Watch: Rebecca Hall in Official Trailer for Antonio Campos' 'Christine'

September 15, 2016
Source: Apple

Christine Trailer

"Do I not seem okay?" The Orchard has unveiled an official trailer for Antonio Campos' film Christine, the fictional version of the story about Christine Chubbuck, the Florida news reporter who shot herself on live TV in the 1970s. Rebecca Hall plays Chubbuck in this version of the story, which dramatizes her life and the events leading to her infamous suicide in 1974. This film is one of two that premiered at Sundance this year about Chubbuck, the other is the docu-drama Kate Plays Christine. In addition to Rebecca Hall, the cast of this includes Michael C. Hall, Tracy Letts, Timothy Simons, J. Smith-Cameron, Maria Dizzia and John Cullum. It's a very bleak drama that shows just how sad the state of news has become, with similar themes as Nightcrawler. The poster for this is also one of the best posters this year. See below.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Antonio Campos' Christine, in high def from Apple:

Christine Poster

Christine (Rebecca Hall), always the smartest person in the room at her local Sarasota, Florida news station, feels like she is destined for bigger things and is relentless in her pursuit of an on-air position in a larger market. As an aspiring newswoman with an eye for nuance and an interest in social justice, she finds herself constantly butting heads with her boss (Tracy Letts), who pushes for juicier stories that will drive up ratings. Plagued by self-doubt and a tumultuous home life, Christine's diminishing hope begins to rise when an on-air co-worker (Michael C. Hall) initiates a friendship which ultimately becomes yet another unrequited love. Disillusioned as her world continues to close in on her, Christine takes a dark and surprising turn. Christine is directed by filmmaker Antonio Campos, of Afterschool and Simon Killer previously. The screenplay is written by Craig Shilowich. This first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. The Orchard will release Christine in theaters starting October 14th this fall. Intrigued?

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Reader Feedback - 23 Comments



TheOct8pus on Sep 15, 2016


I'll say

Nick Sears on Sep 15, 2016


Why are things so heavy? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?

David Diaz on Sep 15, 2016


Her performance made me think I should watch this ...

shiboleth on Sep 15, 2016


Yea, I don't know about this one, shiboleth. I like Rebecca Hall a lot, but what's beyond just the sensationalized fact that she decides and then follows through with killing herself on camera? Pretty nutty thing to do and if it's not investigated and presented in such a way as to be understood by an audience then what's the point? We've seen many a film about the dysfunctional nature of the news and the people involved. What was the woman's sickness that prompted her to kill herself in such a horrific manner? That's what I'd like to know. Just how it supposedly changed the face of the news sounds a bit hyperbolic to me.

Guest on Sep 15, 2016


News industry is a necrophagous animal that feed of the morbid curiosity of the masses.

tarek on Sep 16, 2016


Yes, it would seem so. Necrophagous...great work, Now, why did this crazy, suffering woman not only kill herself, but make the choice of doing it on live camera? Talk about 'passive aggressive' while actually doing a very aggressive act. Interesting, but does this movie investigate that fully and intelligently? Hmmmmm.....

Guest on Sep 16, 2016


Tough question. Why do people kill their kids and then kill themselves when they face a stressful ordeal ( bankruptcy, divorce, etc.) Is it by their internal logic a compassionate act, or an act of revenge? I don't mind if the person commits a suicide ( even though it's a horrible act morally reprehensible), as long as they keep the kids away from their folly. I think this woman wanted to make the audience feel guilty, through her desperate act. We need the expertise of a shrink here.

tarek on Sep 16, 2016


To make an interesting movie about this woman and what she did would indeed require asking tough question. I must say, tarek, that I disagree with your stating that suicide is 'a horrible act morally reprehensible'. Philosophically and spiritually it is the one thing we all have the right to engage. It's our life to do with what we want and if we want to end it it should be our right to do so. Period. This horrible act and moral reprehensible thing comes from the almighty Church and it's programming and teachings; much as they did regarding sex and making it dirty and nudity perverse. It's silly, childish stuff, tarek. That'd be my take on it. Maybe it's because I plan on taking my own life rather than suffer the horrible pains of disease such as cancer where our society spends billions on keeping old, and painfully dying people alive as long as they can. All because collectively we fear death so much. Of course, there's those billions of dollars to make by the drug companies, the doctors and hospitals, etc. Just sayin'

