad I'm not there. I wish you well and hope you take some responsibility for your vile and angry and disrespectful outbursts. My goodness, it's just movies and actors, man. No big deal. Peace! And I still don't care for Matthew there! to the max!!

Bo on Jan 11, 2016


Hmm, you got me interested to think of what you said. I, in fact, don't have any particular opinion about M. Mc. But, I judge him as a standard ingredient of the product and that is today's piece of movie. I never saw that movie he got Oscar for since I just couldn't find him fit for that role. And movie wasn't something that caught my eye. Anyway, since I take him as something standard that also means that I'm not very much interested in analyzing his, hmm, 'work'. If he comes in some movie I am interested in, I'll give it a chance. But what really bugs me in your description of his character is the fact that I see many actors (or actresses) being just like that. Yeah, I differ them, really, but what else are they? Listening or seeing them outside of movie world, they are mostly pretentious mediocrities and I feel more and more happy that I don't know many of them (speaking generally, of course, since, I guess some of them must be extraordinary persons, too). And you are right in one thing that nobody notices today, and that's the fact about many of us watching movies regardless the pricks that are acting or directing them. That's because we simply don't have the necessary insight in all the process of making movies. I can only imagine how many wrong movies are made by incompetent and, let's use your words, arrogant and ridiculous people. As for you, you probably, during your life, had a lot of bitter experiences with people from movie industry. Or, I might be wrong about it... I probably am wrong also in general, there must be nice people in movie industry,too (however, according to the most of the movies I see today, not very likely). But it comes as interesting what you say from time to time and makes me come to the, at least, perplexing conclusions ... And, I hope you do understand that I wish you all the best and that I hadn't any bad intentions in writing this. And, if it's not too late, I also wish you a very nice and pleasant new year ...

shiboleth on Jan 11, 2016


Thank you for your very thoughtful, intelligent and extremely honest response to my post, shibboleth. I love this kind of respectful communication, which I've experienced with you before. So many are like this davidshaw below who is just angry and not very intelligent...or respectful of differing opinions. Yes, I think you are correct about many people in the film business, but I did not have that many bitter experiences with people in the industry. Of course, there were some, but it is pretty easy to see who they are and just avoid them on set, etc. Also, there were many who were just really nice, sweet, decent human beings. Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek both come to mind, but I could name others. My 'problem' with Matthew Mc is that his unwarranted arrogance leaks into his work. I just find him impossible to watch without just chuckling and shaking my head at him. He's just so filled with himself that like I said, I see it in his work. Poor sod. He, of course, couldn't care less about what the hell I think as he's got so many of the mass audience with their herd mentality and propensity to bow before celebrity fooled he gets a continuous 'narcissistic' hit daily....which is why he does what he does. And the many other actors we have to put up Another who I see this with is the young actress Jennifer Lawrence. She's just turned into a 'please the herd' twit what with her 'performances' on the red carpet and in the media. It's too bad as she had the chance to be a serious actress and artist, what with her wonderful work in Winter's Bone, but she grabbed the gold ring Hollywood extended to her and is now just another vapid and hollow and very rich entertainer who caters to that mass audience and their very low herd mentality. I know, I know, I am a bit harsh, but huge celebrity and big block buster, make-the-big-money-mentality, has just destroyed the American Film Industry. These comic-book, super-hero movies are geared for the lowest of the lowest common denominator in order to appeal to as many people around the globe that anyone with any degree of intelligence and aesthetic awareness simply cannot abide them, let alone, god forbid, have to watch them. Such is the way of the world, which is filled with mediocrity. It reminds me of a saying I've always liked: "The ordinary ruck has praise for the lowest virtues, admiration for the mediocre, and for the highest virtues no sense at all." The great English philosopher Francis Bacon wrote that probably a good century ago and it sure sums it all up, even today; especially today. I very much enjoy hearing from you, shiboleth and appreciate your thoughts and your feelings in general and how you respond to my posts; that they make you think and come to perplexing conclusions....that made me laugh with joy! Thank you indeed as it really counters some of the rude, angry and stupid responses I get as they simply are not able to understand what I'm saying. I'm happy that you do. In conclusion, I do understand that you wish me all the best and that you had no bad intentions in your response to me. That was very obvious, but I appreciate you wanting to make it clear. It's why I enjoy trading communications with you. I also would like to wish you a very nice and pleasant new year and thank you for extending the same to me. Peace.

Bo on Jan 12, 2016


Insightful as always. Thanks for your answer Bo. You certainly do widen (or confirm) some of my thoughts of movie industry. I have for a long time developed very peculiar, or at least I think so, sense about movies. It comes to something very basic, since I see them mostly as products (not all of them, of course, but most). I still watch them, of course, but I do it with some kind of second thoughts. I agree with you, it's not some bitterness I feel about it. In fact, when I was younger, movies at some point represented a big disappointment for me. That passed without greater consequence for my mental health, naturally. Of course, I was mostly watching them, but later I met some people and I participated with some film festivals around here (doing a lot of stuff; from translating movies for subtitles and many other technical stuff). I also met (some of them are still friends) some people working with movies (luckily, I guess, they mostly were not actors) and have some insight of how movies are made. Never mind, What I wanted to say, movies nowadays are like some bit misfire, a lot of noise and nothing hit. So, no, you're not harsh. And I thank you for your short observation about that young actress, J. Lawrence, Winter Bone was a nice little surprise for me and, unfortunately, since then, she hasn't done anything close to it. But she's only one example. Another product in the line of my understanding. As for those super hero movies. Of course, it's easy to disregard them. One of the way I define them to myself is comparing them to Asian flood of sword and marshal arts film narratives. In that respect, new movie about, Don't get me wrong, not that I don't appreciate good Asian cinema (as any other), but it is also full of, well, let's not be nice this time, movie garbage as is American, too. Thank you very much for mentioning a philosopher. That means kindness. And can't remember at this moment some wise sentence to repay you your kindness. It will come with time, I'm sure of it. But it's true, philosophers were always a bit afraid of common people and common denominator, as you put it, that binds them. Usually very bad combination. I could write more about it, but that would really be too much. I already am too far with this. I even might annoy our dear administrator (hopefully not). At this point, suffice to say, I hope, that I liked your comment very much and am very glad I had a chance to be addressed. I hope you're doing well and that you are enjoying your time. And thank you for your compliments. Peace to you, too

shiboleth on Jan 12, 2016


You're welcome and take care. I'm sure we will trade perspectives on other films here in the near future.

Bo on Jan 13, 2016


Seems like it might be pretty good, but that trailer is awful. It makes it look like hamfisted Oscar bait instead of more something like Gangs of New York (which I hope it is). Average temp music, unnecessary slow-mo, lame font, and on top it felt like I've just seen the whole movie. I still hope this'll be good, though.

Terry Craig on Jan 10, 2016


you really think that's a bad trailer? what's good to you? 50 fucking shades of gray? you tasteless loser.

davidshaw on Jan 10, 2016


I can tell when something stinks, and your trolling skills really do. Bye.

Terry Craig on Jan 12, 2016


Good reply, well said, and oh so true!

Bo on Jan 12, 2016


This movie looks great. Definitely showed a bit too much but I sure want to see it.

David Diaz on Jan 11, 2016


Looks like its made for TV

Trey on Jan 11, 2016


Trailer really feels like it let too much of the movie to be known... But either way, McConaughey has been on fire recently so this should be pretty good.

ColtNoir on Jan 12, 2016


Good lookin movie, but a very shitty made trailer.

ali3000 on Jan 16, 2016

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