Watch: UK Trailer for 30th Anniversary Re-Release of 'Sid and Nancy'

July 25, 2016
Source: The Guardian

Sid and Nancy Trailer

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" Hey punk fans, it's time to revisit this cult classic. Described as "the definitive [film] of the punk phenomenon", the punk rock drama Sid and Nancy is getting a re-release this year for its 30th anniversary. The film stars Gary Oldman as Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, who tried to start a solo career after the band broke up in 1978. The film profiles his turbulent and destructive romance with his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, played by Chloe Webb, a heroin-addicted groupie who was found dead months later. The cast includes David Hayman, Andrew Schofield, Xander Berkeley, and Courtney Love in a small role. It's always cool to see great films return to theaters for a restored re-release. Have fun.

Here's the new 30th anniversary re-release trailer for Alex Cox's Sid and Nancy, from The Guardian:

Sid and Nancy Poster

Morbid biographical story of Sid Vicious (Gary Oldman), bassist with British punk group the Sex Pistols, and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen (Chloe Webb). When the Sex Pistols break up after their fateful US tour, Vicious attempts a solo career while in the grip of heroin addiction. One morning, Nancy is found stabbed to death and Sid is arrested for her murder. Sid and Nancy was the follow-up film for director Alex Cox, who had made Repo Man just before. The film was first released in 1986 after premiering at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at the Cannes Film Festival. Roger Ebert gave it four stars in his initial review from 1986. The 30th anniversary re-release will hit theaters in the UK on August 5th before arriving on DVD/Blu-ray.

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Reader Feedback - 24 Comments


Oldman was and is a champ. His early stuff is forgotten all too easily.

DAVIDPD on Jul 25, 2016


I agree. While he certainly was good in this film, as he is in everything he does, it wasn't very good. Hard to get engrossed in a film about two such very sick and self destructive people to boot. Cheers! By, the by...I loved Oldman playing the drug chewing police guy in the Luc Bresson film, The Professional. Good movie, excellent and scary performance by Oldman. You might want to heck it out if you haven't seen it. First time ever to see Natalie Portman. She was like 13 yrs. old at the time. Of course, there's the extra added attraction of the great Jean Reno playing the professional. Have fun with it if you check it out because you haven't seen it before. Later....

Bo on Jul 25, 2016


Luc Besson Bo. Luc Besson. ;D He was indeed astounding as a deranged cop. Gary Oldman is in my top 3 best living actors.

tarek on Jul 25, 2016

4 very, very for the correction...and you're so polite about Yea,'ll get no argument from me as to how good he is and how good he's been thru out the years. Cheers.

Bo on Jul 25, 2016


No harm Bo. I mangle words in every phrase I write. ;D As for this Sid Vicious, I am with you on this. I can't understand how people would pay to watch the life of this piece of dirt. Glorification of depravity..

tarek on Jul 26, 2016


Yea, I just didn't like the film at all. Interesting thing, tonight, I'm recording and going to watch that doc film on the Sex Pistols directed by Julien Temple titled The Filth and the Fury. I can't remember seeing it before and have heard he did a good job with it. I shall see. I think this will run more along the lines of what I might like vs. a bio of two misfit drug addicted self-destructive and not very bright people. Know what I mean? I was by no means a big fan of the Sex Pistols or punk for that matter, but I like a good doc film. Later.

Bo on Jul 26, 2016


Yep, that movie was a bit extreme, but very good. Somewhere close to Professional, I think, Luc Besson also made original Nikita. I think it was before The Professional. That was maybe a less good film, but still ok. I liked that leading French actress, Anne Parillaud.. Too bad she didn't do much better afterwards ...

shiboleth on Jul 26, 2016


Yea, I agree. I liked Nikita also and really like that actress. Where the hell did she go? She did a few more really good movies. Something about Map of the World or something like that. I'm lazy and not looking it up....sorry...

Bo on Jul 28, 2016


Part II shibboleth...what do you mean extreme? I loved The Professional. Why did you find it extreme? Anyway, I looked up Anne Parillaud. She's still working and has been but seems only to be doing French films. After Nikita she did Map of the Human Heart, which was an excellent film. Better than any of the others she did. She also did Innocent Blood with American director John Landis whom I'm not a big fan of. The movies was not very good. Then from then from 1992 on she has only been working in French films and quite regularly up to today. Cheers! Whadda mean, a bit extreme????

