Review: 'The Last Jedi' Takes 'Star Wars' in a Refreshing New Direction

December 18, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This year's new Star Wars movie is unlike any Star Wars movie we've seen before. To some, this seems to be frustrating and upsetting - it's not what they wanted to see, or were expecting, and it doesn't deliver in some ways. For me, however, it's a refreshing and exciting movie that gives us something different and still packs a punch. To jump right into this I will say up front, even after 3 viewings, I still don't quite "love" The Last Jedi (some of the humor still makes me cringe). I very much like it, and I enjoy it, and there are some moments and some parts I love. But overall, the movie isn't one of my favorites this year (it won't be on my Top 10). That said, there's still so much to it (not only to discuss) but to admire and appreciate and learn from. Note: this review contains spoilers to discuss everything that happens, so only read if you're ready.

After 3 complete viewings, I feel I've been able to identify the key themes of Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi that are very strong and vital when examining the whole movie and its influence. One of the big ones comes straight from Yoda, who tells Luke: "failure - the most important lesson of them all." Luke has had to learn this lesson many times in his life (just go watch Empire Strikes Back, you'll understand) and now it's more important than ever. His last great failure (letting Ben Solo become Kylo Ren) was so disastrous and awful, that he completely turned himself off from the Force. Disconnecting from it all and hiding away. But his eventual return, which is definitely earned by the end of the movie, comes from a place of (as Leia states) peace and purpose, not necessarily vindication or revenge or anything of that sort. Which is what leads right into the next theme that left a strong impression upon me - hate shouldn't be a driving force of our actions.

The most fulfilling character arc in The Last Jedi is that of Rose Tico (played by Kelly Marie Tran), who goes from being a lowly mechanic ("I work behind pipes all day") to a full-on hero. After the climatic scene on Crait where she nearly sacrifices herself to save Finn from sacrificing himself, she utters: "We need to fight to save what we love, not destroy what we hate." It's so true. And throughout most of the movie, many of the characters have to learn this lesson the hard way. Kylo Ren (played by the very talented Adam Driver), most often, almost always lets his rage and hate take over, and yet he achieves nothing when this happens. It's his weakness. The best example is when Luke shows up at the end and he fires all the weapons at him. By doing so, he wastes valuable time which allows the remaining group of Rebels to escape. His loss.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

What I really love about The Last Jedi, despite having problems with some of its aspects, is that it is more of a movie about these themes and these lessons than anything else. It is not a movie about big fights and fan service, it is about the characters: their struggles, their hopes, their fears, their weaknesses, their strengths, their growth and lessons learned. It's a complex film because of what they all go through. And it's a different film, because it's not trying to satisfy the desires of rabid fans, but rather gives us something new and forces us to challenge our own ideas of heroes/villains. Kylo struggles with his own past, and the moments where he briefly slips up (not firing upon Leia's ship, and killing Snoke himself) are such nuanced cracks in his personality that they speak volumes about how we all have complex internal struggles. It's refreshing to see a film work in this kind of intimate complexity instead of just giving us mostly black and white characters.

Another example of this kind of complex character dynamic involves the purple-haired Rebel leader Vice Admiral Holdo, played by Laura Dern. Oh man, did I hate her - at first. She has such a snarky, annoying "I am the leader and I know better than you" attitude that I couldn't stand. And it's fascinating because she goes from this cocky attitude, to becoming a little soft and friendly, to getting stern again because she wants to save the Rebels her way, to realizing there is no hope left, to sacrificing herself to save everyone. It's a wonderful progression. And she also tries to help Poe learn a lesson about being a leader, which came off a bit too heavy-handed to me. But despite all of this, she finishes with the most badass take-that move in the entire movie - sending the frigate into lightspeed pointed directly at Snoke's ship, splitting it in half in the most eye-opening, glorious shot of the entire movie. One of my favorite scenes that always makes me smile.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

