Watch: New International Trailer for Fassbender's 'Assassin's Creed'

June 29, 2016
Source: YouTube

Assassin's Creed Trailer

"What do you want from me?" "Your past." Get another glimpse at the upcoming Assassin's Creed movie in this new international trailer for the video game adaptation, starring Michael Fassbender as Aguilar, directed by Justin Kurzel. The first trailer hit just a few months ago, showing just a small tease of some of the parkour-esque action. This newest trailer has a few more bits of action hidden within, including a shot of Fassbender firing a bow & arrow and a big fight on a rooftop. The full cast includes Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Michael Kenneth Williams, Callum Turner, as well as Ariane Labed as Maria. I actually think this looks quite cool, I'm looking forward to checking it out later this year.

Here's the new international trailer for Justin Kurzel's Assassin's Creed, found on YouTube:

You can still watch the first trailer for Assassin's Creed here, plus a behind-the-scenes video here.

Assassin's Creed, created by Patrice Desilets & Jade Raymond back in 2007, is an award winning historical fiction action-adventure open world stealth video game series that as of 2012 consists of five main games. The focus is on a protagonist character, an assassin, who usually wears a hooded outfit, which became the focus of their latest marketing campaign for AC: Revelations. The movie based on Assassin's Creed is being directed by Australian filmmaker Justin Kurzel, of The Snowtown Murders and Macbeth previously. The screenplay has credits for Bill Collage, Adam Cooper and Michael Lesslie. It was filmed around Malta. 20th Century Fox will release Assassin's Creed in theaters everywhere this December 21st. First impressions?

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Reader Feedback - 20 Comments


I don't like these blue and yellow tints. I mean I hate them. this movie deserves vibrant colors, not these pale yellow/blue tints that give a fake look to the movie.

tarek on Jun 29, 2016


Digital, my I looks awful...the look looks awful... You couldn't drag me to see this...which is a bummer because it has both Marion Cotillard and Brendan Gleeson in it...both of whom are two of my favorites...still....

Bo on Jun 29, 2016


It seems like Hollywood does no longer know how to make a good movie, or worse, how to tell a story. It's all CGI and big badaboom.

tarek on Jun 29, 2016


Once again I find myself in total agreement with what you say, tarek. Thanks. I think I'll watch The Drop again tonight just to be able to watch a top-notch film with terrific performances. Cheers.

Bo on Jun 30, 2016


I didn't see it yet. Thanks for the heads up. The trailer looks promising. Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini, Noomi Rapace... what's not to like. Did you see the Fall ? Absolutely gorgeous and poetic.

tarek on Jun 30, 2016


Yea, you sound like you might like The Drop. The director did Bullhead starring Matthias Schoenaerts who is also in The Drop. Wonderful subtle and nuanced performances by both Hardy and Rapace. It's also very dark and gritty, but authentic and truthful. Great movie! No, I haven't seen The Fall as I'm not sure it played here in Los Angeles/the USA. Maybe in did on the BBC channel. I don't know how I would have missed it as I look out for these kind of cable TV shows made in Europe. I pay close attention meanwhile with hopes it comes around. I think it did and I just missed it. P.S. Watched Broadchurch and liked it and have become a fan of Olivia Coleman. Also like Luther and Top of the Lake, was that it's title? Much better TV stuff than what's being done here in the USA.

Bo on Jun 30, 2016


The fall is a 2006 movie by Tarsem Singh. It was produced by David Fincher and Spike Jonze. You should check its trailer on youtube.

tarek on Jun 30, 2016


There is a reason the director gave for the tints

Boe on Jul 1, 2016


which is ?

tarek on Jul 1, 2016


Thanks for the correction, tarek, in that you were not referencing The Fall cable series with the actress from the X-Files. As to the movie, I checked it out on IMDB and viewed the trailer. Strong, but I cannot even recall even having heard of it. Which is even more strange because the director did the film The Cell with Jennifer Lopez. Interesting film, but didn't work for me. The Fall looks along the same lines. Meteoritic gave it an overall rating of 63. I like your taste in films, such as this very obscure one. I doubt I'll ever get the chance to view it unless I decide to join Netflix or something. We'll see and I'll keep an eye out for it, but I think this unique film has disappeared and might be impossible to see nowadays. Thanks again for the suggestion. At least you weren't trying to get me to take a look at Creed or some such sh#t as cheerio? Peace.

Bo on Jul 1, 2016


Creed is this kind of movies you should be paid for to watch them. It was like eating a hotdog without a frank.

tarek on Jul 1, 2016


That's very funny. Thank you, Sir! Where do you live? In what country. I ask because you have such great taste in films I wonder where you see them. It's almost like you live here in Hollywood or New York City as you have such refined taste in films. Which I like as there aren't many who do anymore. Cheers.

Bo on Jul 1, 2016


Montréal ; D

tarek on Jul 1, 2016


Okay...makes a bit of sense. Later gator.

Bo on Jul 1, 2016


This looks fantastic. Justin Kurzel is an amazing aussie director. I feel this is going to stun a lot of critics and fans alike.

evilED on Jun 29, 2016


This looks great, but the dialogue sounds tired, just like every other blockbuster film that gets a talented director and amazing cast but can't save itself from its own shitty writing.

Jon Odishaw on Jun 29, 2016


He had skills, but does he have t3h sk1llz?

DAVIDPD on Jun 29, 2016


Isn't Robert Downey Jr. supposed to be in this film as the villain? If so, they've been doing a bang-up job of keeping his presence under wraps because I almost totally forgot. Looked up the story and it was reported all the way in 2014. Wouldn't it be great to see Iron Man and Magneto go head-to-head?

thejon93rd on Jun 30, 2016


no lmao

Boe on Jul 1, 2016


It looks like another step forward for lunacy of money making in Hollywood. Kinda feel sorry for Fassbender and Cotillard ...

shiboleth on Jul 1, 2016

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