Bo on Jul 28, 2016


Well, you know shooting scenes and all that. Those were a bit extreme. And I am talking about my sensibility from that time. Nowadays, some limitations in that respect have been harshly crossed since. I haven't watched The Professional for some time but I do remember there was a lot of wild killings in that. Of course, film, as whole and as a story, was almost poetic and really emotional - the relationship between J. Reno and N. Portman character - but when it came to the action scenes thing were really brutal. I always, since then, am wondering does those things really go together. A lot of killings and developing emotional tones..? As for Anne Parillaud, I always liked her since Nikita (since I, as many others, then first time heard about her). She was not always lucky with her choices in making films, but I think she is all right. I sometimes see some French film with her but just can't shake off that role in Nikita. She was good I guess ... Cheers Bo ...

shiboleth on Jul 29, 2016


Nothing I can say in response to your having trouble with the killings in this movie, man. Yea, it was pretty brutal, but I had no problem with it. I felt it fit with the tone and the theme(s) of the film and added to the tension and the fear the young girl was experiencing. I think it's Besson's best film and continue to like it a lot to this day. So, if you were troubled by the brutal scenes you were troubled by them and okay...later gator. Thanks for the explanation, by the way. I appreciate that. Cheers!

Bo on Jul 29, 2016


The Firm always flashes first in my mind when i hear or see Mr.Oldman's name ;o)

LV 426 on Jul 28, 2016


Why? He wasn't even in that movie. If he was, would you kindly point out what character he played? Me thinks you got your signals crossed here...

Bo on Jul 28, 2016


Ey up just noticed your reply, here it is....

LV 426 on Nov 18, 2016


One of the funniest thing of my life is that at some point I forgot to see this one and it is still slipping out of my hands. Or eyes. Of course, I know everything about it, but just didn't see it yet. Back in the old days it was not always easy to get some film. Nowadays, you can find almost whatever you want. So, I somehow missed this. I'll have to do so some real catching up ... And it looks good indeed ...

shiboleth on Jul 25, 2016


It's not good, least not in my opinion. Good luck with it if you do manage to find it...later...

Bo on Jul 26, 2016


On the top of everything you tell me this. Oh man, that film does not get lucky with me. Of course, it's not like I was planning to see it tonight, but I was mostly interested in how G. Oldman was playing this. And now, what is there to be done ... Oh, done worry, I am overdoing it ... Cheers ...

shiboleth on Jul 26, 2016


It's worth a viewing, shiboleth, as the director, Cox, always made at least interesting films and was his own man. Oldman's performance is worth a look to. It's just the subject matter and the people who the film is about. Pretty deranged sick people that one wouldn't want to spend much time with. At least I wouldn't. So take a look at it. Why not? At least you'll be able to say you

Bo on Jul 26, 2016


I got you worried, right? You think you changed my decision to see it? No, you didn't, I was really speaking my mind when I said (wrote) I won't watch it right away. And your description still seems pretty credible regarding my expectations from that film. I'll see it when I see it, no worries. Or not, nothing's gonna crash if I don't. But you, I must say, you really make me say that honestly I really, really, appreciate the fact that you're trying to be so polite. Cheers Bo!

shiboleth on Jul 27, 2016


No worries here, my friend. I tried, last night, watching the doc film about the Sex Pistols, The Filth and the Fury, and mostly just fast forwarded as I found them, and the film, boring, crass, not very intelligent and the music, if you can call it that, they made had no value to me and certainly didn't entertain me. I didn't care for them back when they were turning the crown's heads, so to speak. Silly, immature, angry little luck with Sid & Nancy whenever you watch it. Later...

Bo on Jul 27, 2016


Loved Sid and Nancy ever since I was a kid. And I'd certainly rather hang with Gary and Chloe than the real Sid and Nancy 🙂 Here's our 30th anniversary podcast of this great film.

nattercast on Oct 5, 2016


Wow...thanks for the heads up...especially after, like, 4 months or so. You must live in England as I discovered clicking on your provided link that was a British TV movie. It never played here in the states. Not only that, it's not even listed on Oldman's IMDB credits and it's not even listed on IMDB at all. Of course, there is the Cruise movie that Pollack directed and a couple of more I wasn't aware of with the same title, but this one with Oldman? I wonder why it's not listed and not among his acting credits? Weird, and now I'm a bit upset as I also read that it's one of his best performances. One I'll never be able to see. Bummer! Well, life goes on and thanks again for enlightening me on this film with Oldman. I really appreciate your taking the trouble to do as such. Cheers!

Bo on Nov 19, 2016


Hi, yeah, great film and yeah there has been a few Firm titled movies over the years but not as good. Classic nutter oldman in the movie and hes is rather scary in it too proper nut job still one of his best rolls to date. Oh yeah, Scotish here not English :o)

LV 426 on Nov 20, 2016


Well, thanks again. I'm suffering a bit not having seen or not being able to see it because Oldman has always been one of my favorite actors. I loved his performance in The Professional with Jean Reno and the very young Natalie Portman. I loved his delivering that great line line in the film when he orders his men to bring everyone and one of them says everyone?...and he snarls and yells 'EVERYONE'...just great...and a real 'proper nut job' character/performance, as you Scotish, eh? My ancestor thing is Scot/Irish but that was long, long ago as all that I knew of were born here in America, but that, supposedly is my family tree. Thanks again for enlightening me on Oldman's The Firm...who knows? I might just find a way to finally view it...long shot for sure, but then again.....later gator!

Bo on Nov 20, 2016

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