Second Trailer for Special Forces in Afghanistan Action Film '12 Strong'

November 22, 2017
Source: YouTube

12 Strong Trailer

"Chances are we are not going to make it out of this one…" Warner Bros has debuted the second trailer for 12 Strong, formerly known as Horse Soldiers, about a Special Forces group sent into Afghanistan at the beginning of the war after 9/11. They end up working with a local Afghani warlord in order to take down the Taliban, riding horses into battle, which is why this was previously called Horse Soldiers, but of course. Chris Hemsworth stars, along with an ensemble cast including Taylor Sheridan, Michael Shannon, Austin Stowell, Michael Peña, Geoff Stults, and Elsa Pataky. This second trailer doesn't look any better than the first, with more action+explosions galore, patriotism everywhere, and lots and lots of guns.

Here's the second trailer (+ original poster) for Nicolai Fuglsig's 12 Strong, directly from YouTube:

12 Strong Movie

You can also still watch the first official trailer for 12 Strong here, to see even more footage from this.

12 Strong tells the story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11; under the leadership of a new captain, the team must work with an Afghani warlord to take down the Taliban. 12 Strong, originally titled Horse Soldiers, is directed by Danish filmmaker Nicolai Fuglsig, of only one other film titled Exfil previously; he graduated from the Danish School of Journalism. The screenplay is written by Peter Craig and Ted Tally; adapted from Doug Stanton's book Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of US Soldiers Who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan. Warner Bros will release Fuglsig's 12 Strong in theaters everywhere starting January 19th, 2018 early next year. So who's interested in seeing this film?

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Reader Feedback - 55 Comments


Yeah, this looks silly.

DAVIDPD on Nov 22, 2017


"This second trailer doesn't look any better than the first, with more action+explosions galore, patriotism everywhere, and lots and lots of guns." Why do so many dudes our age have to be such insufferable pussies?

txJM on Nov 22, 2017


In regards to what? Maybe it's because macho-ism is a terrible thing? Maybe it's because guns are bad? Maybe it's because jingoism is dangerous? It's seriously lame to think "insufferable pussies" is really a diss nowadays.

Alex Billington on Nov 22, 2017


Holy shit. You wouldn't have the fortitude to set a mousetrap, would you?

txJM on Nov 23, 2017


these guys aren't the solution; They are the problem.

tarek on Nov 23, 2017



Alex Billington on Nov 24, 2017


The people in power thousands of miles away are the problem, not those on the ground.

Lewis on Nov 24, 2017


Of course. They are a problem for the world and for the soldiers they are using to do their nasty job.

tarek on Nov 24, 2017


Exactly. Don't get me wrong I don't buy the 'I was just doing my job' line for an excuse for war crimes. But we've seen two trailers designed to pull in the punters, so we can't tell if its more in-depth like Black Hawk Down. I recently watched Bitter Harvest on the Holodomor, which tragically went under the radar of releases. I'm not comparing the two films and I might be wrong on 12 Strong, but until its released it could simply be appealing more to the masses for publicity thanks to its budget.

Lewis on Nov 24, 2017


It's funny how this anti machismo, anti guns sentiment has never reared it's head in reviews on this site for the James Bond films. I wonder why it does on this film...

Payne by name on Nov 24, 2017


Oh come on... Because James Bond is not taking machine guns and squads of special forces on missions to fight a war that only made things worse for both countries... I do have anti-macho anti-guns sentiments, but I don't write that into reviews much ever, and this was only replying to your comment. These "heroic" stories of soldiers in the modern wars are a dime a dozen. They're modern propaganda, designed to make the US and all of its actions look like the greatest heroes. You're buying right into it, hook, line & sinker...

Alex Billington on Nov 24, 2017


I'm not buying right into it, I'm looking for entertainment. Movie entertainment that your site feeds off, nurtures and supports. If you don't let your anti macho, anti guns rhetoric creep into your reviews (which I doubt), why are you letting them taint the promotion of this film? If this is your site and increasingly everything on it is having to be passed through your political filter, why even mention it?

