Rooney Mara is Mary Magdalene in First Trailer for 'Mary Magdalene'

November 29, 2017
Source: YouTube

Mary Magdalene

"I'll be with you until the end…" The Weinstein Company (yeah, they still exist for now) has unveiled the first official trailer for Mary Magdalene, the "re-imagined" retelling of the story of prominent biblical figure Mary Magdalene, who became a close friend of Jesus before he was crucified. Rooney Mara plays Mary, and Joaquin Phoenix plays Jesus, with a cast including Chiwetel Ejiofor as Peter, Tahar Rahim as Judas Iscariot, Ryan Corr as Joseph, as well as Ariane Labed. From the footage, you can see this is a very stylish new take on the classic story, and instead of focusing on Jesus carrying the cross, now we get to see what it's like from Mary's perspective. The synopsis for the film explains: "Mary defies her traditional family to join a new social movement." Ha, right, sure, what a great way to modernize this story. See below.

Here's the first official trailer for Garth Davis' Mary Magdalene, direct from YouTube:

Mary Magdalene Poster

Mary Magdalene is an authentic and humanistic portrait of one of the most enigmatic and misunderstood spiritual figures in history. The biblical biopic tells the story of Mary (Rooney Mara), a young woman in search of a new way of living. Constricted by the hierarchies of the day, Mary defies her traditional family to join a new social movement led by the charismatic Jesus of Nazareth (Joaquin Phoenix). She soon finds a place for herself within the movement and at the heart of a journey that will lead to Jerusalem. Mary Magdalene is directed by Australian filmmaker Garth Davis, of the film Lion previously and episodes of "Top of the Lake". The screenplay is written by Philippa Goslett and Helen Edmundson. The Weinstein Company will open Mary Magdalene in theaters starting March 30th, 2018 next spring. Your thoughts?

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Looks hilarious.

Carpola on Nov 29, 2017


redtie on Dec 2, 2017


Yikes. And it looks like it was made using an auto-generated trailer app.

cuckoozey on Nov 29, 2017


That's a poorly edited trailer. Any biblical based story is going to trigger Christians and non-Christians alike. The latter because they don't care and will say it's fiction, and the former because the film will take liberties with the story to make it a compelling film. Looks interesting enough to me to give it a watch. The actors and director involved give me hope that it might be good.

David Diaz on Nov 29, 2017


THat's why I may give it a look, if it shows at one of the theaters near me. The casting looks strong, and I'm curious how far "out there" they're going to go, aside from even having Mary as a major figure in their movement... even though she was one of only 3 women mentioned as being part of His entourage.

VAharleywitch on Dec 2, 2017


Way too clichéd. Great cast though.

Efterklang on Nov 29, 2017



DAVIDPD on Nov 29, 2017

8 how I feel about this. The story seems a bit heavy handed with the feminist subtext and is eye-rollingly cheesy, but I really like the cast involved. Is it the next Last Temptation of Christ? Or just an attempt to capitalize on the Christian demographic? Which is profitable.

THE_RAW_ on Nov 29, 2017


Christian demographic isn't to be profitable, unfortunately there are very selfish, self worshipping people out there who use God's name to make a lot of money. This is sad and is leading a lot of people down the wrong path. It is costing people their salvation and the punishment for that will be severe. Don't let other people tell you who you are or who God is, let God do that. Open a Bible, read it, study it, find a legitimate church and learn from them. (Yes there are phonies even in legitimate churches).

CyraNOSE on Dec 1, 2017


cough....Joel Osteen....cough

Stage Actor on Dec 1, 2017


There's a TON of other dudes who are way worse that Osteen that I'd put higher on that list (Mike Murdoch, Benny Hinn, Rod Parsley, Marcus Lamb, Steven Munsey) that teach the "seed faith ministry" garbage. (BTW, Osteen doesn't take a salary from his church. He lives off book money and the church receives donations (tithes) from it's congregation ( and $32 million per year from OUTSIDE contributions). Also, he doesn't ask for money in any of his broadcasts (if you've ever watched them).)

THE_RAW_ on Dec 1, 2017


I know it's not MEANT to be profitable (and really that term could mean different things if you think about it in regard to Christianity) but there's definitely a Christian music and movie BUSINESS. I'm steadfast in my beliefs and know who I am.

THE_RAW_ on Dec 1, 2017


Ohhhh there is definitely an entire sub-genre of religious films. In fact, I have a strict policy of not posting these, because I would say they border on propaganda and brainwashing, not actual legitimate cinema. The only other one that walked this line (that we did post about recently) is The Shack. It's a very religious story. But it also flipped things (and pissed off religious folk) by casting Octavia Spencer, a black woman, as God. But yes, there are a few production companies out there who solely make very deeply religious films and I definitely do not cover them here.

Alex Billington on Dec 1, 2017


And with that you have the support of all the wise people around here ...

shiboleth on Dec 2, 2017


You're right, it's pretty heavy handed for the most part and is completely devoid of reality. It seems the "business" really took off with "The Passion" (which I'll admit I actually enjoyed). Haven't really seen much since then....

