Second Trailer for Peculiar Found Footage Sci-Fi 'Phoenix Forgotten'

April 5, 2017
Source: YouTube

Phoenix Forgotten Trailer

"For decades they've been lying to you." Cinelou Films has released a final trailer for sci-fi horror found footage film Phoenix Forgotten, which is set to open in select theaters later this month (on April 21st). We already featured one teaser trailer for this film previously, as it's a very mysterious found footage feature "based on true events" about kids who go to investigate mysterious lights of Phoenix, Arizona and end up disappearing. It's kind of like The Blair Witch Project, but for UFOs and aliens and something like that. The "unseen footage has finally been discovered, chronicling the final hours of their fateful expedition." The cast includes Florence Hartigan, Chelsea Lopez, Justin Matthews, Luke Spencer Roberts; with Wes Ball, T.S. Nowlin, Ridley Scott, Mark Canton, and Courtney Solomon producing. This certainly looks freaky.

Here's the second official trailer for Justin Barber's Phoenix Forgotten, direct from YouTube:

Phoenix Forgotten Movie

Based on the shocking, true events of March 13th, 1997, when several mysterious lights appeared over Phoenix, Arizona. This unprecedented and inexplicable phenomenon became known as "The Phoenix Lights", and remains the most famous and widely viewed UFO sighting in history. Phoenix Forgotten tells the story of three teens who went into the desert shortly after the incident, hoping to document the strange events occurring. They disappeared that night, and were never seen again. On the anniversary of their disappearance, unseen footage has finally been discovered, chronicling the final hours of their fateful expedition. For the first time ever, the truth will be revealed… Phoenix Forgotten is directed by Justin Barber, making his directorial debut after a short film and graphics work previously. The screenplay is by T.S. Nowlin and Justin Barber. Cinelou will release Phoenix Forgotten in select theaters starting April 21st.

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found footage... [Puke].

tarek on Apr 5, 2017


Dammit, when I see someone puke it makes me want to... oh god... [puke]

grimjob on Apr 5, 2017


It's contagious indeed. Oooops! Where's my bucket! [puke] ;D

tarek on Apr 5, 2017


Dudes! Come on! Someone's gonna step in it! Argh! I already did!

Moe on Apr 5, 2017



tarek on Apr 5, 2017


How many of these found footage movies need to be made before producers start to realize they're mostly shit?

TheOct8pus on Apr 5, 2017


It's an insult to the intelligence. Who would continue to film while chased by a monster or a wild animal? Blair Witch worked because it was the first one that used this gimmick. you can't win the jackpot twice in a row.

tarek on Apr 5, 2017


I don't know. Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity and Europe Project all worked for me.

Payne by name on Apr 5, 2017


The only one I liked was Chronicle. I'm not into the paranormal activity series. But I can understand why people like this kind of movies And I thought Europa Project was shot traditionally. I may be wrong.

tarek on Apr 5, 2017


I really liked The Fourth Kind but they hired actors to act out the found footage actors to give it an added layer of realism.

Justin Auvil on Apr 7, 2017


I liked the story, but the approach was pretty weird

TheOct8pus on Apr 7, 2017


Oh man, I'm so rooting for those bad aliens ...

shiboleth on Apr 5, 2017


So, Justin Bieber's a Barber now... and directing found footage films? He has been quiet recently. Figures...

Moe on Apr 5, 2017


I don't care how many bad alien abduction movies there are, I never get tired of them.

Charles Knowlton on Apr 5, 2017


X-files fan?

tarek on Apr 6, 2017


is it because of all the butt rape?

TheOct8pus on Apr 6, 2017


Quite possibly THE most juvenile comment I've ever read. And that's really saying something considering it's this site. Very good.

Charles Knowlton on Apr 6, 2017


Haha!!! Thank you. I try. It was more a rhetorical question anyway. I think a lot of people truly have the fear of "probing"

TheOct8pus on Apr 6, 2017


Alien abduction is real. They are studying us. They put smart tags inside our brains and come back after a while to collect data, just like we do with wild animals.

tarek on Apr 7, 2017


Imagine there are only two people on planet earth and it is 2017. You might be in what we call Ohio, USA on July 14th, 2017. Not only does that other person have to be at the same place as you, but they have to be there at the same time as well or you will have never even known each other existed. The likelihood we will ever have contact with an alien or them with us is so tiny because it would require us be in the same place AND time in the universe. Mathematically the odds of that are very low.

Justin Auvil on Apr 7, 2017


Not probable for two human who aren't looking after each other, but still possible mathematically speaking. Now, when it comes to the case of Aliens meeting humans, I think it's more than possible. It has probably happened many times thousands years ago and is still happening nowadays. The encounter is not only possible, it's quite probable if we believe that Aliens are more intelligent than humans. It means they deal with a science that is still out of our reach. If we can't "see" and "hear" them, it's because our knowledge is still primitive. If Aliens have developped technical and scientific abilities that allow them to "hear" and "see" us from the distance, just like we can " see" the presence of some organic material twelve parsecs away with our rudimentary instrument, then traveling between two ( or multiple) places is easy thing.

tarek on Apr 7, 2017


Yeah, I'll pass, but this will probably mark this genre for death...or at least pretty soon.

DAVIDPD on Apr 5, 2017


I seriously doubt that my friend. This genre is going nowhere. They're cheap to make and people will always go see them.

grimjob on Apr 6, 2017


By people you mean teens of course.

tarek on Apr 7, 2017


Ha! I did! I actually considered editing it to say teens. Good stuff.

grimjob on Apr 7, 2017



tarek on Apr 7, 2017


Perhaps, and of course, if they are made well, they can be pretty engaging.

DAVIDPD on Apr 8, 2017


I'm generally not a fan, but yeah, there are few good ones.

grimjob on Apr 8, 2017


Yeah, I'll pass, but this will probably mark this genre for death...or at least pretty soon.

Andy on Apr 6, 2017

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