James Cameron Talks About Seeing 'Terminator 2' in 3D in New Trailer

June 30, 2017
Source: YouTube

Terminator 2 in 3D Trailer

"The images feel more real in 3D. There's a lucidity to it, you really feel like you're there." Distrib Films US has debuted a second official trailer for the forthcoming re-release of James Cameron's Terminator 2: Judgment Day in 3D. The 3D upgrade was overseen by Cameron himself, as well as DMG Entertainment and StudioCanal, so rest assured it will be top quality. This trailer is similar to the first trailer, but includes clips of Cameron talking about how great the 3D looks, and how cool it is to go back and revisit this movie in 3D some 25 years later. "It looks pretty spectacular." However, this trailer is only available in 2D. This sci-fi action classic stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, Robert Patrick, Earl Boen, and Joe Morton. I still don't know if I really want to see this in 3D or not. What about you?

Here's the second official trailer for Terminator 2: Judgment Day re-released in 3D, from YouTube:

You can also watch the other official trailer for Terminator 2 in 3D here, to see another different trailer.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day Logo

A cyborg, identical to the one who failed to kill Sarah Connor, must now protect her teenage son, John Connor, from a more advanced cyborg. "James Cameron’s masterpiece starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his most iconic role, has been converted in immersive 3D by Cameron himself. First hitting screens in 1991 with groundbreaking special effects, the 4K and 3D version will take the seminal blockbuster to the next level of effects and into the 21st century for the next generation of fans." James Cameron's Terminator 2: Judgment Day was first released in July of 1991, opening #1 at the box office to $31 million to start. Distrib Film US will be re-releasing this brand new 3D version of T2 in theaters starting August 25th, 2017 later this summer. More info on theaters and screenings will be available soon. Who's planning to see this one?

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It's a classic movie, and maybe the best what James Cameron ever made, but to see it in a cinema again is completely redundant. It's a conversion, and no original 3D movie, so it adds nothing to the whole experience, onley money to the bankaccount of James Cameron...

ari smulders on Jul 1, 2017


It sucked big time...

ari smulders on Jul 1, 2017


I refuse to watch it.

grimjob on Jul 1, 2017


Oh James, what a waste of such a talent. Banging out retrofitted versions of previous films with an overrated gimmicky technique. His obsession with 3D really has been the deathknell to his output. Like an AV geek worried about the format of the film rather than the actual content.

Payne by name on Jul 1, 2017


My god I hate 3D. If they re-released this in theaters as the standard version, I would absolutely go see it. Stereo D did the Jurassic Park 3D conversion, which I regrettably paid money to see. I just wanted to see JP in the theater again, and it was awful. Everything looked like flat images on panes of glass. It's been a few years, so I'm sure things have improved, but I'll never go see another conversion. I saw Rogue One in IMAX 3D (not my choice), and the scale of the ships was so diminished. They looked like miniatures. I've since watched the regular 2D version and didn't get that feeling at all. So no, Alex, I definitely am not interested in this. Which is unfortunate because I would love to see this film on the big screen again.

grimjob on Jul 1, 2017


The only 3D movie that was worth a watch was and still is Avatar. The rest is just cash grab. I remember when they sold us Amazing Spiderman in 3D for a real 3D. It was the first 3D movie in blurred 2D.

tarek on Jul 1, 2017


Avatar is the exception. I didn't see it in 3D, but it's been described to me and sounds like it was used properly, to flesh out that beautiful world.

grimjob on Jul 1, 2017


They lied to you. Believe me. The worst 3D Movie I have ever watched. I could watch it without the glasses for about 90% of the time.

tarek on Jul 1, 2017


Ooops. Sorry. I tought you were talking about Spiderman. Yes Avatar was awe inspiring. I didn't feel such joy and excitement while watching a movie since...Aliens. If it gets a re release in 3D don't miss it. You won't regret it. ( the 3D bluray didn't work for me though)

tarek on Jul 1, 2017


That is the only one I'd like to see in 3D.

grimjob on Jul 3, 2017


Yes, Avatar was worth the time in 3D, and it was amazing. The rest of the 3D movies suck big time...

ari smulders on Jul 2, 2017


No 3D looks any good. When I went to see Avatar, I was expecting some brave new world but it was just the same old nonsense that you could recreate with the scenes you could cut out from your cereal box. 3 distinct lines of demarkation just like you would see on a theatre set. In my opinion 3D is the biggest and most pointless gimmick in cinema. It's meant to offer something new but it's nothing more than empty frivolous window dressing. Concentrate on a decent script and story rather than hiding your inadequacies behind worthless visual nonsense.

Payne by name on Jul 1, 2017


I would be more interested in seeing it in IMAX, no 3D.

DAVIDPD on Jul 1, 2017


Yeah. It was a big shock for me. But let's face it, for a couple hundreds $ you'll say that trashformers is the Citizen Kane.

tarek on Jul 1, 2017


He also said that 3D conversion was crap. So yeah, I guess the reason you only see him from the waist up is because his pockets are so full of money.

Sans_Fi on Jul 2, 2017


He obviously is not doing anything useful these days so we get this. It was ok film, but let's move on since we all know that Terminator is just doing fine for years ...

shiboleth on Jul 2, 2017

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