Watch: Teaser Trailer for Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' Movie

July 22, 2017
Source: YouTube

Ready Player One Teaser Trailer

"There's nowhere left to go… Nowhere, except the Oasis." Warner Bros has debuted the first teaser trailer for Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Ready Player One, the geeky novel about a kid in the future who logs into a virtual reality world and plays games to win the ultimate prize. I'm so excited to finally see something from this, and I still can't believe Spielberg is actually directing. Young actor Tye Sheridan stars as Wade Watts, known in the gaming world as Parzival. The cast includes Mark Rylance as the game's creator, James Halliday, as well as T.J. Miller, Ben Mendelsohn, Simon Pegg, Olivia Cooke, Lena Waithe, Letitia Wright, and Kae Alexander. There's some great references to The Iron Giant, Back to the Future, and E.T. of course, and this is only just the first tease. Dang I'm hyped for this!! Very excited to see more.

Here's the first teaser trailer (+ poster) for Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One, from WB's YouTube:

Ready Player One Movie

Ready Player One Poster

When the creator of an MMO called the Oasis dies, he releases a video in which he challenges all Oasis users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune. Wade Watts finds the first clue and starts a race for the Egg. Ready Player One is directed by the one-and-only Steven Spielberg, of Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the Indiana Jones movies, E.T., Empire of the Sun, Hook, the Jurassic Park movies, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, A.I., Minority Report, War of the Worlds, Munich, War Horse, Lincoln, Bridge of Spies, and The BFG previously. The screenplay is written by Zak Penn, Eric Eason, and Ernie Cline; based on the novel of the same name by Ernie Cline. Warner Bros opens Spielberg's Ready Player One in theaters everywhere starting on March 30th, 2018 early next year. First impression?

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Not sure what to think about this yet, but I liked that shot of The Iron Giant. I don't trust these screenwriters (especially Zak Penn) with making this anything more than pure spectacle, which is fine, but a good story and interesting characters would have been even better. Who knows. Maybe this will be something special. For now though, I don't have much faith in this movie. Reminds me of a cross between Tron: Legacy and Sucker Punch so far.

thejon93rd on Jul 22, 2017


Well, this looks promising, though I am a bit worried because I think there is just too much story in the book to cram into one movie and I think they will leave many of the nice little details and references – which made the book so great - out and leave us with a mess ... but I really hope they do the book justice ... PS if I remember correctly the Wade was a really big kid and the guy they picked looks quite fit … just saying …

Darth Steef on Jul 22, 2017


I think the writing was weak, the story predictable, and could easily be crammed into one movie. The main character is a Mary Sue, which becomes tiring. I would have loved to see the trailer be focused on the mystery, not screen filled cgi garbage. You don't have to type "just saying" because you are correct. I think casting a fat guy and then making him lose weight during the movie would be awesome. A Chris Pratt type would have been great to see lose the weight over the film.

redtie on Jul 22, 2017


I just read this book last week. And while it wasn't all that well written it was surpsingly entertaining. It is the perfect book to be turned into a movie and this actually looks pretty solid. Doesn't really feel like Spielberg though.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 22, 2017


The author was able to be quite lazy with his descriptions because you all ready have an image of whatever lazy pop culture reference he choose.

redtie on Jul 22, 2017


That race looks like fun for a trailer, but I can't imagine it being any more than just another IJ4 jungle chase CGI-fest

txJM on Jul 22, 2017


That's pretty much exactly what I was expecting, and that's good.

DAVIDPD on Jul 22, 2017


Was...was the iron giant.

Xerxexx on Jul 22, 2017


Yea, also Freddy Krueger, Harley Quinn, Deadpool, x the Delorean is in there too!

Brandon Cole on Jul 22, 2017


Re-watched and saw them. Epic.

Xerxexx on Jul 22, 2017


I couldn't find Harley! Where is she?

Cinephile3 on Jul 22, 2017


I got goosebumps just from that, looked awesome.

