Watch: New US Trailer for Paul Verhoeven's 'Elle' with Isabelle Huppert

August 31, 2016
Source: Yahoo

Paul Verhoeven's Elle

"Nutjobs, I can handle. My specialty." Sony Classics has debuted an official US trailer for Paul Verhoeven's latest film, a shocking but remarkable thriller called Elle, starring French actress Isabelle Huppert as the head of a video game company. The plot, and I'm not even exaggerating, involves her being raped in her own home by a masked intruder. She tries to figure out who it was and hunt him down, in return, and teach him a lesson. Also featuring Laurent Lafitte, Anne Consigny, Charles Berling, Virginie Efira, Judith Magre and Christian Berkel. I saw this film at the Cannes Film Festival when it first premiered and it's fantastic - dark and devious and kind of messed up, but actually really fun and funny. Huppert is totally amazing and kicks ass in this role. It's sure to spark some controversy, but it's also a damn fine film. Enjoy.

Here's the official US trailer (+ international poster) for Paul Verhoeven's Elle, originally from Yahoo:

Paul Verhoeven's Elle

Michèle (Huppert) seems indestructible. Head of a successful video game company, she brings the same ruthless attitude to her love life as to business. Being attacked in her home by an unknown assailant changes Michèle's life forever. When she resolutely tracks the man down, they are both drawn into a curious and thrilling game – a game that may, at any moment, spiral out of control. Elle is directed by Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, of The 4th Man, RoboCop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Showgirls, Starship Troopers, Hollow Man, Black Book and Tricked previously. The screenplay is written by David Birke, based on the novel by Philippe Djian. The film first premiered at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Sony Classics will release Verhoeven's Elle in select US theaters starting October 14th this fall. Thoughts?

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Reader Feedback - 41 Comments


The trailer didn't hold my interest. I read many negative reviews from French critics. I prefer in the same genre The Brave One. We can relate to the victim, and empathize with her. Maybe it's because Jody is a better actress?

tarek on Aug 31, 2016


I think that script is bad. I. Huppert is much better actress than Jody Foster. Jody is mediocre actress but has her moments, I don't deny them at all. I. Huppert is just having bad project in this ...

shiboleth on Aug 31, 2016


I believe it's bad writing, and maybe an uninspired direction.

tarek on Aug 31, 2016


Remains to be seen, tarek, remains to be seen. Hopefully, some surprises just might come along. I certainly wouldn't mind ...

shiboleth on Sep 1, 2016


I wouldn't mind too, but honestly, the story sounds deja vu. I hope i am wrong.

tarek on Sep 1, 2016


Well, a lot of stories do sound deja vu, tarek, I believe what is worth how they are done. And that's what we don't know enough about this and in that respect let's hope we'll find out that it's good, huh?

shiboleth on Sep 2, 2016


I agree. Most works are but reinterpretations of previous works. Just like every music is but a rearrangement of the same 7 notes. some move you and some fail. It's mysterious how our brain works...

tarek on Sep 2, 2016


No, no tarek. You are really, really wrong on this one. Isabell Huppert is a great actress and has been for many years. Jody Foster is okay, but she's not even close to being in the same league as Huppert. I'm disappointed, tarek...I would think that you would know care...cheers!

Bo on Aug 31, 2016


Which one of her performance has left a mark on you?

tarek on Aug 31, 2016


Isabell Huppert strikes me as the kind of actress a really pretentious person would praise especially when comparing them to someone as accomplished and skilled as Jodie Foster. Like someone trying way too hard to seem "in the know" or "not mainstream".

Dr. Dobb on Aug 31, 2016


Man, you really come across as an unsophisticated, simple-minded buffoon. It's so obvious what you're doing here and it's the antics of a child playing in the sandbox in elementary school. Unbelievable.

Bo on Aug 31, 2016


I thought the same thing about your absurd dismissal of Foster. See how that works? LOL

Dr. Dobb on Sep 1, 2016


Get a grip, Dobb. I didn't dismiss Foster. I said she is okay and yes, I agree that she is an accomplished actress. I'm just not a fan of hers as tarek not a fan of Huppert, but he and I are able to respectfully disagree without resorting to petty nonsense and put downs. In fact, if you paid attention you would see that I have that type of exchange with both tarek and shiboleth, but I think you don't pay that kind of attention to what's going on around you. Again, you accuse me other things who yourself possess as you totally seemed to dismiss Huppert whom I would guess you really don't know much about. You're not close to being as knowledgeable about films as myself and others are on this site and that is obvious. As it's obvious that you are intimidated and feel the need to attack and put down because of that fear. I feel a bit sorry for you in that regard and wish I could help you because I'm an older man who retired after 45 yrs. working in the film business. I've been around the world and worked with many top directors here and abroad and have engaged in many, many conversations with them regarding films and our opinions of them. I share this with you as you seem to be unable to ascertain that for yourself and instead wallow in your intimidation and fear which prompts you to attack and attempt to diminish that which you fear. Which means I can't help you because you're not open-minded enough to learn and educate yourself to what you don't know, which is a lot as is also obvious. I would guess you probably have not even seen one film with Huppert which makes you kind of a fraud. Look, this is the last time I will exchange words with you as it's a waste of time and I refuse to lower myself to the level in which you insist on communicating. If I get another post from you I will simply delete them before reading a single word of them because they are just too childish and petty and way off the mark. If you grow up and mature and wish to attempt to discuss films and opinions in a more respectful and intelligent way I'm always open to do so, which would require that you admit that you really don't know a hell of a lot about moves and stop acting like you do. You might also contemplate that I've taken a good amount of time to respond and communicate with you and perhaps cultivate a little appreciation for that. Do you possess the humility to do such a thing? Otherwise, I wish you well and hope you may have learned something from these difficult and dreadful exchanges that you brought upon yourself. Peace.

