Watch This: Stuntman 'Leap of Faith' Featurette for 'Assassin's Creed'

August 16, 2016
Source: YouTube

Assassin's Creed Leap of Faith

Fox has released an impressive behind-the-scenes featurette for the upcoming Assassin's Creed movie, which opens in theaters in December. Dubbed the "Leap of Faith", the video focuses on stuntman Damien Walters' free fall jump - which was filmed on camera. Jumping from a height of 125 feet, it's one of the highest stuntman free falls in almost 35 years. Walters is the stunt double for Michael Fassbender in the film, playing Aguilar, a Master Assassin sent back in time to unlock the secrets of his ancestry. You've seen the leap they filmed in the trailer - jumping off of the top of one of the buildings in ancient Florence. And in this featurette you can see them setting up and actually pulling off the stunt, and it's kind of awesome. I like that they're sharing this now, before release, not just as a Special Feature on the DVD next year. Take a look.

Here's the "Leap of Faith" featurette for Justin Kurzel's Assassin's Creed, direct from Fox's YouTube:

You can still watch the first trailer for Assassin's Creed here, plus a different behind-the-scenes video here.

Assassin's Creed, created by Patrice Desilets & Jade Raymond back in 2007, is an award winning historical fiction action-adventure open world stealth video game series that as of 2012 consists of five main games. The focus is on a protagonist character, an assassin, who usually wears a hooded outfit, which became the focus of their latest marketing campaign for AC: Revelations. The movie based on Assassin's Creed is being directed by Australian filmmaker Justin Kurzel, of The Snowtown Murders and Macbeth previously. The screenplay has credits for Bill Collage, Adam Cooper and Michael Lesslie. It was filmed around Malta. 20th Century Fox will release Assassin's Creed in theaters everywhere starting December 21st. Excited for this?

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Reader Feedback - 17 Comments


"jumping off of the top of one of the buildings in ancient Florence." It's not Florence, it's Seville. He actually jumps from "La Giralda".

Beru on Aug 16, 2016


I hope this turns out good. We have now been burned by every large budget video game movie. I thought the PRINCE OF PERSIA film was going to be great...turd. WORLD OF WARCRAFT...flop (US). And know ASSASSIN'S CREED. At least the outfits will look good.

DAVIDPD on Aug 16, 2016


I really liked warcraft

Jon Odishaw on Aug 16, 2016


I didn't resonate with me at all. How could they do that Paula?? But still, the acting was just not that good. imo.

DAVIDPD on Aug 16, 2016


I think the script was tough to work with. I still really like the way Travis Fimmel handled it though. He reminds me of a Charlie hunnam but not shitty,

Jon Odishaw on Aug 17, 2016


Warcraft was a good 6 PM Tv movie, screened in theater

tarek on Aug 16, 2016


I enjoyed Warcraft, as did my son. We feel it captured the feel of Azeroth & the games rather well. Even my mom who doesn't play video/PC games thought it was a decent film. Given the even more solid actors in AC, I'm thinking it'll be at least a "decent" film meaning worth the early-show or matinee pricing.

VAharleywitch on Aug 17, 2016


Nice to hear. I was not a prior fan of the games, I did play Warcraft RTS when I was young. I went in expecting it nothing and was not impressed with what saw. I am not saying it was bad, but I though Jones' was going to awe me.

DAVIDPD on Aug 17, 2016


The look so far is great. Finger crossed until its release.

tarek on Aug 16, 2016


It does look great, doesn't it? These video game things are not my cup of tea as I've never played a video game in my life, but this has piqued my interest. Perhaps because of the director and the cast; especially with Marion Cotillard being in it too. I love her and her work. Loved her in the Ridley Scott thing A Good Year opposite Russell Crowe. Nice little film. And hey...at one time...like 45 yrs. ago or so I'd have loved to have made that jump. We did shit like that in my home town growing up on the river and jumping off of bridges...high bridges...into the water. Insane! I can't believe I ever had the balls to do such a thing! How about you and your youth, tarek? Ever do crazy stuff like that? Eh?....lol...

Bo on Aug 16, 2016


Hey Bo! I am a videogame player since the Amiga and the Atari. ;D I love playing strategy games (Starcraft), Role playing games ( Fallout, Dragon Age, Knight of the old Republic) and well scripted adventure games ( Uncharted, The last of us). Games I've never played: Call of Duty. ;D As for crazy things, I did a lot when I was young. We walked on a narrow ledge on top of a 100 feet building. Now that I am thinking of, I realize how stupid we were.

tarek on Aug 16, 2016


Yea, we were pretty stupid, weren't we? Males. Growing up males and taking those risks when young. Proving ourselves and all that. Interesting, no? Then, hopefully, we grow out of it...both mentally and especially spiritually. I take it you are probably about 20 yrs. or so younger than I am. Video games began after I was already a grown man and I just never developed an interest in them. I'm glad, as when I was young I was testing myself with friends by jumping off high bridges or walking narrow ledges 100 feet off the ground. Better than playing video games...I would think. Test your meddle in real life and all that...lol... Cheers! Oh...I can't believe I'm even thinking of going to see a movie based on a video game...Hummmmmmm....

Bo on Aug 16, 2016


Bingo for my age. ;D What really interests me in this movie is its historical streak( even if its more or less fictional). I love period movies. Sometimes, I feel like I belong to another era... ;D

tarek on Aug 16, 2016


Hope you like it when it comes out. I'll catch it on cable when it comes around 6 months or so from now. Oh, by the way...you promised to let me know what you thought of Jason Bourne when you were going to see it on Tues. after it's opening week-end. You forgot I reckon. So? Did you see it and if so what did you think? I know that Julia Stiles character, Nicki, gets killed and that bums me that they made that decision. Just like they killed the gal from the first one right in the beginning of the second film. I didn't like that either and don't like that they are repeating themselves. Also, the Nicki character was an important one for the whole series of films so I am not too sure I'm going to like this latest thing. Anyway, if you feel like it, share your thoughts on it. Cheers!

Bo on Aug 16, 2016


Hey Bo. Sorry for my late reply. I am now on a trip in the big Apple. The city has a heart, but not the people who live in alas. People have empty eyes... I didn't have a chance yet to see Bourne. I'll see it probably this week end on next tuesday. I will give you a feedback for sure Take care.

tarek on Aug 18, 2016


People have empty eyes! I love that, tarek. Very astute and very poetic! Whenever on Bourne; not to worry. Yea, the big Apple. I lived there like 1980 when I was studying acting and hustling work in film and stage. It was a rough hustle. Easier in L.A., which I returned to after about a year of the Big Apple. Reminds me of a Stones song, 'Shattered' where Jagger sings, 'this town is full of many grabbers...go ahead...take a bite out of the Big Apple...don't mind the maggots'...lol...one of the Stones better songs...later gator. Have a good visit and hit the ground running on your way out of town...lol...

Bo on Aug 18, 2016


I really want this to be a good film, fingers crossed indeed.

CShane on Aug 17, 2016

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