Justin R on Jul 22, 2017


Duke Nukem 1:32

Paddy McManus on Jul 22, 2017


Well, if I paraphrase something I read before than this is what it says; it's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of the entertainment industry. Look scary shallow ...

shiboleth on Jul 22, 2017


Yep. Looks like a cgi crapfest. I was expecting...something else. Transformers fans will love it.

tarek on Jul 22, 2017


Hey tarek. I think it's even worse, this time it's cgi crapfest against reality. And reality looks really bad in this. But nobody cares, obviously. Regardless that this looks like some evolution that will bring us back to caves with only difference we will finally get virtual reality. I guess, that's what all cave people have dreamed back there in ancient history, to get the computer and guns to kill ugly animals in the cave so they play games until the death comes ...

shiboleth on Jul 22, 2017


I lost my faith in Spielberg the day he started producing Trashformers nonsense. I'm afraid his glorious past is behind him. But hey! It's a smart move. The cgi consumers are the ones who are paying the studios now...

tarek on Jul 23, 2017


Trashformers, hahaha, totally cool. Yeah, Spielberg is long gone. 'Catch me if you can' might be the last enjoyable film from him. When I think today of him boasting to be a friend of prestigious and late Stanley Kubrick, I really think that is good for Kubrick to be gone. As for the cgi, I think it's a transitional trend since this kind of escapism we see today cant and won't last for long time...

shiboleth on Jul 24, 2017


They obviously never watched or heard about soylent green. People who wrote the script (based on "make room! Make room!" Novel) know the real meaning of nostalgia...

tarek on Jul 23, 2017


Well, tarek, people are behaving like they haven't heard about a lot of things, let alone soylent green. But nobody is willing to entertain that. There was some bizarre attempt to remake Logan's Run, but nobody's wants to think about things anymore in a more coherent way than to imitate today's shallow styles of making films. Especially older ones. And that works mostly for US films. To be honest, I have no problem with the fun concept, not at all, but one that has its roots in reality or that works on that relation. I read some comment above from a guy who says that the whole story is happening in virtual reality. That's fantastic, since he's not even willing to acknowledge that film should be doing something else and better then imitate that bad model from the book...

shiboleth on Jul 24, 2017


I mentioned the VR thing so I think you mean me. How am I supposed to acknowledge a statement or argument that hasn't even been posited to me? It's a bit presumptuous to assume my feelings on the matter. Anyways, I was simply explaining my feelings on all the inevitable CG overload comments. In this film it actually makes sense because of the setting. I'm curious to know why you think the book had a bad model and that they should be doing something better? Did you read the book? The whole story isn't in VR but a majority of it is. There's a big reason for that which is central to the story. You can't adapt the book without it. My knock on the trailer was that there was 0 plot and just visuals. Like I said before, I hope the next trailer gives a sense of the story for those that haven't read the books. They will better understand why there is so much CG. Ultimately it was a fun book to read and I'm hoping it's just as fun to watch.

