Claire Foy as Lisbeth in First Trailer for 'The Girl in the Spider's Web'

June 7, 2018
Source: YouTube

The Girl in the Spider's Web Trailer

"Are you not Lisbeth Salander - the righter of wrongs?" Sony has debuted the first official trailer for the latest film in David Fincher's English-language version of The Girl in the Dragon Tattoo series, continuing with the sequel The Girl in the Spider's Web. However, they went back to the drawing board and re-cast Lisbeth Salander and found a new director, Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Alvarez (of the Evil Dead remake), to steer this ship. The Girl in the Spider's Web stars Claire Foy as the new Lisbeth, hacker extraordinaire, and Swedish actor Sverrir Gudnason as her cohort Mikael Blomkvist. The film's full cast includes Sylvia Hoeks, Lakeith Stanfield, Stephen Merchant, Vicky Krieps, Cameron Britton, and Claes Bang from The Square. This doesn't look so bad, which is a relief. Even though Fincher has stepped away and it doesn't have the same feel, it still looks very cool. The brutal opening scene will definitely get your attention.

Here's the first official trailers for Fede Alvarez's The Girl in the Spider's Web, from YouTube:

The Girl in the Spider's Web

The Girl in the Spider's Web

Young computer hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist find themselves caught in a web of spies, cybercriminals and corrupt government officials. Lisbeth Salander, the cult figure and title character of the acclaimed Millennium book series created by Stieg Larsson, will return to the screen in The Girl in the Spider’s Web, a first-time adaptation of the recent global bestseller. The Girl in the Spider's Web is directed by Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Alvarez, director of the films Evil Dead and Don't Breathe previously, as well as a number of shorts. The screenplay is written by Fede Alvarez, Jay Basu, and Steven Knight. Adapted from the book of the same name written by David Lagercrantz, the sequel to Stieg Larsson's original Dragon Tattoo book series. Sony Pictures will release Fede Alvarez's The Girl in the Spider's Web in theaters everywhere starting on November 9th, 2018 later this fall. First impression? How does it look?

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Now that was a damn trailer! And I have to say, I already like Claire Foy over Rooney Mara. This looks crazy good!

Brandon Cole on Jun 7, 2018


Is she going for a swedish accent? Sounds more south african at times. Did they do that in the Fincher movie as well? I only saw the first of the swedish trilogy of films.

Efterklang on Jun 7, 2018


Are the film makers even sure that people remember that there was a first movie in this franchise starring Rooney Mara? Are they sure that people even remember what happened in that movie?

theboyd on Jun 7, 2018


I saw all the original 3 films and skipped the David Fincher remake. But this looks great so far. If it does good Sony might as well do the the first one over again with this cast lol. Really like Claire Foy in this role and having Lakeith Stanfield also in a part is a bonus.

Oblique on Jun 7, 2018


I have not yet read the books, and I did not watch the Swedish versions, but I thought the Fincher film was incredible- nearly perfect. It's going to be tough to watch this one without some bias. The trailer didn't do much for me but I'm willing to give it a chance when it's released.

rickvanr on Jun 7, 2018


lol , if you haven't read the books nor seen the 3-hour Swedish TV versions of each book , how can you know WHAT is " nearly perfect " ?? .... I do have all the books and the 9 hours of SwissTV : what was "better" about Fincher's version , was the leads ; Rooney plays a much more vulnerable and scarred version of Lisbeth , and she gets her heart broken , in the end . Daniel Craig gives his usual great performance , and is more believable as someone Lisbeth Could and Would become smitten with Contrast , Noomi plays her harder and colder , with only facial tics and glances showing her emotions ( at least in movie 1 ) , and she blows off the older and doughy Bloomkvist at the end . Noomi is so drop-dead gorgeous tho , its harder to picture her going thru the life that u find out the child Lisbeth did , from the later books ( a fear the Swiss director has said he had initially ). Rooney's look( nose chain , tattoos , spiky hair , etc ) makes that more believable , and I would like to see how she would act Lisbeth in a Book 2 or Book 3 movie . Basically Fincher made everyone Prettier , Sexier , and gave it a Hollywood ending ; the Swiss TV version is grittier , with more average-looking Swiss citizens involved , and scripted with more realism . Plus all 3 scripts PERFECTLY match Stig Larsen's Books , which is why they take 3 hours to watch . I prefer the 1st Swiss TV movie , to Fincher's ..

Dominic on Jun 10, 2018


Actually ,there was a SHORTER movie , that may have come out in Swiss theaters. But then FOR Swiss TV it was remade into a three-hour film ( two 90 -min segments) . Again. If you look up the DVD on Amazon , the explanation should be there ..So actually, you're wrong , as there is a Swiss TV movie of the first book , which blows Fincher ' s version away. Except , as I note above , with the leads . And The Director of the 1st Swiss movie went on Charlie Rose and admitted that Noomi had to "sell him " on being able to play such a scarred character SINCE She is so gorgeous . Then Noomi and 3 other cast members did a second Rose show , where she confirmed that story .. Like most trilogies , movie 2 is the best one . With the explanation of the back story , and the " buried alive " scene . The third one is more concerned with Lisbeth's hospital stay , and trial ;also Bloomkvist's expose of the Nazi connections in the Swiss govt. Also the showdown between Lisbeth and her brother, the father's henchman

Dominic on Jun 11, 2018


yeah this site doesn't like it anymore , when u post things about OTHER sites ... as i JUST told you , I PERSONALLY have the proof , since I have all three Extended Edition Movies on DVD , in my possession . and I told you where to find other confirmation of such ...if you don't check it our for yourself , that's your issue not mine . I also told you the two directors who worked on the Ext.Editions - one was Oplev . when you do more research , you can find out exactly which Ext.Edition he did The French have nothing to do with it ...

Dominic on Jun 13, 2018


NOW You are def being an internet Idiot ... going for the argument instead of just doing some BETTER searching . and then Blocking me , instead of listening ... Typical

Dominic on Jun 13, 2018


I know the story, so, after watching the Swedish version, this will be watched only for fun ...

shiboleth on Jun 7, 2018


There is no Swedish version of a The Girl in the Spider’s Web movie. This is based on the fourth book, not written by Stieg Larsson. Looks fantastic though.

whoafilms on Jun 7, 2018


I haven't read the book, but I see things from the Swedish version. But I choose to believe you and hope you're right. In that respect, I just might see something new and good. Hopefully ...

shiboleth on Jun 8, 2018


Doesn't look half bad but I worry the lack of star power in front and behind the camera. And does anybody still remember or care about another version of this character/series (in the US) anymore?

JohnDoeB on Jun 8, 2018


well , the key phrase in your rant is " this LOOKS Like ..." ....We won't know how much of the Salander backstory this movie will delve into ,to give us a premise or potent themes , until it comes out . Obv they can't compress all of it into one part of a 2hr-10min movie ...Lisbeth as The Toxic Avenger is just an easy character to script and movie to FUND , nowadays in Hollywood . The look as she is torturing the guy , is a homage to the way she looked at the trial , during the 3rd book . Spiky wings , vs a spiky Mohawk ...

Dominic on Jun 10, 2018


i merely mentioned the wings ; the mask was not in the 3rd movie ...obv that is more of a homage to superhero imagery - i.e. , The Toxic Avenger needs a mask to hide her eyes , to not be identified ... I'll wait , for a full review of the movie before I make such a judgement . If it's "deemed" crappy , I'll just wait til Premium Cable picks it up . Like I say further down the page , I would be more interested in seeing Mara act out Books 2 and 3 , of the series . If she would scar up her face again , for the role ...

Dominic on Jun 10, 2018

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