Celebrate Composers in Trailer for 'Score: A Film Music Documentary'

April 21, 2017
Source: YouTube

Score: A Film Music Documentary

"Music is the one thing that we all understand, that we don't understand." Gravitas Ventures has revealed a trailer for a documentary about the work of composers, titled Score: A Film Music Documentary. This played at film festivals all last year and is opening in theaters this June, which is great news because I've been waiting to see this. The doc profiles the work of composers and also examines how important music is to movies. Featuring interviews with composers including Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Trent Reznor, Rachel Portman, Junkie XL (aka Tom Holkenborg), Brian Tyler, Thomas Newman, Bear McCreary, Moby, Garry Marshall, Jerry Goldsmith, and lots more. Hoping this goes deep into the art beyond just some chats.

Here's the official trailer for Matt Schrader's Score: A Film Music Documentary, from YouTube:

Score: A Film Music Documentary

This celebratory documentary takes viewers inside the studios and recording sessions of Hollywood's most influential composers to give a privileged look inside the musical challenges and creative secrecy of a truly international music genre: the film score. Featuring Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, John Williams, James Cameron, Trent Reznor, Rachel Portman, Randy Newman, Howard Shore, Alexandre Desplat, and many others. Score: A Film Music Documentary is directed by filmmaker Matt Schrader, making his directorial debut. This first premiered at the Hamptons Film Festival last year, and also played at the Tacoma, Naples, Denver and Hawaii Film Festivals, as well as DOC NYC. Gravitas Ventures will release Schrader's Score: A Film Music Documentary in select theaters starting June 16th this summer. Who's interested in this doc?

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So important to film this should be on every director's must watch list.

stanfordcrane on Apr 21, 2017


Strange why John Williams' name did not make the poster. Maybe he did not give as much time as the others. Williams' career warrants an entire documentary just for itself.

DAVIDPD on Apr 21, 2017


The dude is like 90. Perhaps he didn't participate all that much with this.

LeoForPrez on Apr 22, 2017


Very happy to see Bear in the mix. His work is supremely good on television. I wish they would have called upon Michael Giacchino and Ramin Djawadi. But you can't have everything.

DAVIDPD on Apr 21, 2017


For good or for bad, film makes a lot of good music last decades...

shiboleth on Apr 21, 2017


I had to read this sentence 5 times for it to make sense

LeoForPrez on Apr 22, 2017


Well, I'm glad you got it right, eventually ...

shiboleth on Apr 22, 2017


It's too bad your English isn't good enough that it would have made sense after the first reading

LeoForPrez on Apr 22, 2017


Oh, I'm cool with that. Although, I have enough English speaking friends who like my English and understand what I say or write from the first time. And they know I speak more languages then they are. So, yeah, I'm ok with all that...

shiboleth on Apr 23, 2017


Cool doesn't change the fact that your English is poor. I speak 5 languages...who gives a shit?

LeoForPrez on Apr 23, 2017


Oh, come on, why are you trying so hard to embarrass yourself in front of others here? It's not about the poor or, what?, the rich fluency in any language. It's about conversation with others. You should learn that before speaking any languages. And that language is one that you just can't speak and most of the people here and elsewhere can ...

shiboleth on Apr 23, 2017


I'm not the one that sounds like a mentally challenged 4th grader

LeoForPrez on Apr 23, 2017


Oh, you hear sounds around here. This is obviously way too tough for you. For your own good, give it up ...

shiboleth on Apr 24, 2017



LeoForPrez on Apr 24, 2017


But why don't you come and see it for yourself and give up that shallow cynicism of yours? Besides, there are beautiful girls around here. Good food, too. A lot of music and film festivals. Adriatic sea is gorgeous place to spend vacation, believe me. Or believe many Germans, Italians, Brits and many other tourists coming here every year. Films like Star Wars (The Last Jedi); new Robin Hood (with Jamie Dornan, Jamie Foxx and some others), Game of Thrones series are all, partly, done here. I even spent an evening with Oliver Stone at one of the film festivals here. And it's also Europe here, in many good senses. You should try it, huh? It might make you feel better and you might stop sulking instead ...

shiboleth on Apr 24, 2017


I watched thanks

LeoForPrez on Apr 24, 2017


Hahahahahahaha, you are a victim. Some East European cutie must have dumped you. Poor soul. However, there are still nice 'dangers' here. Yeah, I also watched Friday the 13th. I guess that says everything about US, huh?

shiboleth on Apr 24, 2017


In addition to his poor English skills we can add his inability to spot obvious sarcasm and humor. My Joke Your head

LeoForPrez on Apr 24, 2017


So, you like Eastern Europe and you just feel nostalgia for it. I knew it, I knew it, I just knew it you were pretending all this time. And all you're doing here is trying to make up missed time spent there by talking with me, huh? You said that you speak five languages. One of them must be from East Europe. Which one have you learned? Tell me, tell me, oh just please tell me. Man, isn't that just something? When are you coming, you funny boy?

shiboleth on Apr 24, 2017



THE_RAW_ on Apr 25, 2017


You're right, of course. Honestly, I should give up much sooner ...

shiboleth on Apr 26, 2017


I know I would'

THE_RAW_ on Apr 26, 2017


Sorry this dude was giving you shit. He's obviously a major asshole. Your English is fine.

Cincinasty on Apr 26, 2017


Thanks. I wasn't really worried. I have some English speaking friends and I don't have problems with them. I was hoping to find some common ground with this guy. Sooner or later, anyway. That's why I I was so persistent. Hoping to find a way to communicate with him. Thanks again for support... Cheers ...

shiboleth on Apr 26, 2017


Suuuuuure you do. Some coward with a recent near-burner account set to priv knows five languages AND has the temerity to give some obviously foreign dude shit about his language skills. And for what? Anyone who is fluent in 5 languages is aware that speaking and writing are two different things. Those people probably aren't looking to give non-English speakers a boat load of shit like you are. The internet is lessened having assholes like you on it.

Cincinasty on Apr 26, 2017


This I am greatly interested in.

tarek on Apr 21, 2017


Is it James Horner on the poster?

tarek on Apr 22, 2017


Yes, this would defo get a watch. Movies are great but when the music is so entwined with a film, it allows you to reconnect with the emotions you felt from the viewing experience just through your headphones/speakers. It's no coincidence that the films that have moved, affected or enchanted me have had scores that I've loved. I saw Zimmer in concert in 2015 and it really was one of best concerts I've ever been to. So many tunes, so many memories.

Payne by name on Apr 22, 2017


The epitome of a solid score is when you hear the music and can play the movie along in your head. Such an integral part of film and one of my favorite things to savor. I am SO down for this!

THE_RAW_ on Apr 25, 2017

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