One Final Trailer + Poster for 'Justice League' Opening in a Few Weeks

October 26, 2017
Source: YouTube

Justice League Trailer

"I need warriors." Warner Bros has launched one final trailer, essentially another one-minute, extended TV spot, for the Justice League movie - which will be officially credited to Zack Snyder as director. This new spot also lets us hear the villain Steppenwolf speak. Justice League is the continuation of the Batman v Superman series in the DC Extended Universe, bringing together five super-powered beings: Ben Affleck as Batman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as The Flash, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg. The film's extensive cast also includes Willem Dafoe, Jeremy Irons, Amber Heard, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, and J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon. Tickets are on sale now via Fandango, and anyone who buys a ticket will get the opportunity to receive one of the posters seen below (only available to VIP ticket buyers) from their shop. Let's hope this superhero movie delivers.

Here's the final extended TV spot for Zack Snyder's Justice League movie, direct from WB's YouTube:

Justice League Fandango Poster

You can watch the teaser for Justice League here, plus the second trailer / Comic-Con trailer / final trailer.

Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes – Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash – it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions. Justice League is directed by filmmaker Zack Snyder, of Batman v Superman, Man of Steel, Sucker Punch, Watchmen, 300, and Dawn of the Dead previously. Joss Whedon also helped complete the film with reshoots after a family tragedy with Snyder. The screenplay is written by Chris Terrio (Argo). Warner Bros will unleash the Justice League in theaters starting November 17th this fall. Ready?

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I still have hope that this will turn out ok. It looks good enough, but its basically make or break time for the DCU.

Lewis on Oct 26, 2017


This looks fucking awesome. I don't think it will be but it looks it.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 26, 2017


question, jon: do you always think something will be the opposite of the way it looks to you? not trying to just seems like an odd way to judge something.

dan on Oct 30, 2017


it's more to do with the fact that all DC movies have looked pretty damn cool but for the most part have been a let down.

Jon Odishaw on Nov 1, 2017


Oh that's fun, not brain. And sometimes, that is exactly what is needed ...

shiboleth on Oct 26, 2017


I'm not really interested, but I hope it's actually a decent movie. They need it to be.

grimjob on Oct 26, 2017


they really don't need it to be. check it out - interesting read.

dan on Oct 27, 2017


Thanks dan they don't need a HUGE success , but they certainly can't afford a flop , either . So , about 400-500 million, before DVD sales start...

Dominic on Oct 29, 2017


while I liked dawn of justice, it definitely was a polarizing movie - and it still made 622 mil before dvd/blu sales - and that kind of money over the budget cost isn't anything to feel bad about! I've liked what I've seen from the trailers and have a feeling JL is going to be just fine at the box office.

dan on Oct 30, 2017


Momoa looks just happy to be there.

DAVIDPD on Oct 26, 2017


Ha! He does!

grimjob on Oct 27, 2017


Wow...yeah...NOT sold. It looks terrible... like one giant CGI sh*t fest. Love these characters and it's a damn shame they got this so wrong. I'm sure it will make money, but I predict this is going to be a love it or hate it situation. You guys tell me if I'm wrong. I'll save my money for Thor and Star Wars.

THE_RAW_ on Oct 26, 2017


I suspect opening weekend will make shit tons of money, then attendance will drop off sharply.

grimjob on Oct 27, 2017


Good call.

THE_RAW_ on Oct 28, 2017


thor - as in ragnarok??? which is 99% CGI. this doesn't look wrong at all for JL. the league is about the heros being stronger working together than separately - and this trailer is showing that. tell me how you think "they got this so wrong"?

dan on Oct 27, 2017


Correction: I said "CGI sh*tfest". I think Thor's CGI appears much more vivid and looks better than this dark and droll JL. And yes, they've got the team element in play, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good movie. The dialogue is groan worthy and the take on Aquaman as a "bro dude" is stupid. How about this dan, you go see it and let me know how it is. I'd love to be proven wrong, but my gut instinct is its going to be love it or hate it, and currently I'm hating it based on what I've seen.

THE_RAW_ on Oct 28, 2017


well, we completely disagree on everything - so there's not much to discuss. have fun doing something else on nov 17

dan on Oct 28, 2017


Hey! C'mon Dan! We've got common ground! We both love the characters!

THE_RAW_ on Oct 30, 2017


I'm not much for the glut of superhero movies of the last several years. the league itself is the only reason I'm interested in the upcoming JL movie - I grew up with it in 1970s comics and tv - however,while you may like the characters , you've made it clear you think the movie isn't going to be very good. I disagree. i'll find out on the 17th and try to remember to let you know what I thought.

dan on Oct 30, 2017


Well, I sincerely hope it's the movie you've been waiting for and honors your memories of the comics and tv series.

THE_RAW_ on Oct 31, 2017


Yep. Something is wrong with the cinematography and the tone.Probably less depressing than BvS. They are trying to distantiate themselves from the Snyder touch with this teen humor. But too much of a thing is a bad thing. We could be wrong of course Raw. We are not the target audience they are reaching to.

tarek on Oct 29, 2017


Looks amazing.

capitandelespacio on Oct 28, 2017


Not exactly. I was too embarrased to even think while watching that.

capitandelespacio on Oct 29, 2017


Lol I don't think I am buying one of their cars , just because the character in a movie is driving one ....andI'm not drinking Pepsi either , even if my avatar was having one yes Product Placement means little to me ... I was more remarking that 400-500 million would be the sales point at which the movie would START making a profit . And thus make them greenlight a 2nd movie , among other things ... It's getting better reviews , than BvsS . And since that dreck made 622 mill , according to the letter below , who knows ? ...

Dominic on Nov 5, 2017

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