The other key theme in The Last Jedi is stated outright by Kylo Ren: "Let the past die. Kill it if you have to." Of course, in the context of the story he's talking to Rey (played perfectly by Daisy Ridley) about how she needs to let go of her past, her parents, like he has in order to become the person he/she is meant to be. But this line is also directly related to the idea that The Last Jedi is trying to distance itself from the past, from the original trilogy and prequels, and become something new. Perhaps it went too far, too fast, and some fans weren't ready for that. But it's something very big they're achieving with this movie. It's a major step forward in saying that it's time to allow the Star Wars movies to move beyond Luke Skywalker and Han Solo and take us on new journeys, with new characters, new revelations. Of course, we have new characters, but it's still tied to the Skywalker saga (Luke, Han, Vader, Leia). Jacob Hall also wrote about this in his editorial.

One of the major reveals in the movie is with Rey admitting that her parents were nobodies, random junk traders who sold her off. It's a big twist, a surprise pretty much no one was expecting, but it hit me hard and still impresses me. First off, to buck the trend (of what was expected - she came from some special Jedi or someone important) and give us this answer is a bold move. More importantly, it very overtly introduces a new concept - you can be a "nobody", from "nobody" parents/family, and still become a "somebody", a hero (in this case a Jedi), who can change the world galaxy. This is one of the most inspiring ideas in the movie, that you don't need to be anyone special, in order to grow to become someone with the ability to change the world (for better or worse). It's a very powerful idea, and I hope this actually connects with many viewers.

Understanding these themes, interpreting them and analyzing them beyond the surface, and then looking at the movie that Rian Johnson gave us, has helped me to appreciate it more and more. It's a very dense movie with pretty much every last thing thrown in - lots of humor, lots of spectacle, drama, comedy, thrills, sad moments, happy moments, big fights, small fights, lightsaber battles, good droids, bad droids, spaceships galore, aliens galore. But when you really get down to what it's about and what it's trying to achieve (among other things: moving on from the past and then inspiring us to fight to save the good rather than destroy what we hate) it's possible to actually enjoy it even more. Yes, some of the jokes still bother me, but I still love these more grand moments that will resonate with new generations, younger viewers, and open minds.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

One of my biggest complaints about The Last Jedi is that Rey is underused, and doesn't do much in it. But I think this is actually her big lesson to learn. She wants to jump in and fight and save everyone and fix everything right now. But she has to take extra time to learn, she needs to master the Force first. Her patient learning comes full circle by the end, in an amusing way, when she literally has to move rocks to save everyone despite Luke telling her back on the island that the Force is not about moving rocks. (I do like this progression with her, because it's about her learning in the most mundane way.) My other complaints are that I feel like some of the humor doesn't work. And the pacing in the middle of the movie is off, slowing it down even though there are exciting moments. Finally, I thought Benicio Del Toro was miscast and his character is a completely boring waste. His stutter is annoying, no matter how many times I see the movie.

My favorite moments in The Last Jedi are fairly obvious: the shot of the lightspeed frigate slicing the big ship into pieces is still breathtaking; I love the way Luke stands so fearlessly opposite of Kylo on Crait, and doesn't even really need to fight him he's so good (plus he kind of teaches Kylo the lesson that destruction isn't always the answer); Rey and Kylo battling Snoke's guards together is awesome and the best fight in the movie; the opening battle is basically WWII in space, and the first quiet moment with Rose's sister always gives me the chills; I adore Yoda and of course he drops epic wisdom; and I enjoyed watching Rey struggling to learn properly and slowly gain awareness of the power of Force. The movie itself teaches us that we should appreciate the good, not focus on the bad, just to express hate. What does hate achieve? (Nothing…)

Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi takes some very bold steps in a new direction. It's a surprising, exciting, thrilling, fascinating, emotional space opera with a bit too much childish humor, but is still full of heart. No matter what you may think about it, there's so much to admire and consider and learn from the characters, and their decisions, and the stakes. I like movies that can incite discussions and arguments, that means there is something about them, and this is one that will be discussed endlessly. So, let's keep talking.