Payne by name on Nov 24, 2017


Why I don't agree with txJM's attitude, there is a point to Payne by name's question in regard to James Bond. If this wasn't a true story, but more akin to The Living Daylights where Bond rides a horse in Afghan against the Soviets, would it face the same anti-gun and macho-ism is bad? Same goes for many generic action films like John Wick. I'm not even from the US, but this film seems to provoke a lot of anti-US feelings simply for showing a true story, leaving behind the arguments of what led to the war and terrorism, which isn't part of this story.

Lewis on Nov 24, 2017


Hear, hear.

Alex Billington on Nov 24, 2017


I understand what your saying, but what I don't get is the difference between this film and say Dunkirk.

Lewis on Nov 24, 2017


What?!?!?!?! You really can't tell the difference between an action movie stuffed with guns and explosions showing buff soldiers heroically defeating those evil terrorists and... a movie about shell-shocked, depressed, famished soldiers by the thousands fleeing a relentless enemy. Dunkirk is about the horrors of war. 12 Strong is about the glories of war. Completely different movies. If you can't see this, maybe you need to open your eyes when you watch them next time...?

Alex Billington on Nov 24, 2017


To be fair I've not seen 12 Strong, its not released yet in the UK. While I agree Dunkirk shows the horror of war, much like Saving Private Ryan, all war films in my option glorify war to some point. Having not seen 12 Strong, other than the trailer, it might show the horror of the situation akin to Lone Survivor or Black Hawk Down. The latter to me was especially sad with the scene with the child soldier and his dad, with the kid shooting his father by accident. Some might see that as funny, due to it being 'the enemy' but as a father myself its tragic that the child was put in that situation. My point is that all war films have heroic actions that glorify war, but at this stage its a bit early to tar a film before its release unless you've seen it all already. Unless its mindless action like the Expendables...

Lewis on Nov 24, 2017


The most ridiculous thing about your comparison with Dunkirk is the patriotism that you have such an issue with. Do you really think that you weren't receiving a huge dose of patriotic heroism when Tom Hardy glided his spitfire long enough to shoot down another plane and then slowly land to the Enigma variations. The scene couldn't have been more jingoistically patriotic and was all the more refreshing for it.

Payne by name on Nov 25, 2017


A film like Dunkirk is very patriotic for us Brits. My wife's grandfather was there as a solider and would use the term "Dunkirk Spirt" in latter life. The country pulled a 'win' (in that vast numbers of troops where saved) out of what would of have been total defeat of the BEF. So while the film, and previous versions, show the despair and horrors of war, its still extremely patriotic for Brits.

Lewis on Nov 26, 2017


I agree. It was the sentiment of patriotism that drove those boat owners to form their flotilla and help with the rescue of those men on the beaches and it was patriotism that powered us to stand up to the Germans when a big chunk of the world was crumbling or looking the other way. As I said, the Enigma variations are woven into the fabric of British culture and hence using them at the end of the film was wonderful and yet surprising that a director was prepared to be so unashamedly patriotic.

Payne by name on Nov 26, 2017


No I think that's a different kind of "patriotism", not jingoism in the sense of propaganda (and the way US war movies portray this). Through Dunkirk, they never really talk about who the people are. It's French and British but it's also mainly "allies" and "the enemy", they never once mention Germans or Nazis. In fact, you never actually see the people (only feel their presence - bullets, planes, bombs, etc) thus to me it's a patriotism in a sense of we must band together and support each other and do what is important for survival, less so, we must band together and use firepower to make sure our country is continually seen as the most powerful. A bit different, IMO.

Alex Billington on Nov 27, 2017


You can tell all that from a trailer? I guess we can throw that whole "wait to see the movie before passing judgement" bullshit that blogs like this showered on Paul Feig right out the window

txJM on Nov 27, 2017


Right, I guess so. It seems very clear from the trailer. I've worked long enough and seen enough trailers to be able to pick up on a lot of this. But, sure.

Alex Billington on Nov 27, 2017


The best war movie I've seen this year, aside from Dunkirk, is Last Flag Flying - if you want a good perspective.

