First Trailer for Cuban Migrant Documentary 'Elián' from CNN Films

May 1, 2017
Source: YouTube

Elián Documentary Trailer

"What happened to me wasn't a movie. It was a true story." CNN Films along with Gravitas Ventures have revealed the official trailer for a documentary titled Elián, examining the story of Cuban immigrant Elián González. You may remember the story of Elián because it was huge news back in 1999/2000. Elián was 5-years-old when his mother attempted to take a small boat from Cuba to Florida. González's mother and ten others died in the crossing, but Elián was saved by a fisherman. The film tells his complete story for the first time, featuring interviews with González and his family, and narration by Tony Award nominee Raúl Esparza. This is obviously a very timely doc now considering the immigration concerns in America, but it's also an important doc about humanity and everyone's eternal struggle to live a better life. Take a look below.

Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for Tim Golden & Ross McDonnell's doc Elián, direct from CYouTube:

Elián Doc Poster

The world thought it knew Elián González’s story: The 5-year-old boy who washed up on the Florida coast after a deadly crossing from Cuba who became the center of an extraordinary, never-before-experienced media firestorm and international custody battle, pitting family members against each other and testing political policy at a crucial moment in history. The CNN documentary ELIÁN shows how this incredible story is interwoven into the current political climate – and shows, for the first time, Elián González today speaking in a never-before-seen unfiltered way about his experiences. Elián is co-directed by filmmakers Tim Golden & Ross McDonnell; exec produced by Alex Gibney. This just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last month. Gravitas Ventures will release Elián in select theaters starting May 12th. Interested?

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People are afraid of migrants...They just forget that their ancestors were also migrants at some point in the history.

tarek on May 1, 2017


No one is "afraid" of them. That's either a mischaracterization, or a poor attempt at reverse psychology.

txJM on May 1, 2017


Nope, It's basic psychology. We all are afraid of the "Other", the "stranger". Something that was helpful for survival in the past. Now It's time to evolve and become less "animal". Roaaaar!

tarek on May 1, 2017


Must be a Canadian thing.

txJM on May 1, 2017


Hummm...Yeah...I's a lethal disease.

tarek on May 1, 2017


my 5 year old is similarly amused with things that are dumb

LeoForPrez on May 2, 2017


lay off the crack bud

LeoForPrez on May 2, 2017


Only its not true...therefore not I spend half my time here educating you

LeoForPrez on May 2, 2017


technically if one person is afraid of them that the statement is true...but then on the flip side so is the opposite. this isnt rocket science

LeoForPrez on May 2, 2017


Well that's just dumb and simplifies a very complex problem. No one is afraid of migrants. Hell, lets just open the borders and let everything sort themselves out. Except that would be the dumbest and quickest way to destroy a society... period. No western society is capable of taking in 3rd word refugees in mass. Without even looking at the religious or ideological or even social aspects, from a point of supply, demand, housing, basic care, you would have to literally force a gov't to hold it's own people hostage in the form of taxation to take on the care of migrants from another part of the world. Open borders only works when points A and B offer the same possibilities. But then again, the same people who cry for open borders also argue that is we give Isis a bunch of big hugs and jobs, somehow that problem would go away as well.

backwardsprogress on May 2, 2017


"No one is afraid of migrants." I have just one word: Duh!

tarek on May 3, 2017


False statement. When our country can fully care for the drug addicts, the homeless, the children, and the poor and those on welfare, then bring in the immigrants. But unless country A is on equal footing with country B, then opening the borders is insanity. Even more so when you ignore the people who are the most in danger (see Yadizi,Christian religious groups in Iraq,Syria) to try and appear politically correct when your "vetting" system doesn't even exist. I'm not going to argue for the base supporters of the current president because lets be real, the current president has been a Democrat all his life and swapped parties, argued for common sense ideas, and has literally caved on every single one of them with the exception of selecting a strict constitutionalist to the supreme court. But making the broad assumptions, and then throwing around the weak arguments is why the democrats lost in the first place (not to mention a terrible terrible candidate and basically the party leaders picking Clinton over Bernie.) This election if anything should be a major wake up call to all American's that the two party system of today is terribly screwed up and the end result is what we currently have.

backwardsprogress on May 2, 2017


guy is an idiot...dont waste your time

LeoForPrez on May 2, 2017


Facing migrants looks like facing the problems of the world, especially poor part of it. Unfortunately, all people want is being comfortable and worry about nothing. They just don't realize that we all pay the price for our comfortability, one way or another ...

shiboleth on May 1, 2017


It must be something shameful about feature films that they don't make such engaging stories like this nowadays. Or they manage that really rarely. So many documentaries lately show that those other, feature ideas for film are just pure escapism. A bit sad fact, I must say ...

shiboleth on May 1, 2017


Seems easy doesn't it. I guess the studios are quite particular on what they deem "art".

DAVIDPD on May 2, 2017


That picture will always take me back to a weirder, crazier time.

DAVIDPD on May 2, 2017


Bob is LEGION. He is too many in his head. ;D backwardsprogress = LeoForPrez = txJM = Cyranose = ...etc.

tarek on May 2, 2017

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