Charlize Theron in Full Trailer for Jason Reitman's Latest Film 'Tully'

March 7, 2018
Source: YouTube

Tully Trailer

"You can't fix the parts without treating the whole." Focus Features has released a full-length trailer for the film Tully, the latest from director Jason Reitman, reuniting with with Charlize Theron, who starred in his film Young Adult, and reuniting with screenwriter Diablo Cody, who wrote the scripts for Juno and Young Adult. Tully was a last minute, surprise premiere at the Sundance Film Festival - where I saw it and loved it, naming it as one of my favorite films of the festival. Theron plays a mother of three, including a new baby, who hires a night nanny as suggested by her brother. Mackenzie Davis plays Tully, the charming nanny who helps her finish all the work in the evening. The film's cast includes Mark Duplass and Ron Livingston. This really is one of my favorites, it's one of Reitman's best, and I highly recommend seeing it.

Here's the full official trailer (+ poster) for Jason Reitman's Tully, direct from Focus' YouTube:

Tully Movie Poster

You can still watch the original teaser trailer for Reitman's Tully here, to see more footage from this.

The film is about Marlo (Charlize Theron), a mother of three including a newborn, who is gifted a night nanny by her brother. Hesitant to the extravagance at first, Marlo comes to form a unique bond with the thoughtful, surprising and sometimes challenging young nanny named Tully (Mackenzie Davis). Tully is directed by Canadian filmmaker Jason Reitman, of the films Thank You for Smoking, Juno, Up in the Air, Young Adult, Labor Day, and Men, Women & Children previously. The screenplay is written by Diablo Cody (Juno, Jennifer's Body, Young Adult, Paradise, Ricki and the Flash). The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival - read our review. Focus Features opens Tully in select theaters starting April 20th in spring.

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Having kids and getting old isn't really that bad, it's not like we haven't been doing it for thousands of years. But movies like this make it seem like it's hell. We'll all be able to relate to it and maybe somewhere the fracturing of families is different in the this age, being miles away from parents/support and being a lot more selfish.

Carpola on Mar 7, 2018


I am being away from my relatives and I am selfish if I want at least 20% of my life spent on my interests? And I want to sleep well too, and not to be a zombie with daily headache from being sleep-deprived for many many months, years. I believe no one is really prepare to be a parent, and this movie is a good way to show how it's likely to be if you didn't think this through (and I didn't)

Svetlana Apryatkina on Mar 10, 2018


I never said you were selfish Svetlana, collectively we are all more selfish. My parents never had 24 hour entertainment, the internet or all the other things we have to steal our time nowadays. With having kids, you can't think it through too much, or you'd never do it. 🙂 My son is 10 now, I wasn't prepared either, my wife was, but like the character in this trailer, there were low moments. It is hard, but I don't think it's hell. It might feel that way, but for me at least having child made me view the world in a more positive light, seeing it through my son's eyes.

Carpola on Mar 11, 2018


Nice. Charlize and Reitman are such a odd couple, they work so well together.

DAVIDPD on Mar 7, 2018


It looks a bit out of place. I mean, ok, being a parent can be tough, but this looks one sided, overstretched a bit . Like, life as something valuable is gone after you become a parent. Again, it's hard, but it's not the end of the world. You just step into another period of your life and the leap is not only a temporal one ...

shiboleth on Mar 7, 2018


Totally don't get that from this trailer at all. Motherhood isn't all happiness and sunshine and roses. It is tough. It in no way looks over-stretched or one-sided. It just looks like a normal family coping how they can the way everyone does. Looks like there's lots of happy and loving moments in it as well which will balance out against the tough ones. And the great moments will mean more because of the tough scenes. This trailer doesn't make it seem at all like motherhood is the end of the world, It just makes it seem like what it is probably with a bit more philosophising conversations and perfectly timed comedic moments than in real life.

alex on Mar 7, 2018


Obviously, what works for some families, for some parenting, doesn't work for others. I obviously have such experiences and I am aware that there are hard times, but I see too much suffering in this trailer here and yes, it does look overstretched to me. This is drama and as such, at least for me, can present more fantastic things about emotions and psychological states than standard film about superheroes. Sorry, I'm not fun of this, since, I don't see a realism, only a well constructed one...

