Watch: Michael Bay Discusses Making 'Transformers: The Last Knight'

April 5, 2017
Source: YouTube

Transformers: The Last Knight Featurette

"I'm here to keep 3D alive, and the only way to make it the best experience for you, is to shoot it natively." Paramount has released a new making of featurette for Transformers: The Last Knight, and it's pretty much nothing but Michael Bay talking about filming this new sequel. As much as I know that most of us are not that excited for this movie, this is one of the best featurettes I've ever seen. There's tons of cool behind-the-scenes footage, it's almost all Bay showing us a look at his workplace(s), and it's not made up of existing footage that we've already seen in other trailers. This stars Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, Laura Haddock, John Goodman, Stanley Tucci, John Turturro, Josh Duhamel, Isabela Moner, Santiago Cabrera, and Liam Garrigan. Maybe this will change your mind about this movie? Have fun.

Here's the new making of featurette for Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight, from YouTube:

Transformers: The Last Knight Featurette

You can also still watch the teaser trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight here, or the second trailer here.

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Optimus Prime finding his home planet, Cybertron, now a dead planet, which he comes to find he was responsible for killing. He finds a way to bring the planet back to life, but in order to do so he needs to find an artifact, and that artifact is on Earth. Transformers: The Last Knight is once again directed by iconic American filmmaker Michael Bay, of all four of the previous Transformers movies, as well as 13 Hours, Pain & Gain, The Island, Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, The Rock, plus Bad Boys I & II previously. The screenplay is credited to Matt Holloway, Art Marcum and Ken Nolan. Paramount will release Transformers: The Last Knight in theaters everywhere starting June 23rd this summer. Anyone still excited to see this?

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I remember a similar feature for the last film. And while that movie was a steaming pile I think there is something to be said for Mr Bays commitment to making movies his way.

Jon Odishaw on Apr 5, 2017


Well said Jon....

ari smulders on Apr 5, 2017


Yep. He is committed in destroying brains. ;D Michael Bay's movies are like techno music: Lot of noise. Sorry Transformers fans.

tarek on Apr 5, 2017


My pleasure Bo. Oh people here are smart and mature enough to take it when people bash one of their guilty pleasures. ;D I have a thick skin anyway. I can take 10 Bobs in a row when it comes to express my opinion. ;D

tarek on Apr 5, 2017


Totally - he's put out enjoyable Saturday night films that are to entertain. The last one totally went south in the last act, so glad he might give us another fun movie.

Steven Lewis on Apr 5, 2017


What follows is a serious question Steven. I saw in age of extinction trailer some robot with something looking like a cigar in his robotic mouth. Was it a robotic cigar?

tarek on Apr 5, 2017


To be honest I don't recall. His stuff is what I class popcorn films, light in story and heavy in action, perfect for after a long day at work. I confess I fell asleep watching the last one. Action overdone is no flair is boring. If it wasn't for having to work 5 in 6 Saturdays I probably wouldn't bother with them.

Steven Lewis on Apr 5, 2017


fair enough. ;D

tarek on Apr 5, 2017


Forgot to ask if you've seen 13 Hours?

Steven Lewis on Apr 7, 2017


Nope. Because Michael Bay was behind the project. He isn't the ideal choice to tackle such sensitive matter. it's like painting miniatures with boxing gloves. the result will be gross. You could say I'm having a prejudice against the man, which is not totally false. But I doubt the man could deliver something subtle and unbiased knowing his style.

tarek on Apr 7, 2017


Well its no Black Hawn Down, but I was surprised to discover Bay had directed it and it was his project. Worth checking out

Steven Lewis on Apr 7, 2017


It's an E-Cigar

Jon Odishaw on Apr 5, 2017


;D I give you 5 points for this.

tarek on Apr 5, 2017


Oh I totally agree. I'll be seeing this in theatres same as the last two.

Jon Odishaw on Apr 5, 2017


Love these featurettes. The process of putting it on the big screen is my favorite part. I like how he pushes the 3D tech and Nolan pushes IMAX film. Can't wait for this to release so they can get moving on Bad Boys 3.