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So many plot holes and things that don't make sense. Too long for length's sake, a lot of scenes that if it were any other film made would have been left for the director's cut DVD or on the cutting room floor altogether. It was an enjoyable movie, but since when can Jedi simply astral-project themselves across the entire universe?? I was just a bit underwhelmed with much of the story. Poe seems inept this time around, and the entire sequence of going to a wealthy resort and trashing it for the sake of "sticking it to the rich" was so heavy handed and completely not needed.

theslayer5150 on Dec 18, 2017


The force projecting was fine. It was a new force power that was kind of cool. The problem is why could Snoke do it so easily to two other people, but when Luke did it to himself, it killed him? Like you said, plot holes.

Jimmy Hauser on Dec 18, 2017


First, I assumed the hologram of Snoke in TFA was just that...a hologram, a communication projection that was done throughout the series of films. If force projecting is and has always been available to Jedi, why don;t they fight all their battles from flat rocks across the universe?? As for being killed, I figured if the projection was killed then the person must be killed. But that made no sense after I left the theater because all the blasting of Luke would have done damage. It dose not make sense to me.

theslayer5150 on Dec 18, 2017


I don't think it made sense to anyone. I think casual fans and critics are simply willing to overlook all the mistakes in these movies simply because they want so desperately for them to be great after they bitched and moaned about the prequels. And are still bitching and moaning two decades later.

Jimmy Hauser on Dec 18, 2017


There's no explanation you could understand.

CyraNOSE on Dec 18, 2017


Did Luke actually do any damage to Kylo? I thought he merely distracted him and avoided as many strikes as he could to give the appearance that he was there until enough time had been given to the Resistance for their escape. Did not think that he was able to physically touch anything. I know his feet did not make any prints in the salt.

Fox on Dec 18, 2017


Indeed, Luke never touched Kylo, never had any physical interaction with the surroundings during the fight and all his moves were designed so that Kylo would not realize it was a trick, keep focusing on him and buy time to the resistance. But didn't Luke touch something when he appeared to the resistance inside the base? I forgot already, but I do seem to remember he touched Leia. This could be explained by the fact that they both can use the force and both are connected, like Kylo and Rei, so it's another use of the force like in the series Sense8, allowing two force user with a strong connection to "visit" each other. Well, why not. Let's say it's en extension of Jedi feeling the presence of each others in the OT. If Luke touched someone else or something in the base, however, then that would be cheating and not matching what is established during the fight. It's not important however compared to what is done to the whole Jedi/Force principles of the OT. Yoda himself who spent his time in the OT delivering aphorisms like a wise asian philosopher comes to tell us that all the jedi philosophy is boring and useless, there is no more long and painful training to master the force, one can just come up with it and be super strong. Masters are failures. We have to accept it as a change of times. The OT was following a classic master-student, oriental philosophy, hard training and practice pattern, like martial arts or mastering a musical instrument. This new style is about young people who don't trust and need a master, who suddenly turn out to be super skilled and powerful without needing the practice and don't care about any ancient words of wisdom, and can all have the force juste like everybody on social media think they are special. It's not my thing, but I'm not the target audience anymore. I was the target audience of the OT, so it is normal that this new one follows the times and the trends of new generations. I like the more "democratic" distribution of the force, anybody can have and use it without having to be of royal blood. But I don't like how Luke especially, and all OT characters are mistreated. I'd prefer them not to be in these films at all, then, as I wrote elsewhere, it would be a fairly decent galactica remake.

Outis on Dec 19, 2017


I am not sure if Luke & Leia did actually share a physical touch, but I remember him giving her those golden dice which she held onto? When Kylo later picked those up though, they faded into nothingness.

