Watch: Wes Anderson Announces Next Stop-Motion Film 'Isle of Dogs'

December 21, 2016
Source: YouTube

Isle of Dogs

I'm so excited to see this! Every time I'm reminded that, right now as I type this, Wes Anderson is in the middle of making a brand new, stop-motion animated film (in the same vein as Fantastic Mr. Fox) entirely about DOGS, I pretty much go nuts. I love dogs! I love Fantastic Mr. Fox! I love Wes Anderson's movies! A video has debuted on the service CrowdRise featuring Wes Anderson announcing the film, titled Isle of Dogs. Included in the video is one quick first look shot of the main dog Rex, voiced by Edward Norton, who also makes an appearance in this video. On the website, you can also see a bit of the concept art - mainly a Japanese man beneath some Japanese text, as well as, of course, a dog face. I hope we get to see more soon.

Isle of Dogs

The video was found on YouTube. At the end, he discusses The Film Foundation, an organization created for the "preservation and restoration" of the entire planet's shared movie heritage. You can donate here and enter to win some cool prizes. Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs is already filming (and has been filming) since stop-motion animation takes a long time. The huge voice cast also includes Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Bob Balaban, Scarlett Johansson, Bryan Cranston, F. Murray Abraham, Tilda Swinton, Greta Gerwig, Frances McDormand and Liev Schreiber. Not much is known about the plot yet, except that it involves dogs. No release date is confirmed, but we expect to see it either late 2017 or sometime in 2018.

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Solid effort. I am waiting.

DAVIDPD on Dec 21, 2016


I know I am in the minority here, but I didn't like Fantastic Mr Fox. I loved the Grand Budapest Hotel though. This is an impressive cast.

tarek on Dec 21, 2016


I agree about Fantastic Mr. Fox. While I completely appreciate the technical achievement regarding the film, it looked fantastic (no pun intended), but I immediately forgot it after watching it. Royal T's and Life Aquatic are still my favorites of his. Moonrise Kingdom was my least favorite.

RAW_D on Dec 21, 2016


I didn't watch yet Royal Tennenbaums and Life Aquatic. A shame I know. I was tempted to buy Moonrise Kingdom blu-ray. Is it worth a buy?

tarek on Dec 22, 2016


Don't buy Moonrise Kingdom. I'd watch it first. Royal Tennenbaums is DEFINITELY worth owning. Truth be told, I didn't care for Life Aquatic the first time round, but it got continuously better with repeated viewings. I don't think I was completely engaged in my first viewing and I didn't pick up the great nuances and details Anderson is known for.

RAW_D on Dec 22, 2016


I'll follow your advice. ;D

tarek on Dec 22, 2016


Imposter! mods please delete this user - The REAL Lagoya.

Lagoya on Dec 21, 2016


Bob suffers from the impostor's syndrome.

tarek on Dec 21, 2016


Can't stand this director.

2001HAL on Dec 21, 2016


I can understand that. He seems to be a polarizing director; you either love his films or hate them. Personally, he's one of my favorites.

grimjob on Dec 21, 2016


I love Wes Anderson. Such a unique voice in this industry. He essentially creates living dioramas in how he frames his scenes, and I find it so damn charming. Plus his stable of preferred actors is always on point. I just wish he'd get Hackman back.

grimjob on Dec 21, 2016


Hackman's is retired man. Writing is his bag now....

RAW_D on Dec 21, 2016


Hackman the legend.

tarek on Dec 21, 2016


Really? Oh man, didn't know that.

grimjob on Dec 21, 2016


Sad but true.

RAW_D on Dec 22, 2016



tree on Dec 21, 2016


I hope that the dogs eyes look like a darker and more normal brown when it's color graded since right now they look almost red. The dog looks scary as hell, almost possessed.

steve on Dec 21, 2016


In Fantastic Mr Fox, all animals looked creepy too.

tarek on Dec 22, 2016

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