Must Watch: Another Wonderful Trailer for Pixar's First Musical 'Coco'

June 7, 2017
Source: YouTube

Pixar's Coco Movie Trailer

"We have to get you back home!" Disney has unveiled another official trailer for Pixar's first musical titled Coco, based around the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead. The story involves a young boy named Miguel who gets lost in the world of the dead while searching for his father. The voices include newcomer Anthony Gonzalez playing Miguel, along with Benjamin Bratt, Gael Garcia Bernal, Renee Victor. Our first introductions to this movie have been wonderful so far, including a lovely first teaser trailer and amusing short film involving his dog Dante. This new trailer finally reveals more of the world of the dead and has a lovely score as well. As always, I'm excited to see what Pixar has been cooking up this time. Enjoy.

Here's the newest official trailer (+ poster) for Pixar's Coco, direct from Disney's YouTube:

Pixar's Coco Poster

You can also watch the first teaser trailer for Pixar's Coco here, or the short film "Dante's Lunch" here.

The short synopsis is quite vague: Pixar's Coco follows a 12-year-old boy named Miguel who sets off a chain of events relating to a century-old mystery, leading to an extraordinary family reunion. Coco is directed by filmmaker Lee Unkrich (of Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Toy Story 3) and co-directed by Adrian Molina, who also wrote the screenplay. As explained in the EW article: "This is a story we want to share with the world, but it’s also been particularly important to us that when the Latino community sees the film, that it resonates and it feels like we got it right, and that’s what we’re really trying to do. We all feel the gravity." Disney will release Pixar's Coco in theaters in 3D starting on November 22nd, 2017 this fall.

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You'd never be able to tell this was a musical from the trailers so far. I hope they introduce some singing into the next one just so people are not so surprised when they start belting out tunes.

DAVIDPD on Jun 7, 2017


So weird this, feels like I've already watched something similar.

Carpola on Jun 8, 2017


Seriously?!? If this hadn't been done before with the Book of Life then I'd be crazy excited. I can't believe with all the talent Pixar has at their fingertips they had to re-hash something that has already been done.

SacLA on Jun 8, 2017


Agreed. I'm embarrassed for them.

THE_RAW_ on Jun 8, 2017


Oh yes this is SO MUCH like the Book of Life. I see that the boy becomes a bull fighter and the clear love triangle developing. Yes, then I also see the part of a bet, between the two dead gods, on who the girl will end up marrying. Oh and how the love of his life dies and then he is killed only to find out that she was brought back to life by a pen of other other man... I could go on with the sarcasm but why, just because the movie has the Day Of The Dead theme in it does not mean it is the same movie and Book of Life was certainly not the first. Why don't you go watch Macario a 1960 Mexican classic with the same Day Of The Dead theme and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

DJROBL on Jun 9, 2017


So he sees dead people. And they see him back. Some excitement ...

shiboleth on Jun 8, 2017


Roger Ebert — 'It's not what a movie is about, it's how it is about it.'

kitano0 on Jun 9, 2017


Sometimes yes and sometimes not. This is also what Hollywood made to last so long. Which I don't see as a good thing. Film is just a product that way. But I also respect where you're going with this quote. But that's not where film production is going these days ...

shiboleth on Jun 9, 2017


" But that's not where film production is going these days ..." That's a very generalized statement. Could you clarify/expand?

kitano0 on Jun 9, 2017


Well, it's not going in direction where profit and standardized film making is not a rule. Film industry has found a way to make films described in Ebert's quote and it's not doing anything worth out of it. In fact, film making is just another kind of productive technology, some kind of 'creative industry' nowadays. A concept of entertainment. I guess it's ludicrous to expect having more artistic and more political films. That's where film production is not going for some time...

shiboleth on Jun 10, 2017


Well, I am wondering if you and I understand Ebert's quote the same way. My response was also a comments on the fact that there has been another movie made very much like this (The Book of Life). The difference is in "how". Are you saying that the "how" has been turned into formula that all movies all somehow fitting into?

kitano0 on Jun 10, 2017


Well, to some extent, The Book of Life was a bit of refreshment. But that "how" corresponds to what you're proposing, so yes, I see it partially as an formula. But I would also agree that R. Ebert definitely meant something else. Although, I am not sure if he wasn't mistaken as well. How could films made today can escape the mentioned formula?

shiboleth on Jun 11, 2017


Man, we were all saying how shitty that latest "Transformers" poster was, and yet we have this gorgeous gem right here. God, I love that freaking poster.

Mark Brackney on Jun 10, 2017

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