Fox on Dec 19, 2017


You are right! Thanks. But this sounds like a trick for the audience. If it's a contact between Leia and Luke as a reminder of Han, the dice don't have to be real indeed, but there is no reason they would remain behind then fade. Why would Luke create an illusion of dice just to they disappear when Kylo picks them, after he has already discovered Luke wasn't real? Why would Leia leave them. It really looks like the dice exchange is a way to make the audience believe Luke is really here, so as to surprise us when we discover the clever truth, and then show the dice disappearing just to tie a loose end.

Outis on Dec 19, 2017


Yeah...Sneaky of them... I don't think they gave that one quite as much thought as they should have.

Fox on Dec 19, 2017


Most of the story was the escaping Resistance. Finn and Rose was a complete waste of time.

CyraNOSE on Dec 18, 2017


Yes. I came to see Star Wars, what I got was a remake of Battlestar Galactica.

Outis on Dec 19, 2017


You are right about some things in this review. But you are reading too much into the “kill the past” connection of the plot, which is riddled with logical fallacies. But I am not getting into that, because they don’t matter when compared with Rian Johnson’s Death Star sized mistake: he made Luke Skywalker, the hero of an entire generation, into a murderous coward and liar. That alone made this movie an epic failure. For me (and many others like me apparently) the old Expanded Universe is what really happened. The Disney-verse is simply a perverted alternate reality. This movie was made for the masses, and of course Disney’s bottom line. For Star Wars fans, the franchise is over. I guess they want us to “kill the past.” But it’s not going to happen.

Jimmy Hauser on Dec 18, 2017


After this movie I no longer see TFA as a ripoff of Ep. 4, it should have been a reboot. Take Han, Chewie and Leia out of that movie and that's what you have, a reboot. So if they wanted to push boundaries and go in a new direction bucking trends and expectations, they should have simply made a new trilogy with no ties to the original except in name only. Because on their own TFA and TLJ are two decent sci-fi films, but tying it to the originals and then pretty much destroying what so many fans have come to know and love about those originals in the name of "bold new direction" just sucks. For me anyway.

theslayer5150 on Dec 18, 2017


The original draft of Episode 1 (which was written by that Toy Story 3 writer, I forget his name) was supposedly all about Rey, Finn, and Poe. Luke, Han and Leia were supposedly only bit players, cameos almost. If the rumors are to be believed. So it was JJ who came in and gave Han and Leia more important roles. So you may be more right than you know.

Jimmy Hauser on Dec 18, 2017


I'll say it. Luke Skywalker was a whiney bitch the entire original trilogy. yes he was a hero of a generation and I totally understand why but he was a little bitch as a young person so I don't get the confusion over him being a bitch as an old man.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 18, 2017


You could say he was a "whiney bitch" in ANH and Empire. In ROTJ, he was not. At all. He was a mature warrior. Even so, there is a huge difference between being a "whiney bitch" and a murderous coward.

Jimmy Hauser on Dec 18, 2017


It was bold, and was going to be loved and hated no matter what. That's the curse of every Star Wars film going forward for eternity; the comparisons to the originals will always be the bane of the franchise. People will always build up in their heads how the arcs of each character was "suppose to be" and praise where it's going or swear TLJ ruined their childhood. That being said, I see why Rian took established characters from TFA and turned them into red herrings. The focus of TLJ was always going to be the Balance, the Skywalker bloodline ending, and the idea that the Force isn't exclusive to one family. You could sense that from TFA. As depressing as it is, the Force was damning to the Skywalkers, who like the Kennedys, has a long line of horrible death in its history. If I were to guess where the this trilogy ends and where JJ has an opportunity to go, it would be the beginning of a new Jedi Order and the end of the battle between the "Rebels/Resistance" and the "Empire/First Order." The franchise future must be built on the battle between good and evil on a new plateau. It can't always include Luke, Leia and Han. That being said, I enjoyed TLJ for what it was. It wasn't amazing, but it was pretty good. It had surprises that I liked and others I didn't. I didn't get caught up in my memories of seeing ANH at the age of 4 sitting between my mom and dad, or the countless times I watched ESB on VHS--so much that I had to purchase another copy 3 years later because I broke the one I had from overuse. No, this isn't my story, it's someone else's. I can either love it or hate it, and either of those emotions is too dramatic for a Sci-Fi series. In the end, it's just a movie.