Guest on Sep 16, 2016


Hey Bo! We agree, then disagree, then agree to disagree, then agree again...That's the beauty of life and human intellect. ;D Well...Sex isn't dirty, if done well, and with a stock of towels. ;D Actually, what I meant by horrible act is tragic act. Forgive my bad wording. So a tragedy not only it affects the person who committed the suicide , but a whole group of the society. Friends, parents, wife/husband, children, etc. Suicide isn't a banal act. People will be left with an insidious guilt that could stay with them the whole life. Was it my fault? Why didn't see it coming? I shouldn't have been so rude with him... Now, as for the morally reprehensible, well, we live in society. And as long as we will do it, we can't get rid of morality. It's an essential tool to live together. Nudity is great if I live it in the intimacy, But I can;t walk nude on the street, because it can be very disturbing for other people. Imagine if you have a boner when you will see a naked girl walking before you. Hard to predict the consequences... If walking nude isn't morally reprehensible, what about having sex on the street? Your last paragraph left me confused. Did I read you well? Are you suffering from this terrible disease?

tarek on Sep 16, 2016


No, no...not suffering from some terrible disease. Aren't all diseases terrible?'m physically, and mentally, and spiritually doing just fine. I'm just saying that I'll probably end up taking my own life rather than suffer the horrible and prolonged and painful disease we all will end up getting causing our deaths, that's all. Of course, like all intelligent men I've considered suicide. Why not?It's always an option. Always a consideration. Like Hamlet said, 'to be or not to be' and all that. Is it nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune? I don't know. Life ain't noble. It's horrendous, actually, the way humans carry on and the things they do to one another. So nobler to not shuffle off this mortal coil? Well, as our boy said, 'that is the question'. Look, suicide is a huge no no thing and I'm saying that's all programming and one can get beyond their programming. I've talked to my daughter about not wanting to suffer a prolonged and painful sickness. She understands and it would be horrible for her and any family and loved ones to suffer through watching someone they love suffering greatly for a prolonged period of time. It is tragic that most suicides are done without consideration for the loved ones left behind. Again, I attribute that to societal and cultural programming and the shame and guilt that puts upon people. I think suicide should be readily available to anyone who wants help doing it in a dignified manner. It'll never be, of course, because human beings are terrified of death and will go to any and all lengths to prolong it. Death is the biggest boogie man there is. It's why we readily kill others as we all believe there is no greater horror than death so imposing it on others is greatly embraced. And yes, we should be able to walk naked and if we want to have sex anywhere be able to. Human beings being the idiotic creatures that they are would surely abuse that natural privilege, that's for sure. Now it's just a taboo and like most taboos stupid and forced upon us by the church and organized religion. Back in the sixties we all had our favorite beaches that were designated 'nude' beaches. No one got 'boners' because naked women were walking around freely. It don't work that way. And even if one did, so what? It's just a boner and if men didn't get them none of us would be around, now would we? The Church, in all its misguided wisdom, has made prudes of us all...well...most of us. Of course their whole reason for doing so was to control the masses, which they've succeeded in doing very well through out our long history of having to put up with their nonsense. Then there's the priests who behind closed doors molest the young boys. Now that's real noble ain't it? All I'm saying is if there is any purpose to any of this it is to wake up and free one's self from all their programming and come to their own conclusions and their own values and integrity and set of morals. That's all. Rant over...over and gator...

Guest on Sep 16, 2016


Humm... So it took us thousand years to cover our intimate parts, and you want us to go back to when we lived like animals? No, thanks. ;D I don't want to show my balls to my daughter or to my kind neighbours, nor do I want to see my female colleague's boobs while discussing the budget plan. My reptiluan brain will assuredly ask me to fertilise her as a response to the stimulus. Because you probably suspect or know why we are so attracted by a female body? Wide hips, big boobs and big butt are a sign of fertility. So our body will react to this by stating an uncontrollable chain reaction to perpetuate the specie. It's programmed in our genes...

tarek on Sep 17, 2016

13 you say so. After a thousand years it's a little late to go back now. Then again, all these thoughts and decisions are due to that thousand years of indoctrination and I doubt ancient men walked around with boners all the time and being unable to do whatever tasks they had to do because of naked women being around...doing whatever tasks they had to do. As far as going back to living like animals? I rather think human beings live like angry, violent, inhuman animals here in 2016. So, I'd take the living close to nature and not all screwed up sexually living the ancient cave men and women lived any day of the week. Provided I could still have my car and my 55" Samsung to watch televised pro football games and cable movies on. Don't want to lose all that sort of thing, ya know?...later gator...