David Diaz on Jul 24, 2017


Well, first of all, no hard feelings, huh? We're just talking here and I have no intentions to be hostile to anybody I don't know (and especially, even if I knew you, I probably wouldn't like that either). Secondly, you were referring to discussion between me and tarek and that referring just came back at you. So what? Nothing's broken,everybody here is talking about films and we all sharing our opinions about them. And, you finally addressed me directly, so let's take it from here, ok? And yes, I assumed what you think and I will continue to do so since I just might not think of you whatever you want me to think. There's nothing scary about it, I just don't feel to assume what you think I should assume. But you're always invited to correct me. Just don't expect to be absolutely successful about it. Or simply, I probably don't agree with you on many things. I think that's also and still regular state of affairs between people. Furthermore, I am at fault here since I didn't read the book. But discussion between me and tarek was not if Spielberg would do justice to that book, but whether Spielberg is capable of making another good film. Me and tarek are mostly thinking that he won't pull that off. But after your response, I think that everything is going to be even worse. Don't get me wrong, I would like to see a film about VR, but where the story is more about the nature of VR and not where the story is mostly in it. True, it remains to be seen, but, as said, we have serious doubts about that. So yes, I am afraid this is going to be another cgi crapfest since cgi here is again just a tool to use some book. I agree with tarek about this: cgi today is a measure of mediocrity in making films. And while we are at it, let me make the whole thing a bit worse, why would I read some book (which I won't say that I have no intention of doing) just because some film is made after it? I mean, Isn't that the whole business plan behind this relation books/films relation, huh? Besides, there's a lot of films which promote a lot of different books I am not interested to read. And still, I think my view about those films is still legit. That has nothing to do with the fact that I read a lot of books, but not for fun and not because they are fun to read (comic books are better in that respect). I usually expect them to be more than fun, something closer to serious and insightful. It is my choice to skip some books that I consider cheap or not good enough and I choose to see only their version on the screen. To be honest, I think that most of cheap books end up like films. And, a lot of writers today are writing them with that purpose. Unfortunately. Of course, you might not agree with me on many things here... Well enough of all that. On the end, you and me, we hardly can agree on this matter, but that doesn't mean the end of the world, huh? Have a nice time and don't feel mad about it. I really didn't want to agitate you. And thank you for your thoughts, regardless the fact I don't agree with them ...

shiboleth on Jul 24, 2017


My reply wasn't meant as an angry comment. My feelings weren't hurt. I just thought I should reply directly so there wouldn't be any more assumptions of my thoughts on the matter of what I would acknowledge or not. And I wanted you to expand on why you though the book had a bad model. There were multiple comments in the thread that mentioned the heavy use of CG which is why I didn't make my initial comment to you guys directly but in general. So onto further discussion. While much of the movie takes place in VR, the actual plot is about the struggle of the users to keep this VR environment that so much of the world lives in, from being taken over by an "evil" money hungry corporation that just wants to make profit. It's definitely an expansion of the problem of micro transactions in video games these days. I'm not %100 sure what you mean by wanting to see a film about the nature of VR but there should be more to this film than just cool CG if Spielberg gets it right. As far as that goes I can see why you and other people might think he's lost his touch. For me, he's made more gems than duds so I'll always give him the benefit of the doubt. You mention Catch Me if You Can as his last enjoyable film for you. Personally I've enjoyed War of the Worlds, Munich, TinTin, War Horse, and Lincoln since then. Haven't seen Bridge of Spies, which I heard was good or BFG. I may be wrong but I hope he does this film justice and that it isn't just a CG crapfest.

David Diaz on Jul 25, 2017


Ok, as said, no hard feelings. let's move on.Which is cool. When I say I am interested in films that question VR (or anything), then I am not interested to know what it is (which probably all of us here do), but what can become of it, can film as a medium say something new about it. And, is it really possible for VR, as you and that book say, to be something out of reach from any company, money grabbers or anything so 'evil'? Of course, I don't expect to have philosophical treaties on film (which, to be honest, I wouldn't have any problem to see in the first place), but I would like to see a film, from time to time, which poses some, let's say, substantial questions about technologies we use today or at least those from the last decades instead of only using them for purposes of film industry to make money. Which brings us back then to 'evil' corporations and their audiences participating in that corporate scheme. Which, let's be honest, film industry mostly is today. But never mind them, I would like to see a film which tells the story in a insightful and acceptable way for many and not only through using cgi or anything close to it. As for Spielberg, the last film I saw from him and didn't think much of it is exactly Bridge of Spies. He's an experienced film maker, but he doesn't care to make different films than standard ones and I saw that in this last film. Of course, he uses all of his skills (which are substantial; i absolutely agree), but only to make films that can still be a good product in line with the wishes of producers and targeted audience. What troubles me is the fact that he uses very interesting and fresh stories to make those standard films. Someone with different sensibility should be doing this film and I won't say any name here. So, I believe you when you say he's good, I just don't think he will get it right. And I am less worried, as tarek is, that this is going to be a cgi crapfest (although, it could be also that), I am worried it will be shallow and moralizing one. And this is what I think is also happening to Spielberg, he's way too moralizing in his last films and I am a bit tired of that, too. But, yes, let's see the film first. Cheers ...

