Watch: Official Trailer for Creepy 'Clown' Horror Produced by Eli Roth

May 26, 2016
Source: YouTube

Clown Trailer

"Lure people out of the villages into its cave with his white face and red nose…" The Weinstein Company has debuted a trailer for the horror film Clown, which is directed by Jon Watts, the filmmaker now set to direct the next Spider-Man movie. It's actually based on a fake trailer that Watts originally made in 2012 that included fake credits for producer Eli Roth. Roth actually saw the trailer, got involved, and helped them make a feature version and this is the final product. The concept is about a clown suit that a father finds that when he puts it on turns him into an evil child-eating clown, which reminds me a bit of Santa Clause or The Mask (though this is much, much more sinister). The cast includes Andy Powers, Laura Allen, Peter Stormare, Christian Distefano, Chuck Shamata, and Elizabeth Whitmere. See both trailers below.

Here's the official release trailer (+ a poster) for Jon Watts' Clown, direct from YouTube:

Clown Poster

And here's the original "fake" trailer for Clown made by Jon Watts in 2012, also on YouTube:

A little boy's birthday party gets ruined when his entertainment (a clown) cancels. His father finds a clown suit and becomes the new entertainment but something is weird about it, there is an evil curse and it won't come off. He specializes in eating little kids… everything after that goes down hill. Clown is directed by up-and-coming American filmmaker Jon Watts, who worked for "The Onion News Network" before his feature directing debut Cop Car. He's also set to direct the next Spider-Man movie. The screenplay is by Jon Watts and Christopher Ford. This feature is based on the original fake trailer seen above, with Eli Roth producing. Clown first opened in Italy in 2014 and also played around the world in 2015 at various film festivals, but doesn't arrive in select US theaters until June 17th, 2016 this summer. Anyone interested?

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Bob on May 26, 2016


someone should stop Eli Roth. This gut sucks.

tarek on May 26, 2016


Hey everyone, ^ this guy has an opinion.

Josh W on May 27, 2016


'f course. I'm no apple sheep.

tarek on May 27, 2016


I'm pretty much indifferent when it comes to Roth. I love Cabin Fever, and that ended up being one of the most fun theater experiences I've had. The place was packed, and the whole crowd was into it.

grimjob on May 29, 2016


I really despise most of horrors today. The society is full of monsters and movies mostly just can't, or better said, refuse to recognize them or they are doing it poorly. As a substitute for that, we got this disgrace of horror. Sad, really sad ...

shiboleth on May 26, 2016



DAVIDPD on May 26, 2016


Didn't this come out a while ago?

Nielsen700 on May 26, 2016


I thought so too....but it was all fake trailers.....

TheOct8pus on May 27, 2016


It did. I saw it. It was creepy as hell.

steve on May 28, 2016


Yeah, I want to see this one.

grimjob on May 26, 2016


I don't know how people aren't onboard with this one.

Matthew on May 26, 2016


Because Eli Roth. Isn't this a good reason?

tarek on May 27, 2016



Josh W on May 27, 2016


This definitely came out more than a year ago. Anyone can find this online somewhere in high quality. I'm surprised this is even up on your site.

Ben Moore on May 27, 2016


This is a revised trailer, at the time I don't think it had distribution. Pretentious

Keithist on May 28, 2016

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