Official Trailer for Mark Webber's Hyperrealistic Film 'Flesh and Blood'

October 7, 2017
Source: YouTube

Flesh and Blood Trailer

"You know how hard it is for him to try to find work out here with his record now…" Monument Releasing has unveiled a trailer for the new film both written and directed by acclaimed indie actor/filmmaker Mark Webber, titled Flesh and Blood. Webber tells a very personal story, blurring the line between narrative and documentary, involving his own actual, real-life family. The title of the film is a reference to his decision to confront a person from his past, raising the question: "Will Mark's life remain defined by his own flesh and blood?" In addition to Webber, the cast includes Guillermo Santos, Mark's younger brother who struggles with Asperger's Syndrome in real life, Big G played by Guillermo's actual father, and Cheri played by Cheri Honkala, Mark's real-life mother, anti-poverty activist, and the Green Party's nominee for vice-president in the 2012 US presidential election. Her activism and her choices in men are a constant source of conflict in her relationships with her children. This looks fascinating, emotional, and completely authentic.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Mark Webber's Flesh and Blood, direct from YouTube:

Flesh and Blood Movie

Based on real life events & captured in a hyperrealistic style, Flesh and Blood unapologetically straddles the line between narrative & documentary to lay bare the beautifully flawed nature of life. Reality belies fiction & vice versa as the characters in the film are played by their real-life counterparts. The central character, Mark, is played by director/actor Mark Webber & draws from elements of Mark's actual life. The film leads up to a pivotal scene wherein Mark the character & consequently the real-life Mark confronts a central figure from his past in hopes of finding the answers to a childhood mired in pain & an adulthood beset with addiction. In the end there is only one question: Will Mark's life remain defined by his own Flesh and Blood? Flesh and Blood is both written and directed by actor/filmmaker Mark Webber, director of the films Explicit Ills, The End of Love, and The Ever After previously. This first premiered at the SXSW Film Festival earlier this year. Monument will open Flesh and Blood in select theaters later this fall.

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Looks like a stunning blend of the doco and drama genres.

DAVIDPD on Oct 7, 2017


Too emotionally personal for me... i know one can learn from anyone, but i didn't feel any connection here. It looks decent though.

oliveitor on Oct 7, 2017


Life as a struggle. Yes, that's what is so often ...

shiboleth on Oct 7, 2017


Things that only some of us understand. Very nice Ari. I could never decide in favor of only one. There are so many good ones. Best regards ....

shiboleth on Oct 8, 2017


For me is Schopenhauer the pinnacle of philosophy, and there will be nobody who gets the same awareness of life than he did... He is the final answer... Best wishes!

ari smulders on Oct 9, 2017


Well, I want to be careful here. Since, I respect everyone with interest in philosophy. Of course, Schopenhauer is important and serious part of it. But, so are so many others. But Ari, I keep respecting your devotion to Arthur. Never mind the fact that there are more depths than his. All of them important. Best wishes back ...

shiboleth on Oct 12, 2017


Thanks for the answer because i respect you allot. But i certainly disagree on the fact that there are others with greater insights in life than from Arthur. Yes sure there are some equal but never with more depth. And they are always philosophers wo didn't teach philosophy at school. Spinoza, heraclitus, montaigne, Hobbes, Machiavelli for instance. Philosophy you study your whole life, from the side lines, and you have a job to support your life. The whole problem is that philosophy can't be teached at school, but by being aware of yourself and what's around you. 90% of all philosophers see philosophy as as a way to make a easy buck, and have good intellectual company. If Darwin didn't get on his boat to study nature, evolution theory wouldn't exist. With kind regards

ari smulders on Oct 12, 2017


As I said Ari, I won't question your passion about Arthur since there's much value in that. But, let't not go into black and white perspective. Of course, there are other interesting thinkers, you just don't know much or enough about them (someone just might mention one of his closest students, Friedrich Nietzsche, and not only him). And why are you being so hard to people working as teachers or professors of philosophy? That's also one-sided. Many of them put a lot of effort to present serious questions of life to many. In fact, it depends on what kind of people are doing philosophy. Whether within academia or outside of it. Of course, there are also many of shameful ones among them. So, what, they are not all like that. And besides, I think you know that, you just like to be a bit overprotective when someone mentions Arthur. You must understand, that doesn't work for everyone. As for me, I never stayed with a single philosopher, but with many of them, and that works all the time, and provides a lot of deep thinking and life worth contribution to the history of culture, thought, politics and what not. Yeah, Ari, Arthur is worthy of mention, very much so, but he's just not the only one. Kind regards sent back ...