Guest on Sep 18, 2016


i don't know Bo...If we can really get used of nudity, porn industry and striptease bars wouldn't be that demanded... ;D

tarek on Sep 19, 2016

15 enough...but perhaps that's a good thing? I never saw the point of striptease bars. I went a few times with buddies, but thought it rather boring and more than a bit crass. Not my cup of tea. As far as porn...well...I'll take the fifth on that

Guest on Sep 19, 2016


One of the best rants from you Bo in a long time. I was very pleased with what I read. Very much agree with your attitude about the church or the religion in general. Also about the nudity and feeling of body. As for the question of death, possibility of fatal disease and choice to end it freely I will for a long time carry one of your sentence from before when you wrote 'I'm killing time until time kills me'. Very brave and well thought statement. Very much personal matter, too. I salute you for bravery with this one. Bo, Although, having your age must make you decide some serious things. Wish you well Bo, wish you very well. For as long time as possible ... Cheers ...

shiboleth on Sep 18, 2016


Well thank you, shiboleth. I appreciate your words of appreciation as that is courageous too in its own way. Not many people share such deeply felt thoughts and considerations they are having concerning another person and I value that greatly. So thank you again for revealing your thoughts concerning me. Yes, getting older does bring forward interesting thoughts that do not present themselves when we are's for sure. Peace, my friend.

Guest on Sep 18, 2016


Saw my mother dying from cancer for years. Helped as much as I could until there were no more chances to help. With others, of course. That was some, I mean her, fighting against all the odds and medical prospects. Seeing someone facing death is seeing a lesson of bravery, now and always. So, I just appreciate those people who bravely see all what makes their lives worth against the opposite ... Yup, peace and respect, Bo ...

shiboleth on Sep 18, 2016


Well that certainly must have been a very enlightening experience, shiboleth, witnessing your mother's dying over a prolonged period of time. One I've not been privileged to share. My mother went into a coma and my visit(s) with her were only when she was in that state. We immediately had her taken off life support as there was little chance of her waking up and she's had a major stroke and the brain damage alone would have rendered her into a vegetative state. I was privileged to spend five minutes alone with her before we set her free. I talked with her. Held her hand. Rubbed her bare feet. I told her it was alright for her to go, that my brothers and sister would be fine and there was no reason for her to hold on. I kissed her on the cheek and that was that. Interesting and powerful stuff for sure. us all.

Guest on Sep 18, 2016


Bo, I have a problem with films and good subjects in them these days since they do those things often very poorly. So, I honor them with some respect since, at least, they do give a hint of something good. On the other hand, I have to be honest here and say, I despise most of the films nowadays since they are not even close to anything worth of mention. So, that's why I am willing to sacrifice some of my expectations in this and in so many other movies. They are just not up to the seriousness of the subject they choose to depict. As for the nature of the event staged with the faith of this unfortunate woman, I agree, it's questionable very much. And I agree it must not be done without some serious background behind it. Whether that contains psychological, cultural, social or mediatic questions. And I must agree that film should exploit such a good potential for something more, for depicting the state of affairs in the society and in mediascape (if I may use that word) in her and our time. Films, America's especially, never really do that so one sometimes just cling to what one has. When it comes to this, books, critically and theoretically serious, are better with this and with level of seriousness that this production probably would never achieve. So, Bo, partially, I agree with you, I also take that criticism of yours as founded in facts and I also defend possibility of mrs. Hall performance ... I hope you understand me ,,, Cheers ...

shiboleth on Sep 18, 2016



ragethorn on Sep 16, 2016


Hall really melted into this character. I don't think I will watch this, but it does look like a solid watch.

DAVIDPD on Sep 16, 2016


this will be a great experience at the movie cinema

Joker's hideout on Sep 16, 2016

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