Beautiful Official Trailer for Sean Baker's Excellent 'The Florida Project'

August 14, 2017
Source: YouTube

The Florida Project Trailer

"Thank you very much!" "You're not welcome!" A24 has debuted the first official trailer for the outstanding indie film The Florida Project, the latest feature from Tangerine director Sean Baker. This premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year to rave reviews - read mine here. The film tells the story of Halley, played by Bria Vinaite, and her daughter Moonee, played by Brooklynn Prince. They live at The Magic Castle, a motel in Orlando just in the backyard of Disneyland. Moonee and her friends run around causing all kinds of trouble and it's such a delight to watch them. Willem Dafoe also stars in one of his best performances of his career, and I really mean that. This film is really something special, and you can see why with this trailer - which captures the magic and charm of this beautiful film just perfectly. One of the year's best indie gems.

Here's the official trailer (+ new poster) for Sean Baker's The Florida Project, from A24's YouTube:

The Florida Project Poster

I wrote in my review that The Florida Project is "full of life and honest emotion, and can teach us plenty…"

The story of a precocious six-year-old and her ragtag group of friends whose summer break is filled with childhood wonder, possibility and a sense of adventure, while the adults around them struggle with hard times. The Florida Project is directed by acclaimed American, indie filmmaker Sean Baker, of the films Four Letter Words, Starlet, Prince of Broadway, Take Out, and Tangerine previously. (Follow him on Twitter @Lilfilm.) The screenplay is written by Sean Baker and Chris Bergoch. This first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in the Directors' Fortnight sidebar (read our glowing review). A24 will release Sean Baker's The Florida Project in theaters starting on October 6th this fall. It's one of the best films this year.

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Made me tear up a bit for some reason that trailer. Look forward to seeing it.

Carpola on Aug 14, 2017


Dafoe's performance does look spectacular but the kids...not so much.

DAVIDPD on Aug 14, 2017


Ohhh the kids are great, don't worry. They're so much fun.

Alex Billington on Aug 14, 2017


Yeah, they just sound really fake. Kind of reminded me of the JUNO teenagers dialogue.

DAVIDPD on Aug 14, 2017


How many kids do you have David? I have 4. That's what they sound like.

Quanah on Aug 14, 2017


I am around little kids cos of my work, none of them sound like that...maybe you are raising some nice little future Ivy Leaguers. Good work, Q.

DAVIDPD on Aug 15, 2017


Oh come on, that looks good. Dafoe is particularly doing great job here. Or at least it looks that way ...

shiboleth on Aug 14, 2017


I feel like you are trolling. That is a deep reading into a trailer.

Nethanel DeCarmo on Aug 14, 2017


People do troll, you know? I literally couldn't tell you if you were for real about the film being "opium" that is "lying" to audiences. I don't think people are intimidated with your response, they just don't agree with an opinion. That's all.

Nethanel DeCarmo on Aug 15, 2017


I love these small indie films. Little slices of life, with all it's scrapes and bumps to boot. Those kids look wonderful. Just like a kid, they're overly-enthusiastic about stuff, intensely dramatic, and yet untainted by the troubles of adults.

Quanah on Aug 14, 2017


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Doug P. Thomas on Aug 15, 2017


The tone, story, and score are all strongly reminiscent of 'Beasts of The Southern Wild'. But that's a very good thing! Anyone else get that kind of vibe?

Movie Bear on Aug 15, 2017


Just a little ha because it a child is in the lead role ha. Beasts is one of my favorite film!

Brandon Cole on Aug 15, 2017


Looks really entertaining. Tangerine was really good, do he shoot this on a iphone as well?

Brandon Cole on Aug 15, 2017


Cinematography looks amazing and this pulled at my heart strings a bit...Idk if I can hack it. The little girl was adorable though...

THE_RAW_ on Aug 15, 2017


Wow! Once again I'm confounded by you, Mr. Enigma. And I politely disagree. What you deem as a curtain of pretense, could be reality to another. Everyone looks at life through a different lens. Films (to me) are the filmmakers take on what they see through THEIR lens. This film seems to be focusing on children and their innocence in the face of less than ideal situation (and in GOD AWFUL FLORIDA). Yes, the scenario is a bit stereotypical (single stripper mom living in a hotel with child) but with most films these days, when ISN'T it a stereotypical scenario? Same scenario's with different players. And trust me, in most cases I feel like my intuition is spot on regarding spotting a dud via the trailer. I don't get that vibe with this one. I also liked the "guerrilla style" film technique, like the director is simply observing human interaction from over the shoulder and far away angles and we're witness to it. A bit more raw and real than traditional framing and panning. And honestly, I think a little sweetness is necessary in the world these days. I for one enjoy the escape and sensibilities occasionally. But I anticipate you're staunch in your stance, which is completely allowed. Ha! Just giving my 2 cents =) Take care Enigma!

THE_RAW_ on Aug 15, 2017


@disqus_yyq0lnHEEt:disqus , curious what your thoughts are on Blow Up? Just watched it the other night.

THE_RAW_ on Aug 16, 2017


Well, it was a swinging sixties film, that's for sure. For didn't translate. Especially the ending with the mimes on the tennis courts. Maybe it's too cerebral or subversive for my taste? I liked the cinematography, however, overall it felt quite boring. I didn't care about this photographer and his supposed discovery. And in the end, it didn't amount to much anyway. Kind of felt like a waste of time.

THE_RAW_ on Aug 17, 2017


I figured there was an underlying deeper "meaning". I just wasn't compelled to try and explore them. But what you said makes perfect sense.

THE_RAW_ on Aug 17, 2017


Well, that explains a lot! Lol. I'm usually pretty good at appreciating classic films for the periods they were filmed in, yet this one eluded me. I used to be into more artistic and free films, like Jodorowsky and Bergman. I don't know if it's my age, my life currently or what, but I just don't feel compelled by these types of films anymore. I guess like your palate, your film tastes also mature/change with life.

THE_RAW_ on Aug 17, 2017


When I mentioned Bergman, the Seventh Seal was exactly what I had in mind. And El Topo and Sante Sangre were the Jodorowksy films I appreciated. I tried Holy Mountain, but it was too all over the place for me to get into it. Idk if you've ever seen this, but if you liked The Drop, you should check out The Salton Sea with Val Kilmer. It's one of my favorite movies of all time. Fantastic performances and pretty interesting story as well. I'm 36 =)

THE_RAW_ on Aug 18, 2017


Lol! While in college I was fortunate to work at many video store chains, and I "self-educated" myself in many obscure and foreign films. I'm a sucker for noir type flicks and the Salton Sea checked that box for me. Unfortunately you're completely right that D.J. Caruso hasn't really capped that crowning achievement since then, but I applaud his effort none-the-less. And I enjoyed The Drop too. Very intense movie.

THE_RAW_ on Aug 21, 2017

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