Bo on Sep 1, 2016



Dr. Dobb on Sep 1, 2016


I don't believe you. You're so transparent, Dobb. Bringing me up in other posts with other people; attempting to get them to side with you....I feel for you...I feel your pain and fear...I wish you well...forget me...I'm not evil...I mean you no've developed an incorrect perception of me. I wish I could help, but I can't. Take care. Be easy. It's all good. I wish you well. I apologize for my part in this madness between you and I.

Bo on Sep 1, 2016


Wow, tough question, tarek. She's made so many films and I've seen a lot of them. She's always left a mark on me since I became aware of her in the mid '70's. I think she really made a mark for me in Loulou, 1980. She was pretty good as she always is in Heaven's Gate, of course. I remember Coup de Torchon and Entre Nous for sure as well as her work with Henke in both The Piano Teacher and The Time of The Wolf. White Material was good and she was lovely as the daughter in the wonderful Amour. What can I say? I like Jody Foster, she's okay, but she's just not the actress that Isabelle Huppert is. Not to me, anyway. I guess I'm really not that big a fan of Foster. Like I said, she's okay, but that's about it for me. I can't think of any really great film that she's been in and hated the movie she got the Oscar for. But hey, different strokes for different folks though. I must say I'm still surprised to even be in this discussion with you as from our past discussions and agreements I thought for sure you'd recognize Huppert for being the great actress that she is. Oh goes on. Cheers. Always a pleasure communicating with you even when we disagree.

Bo on Aug 31, 2016


I grew up watching French movies. But I was never a Hupert fan. I prefer Nathalie Baye and Fanny Ardant. But to be honest, I admire more male actors. Yves Montand, Michel Piccoli, Lino Ventura, Jean Gabin, Michel Blanc, Michel Galabru, etc.

tarek on Aug 31, 2016


Yea, I figured you did, tarek, grew up watching French movies. Great way to grow up and it tells in our many discussions around films that we've conducted. I also am not surprised at your response and understand fully...but most gracefully I like Baye and Ardant, but they still don't resonate with me to the degree Huppert does and always has. I'm curious though as to why you are not a Huppert fan. Don't like red heads? You obviously are much more informed regarding French films than myself, especially with the male actors. I'm familiar with those you mentioned, of course, but couldn't tell you the names of their films without researching them first. Oh well, like I said, different strokes for different folks. Cheers.

Bo on Aug 31, 2016


If I don't like red headed women? Au contraire! I melt down when I see a red headed girl. and you can tell that to my wife, she knows it, and doesn't trust them for that. ;D Well, I wasn't talking about physical appearance, but about acting. Alas, in the cinema industry, there is no place for ugly faces, even if they shine in acting. Blame us, shameful males.

tarek on Sep 1, 2016


Who's got the ugly face? You can't mean Huppert...can you? The red head part was a joke on my part, probably a bad one. I just think she's a terrific actress and much, much better than Foster. Huppert has done so many different films that are so much more complex than the ordinary Hollywood stuff Foster has been involved in. That would include The Brave One, which I liked by the way, but it was a pretty slick Hollywood movie with no where near the complexities that any Huppert movie has. No? Take care, tarek. As always I enjoy our exchanges. Is this the first time we've had a 'major' disagreement? I woke up in the middle of the night still not believing that you actually like Jody Foster more that Ms. Huppert. Astonishing! Just astonishing!!

Bo on Sep 1, 2016


Of course not. Isabelle is very "belle". ;D What I meant is, The guys who are in charge of the cinema industry never give a chance to actresses with a so-so face. Actresses need to be pin ups to be in the A-list.

tarek on Sep 1, 2016


Most do need to be pin-ups, I agree. Ah, human beings. Such very strange creatures we are!