Quanah on Dec 18, 2017


I will need more viewings but I really liked it. it was uneven in pace and tone but my jaw physically dropped on several occasions(Light speed frigate scene and throne room scene were amazing). Plenty of funny moments despite some forces humour.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 18, 2017


Again, no original trilogy aliens which hurts, but when they created "The Force Unleashed" they did it right and it was bad ass!! This movie on the other hand seem to try but I don't know, some things were just too far in the wrong direction. I did love Snoke, he was the best part and I love that Kylo killed him and became the new main bad guy. I am wondering though if Snoke is an actual original being or if he is a clone of a long dead Sith or Jedi. "Project Resurrection". Maybe they have more of him standing by, who knows. JJ did say Episode IX will connect all the movies. I don't know how else they could do that.

CyraNOSE on Dec 18, 2017


Who was Snoke?? Where did he come from?? And his all powerful ass could bridge Rey and Kylo from opposite ends of the galaxy, and anticipate Rey's every move, but could not sense Kylo was about to turn on him and trigger a lightsaber sitting right next to him. It took an exciting moment and just made it uncomprehendable to me.

theslayer5150 on Dec 18, 2017


I thought the Snoke death scene worked. He saw his own death. He described it to Kylo and Rey as it was happening. He just didn't realize it was his own death.

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2017


Yeah, I thought that was actually very clever.

grimjob on Dec 18, 2017


Who wants a repeat of the Vader and the Emperor? I certainly don't. I thought it was a defining moment of how reckelss/unpredictable Kylo Ren truly is.

THE_RAW_ on Dec 19, 2017


I've only seen the movie once and haven't seen anyone discussing this, but didn't the little boy at the end use the force to pull the broom to himself? Maybe I'm mistaken...

Matthew Hatcher on Dec 18, 2017


He did.

THE_RAW_ on Dec 18, 2017


Yes. That's Rian planting the seeds of the greater Star Wars universe and sequels to come

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2017


Highs and lows from this installment. But ultimately I felt at a low leaving the theater. I appreciated how they explored how the First Order was this massive tyrannical force that's dwindling down the Resistance. It's my favorite part of what they corrected from TFA. The throne room scene was amazing as was most of the battle scenes. It looks spectacular. The humor worked some of the time, but other times it was too much and felt like it was just beating a dead horse at that point. Chewie was SORELY under utilized. He might as well not even be in these movies. The editing bothered me the most, with jumping from character to character. It didn't feel cohesive and smooth, but rather jarring and abrupt. Rey and Luke's "training" sequence could've been more fleshed out, as I felt it was shortened for sake of time. Overall I enjoyed it more than TFA, but it's nowhere near the level of Empire as some have stated.

THE_RAW_ on Dec 18, 2017


They killed off friggin Admiral Akbar!! Off screen!!

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2017


Yeah, and he only got a passing mention. Yet some unknown captain of the medical frigate got a somewhat heroic death. Not cool.

grimjob on Dec 18, 2017


Yeah. A lot of minor characters got epic deaths (Rose's sister for eg.) and Akbar got nothing. I guess they really don't like OT characters in these new movies. I hate to see how Chewie dies. They'll probably take him to the vet for a cold, and then put him to sleep off-screen.