Roc on Apr 5, 2017


Bay is a 3D consumer. The dude who's pushing forward the 3D technology is Jim Cameron.

tarek on Apr 5, 2017


Totally agree. I was going to mention that, because simply put, when the next avatar is released it will have groundbreaking technology (even if the movies fail plot-wise). Bay is at least currently pushing out films (doesn't mean they're good), that help the IMAX 3D industry by creating awareness for it.

Roc on Apr 5, 2017


But to date, no movie other than Avatar is worth a watch in 3D. Avatar is the only movie everyone should watch in its 3D version only ( in the movies). I've watched many movies released in 3D and none was worth the extra bucks.

tarek on Apr 6, 2017


Same. I don't even watch any movies in 3D because I know I'm not going to be impressed. The last I saw was the Hobbit and wasn't worth it, and that was really only because I wanted to see it in IMAX.

Roc on Apr 6, 2017


Prometheus was excellent in 3D

BigJohnson on Apr 6, 2017


It was decent, but not enough to make me want to watch it again in 3D.

tarek on Apr 6, 2017


Tron: Legacy and Speed Racer also won me over with 3D.

RAW_D on Apr 7, 2017


Watched Tron in 2D on blu-ray. Skipped Speed Racer. Never watched the animation series nor was interested in watching the movie, as it had the look of Lazytown. ;D On a 1-10 scale, Avatar being the reference, how would you rate Legacy? Did they film it with 3D red Epic cameras or was it post converted?

tarek on Apr 7, 2017


Speed Racer was like watching a movie on hallucinogenics. It's definitely a kids movie, but in IMAX 3D, the visuals were mind blowing. It's anime come to life. As far as Tron: Legacy is concerned and per Wikipedia: "The film was shot in dual camera 3D using Pace Fusion rigs like James Cameron's Avatar, but unlike the Sony F950 cameras on that film, Tron used the F35s. "The benefit of [the F35s]," according to director Kosinski, "is that it has a full 35mm sensor which gives you that beautiful cinematic shallow depth of field." The film's beginning portions were shot in 2D,while forty minutes of the film were vertically enhanced for IMAX. The sequences on the Grid were wholly shot in 3D, utilizing cameras specifically designed for it, and employed a 3D technique that combined other special effects techniques. The real-world sequences were filmed in 2D, and eventually altered using the three-dimensional element. "

RAW_D on Apr 10, 2017


Thanks Raw_D.

tarek on Apr 10, 2017


Talentless a$$hat

BigJohnson on Apr 5, 2017


Oh bother...he can basically just do as he likes. Maybe we'll get a BAD BOYS 3...or not.

DAVIDPD on Apr 5, 2017


I'm with you David...let him do this if it gets us a Bad Boys return. I hope Bay goes back to making great action films that are a bit more like his earlier films...The Rock, Bad Boys, etc.

BigNate BoxOfficer on Apr 6, 2017


Granted his films aren't game changers though the first film was impressive when it came out, but why can't he get back to making solid, big concept action films? Whilst some might not appreciate his talents, they really are being wasted in these dog shit films.

Payne by name on Apr 7, 2017


Totally agree - have you seen 13 Hours?

Steven Lewis on Apr 7, 2017


Yes I have and really enjoyed it. Just shows what he can do with some decent material.

Payne by name on Apr 7, 2017


My thoughts exactly (on the solid action films...films like The Rock)

BigNate BoxOfficer on Apr 7, 2017


The Rock, Armageddon and Transformers 1 were pretty decent action movies. But that was before the dark time...Before the dark moon.

tarek on Apr 7, 2017


"3D, 3D, 3D, 3D. Did I mention it's in 3D? Oh, btw, *3D*!!!!" That's all I heard for most of this featurette. I'm sure it's big and over the top, but that in itself does not make a quality film. Maybe you should take some of that $15 -$20 million and hire quality screenwriters who don't churn out mindless sh*t.

RAW_D on Apr 7, 2017


I find it hard to take him seriously.

Quanah on Apr 8, 2017


Michael Bay and team are simply phenomenal. Their Transformers movies are like sex. You can never have enough.

boball on Apr 12, 2017

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