Alex Billington on Nov 24, 2017


Will check it out.

Lewis on Nov 24, 2017


Perspective? Of what? Have you been in combat?

txJM on Nov 27, 2017


This has nothing to do with me. I'm talking about a different perspective from a different filmmaker. It's about modern war, but told from veterans from the Vietnam War, discussing the soldiers from these modern wars. It's a different perspective, but it's still about war (and patriotism, etc).

Alex Billington on Nov 27, 2017


Thanks you for the reply. I understand Alex's POV on Dunkirk being about the horror of war, but what he fails to grasp is how patriotic Dunkirk is to us Brits. Very much terms like 'stick it up them' and the 'Dunkirk spirit' are born out of clutching a victory of sorts out of what could of been catastrophic to the BEF. The wife's grandfather was at Dunkirk as a solider of the BEF and it wasn't the stories of horror he talked about, though I'm sure he witnessed. More the 'we showed them' type of attitude. To me all war films show to a various degree the horror of war and a level of patriotism. I don't like to get into the politics behind the scenes, but because I know one or two ex-UKSF I feel troops on the ground shouldn't be tarnished.

Lewis on Nov 26, 2017


Sure, that makes sense as to what Dunkirk means in the bigger picture. I'm talking specifically about the movies. Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan's movie, isn't so much about patriotism (that is one of the threads with the guy on the small boat) but it's also about the hell the soldiers went through on the beach. All of that footage. I certainly understand this context for Dunkirk as the event, as the historical moment, as a turning point for the war, etc. But the film itself is something that was focused on the horrors of war, and the hell of it, and how important it is to be steadfast. At least I think that was is one of the key themes Nolan addresses in it.

Alex Billington on Nov 27, 2017


Totally. Its just that for many of us Brits that line between historical event and movie becomes blurred, possibly because its now rare for a big picture to be so British centric. However the question of patriotic loyalties can also cover Dunkirk due to issues raised by the lack of French and Indian Army involvement and it being generally white washed (though I was told the French Army had a habit of leaving guns not disabled for the enemy). I do think 12 Strong is a bit strong on the trailer, but hopefully for me it will be along the same vein as Lone Survivor or Black Hawk Down.

Lewis on Nov 27, 2017


So, we can blame movies for encouraging gun violence, now?

txJM on Nov 27, 2017


Whatever you say. I have no qualms about being blocked by people who lie about military service to impress unknowns on the internet.

txJM on Nov 27, 2017


The only thing you've ever succeeded at teaching anyone is that Baby Boomers are the WORST generation of ungrateful, pathologically narcissistic underachievers, who somehow managed to set the bitch bar so high that even Millennial divas are having trouble getting there. It seems congratulations may be in order for imaginary Sgt Bo.

txJM on Nov 28, 2017


So I wouldn’t exactly say it that way. But it is odd to me that this “doesn’t look any better” specifically for those reasons. That’s absurd to me. Sure, if it looks like a poor movie call it a poor movie. But calling it poor because it’s somehow patriotic/has guns? Give me a break.

I'm Batman on Nov 23, 2017


There is nothing about film in there. Yes, propaganda, career choices for actors, militarism and what not, But nothing worthy of film ...

shiboleth on Nov 22, 2017


I thought movies were about stories? I'm not aware of this story so whilst this might not be a 100% accurate telling of it, if it engages me enough it may well lead me to investigating the story.

Payne by name on Nov 23, 2017


Story is not relevant in films like these, but only how it is told. And yeah, to me, movies are not so much about the story, but the way different stories are done. That's the only engaging thing that is 'told' here. But that's just me ...

shiboleth on Nov 23, 2017


The story is about how these soldiers hit back at The Taliban and how horses were an integral part of that. Hence why soldiers on horseback feature so much on the poster. To me that makes the 'story' of soldiers on horses patently relevant.

Payne by name on Nov 23, 2017


Well, just to repeat myself. That makes that story not very engaging to me. Plenty of these around the world. In these things and narratives, I always prefer to see the way and the means of doing them. And from what I see, story itself is not worth of my watch let alone the way it is made. But you do enjoy it, since it is obviously your thing ...

shiboleth on Nov 24, 2017


Thank you, I'll certainly try to.