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2017


Rose was terrible. Should have been her that died. And yes, it feels like they don't truly respect the OT characters for those of us who grew up with them. The Leia/Chewie snub in TFA after Han's death royally pissed me off. That could have been a touching, poignant moment between the two, but instead Abrams just lets them walk past each other without so much as a glance. And now Ackbar, a key figure in the OT and who is responsible for one of the most memorable quotes in all of cinema, gets unceremoniously killed.

grimjob on Dec 18, 2017


...ironically, he died in a trap. But yeah, the Chewie/Leia snub pissed me off too. Chewie really is the dog who gets no love

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2017


that pissed me off so bad lol. The cinema I was in actually booed when that happened. Ackbar should have taken Holdo's place and Holdo shouldn't even be in this movie. It was lazy writing to introduce her here with a mere few sentences of (you mean Vice Admiral Holdo of the battle of so and so). It's so lazy and unneccesary to add her in. That silent scene was epic and deserved to go to Leia or Ackbar. Would have added more weight to that scene having a character that people are invested in.

TK on Dec 20, 2017


Killing off Leia instead of Laura Dern (who nobody cared about anyway) would have been so much more epic and memorable. I guess they never intended to kill Leia - this film was supposed to be Luke's swan song - but poor Carrie had to go and die after they shot the whole film, so they couldn't re-write it at that point.

TheOct8pus on Dec 20, 2017


Rose is the worst character since Jar Jar.

grimjob on Dec 18, 2017


Worse than the Prequels??

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2017


It's true. Backflips and spins in front of a green screen makes a better movie. And remember General Grievous? He had 4 arms with which he could hold 4 lightsabers!! That's 4 times cooler!! And Darth Maul?? What a great character!!

TheOct8pus on Dec 20, 2017


They should have created a character with 6 arms in the new movie. Oh well. Maybe in the next one....

TheOct8pus on Dec 20, 2017


I saw it opening night, but it will require more viewings for me to develop an opinion about it. So far, disappointing. I don't like how this new trilogy is handling the original characters. Space Leia was fucking ridiculous and the direction they've taken with Luke is just a shame. And some characters, old and new, are just sort of there. I want to like it, but I've never left a Star Wars film feeling confused and unsure of how I felt about it.

grimjob on Dec 18, 2017


Chewbacca was a missed opportunity.

THE_RAW_ on Dec 19, 2017


Absolutely. When Luke sneaked on board the Falcon, I was hoping for a little one-on-one time between the two, maybe delve a little more into Han's death.

grimjob on Dec 19, 2017


Same here. I had to watch it again just to make sure of how I actually felt about it. I wish I didn't because the second time I went from that was an enjoyable film (not bad but not great) to what the fk were they thinking haha. There are honestly some really terrible parts in this movie.

TK on Dec 20, 2017


My hope is that I like it more with the second viewing. But now I'm not optimistic...

THE_RAW_ on Dec 20, 2017


the guys over at AngryJoeShow pretty much sum up how I feel about this movie lol -

TK on Dec 20, 2017


I concur. Why wasn't Luke old, wise, and super powerful by this time?! I expected an Obi-Wan mentorship but with more aggression and Force knowledge. I know this is a stretch but I was hoping he'd confront Snoke and dismantle him. Let's give our last jedi a bad mofo send off if we're going to kill of Luke. I'm losing hope on this new SW franchise.

Nemesis on Dec 18, 2017


When the Luke showed up at the end, stepped through the hole in the door and the music swelled up, I remember thinking to myself ' this is it, this is Luke's moment. Come on fella, make a massive huge impact and show yourself as the king Dong'. But no, a little distraction, a little sacrifice and he leaves the franchise with a wimper rather than a clattering bang.

Payne by name on Dec 20, 2017


I wish non-human characters were highlighted more. I did not like the Rose character. I did not believe she had any chemistry with Fin. I can't believe they wasted Chrome Trooper AGAIN. They killed the new big bad like THAT?! Still though, my quips were not major. Just small and frequent. I think at this time it was a 6/10 for me.

