Watch: Fan-Made Jedi Short Film 'Star Wars: The Force And The Fury'

April 27, 2017
Source: YouTube

Star Wars: The Force And The Fury

"How does it feel to be alone? I've taken everyone you love. This time you won't forget me." Meet another Jedi in this new fan-made short film set within the Star Wars universe. Star Wars: The Force And The Fury is a short by Jason Satterlund telling the story of a Jedi who crash lands on a mysterious planet. There he encounters a Sith who seems to know him. I won't spoil the rest, but it's refreshing to see such impressive storytelling in a Star Wars fan film. Two other things I love about this: 1) that we finally see a female Sith going bad, and 2) the blue lightsaber has a hilt like an actual samurai sword, nice little nod to actual sabers.

Thanks to Live for Films for the tip on this. Original description from YouTube: "A Jedi crash lands on a barren planet and is pursued by a mysterious Sith who seems to know him." Star Wars: The Force And The Fury is a fan film directed by Jason Satterlund. Featuring cinematography by Federico Verardi; produced by Alyssa Roehrenbeck & Deborah Smith. Starring Aris Juson and Deborah Smith. For more info on the film and the team who made it, visit the official website. If you want to watch behind-the-scenes videos and read a production blog, visit Jason's Facebook page. For more shorts, click here. What did you think of this?

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I know it's hard to make movies. I understand this is a fan made short, but why on earth all star wars fan made shorts play out in the forest, and focus on lighsaber battles? it's something that takes me out, no matter how good the special effects are. Also, never pull out any sharp object stuck in your body. Very bad idea. you will likely die within 10 mn.

tarek on Apr 27, 2017


I've seen Caddyshack enough times to know that's not true.

THE_RAW_ on Apr 27, 2017


What a classic!

CyraNOSE on Apr 28, 2017


I can't remember this scene. Any video on youtube? ;D

tarek on Apr 28, 2017


That was pretty good for what it was. Yeah I do agree with @tarektoverso:disqus that going to film in the woods is kinda easy to do but than again, where would you go to film a Star Wars film without the budget to build a full-on Star Wars set? I also think the cinematography and acting was pretty good for a fan-film. I would also like to see something other than a lightsaber battle in the woods. Maybe a blaster fight or a shipment exchange between baddies in the sewers would be interesting. Glad we have passionate people who know how to handle a camera well and have people that will go outta their way to bring something creative with what they got.

The Freeman on Apr 27, 2017


Damn. There is a real art in acting scared. This was a great fan film, but when the actor was trying to act scared looking the saber they broke the barrier.

DAVIDPD on Apr 27, 2017


Pretty decent for a fan film. My only criticism was the music, but hey, kinda hard to live up to John Williams standard in a fan film. Interesting story though. Disney should take notes from this as I think fans would love to see some offshoot movies focusing on lesser known Jedi stories, after Order 66 etc etc.

THE_RAW_ on Apr 27, 2017


The story is what bothers me, or the lack thereof. A Jedi fighting another Jedi turning to evil. Nothing original. We've seen that dozens times. I wish someone will have more imagination and write something more original and compelling. Star wars is not about lighsabers. It's about chivalry, adventures, mysticism and...imagination. Lot of imagination..

tarek on Apr 27, 2017


I get what you're saying, however, c'mon Tarek, it's a FAN FILM. Who knows how much their budget was and what they had to work with. Compared to a lot of Star Wars fan films, this was definitely better as far as composition and effects. Yeah, it's no magnum opus, and it's pretty straight forward story wise, but it is only 7 minutes long, and at least they put it out there to be seen. I respect them in that regard. I appreciated the hints at the characters backstory too. What were they running from? Who shot him down? Was it Akila? When she said he took everything, what does that mean exactly? Did he have some influence in her family's death? She blamed the Jedi Order for something. I found it to be interesting and would like to know more. For 7 minutes, you could do a lot worse than this short.

THE_RAW_ on Apr 27, 2017


Any Star Wars fan film would be better if they just had outright kick butt saber and force battles.

CyraNOSE on Apr 28, 2017


The farce is weak with you young padawan. Drink some midichlorians.

tarek on Apr 28, 2017


It's not about budget Raw, it's about telling an interesting story that would make you want to see more. It's about creativity. I suspect 99% of these fan-made shorts are made just to showcase their skills in After Effect, hoping that some Studio executive will notice their talent and hire them. Forgive my analogy, but fan-made star wars shorts are like porn movies: No plot and lot of action.

tarek on Apr 28, 2017


HAHAHA! No forgiveness necessary for that brilliant analogy! And I agree most Star Wars fan-films are lightsaber duels with force powers, but this one I connected with more I guess. So...I guess I'll politely agree to disagree. And truthfully, most of these shorts are on par with 90% of Hollywood movies these days. But just out of curiosity, with these characters in this short, what would you have done differently? How would you have done to make it more engaging without the lightsaber duel/lack of story?

THE_RAW_ on Apr 28, 2017


Hummm... You want to put my imagination to test...I like that. I'll get back to you soon with the synopsis of star Wars 10. ;D

tarek on Apr 28, 2017


Ah C'MON MAN! Talk about a COP OUT! 😉

THE_RAW_ on Apr 28, 2017


Ok. Let's try this: The scene opens on two hands trying to free a leg trapped in a sort of hideous mechanism. The place is dark. All we can hear is someone breathing quickly. A disturbing scream breaks the silence. The camera makes a quick pan out to reveal a young man dressed in tattered clothes staring at the bright exit of what seems to be a cave. A hideous and large silhouette looms over the young man who throws himself back. His left hand tries desperately to push away the danger, while his right hand gropes around for some makeshift weapon. His hand grips what seems to be a stick. He pulls it towards himself he notices that it is a human skeleton arm. Surprised, he drops the bone, but his eye catches a glistening. The shape looks familiar to him. He grabs the handgrip of the lightsaber, pushes frantically on the button and thrusts its dark red light to slice the paw that is to crush his head. [Ads] Now you have to pay me if you want to know what happened after the ads... ;D

tarek on Apr 28, 2017


That was really good man! Will you accept payment in meme?

THE_RAW_ on Apr 28, 2017


Of course! And a smile will make me rich. ;D

tarek on Apr 28, 2017


Yeah, actually it is about lightsabers and we need more of them. But not yellow ones or purple ones. Just blue and green for the Jedi and red for the Sith. Or even cooler, a dark Jedi with a green saber leading a pack of lesser Sith who use red ones!

CyraNOSE on Apr 28, 2017


Or a lightsaber with red-white-blue rotating strips. It will be the perfect lightshaver for Darth Barber.

tarek on Apr 28, 2017


Criticizing the music? What?? The music was awesome and a spot-on tribute to the John Williams musical sound.

Realjethro on May 2, 2017


If you're going to make a Star Wars short, it has to have a Star Wars feel, otherwise it's just a cheap rip off. This looks like some Blair Witch scene. A lightsaber that shorts out? Come on. And he couldn't recognize someone he knew because she had a rag over her mouth? If he is a Jedi, then why doesn't he have any powers? And what a horrible ending!!

CyraNOSE on Apr 28, 2017


Hey! He bought his lightsaber at Costco. A parody would have worked better. Imagine his lightsaber turning into some weird object each times it flickers.

tarek on Apr 28, 2017

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