THE_RAW_ on Dec 4, 2017


The Bible that's already been shown by Biblical scholars to have been incorrectly translated from the original Arahmaic (sp)? or the one where it's been proven that several Books were deliberately not included when the New Testament was assembled, because it didn't fit the narrative the (Catholic) Church wanted to present? At least one of which is attributed to be by, or relate to the specifically-named woman who is named to have walked with Him? And what makes a "legitimate church?" That type of nonsense is why I left - even fellow Christians feel the right to bash their fellows. He didn't proscribe a very detailed way to share His message.... as with ALL religions, humans made up their own interpretation, stated it as the "Correct" way, and that's what they spread.

VAharleywitch on Dec 2, 2017


Same. Assuming none of my worst thoughts of what this film is trying to imply, Phoenix playing Christ is a very interesting perspective. We always think of Christ as being this docile being, and but his laughing could provide another earthly perspective to Christ. Often times, the person playing Christ is very scripted and robotic. Take the Mel Gibson, Passion of the Christ. There is a first scene where he builds a chair and thinks about how people will one day sit. In it he laughs and we see that he loves his earthly mother. So in many ways, he seems human, but then in everything else, he seems not human. In this, Pheonix presents what appears to be a very human version of Christ. Again, my worry is that the story will thrown some elements that many would consider blasphemous and in that moment would only serve to turn people off to the movie entirely.

backwardsprogress on Dec 5, 2017


Well Bo you could apply that same doubt towards the historicity of Socrates, as he, like Jesus, never wrote a single word down of his own. The only thing we can trust is that Plato was being truthful about his teacher. The truth of Christ living isn’t questioned by scholars: atheist, agnostic, Muslim or Christian. The only question is the “miracles”, resurrection and where he was actually buried. Those that dispute his living usually try to discredit Titus Josephus, who may have been the first to authenticate the Christian movement based on the stoning of “James the brother of Jesus.” (Born 37 AD, not long after the historical timeline of when it was thought Jesus was crucified) Tacitus was a “secular” early historian who mentioned the death of Jesus by Pilate, and is considered authentic and resourceful. (Born 56 AD) Although Campbell’s arguments appear intellectual, all he did was point out similarity between mythologies, which in itself isn’t evidentualism. In fact, Campbell is in a minority when it comes to Jesus’ historicity, which doesn’t necessarily make him wrong—just less regarded from competing views with greater study in the field. That being said, I’m not challenging your doubt as much as informing a broad view of historical ideas on the subject. In essence, though I believe in the historicity of Jesus, I don’t really see this film as insightful. It appears more grand standing than ambitious. A more meaningful cinematic take on Jesus, in my opinion, would be on the men and women who have dedicated their life study towards whether he existed, balanced against a dueling storyline of Jesus’ preachings minus the miracles. Cheers and well wishes.

Quanah on Nov 29, 2017


The sentence "I've no clue that he even existed" has one flaw in it. There is no Christ "existed". He never stopped existing. He existed when time began. He then was born of a virgin taking human form. He lived a perfect life without one wrongdoing. Then He died taking the death on Himself that you and I deserve. He then BODILY rose from dead. He then, in front of over 5000 witnesses BODILY rose from the ground into the sky and into Heaven where He is ALIVE today, hence the reason His body was NEVER found. When He was in human form, as Jesus, He had the ability to give His life over and then take it back again. Only God can do that, among many other things that Christ did, meaning that Christ was 1/3 of the Triune God. He IS Risen.

Stage Actor on Nov 30, 2017


Another key thing to remember... people are always trying to discredit Jesus. Why? Why is His name the one used to curse? Why not one of the many other "Gods" people claim to have? Because Jesus is the key to everything. Jesus and Jesus alone. Why do people hate something that is pure, good, and holy? Why do people hate someone who created them, gave them life, forgives them of their rebellion and sins, who came to Earth in the flesh and horribly suffered and died so they may have eternal life in Heaven? Why do people hate it so much? Christians are being decapitated with knives while conscious. How many devil worshippers are being decapitated? Sadly, if you're not following Jesus then you're doing the devil's work.

CyraNOSE on Dec 1, 2017


wrong and false story. Go and read the bible first and stop play with human feels.

Quast on Nov 30, 2017


At some point I was interested in origins of religions. As for the Christendom, I found out that first divinity was female and not male. And there were much more open approach to sexuality. But there's was more to it, more different versions of equality than there has been later. Which is one the reasons I never cared about Christianity or religions at all. So, this story can't be really engaging in itself for me and I could only be interested as long as good acting is involved. And that seems to be the only possibility at some point on cable ...

shiboleth on Nov 30, 2017


You have to be careful. People like to either turn God into who they want Him to be or they just create their own religion. From Adam and Eve, people are tempted by satan to, as Genesis says "be like God". There are a lot of crazies out there but there are also legitimate Christ followers. This is a shame really, because people are ignorantly giving up their salvation.

