Watch: Excellent Animated Short 'Coke Habit' About Soda Addiction

May 21, 2017
Source: Vimeo

Coke Habit Short Film

"Sometimes it was 8 cans in a day. It was way, way too much." Stop drinking soda! It's very bad for your health. How many of you are addiction to pop/soda? In America, it's a very common thing, as we all grow up drinking it and enjoy it so much that we can't help but enjoy soda all the time. This animated short film, titled Coke Habit, tells the story of one man named Mike explaining how his addiction to soda became a major problem when he was in high school. This is indeed a very important health PSA, but it's also a very creative and unique short film with some impressive animation. I love the color palette, and I love how it all flows. It's short, sweet (no pun intended) and good work I want to share as filmmaking that impressed me.

Original description from Vimeo: "The Summer after 10th grade Mike spent two solid weeks with horrible horrible migraines, dizziness, blind spots and tunnel vision—he didn’t know what it was… This is the story of his Coke Habit." Coke Habit is directed and produced by "Dress Code" (official website), a filmmaking collective based in New York founded by Dan Covert and Andre Andreev. The short features art direction by Marcin Zeglinkski, with music & sound by YouTooCanWoo. From a story by: Mike Cook, Dan Covert, Tyler Jensen, and Marcin Zeglinski. Learn more about the short film and making it on Motionographer and see more work by Dress Code on their Vimeo page. For more shorts, click here. Cool? Do you still drink Coke?

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Interesting. I gave up coffee for the same reasons. the animation was really nice.

Carpola on May 21, 2017


Coca Cola, but the real criminal is sugar.

DAVIDPD on May 22, 2017


Coca Cola did send death squads to kill striking workers in Columbia though, wasn't the sugar that killed them. 🙁

Carpola on May 22, 2017


Scales of corruption are on a order of magnitude.

DAVIDPD on May 22, 2017


I like Coke and Pepsi. Sure they taste nice but I wouldn't want to see it banned or it's consumption curtailed just because a couple of loons went mental and drank way beyond the normal realms of soda drinking. Is this another 'save us from ourselves' like Spurlock so 'bravely' did to McDonald's?

Payne by name on May 22, 2017


Eh, not sure he had a mental breakdown, maybe more of a chemical dependency. If you want to talk mental, sugar and cocaine light up the same receptors in the brain. So if this guy buried himself in soda, it makes sense it torpedoed neural activity and eventually went into withdrawl. Aside from his problems, coke provides zero health benefits, has a ton of sugar, and overall you could be putting SO much better stuff in your body. I'm not saying it should be banned but having it as a dominating world presence built on being part of an 'everyday lifestyle', that's got some scary potential. Plus, uh.. diahhbeetus.

Nick Sears on May 22, 2017


No. If you actually look at the medical research, sugar is one of the worst things for anyone. And the chemicals added to soda (even diet soda) makes it worse. It's terrible for you, and should be labeled like cigarettes. It will never be banned completely because, like with alcohol and prohibition, I guarantee there would be massive bootlegging. However, no amount of soda is good for you and this shouldn't be written off as "just a couple of loons went mental". It's a serious mass health problem in society. The reason no one really talks or discusses this is because Coca Cola is the #1 most powerful brand in the world, and they want to keep it that way. They lobby and spend so much money and do everything they can to maintain the image that soda is just another refreshing drink like any other, when in reality it is terrible for you, and for everyone.

Alex Billington on May 23, 2017


I can't help but think you guys and this film maker have come to the party about 15 years too late. Yes we know Coke contains a lot of sugar, schools were doing the experiment with coke cleaning up a two penny piece when I was at school 30 years ago. We know it's not the same as water, we know smoking is bad, drinking wine is bad, too much red meat is bad, too many donuts are bad, cheesey wotsits aren't a breakfast alternative, pancakes and ice cream every day for lunch is not a great idea. It's the pretentious posturing that some, and this film maker, go on about like only you guys have the insight. The film prattles on about an addiction and consumption that almost anyone watching could identify isn't healthy. Like saying I ate 500 M&Ms every two hours for 20 days and then got fat and then expecting a Nobel peace prize for pointing out the patently obvious. I don't have sympathy with an individual who drinks an unhealthy amount of coke, just as I wouldn't have sympathy with someone eating an unhealthy amount of broccoli. They're both stupid but I'd blame the idiotic individual doing the consuming rather than levelling the blame at the brand for daring to create and sell a product that someone of their own free will decided to gorge themselves on. Yes, eating, drinking or doing too much of one thing isn't going to be good for you but highlighting this to the 'stupid uneducated masses' is not making you a pioneer in the field of global health. It's just attempting to abdicate self responsibility. And finally, commenting on how much you like the colour palette of this short is surely just acknowledging how much you like the coca cola branding as this is clearly what he is copying.

Payne by name on May 23, 2017


Everything is fine in moderation folks.

THE_RAW_ on May 22, 2017


Ha. If only that were true...

Alex Billington on May 23, 2017


WHAAAAAAAA?!? How about this: MOST everything is fine in moderation. Except meth.....and heroin....and coke....

THE_RAW_ on May 23, 2017

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