shiboleth on Mar 8, 2018


If only every person's experience was like yours and represented on screen. Unfortunately you are not the point on which the earth resolves and many people will have very different experiences than you. It looks very believable to me although obviously have to wait for it to come out and watch it to know for sure but I'm sure the film won't suffer by you not watching it. Feel free to ignore any and all future articles and trailers and advertising for this movie.

alex on Mar 8, 2018


You are exaggerating, but that's your decision. There's no need for that. I just don't see it. Films (and books and what not) should be critically revised. That's the freedom I use here, nothing else. And so do many other people. And ok, I understand that what I think is not too favorable for this film, but that also happens with films I like and others don't. When somebody gets so attached to some project like you do, then there must be some personal background related to it. Whether with the project itself or with its idea. Sure, you can deny that, but the real talk about the freedom is not avoiding to see and to read stuff, but confronting it. You do enjoy this film, and please do realize that there might be people who won't. Peace? Cheers ...

shiboleth on Mar 10, 2018


shiboleth, Are you a parent of multiple small children without any help from friends, relatives or nanny around? Sound like no to me... This is my way of life unfortunately and we can't afford nanny more than once a month for a couple of hours. But as kids are getting older it gets more interesting and easier with them from physical stand point. I really see myself in this trailer/movie and it even make me cry as it's so close to my feelings... so I disagree with your comments

Svetlana Apryatkina on Mar 10, 2018


Well, Svetlana, I am many things and then again, I am not many other things, too. I'm not an Avenger, but I do judge films called Avengers. A different thing? Definitely. There's difference between film and reality, we should all be aware of that. And no, Svetlana, by that I don't mean any disrespect regarding your existential and parental situation. In fact, I believe, according to your post, that you're hero to and for your children and hero of your life. I do salute to that. But I don't think films like this one here do justice to people like you or to any reality. I think they are exploiting situations like that. However, I do understand your identification with situations like the one portrayed in this trailer, I just don't think it's fair to everything that happens. And yes, I do have a child, but I never trusted films (or even books) in portraying what it feels to be a parent since I see only exploitation. Strong emphasis on emotions, tough moments and stuff. Pains and suffering are the means of manipulation and are blurring bigger things. Yes, they are things that really happen, but in presenting such life, it should show more, much more than using them to get audience's attention. But honestly, if you're going to enjoy this one, go on and enjoy it, don't bother with what I think. Wish you best in life Svetlana, you must be one of those strong women in this world. Kudos to that ...

shiboleth on Mar 11, 2018


I am not strong, if I were strong the films like this one would not touch me at all. And I know tons of woman that feel like I as we share or troubles all the time. We just try to find a light in every day but can't find it often. The key word here maybe one child or children and if a mother has support from her family or not. We are not getting any as we live many thousands miles away from our home. I shared the trailer with some of my friends and many of them related themselves to it. I haven't watch the film yet, maybe I change my thoughts afterwards.

Svetlana Apryatkina on Mar 11, 2018


I guess, I have no other choice but to be sympathetic about everything you say. But I also think you are wrong and I think I have to tell you that there must be strength in you if you don't give up on things. I hope that, as much as it it possible, you also let yourself to enjoy fulfilling your needs (yeah, kids are great, but also, so are you). In some future perspective, that might give you some light in your life. Wish you best ...

shiboleth on Mar 12, 2018


I didn't see the whole Juno, only fragment of it. That makes another film that I have to see. As for Young Adult, I didn't have a good feeling about it so I wasn't interested immediately. Who knows, you might be right about it, Bo. As for this one, it looks like its perspective lacks some parts of the whole. Something is missing for me too ...

shiboleth on Mar 8, 2018


Who knows? It probably will be watchable to some point, but nothing special. As you said, maybe, someday. Later ...

shiboleth on Mar 10, 2018


This isn't a woman miserable being a mother. She's tired. Looks like her husband lives in his own world as well. My wife watched this trailer, and made the observation above. She doesn't see unhappiness. She sees fatigue. Hence, the little clip of dropping her phone on her babies head, among other indications in the short sequence of clips.

Quanah on Mar 8, 2018


Saw this movie at the Atlanta film festival and all I will say is that it is worth the watch. The trailer is good but doesn't do full justice to the meaning of the movie. There is a Wow moment....

alycat on Apr 29, 2018

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