shiboleth on Jul 26, 2017


I still don't get all the praise for this book. It relies completely on 80s nostalgic filler to hold it up and, if you take that away, the story is pretty flat

syntaxterror on Jul 22, 2017


Good book does not a good movie make, and vice versa of course.

Quanah on Jul 22, 2017


The book is no work of great literature. It's just a super fun read. And if you are a child of the 80's it was even more fun. It's a David and Goliath story. We want to see the little guy win.

David Diaz on Jul 24, 2017


I AM a child of the 80s and it wasn't fun for me. To each their own though

syntaxterror on Jul 24, 2017


Sounds like Pure Imagination is being used in the soundtrack.

Xerxexx on Jul 22, 2017


I thought the exact same thing

Indianamcclain on Jul 22, 2017



Бабак on Jul 22, 2017


Looks like crap. Why Spielberg will make this beats me.

boball on Jul 22, 2017


Just finished reading the book a few weeks back. Looking forward to seeing what Spielberg did with the source material.

Quanah on Jul 22, 2017


Not good, not good at all....

ari smulders on Jul 23, 2017


That looks amazing! They gave no hint to the actual plot of the film. But they sure showed some kick ass action. And I'd have to argue against the cg crapfest comments since the point of the film is that most people live their lives in a VR environment so a majority of the film takes place in a video game. Looking forward to seeing a trailer that shows more of the story.

David Diaz on Jul 23, 2017


This is one of my favorite books of all time. And I could not be more excited for this movie. That was... until I saw this trailer. Now I fear I need to seriously temper my expectations. But I'm holding out hope. I really hope they got these characters right.

Nathan on Jul 23, 2017


exactly. looks sub par. like the so many other "teenage" sci fi films out there. doesn't feel "spielbergy" at all.

boball on Jul 23, 2017


Remain hopeful! It IS Spielberg, after all! Plus, you can't really make any real judgments about this based on 90 seconds of very early footage. There's still plenty more to see. I'm just happy there are numerous pop culture references, I was worried they would downplay that or swap them for fake characters but I'm glad real ones as in here.

Alex Billington on Jul 23, 2017


Yeah, it probably still is way too early to throw in the towel on this. It was really hard to imagine how they were going to adapt this, anyway. This is a story that could have been interpreted a million different ways into a film. So, considering that, I do trust the hands shaping it. I have always felt hopeful, too, because Cline put his name on as a screenwriting credit. Him being a part of it speaks well of how they interpreted it.

Nathan on Jul 23, 2017


I wouldn't be worried about the references. I'm sure Spielberg barely got a sentence out and companies were begging him to use their stuff. I didn't know this but apparently last year they took open submissions for 3D models to use in the film for avatars and stuff. That's pretty cool if people catch theirs in the movie.

David Diaz on Jul 24, 2017


I was hoping for more 80's fair thrown in the trailer, but it was pretty much every pop culture reference you could shake a stick at....but I guess you'd better get those millennial butts in the theater seats.

THE_RAW_ on Jul 23, 2017


I'm a HUGE fan of the book...but the casting choice...needs to eat WAY more sandwiches. He's the typical cookie-cutter version of a teenage hero *YAWN*. And to be completely honest, I've not been impressed with Spielberg as of late...I'm very VERY cautiously optimistic about this. Kinda bummed honestly...looks like an LSD induced CGI-fest, which...I don't really remember that aspect from the book....

THE_RAW_ on Jul 23, 2017


So many random Easter eggs. I'm loving it

Trix256 on Jul 23, 2017


I'm in!

Cyberdine on Jul 26, 2017

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