CyraNOSE on Dec 1, 2017


Correction, we are BORN EVIL. Adam and Eve's curse has been passed to us. Also, those people that are saved can't give up their salvation. Those that are not saved can only IGNORE the Gospel when it is presented. That is up to them. They will live ETERNALLY with whichever consequences that they choose.

Stage Actor on Dec 1, 2017


Careful about what? Religions have only one purpose and that is to be gone and vanished. Yes, I can be generous and say that they had their times to reform the societies and the world. I might even say, that they have done what they could. But that has been long gone as something coherent. Combinations which you are mentioning are exactly the index of expendability of religions. All the zealots and fanatics that claim otherwise is just another index of their disorientation and failures of their thoughts and practices ...

shiboleth on Dec 2, 2017


Any movie that casts Joaquin Phoenix(who starred as himself in a movie called "I'm Still Here" and will star in a movie called "You Were Never Really Here") as Jesus and Rooney Mara (who starred in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" which is basically SOFT PORN) as Mary Magdalene is definitely going to be a LOOSE interpretation of The Bible. I mean VERY LOOSELY based. Personally, I am NOT interested in watching a "Biblical" movie that is not truly BIBLE Based! This movie will probably use the story of Mary as Jesus' wife or some trash. Looks like another BURN THE NEGATIVE movie for me.

Stage Actor on Nov 30, 2017


She is joining "a new social movement"... people are trying very hard to discredit Jesus and who He is. (as the Bible says people will do)

CyraNOSE on Dec 1, 2017


I love the whole "new social movement" idea. Yeah, uh huh, Jesus was simply a "social movement". He wasn't God, He didn't come to Earth to save us from ourselves, blah blah blah. Jesus is STILL NOT "cool" with society. Hmmm, I wonder why? Could it be that we are inherently EVIL and don't want our evil deeds out in the open? We do not believe we have done anything wrong. We are "good people" for the most part, right? WRONG!!! People need to wake up before they die.

Stage Actor on Dec 1, 2017


There's only 1 religion that thinks the least two others, both much older than the religion He inspired and still being practiced in our modern world - don't believe the same. Not to mention that a large part of why it spread so far across the world was forcible conversion of Native Peoples, rather than doing as He did - speak & teach, and let folks choose for themselves.

VAharleywitch on Dec 2, 2017


"why it spread so far across the world was forcible conversion of Native Peoples" Uh oh, someone needs to go back and learn some history.

backwardsprogress on Dec 5, 2017


Well, the Bible itself is a loose interpretation (and in many respect torture porn) of ancient times. So, don't get carried away. Mary Magdalene was also very likely hot as Rooney Mara is and good old Jesus certainly duly noticed and respected that fact ...

shiboleth on Dec 2, 2017


Torture porn? Clearly you know nothing of torture porn much less have read anything written during medieval times. Even many modern name novels describe details of death that pale in comparison to any example provided in the Bible.

backwardsprogress on Dec 5, 2017


Exactly, modern descriptions of the death are really pale comparing to the ones in Bible. And torture porn in that respect is really something pale to what happens in that holly scripture... But then again, it is a valuable historical document of many diverse things. Torture porn is being one of them. It's a modern figure of speech and a phenomenon that means also something imagined and expressed back then in those ancient days. Yeah, different words, but very much present as a reality too...

shiboleth on Dec 5, 2017


Sorry to burst your bubble but True Christianity is NOT popular. What IS popular? Claiming you are a Christian and NOT being one. See Joel Osteen, John Hagee, T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, and the list goes ON and ON. Finding a TRUE believer is not easy. Bo, what happens when all the things you have taken as myth become your reality after you pass away? I don't ask to be a schmuck. I ask because I, unlike most people who claim to be "Christians", am truly concerned about the end of your life. Most people don't even think about the moment that they will stop breathing. Do you know WHEN that will be? I certainly don't. The reason I started seeking Him was because I had NO IDEA what would happen when I died. I wanted to KNOW. So I sought out the truth. When I did that, the TRUTH found me.

Stage Actor on Nov 30, 2017


Very well said, "I once was blind but now I see" means a heck of a lot more than a blind man being healed.

CyraNOSE on Dec 1, 2017


Wow, talk about blasphemy!! This world is in trouble.

CyraNOSE on Dec 1, 2017


Mary Magdalene was a close follower of Christ at the end as well as Mary mother of Jesus, and a story that shows there were women followers is true. Many think it's a just a man thing Jesus had many women followers before and many more after his death two women ran the Church in a town who Paul asks to cooperate with each other, not with men, each other-they were doing it ok. fact. I long to see this film and hope the Church of Christ at the time of his life and not long after is truly shown-not twisted to make it other than what it is simple and fantastic, more than i can ever write.

amos on Mar 10, 2018

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