DAVIDPD on Dec 18, 2017


This IS and will always BE about $$$$ nothing more -- this is about the almighty dollar and poor old G. Lucas will be rolling over in his grave after 9... nuff said

LH ROSS on Dec 18, 2017


Not necessarily. Lucas knows he botched 1, 2, and 3 so he really can't give anyone else shi+ for possibly doing the same. Plus, he sold it to Disney for large sums of money so I'm sure he'll be resting peacefully when he goes.

Nemesis on Dec 19, 2017


I loved the movie, and the entire audience in my theater was in applause many times during it's run. I saw it opening Friday, and just today started browsing reviews. I absolutely can't believe how many people got really upset about it. It was a great movie. Worked on so many levels. Why did so many invest so much time into developing a mental story that they expected to get on screen, then freak out when it didn't happen? It had things I didn't need, like some of the humor and all the penguin creatures everywhere (porgs?), but overall, it was an absolute 9.5/10 for this old Star Wars fan.

Mark on Dec 18, 2017


Worst Star Wars film ever.

Chris Groves on Dec 18, 2017


Good film, demystifying some cannons and myths in the whole story. With his last (newer) three films George Lucas almost destroyed the whole saga, so this is a step forward. Relatively a good review. I'd like to mention, or to broaden, another layer in this and that is some kind of message which says a lot of social status. Film portrays and encourages a lot of socially underprivileged characters (the last scene especially) and does send some strong message about worth of today's underclass in modern societies. Which is also one of the tenants of classical sf. Very cool indeed. Didn't expect that ...

shiboleth on Dec 19, 2017


"almost destroyed the saga" There is a lot wrong with the PT but it still made a ton load of money and brought in a new generation of young fans, making it still an appealing purchase for Disney. Would hardly say it almost destroyed the Saga.

Lewis on Dec 20, 2017


Of course, the whole thing is debatable. And of course, a lot of films made a lot of money, but that didn't make them good. Thing is; after the first three films, people wanted more and they wanted that badly. So, it was not a bit thing to earn money on that, no matter how good or bad those film did get (mostly bad). And Disney recognized the fact that Lucas can't make good film anymore after the first three ones, but they saw a potential to do it itself. Before he ruined everything, Disney bought the whole thing and is now making money and better films than Lucas ...

shiboleth on Dec 20, 2017


Despite what many felt, a load of kids loved the prequels and fell in love with Star Wars. In your opinion Lucas almost destroyed the Saga through poor storytelling and visuals, many felt otherwise, and to be honest I think if Lucas had kept the rights and made 7, 8 & 9, despite possibly still being poor I think he would still of made a ton of money.

Lewis on Dec 20, 2017


It's not about the money. Of course, he could make money. In fact, anybody can make money with Star Wars, but the problem is that this films after Lucas are better than they would be with him ... So, I don't care who gets the money (it's definitely not me or you), I am just happy I get better films than I would with Lucas ... As for the kids, well, let them have their films, I am just happy I got something for the older dudes ...

shiboleth on Dec 20, 2017


I totally agree - just saying how way off the mark you are saying he almost destroyed the Saga.

Lewis on Dec 20, 2017


But I actually do believe that...

shiboleth on Dec 21, 2017


My kid believes in Santa.....

Lewis on Dec 22, 2017


Well, we can play, just like you play with your kid or as he/she does with Santa. So, I guess, I have to write the fact that I am convinced that George Lucas was on the way to destroy the saga he created. It's good he doesn't have all creative control over Star Wars anymore ... Best to you and to your kid (the whole family, I guess) during these holidays that are coming ...

shiboleth on Dec 22, 2017


I liked everything except Luke's whiny bitch attitude and the casino arc felt a little too long. Very daring. I understand the hate. Hohoho

oliveitor on Dec 19, 2017


Let's not get crazy here...