Bo on Sep 1, 2016


Yves Montand was at least in two wonderful movies you have probably seen, and if not, then you have to catch up now! ;D The wages of fear. Jean de Florette (part 1) & Manon des sources (part 2).

tarek on Sep 1, 2016

24're making me laugh again, tarek. I would gladly catch up, but of course I have seen the movies you mention and yes they should be seen by anyone seriously interested in film. I must say, and hope it doesn't make you shudder, but I liked Friedkin's remake of Wages of Fear, a lot better than I did the original black and white film. Sorcerer. I thought it was a great, great film and was sorry to see that it didn't get the recognition it deserved. I also must confess that I am quite adamant about this!! Your thoughts? I'm sure you liked Montand's film better. Have you even seen Sorcerer? Your thoughts?

Bo on Sep 1, 2016


[ hanging my head in shame] Not yet. I read about it though. thanks for the head up. i just checked its trailer, and it was...How should I say that...AMAZING! How did I miss this gem? Friedkin, Roy Scheider, an astounding cinematography and sets. I have to buy the blu-ray now! ;D

tarek on Sep 1, 2016


I love it! You really are as crazy about films as I am and I'm impressed with how quickly you responded to my suggestion regarding Sorcerer. I'm not a big fan of Roy Schneider, but he did a good job in this film. And yes, you are has great cinematography and sets...and locations. I've never been able to figure out how Friedkin pulled off the sequence with the truck(s) coming across that rope bridge over the gushing river. You'll see what I mean when you watch it. I'm a bit envious as you are in for a real treat when you watch this. I'm not often blessed with that experience anymore...just too old and seen too much I, poor gator. And you must, you simply must share with me your thoughts and opinions after watching the film on blu-ray!

Bo on Sep 1, 2016


Okeydokey. I'll do it. ;D

tarek on Sep 1, 2016


I agree...I stopped watching 3/4 through. Doesn't look all that interesting and to I agree that Jody is an incredible actress.

Dr. Dobb on Aug 31, 2016


I don't trust those French critics, neither should you... 😉

Alex Billington on Aug 31, 2016


Why don't you trust French critics Alex? Do you find them too presumptuous? Well...French invented this word, so they master it. ;D

tarek on Sep 1, 2016


I like I. Huppert but I think this is done poorly. The trailer is confusing and the whole story does not look quite original. Maybe, there will be some interesting and normal twist on the end. Different from deviant ones like those in US when them main protagonist become a psychotic maniac ...

shiboleth on Aug 31, 2016


Jeez, and tarek both missed the boat on this one. I've been waiting for this one as I have always really liked Huppert and her work. Is it possible both you and tarek missed the ironic, satirical and dark comedy nature of this film from watching the trailer? I would think so because I sure didn' I know all those qualities are there. I can't wait to see this as I've been tracking it for awhile and even saw this same trailer a while back. Too bad you guys missed the boat on this one. I only hope you're not proven correct and that I'm wrong about it when I eventually see the

Bo on Aug 31, 2016


Just partially Bo, I think you got me wrong with this one since I have no problem with I. Huppert whatsoever, it's quite contrary. And I do hope I'll be proven wrong. But this trailer got me confused. Still, I really expect to see the film and to pass, hopefully, a better judgment on it. 'Satirical and dark comedy' you say? Yes, that might work and with that perspective it looks much better. So, Bo, don't worry. We all sometimes judge things and films before we actually see and know more about it ...

shiboleth on Sep 1, 2016


Well, Huppert is pretty amazing and has been for many, many years. Look, both you and tarek may very well be right regarding Elle. It is Verhoeven, after all. I've never cared for any of his American films, but he has returned to Europe and his The Black Book was a very good film. Maybe he will continue to make good films like her did before. Films like Soldier in Orange and Spetters. Both very good movies. Then he came to America and made bloated and to me, ridiculous movies. But Alex here on this site, who's site this is, has seen Elle and liked it and I've come to appreciate Alex's take on most movies. I like what he has been saying about this one so yes, I would think Elle is worth a look. It will be interesting when it comes out to read other critics' take on the film, but I still am very interested in what I know about it so far and of course, there's Huppert. Cheers!

Bo on Sep 1, 2016


What else can I add to this, Bo, but agree with you. And wait with you to find out that this is, after all, a good film. Hopefully ...

shiboleth on Sep 2, 2016


Hopefully, indeed. Like I said, Alex here has seen it and liked it and articulated his liking it quite well and why he did, so I'm in for sure. Cheers!

Bo on Sep 2, 2016


Well, mr. Billington definitely might know something about good movies, so we're in this together. Later ...

shiboleth on Sep 3, 2016


Glad you liked this film, Alex. I've been waiting for this one and am even more intrigued by reading your descriptions of it above. Thanks.

Bo on Aug 31, 2016


This going to go to 11 so freaking fast...DIG!!!

DAVIDPD on Aug 31, 2016


This looks really mediocre. Verhoeven was once an amazing film maker. Sad.

Dr. Dobb on Aug 31, 2016


I can assure you, having actually seen the film, that it is not mediocre. Give it a shot.

Alex Billington on Aug 31, 2016

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