Payne by name on Nov 24, 2017


Thor and Zod Vs The Taliban is a much better title for this film.

Eggyweggs on Nov 23, 2017


Will watch it..war stuff is always fun

Trey on Nov 23, 2017


Military true-story, looking on par with Lone Survivor for talent and visuals. I'm in. Such a pity 6 Days based on the SAS siege of the Iranian Embassy wasn't this good.

Lewis on Nov 23, 2017


Yes, I agree on 6 Days. How could they make something so cool, look so tedious? A defining moment in the UK finding a bit of backbone and 'pushing back' on terrorism yet all they want to do is play it all down. But there again the film got panned by the critics because it didn't do enough about Kate Adie and should have spent more time exploring the motivations (and sympathising) with the terrorists. Kate might have had an illustrious career but she wasn't really involved with the siege was she apart from reporting it. Just another history revising stitch up like The Iron Lady. Don't concentrate on what a remarkable woman she was, just constantly bring it down by focusing it on her diminishing mental health.

Payne by name on Nov 23, 2017


Totally. Mark Strong I felt was solid, but Jamie Bell was underused. The potential of what they might be facing going in was briefly mentioned, but otherwise the actors playing the SAS were poorly used to show the measure of the training and commitment those guys have. Its well known how under equipped the guys were as well, the overalls for example were those used by tank operators and not fire-retardent. The siege changed everything for the SAS in terms of funding and hiding from the public. Elements of that could of been implemented, such as the order not to use a smokescreen to show the world how the UK responds to terrorism. We don't need more Kate Adie...

Lewis on Nov 23, 2017


Well said. At least it encouraged me to watch again Who Dares Wins (or The Final Option as it's known in the US) with Lewis Collins. It might look dated but it's far more entertaining, seems to want to actually take some pride in 'the regiment' and has an astonishingly cool theme tune.

Payne by name on Nov 23, 2017


Looks good. Solid cast, good trailer music and a nice dose of action but I guess admitting that this piques my interest (like Black Hawk Down, 13 Hours etc did) must make me a jingoistic, transformers loving Neanderthal. Maybe it would have got an approving pass if it had been made by Kathryn Bigelow.

Payne by name on Nov 23, 2017


I'm not playing the victim, rather making a comment on the sneering derision levelled at the film (and in turn at those that would like it) by some virtue signallers because god forbid it might contain some scenes of military heroism which could be driven by that disgusting sentiment - patriotism.

Payne by name on Nov 23, 2017


I never understand this sanctimonious BS. You dismissively claim that "you don't worry about it, you don't care about it" but then attempt to preach and educate me again. To quote your owns words if you don't care, then "wear it". If you want to make out that you are uninterested in others, then own it. Don't try to re-educate others to your collective group think, then petulantly feign nonchalence when they don't respond to your arrogant enlightement.

Payne by name on Nov 23, 2017


You're still here?

Gnubbles on Nov 24, 2017


And once again you come back to arrogantly preach even though you keep grandstanding your 'I don't care' narrative. That's the great thing about conversing with petulant children. It's so easy to expose their childish hyprocrisy.

Payne by name on Nov 24, 2017


Yawn...are you still prattling on even when you loudly proclaim that 'you don't care' and 'you're done with me'. Why do you keep replying when you've been trying to grandstand with your overly dramatic 'I'm done with you' rhetoric? You're making yourself look like a fool and highlighting to everyone that your words and bold statements are meaningless and count for nothing.

Payne by name on Nov 26, 2017


"I served my two years during Viet Nam." That's called "Stolen Valor", now.

txJM on Nov 27, 2017


Twelvegether Strong!

tarek on Nov 23, 2017


Whenever I read the "the War on Terror," I always think of the cartoon The Tick and the character The Terror. For ever linked, I have trouble taking the war on terror seriously. Furthermore, terror is an idea and ideas are bulletproof.

redtie on Dec 2, 2017

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