THE_RAW_ on Dec 19, 2017


No, it is one of the better ones ...

shiboleth on Dec 19, 2017


I wanted so badly to love this movie. It was so beautifully shot and that score omg I felt every single note but unfortunately the movie in it's entirety was disappointing. This is a great Rian Johnson movie. The only problem is that it's just a terrible Star Wars film. I felt like a lot of the characters were done a great disservice. Some of their motivations and arcs that were built in The Force Awakens were completely thrown away by Rian and crew in favor of big beautiful action sequences and sometimes mind bogglingly bad plot holes. Holdo felt like she was plucked from the Hunger Games and placed straight into Star Wars. There are some amazing action sequences in this movie that are often let down by silly dialogue and forced humor. I've seen this movie twice now because when I saw it the first time I was so hyped that I didn't really allow things to filter through. The second viewing really cemented for me just how disappointing this film actually is.

TK on Dec 20, 2017


Yea that wasn't a Star Wars Saga episodic film; at best it was a mediocre sci fi film using Star Wars name as a blanket, not caring if that blanket blew off in the wind. The story structure was insufferable, inconsistency in tone throughout the entire movie (that beautiful cliffhanger from TFA x Luke just tosses the "lazorsword"), and 2/3 storylines were just simple x unnecessary respectively! Only character properly handled was Kylo Ren. Everyone else became very 1-dimensional or dense! I got the themes very so but it came at the cost of everything TFA sets up wonderfully for this sequel trilogy. Rian completely mishandled 98% of this installment!

Brandon Cole on Dec 20, 2017


The film had some impressive imagery, none moreso than the 5 seconds or so of silence and stark black and white contrast when the rebel cruiser jumped to light speed through Snoke's ship. A wonderful memorable shot but the rest of the film felt a little too much by the numbers with the abilities of the Jedi being stretched from that's cool to that's silly.

Payne by name on Dec 20, 2017


Well said. The whole 'We're going to win this war not by fighting what we hate, but saving what we love! was a little over the top.

Payne by name on Dec 20, 2017


Agree wholeheartedly about Rose, she was lovely and a perfect addition to the Star Wars universe. I love the complexities and changes of the character dynamics like you said, it really did have an ebb & flow that worked with the themes and kept me on the edge of my seat. The concept of being able to rise and change the world despite who or where you come from hit me hard of the many "healing" aspects of the film in my opinion. Also, wasn't Rey the one who spoke of Luke's exit with "peace and purpose" rather than Leia? I AM VERY EXCITED FOR RIAN JOHNSON'S TRILOGY. Beyond Skywalker with new characters and limitless possibilities. What a treat that will be.

Sean Taylor on Dec 20, 2017



indah meyriska on Dec 22, 2017



indah meyriska on Dec 22, 2017


Speaking of no gravity, how about when the First Order were running down the Resistance and shooting at them with arcing laser shots. Someone please tell me why these laser shots were being shot in AN ARC?! What is causing it to arc? There's no gravity to pull it down (there isn't even "down" in space!).

falconx50 on Dec 22, 2017


Awful movie. 3/10 . I haven't found ANYONE that liked this movie. But people also loved the craptastic transformers movies. I am compiling a list of reviewers who liked this movie so I know to dismiss their opinions of films in the future.

hi hello on Jan 1, 2018


It look Really good. Loved the lightspeed kamikaze. Too many complaints to mention, but... I don't mind that Rey was a 'nobody', everyone was expecting her to come from 'somebodies'. The problem is she was a nobody that was simply born 'special'. Everyone else had to work hard and train a lot to master the force. She was simply gifted and attained at least semi mastery too quickly. Where's the lesson in that??? they could at least made Rey turn to the darkside and Ren to the good then have him save her at some point.

spog nebob on Jan 9, 2018


I’ve watched the trailer and it’s interesting for me and now I wanna watch the movie. I think I’ll use boxxy software. With dubbing is better

chan zhao on Aug 4, 2018

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