shiboleth on Oct 15, 2017


Dear shiboleth.. It's about the truth, nothing more nothing less and the fact it's done with common sense or not. If you want to believe if there is a God, you maybe believe in a God particle, but that's in total contradiction in what we see around us. So a sense of common sense you find onley in a few philosophers. And Hegel isn't one of them hahaha. And besides that :the evolution theory (wich i see as the ultimate truth) is totally workable with Schopenhauer's thinking. So every philosophy wich doesn't work with evolution is a total lie. It doesn't make the world a nicer place by the way, onley more honest...

ari smulders on Oct 15, 2017


First of all, watch for those English speaking indigenous people here when you spell 'onley'. They prefer 'only'. That is really just a friendly suggestion. I hope you are aware of that. As for the truth, common sense and religious overtones in the world we live, I pretty much agree with you. I probably am worse in that respect than you are. But you are pretty much wrong with Hegel (especially in the Phenomenology of Spirit), since he might be the first one to start what I (and some others) would call 'postreligious era. He just expressed maybe a bit in a more complicated ways than usual. And I have some understanding for him since he often had visits to German police stations (a bit involuntary ones) for ideas he rendered to his students. As for the rest, even if expressed differently from mine version , I do agree with you. And I keep my admiration for your loyalty to good old Arthur. No doubts, he deserves it ..Stay cool ...

shiboleth on Oct 17, 2017


Dear shiboleth... We will agree that we sometimes not agree, because the whole premise of Hegels philosophy is wrong. With kind regards PS I am a low educated guy with common sense and a love for truth. So sometimes a misspell in a conversation is for me a common thing hahaha...

ari smulders on Oct 17, 2017


Oh my dear Ari, I really like you. Of course, you have to watch what you say about the philosophy, in general and when talking about some individual philosophical author. No, there's no 'the whole premise" of anyone's philosophy. Whether Hegel's or Schopenhauer's. And you don't know much about Hegel, so let's not go there. Although I would agree with you that everything isn't just great with Hegel's thought. Which can sometimes work for Schopenhauer. Or Kierkegaard, or Hannah Arendt. But you never throw away the whole thing. Philosophy is just not some black and white thing where exists some "whole premise". of it. Or none of it. Reading good old Arthur should made that clear to you. And I think it has, but you are just too passionate to defend him. As said, I admire to that. And as for being 'low educated man', all I can say is that I would like to have more of those like you.High or low education shouldn't be a problem for a right person, right? Stay in the coolest mood possible Ari... .

shiboleth on Oct 20, 2017


Dear shiboleth... The whole philosophy of hegel is based on a gradual progress of mankind, and that's what's Schopenhauer biggest problem with it and he is right. In evolutionary terms it means that the next generation is a little better than the previous one, well in evolution there is no progress onley now and now only adapting to the situation. So you can say hegel is the first positivity guru of the world, and thats why he attracted allot of people, like a pyramid game attracts hundreds onley a few will gain money. So his entire philosophy is based on a lie, used by kings to use the peasants.When you say in every philosophy is a truth to find, than there is also in the philosophy of Hitler us a certain truth to find. So it's not that easy to find the ultimate truth. So you come again back what's been told for millenia, and onley a few pass that test... With kind regards Ari

ari smulders on Oct 21, 2017


Dear shiboleth... My reply is being deleted by the admin... But i still don't agree with you 🙂

ari smulders on Oct 21, 2017


It's ok Ari. Well, admin does that with my posts too sometimes. I guess we annoy him sometimes. As for not agreeing; don't worry, we can't agree on everything. Enjoy yourself Ari. Until next time ...

shiboleth on Oct 21, 2017


Not to be confused with Verhoeven's Flesh + Blood. This looks pretty raw (no pun) and real. Might be a bit too much for some...

THE_RAW_ on Oct 9, 2017

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