Official Trailer for 'Fight for Space' - A Documentary on the Space Race

March 27, 2017
Source: YouTube

Fight for Space Doc Trailer

"When I look at the present direction of our space program, I feel kind of disappointed." Gravitas Ventures has unveiled a trailer for an inspiring new documentary titled Fight for Space, about the Space Race and how things have changed since the 1960s. The doc spends time exploring the "Space Race" of the 1960s/70s that drove us to put a man on the moon, then jumps into modern times and asks tough questions: why did we stop, we aren't we trying again, and what is preventing us from exploring even further? As expected, the doc explains that the "Space Race" was fueled by American's desire to beat the Russians, along with JFK's insistence on making it the moon. I wish we had a space program as active as we did back then, and the only way we can ramp things up is to keep bringing attention to the importance of NASA and space exploration.

Here's the trailer (+ poster) for Paul J. Hildebrandt's documentary Fight for Space, direct from YouTube:

Fight for Space Poster

Fight for Space explores the past, present, and future state of the US Space Program, while making the argument that the exploration of space brings economic and cultural benefits to the nation. This film probes why and how the space program came adrift, will examine our current plans and asks, why don't we have a more ambitious space program and what steps can be taken to fix it? Featuring appearances by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Jim Lovell, Story Musgrave, Rick Tumlinson, James Muncy, Marcia B. Smith, Bill Nye, John Logsdon, Gene Kranz, as well as Jeff Greason. Fight for Space is directed by newcomer Paul J. Hildebrandt, also a cinematographer now making his directorial debut with this film. Gravitas Ventures will release Fight for Space in select theaters starting on May 19th coming up soon. Who else is into this?

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Reader Feedback - 10 Comments


I wish to be in a space program. It doesn't have to be Star Trek or NASA. Just a space program, huh?

shiboleth on Mar 27, 2017


I had the same dream when I was younger. I was always looking at the sky and I read hundreds of scientific and Sci-fi books about space. If someone had asked me at this time to be part of some one way exploration trip, I would have signed with both hands. Now? I'm not so sure...Space is such an unforgiving place for human beings...

tarek on Mar 27, 2017


Yeah, I am close to that. I mean, I didn't want to spoil the whole thing with those grim perspectives. But then again, if Jean-Luc had no problems, maybe we could manage too, huh? Of course, I am exaggerating, but I obviously just don't want to give up. And, while we at that, I have a younger brother who was (and is less today) very interested in space, fantasy and science fiction. As said, he's less interested in those things these days, but I took over somehow the whole thing and just can't stop thinking about those things. Cheers ...

shiboleth on Mar 28, 2017


Space exerts on us a fascinating effect. It's like some siren song... ;D Speaking of Space and movies, don't bother to watch "Life" in the movies. It was a clumsy and uninspired attempt to revisit Alien. Ryan Reynolds was the only thing good in it.

tarek on Mar 28, 2017


What's the point in going to space when there's nuclear weapons to buy? Might check this, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is always good.

Carpola on Mar 27, 2017


What was the point of anyone crossing the oceans once? Life is a natural force too, we are part of that story of life on earth. Life can now leap off this world, we can live off this world and if we commit on other worlds. that's an evolutionary leap, and because we still have nuclear weapons or be cruel to each other doesn't mean we can't evolve pass those "childish" things one day. The human race is very much still evolving. We I believe are in a transitory stage..."Too soon from the cave, too far from he stars" as Bradbury put it.

Cessna_Driver on Mar 28, 2017


I hope so Cessna, I really do.

Carpola on Mar 30, 2017


Right here on Earth there is plenty more to be discovered.

DAVIDPD on Mar 27, 2017


Earth is not a single place. It is part of our solar system, part of our galaxy. It's ALL important to discovery. Consider these words from a big NASA supporter.... "Jacques Cousteau, the world famous ocean explorer, spoke of his own experience of exploring the waters off Crete, site of the ancient Minoan civilization. He and his crew were not after resources, but knowledge of a little-known civilization. "Why would we spend one full year of our lives and over $2 million just to raise a tiny corner of the veil concealing a few episodes of our past," Cousteau asked rhetorically. "What is the origin of the devouring curiosity that drives men to commit their lives, their health, their reputation, their fortunes, to conquer a bit of knowledge, to stretch our physical, emotional or intellectual territory? The more I spend time observing nature, the more I believe that man's motivation for exploration is but the sophistication of a universal instinctive drive deeply ingrained in all living creatures. Life is growth -- individuals and species grow in size, in number, and in territory. The peripheral manifestation of growing is exploring the outside world." Summarizing his remarks, Cousteau wrote "the exploration drive, pure and natural, is associated with risk, freedom, initiative, and lateral thinking," by which he meant non-deductive reasoning that allows the mind to investigate apparently uncorrelated events and sometime find correlations. "The enemies of the exploration spirit are mainly the sense of security and responsibility, red tape, and exclusive vertical thinking," by which he meant deductive thinking that does not also allow one to explore unusual pathways, whether physical or intellectual."

Cessna_Driver on Mar 28, 2017


The nation's that lead on the frontier, dictate the course of human history. NASA exploration is truly a catalyst like no other. It contributes to securing a better future. And even perhaps if the human race has a long term future.

Cessna_Driver on Mar 28, 2017

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