Final 'Dreamer' Trailer for Spielberg's Sci-Fi Epic 'Ready Player One'

March 15, 2018
Source: YouTube

Ready Player One Trailer

"What part of your past as you trying to escape, Halliday?" Warner Bros has released one final trailer for Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Ernie Cline's book Ready Player One, hitting theaters at the end of this month. This nostalgia-packed, sci-fi action epic just premiered at the SXSW Film Festival over the weekend, and tickets are available to buy now if you want to get them early. If you're planning to see this, you should know what to expect, a super-nerdy movie filled with references and throwbacks, which is the entire point of it. Young actor Tye Sheridan stars as Wade Watts, known in the Oasis gaming world as "Parzival". The full cast includes Mark Rylance as Oasis creator, James Halliday, as well as T.J. Miller, Ben Mendelsohn, Simon Pegg, Olivia Cooke, Lena Waithe, Letitia Wright, and Kae Alexander. I'm honestly still very excited to see this movie, and I plan to be there opening night to catch it on the big screen. What about you?

Here's the final "Dreamer" trailer (+ posters) for Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One, from YouTube:

You can watch the teaser trailer for Ready Player One here, the second full trailer + Spielberg featurette.

Ready Player One Movie

Ready Player One Movie

Ready Player One Movie

From Joi Childs' initial review on SlashFilm from the SXSW premiere: "The stellar visuals carry this film beyond its simple script and its simple ideas, making it a fun adventure.. it's a wonderful piece of escapism."

When the creator of an MMO called the Oasis dies, he releases a video in which he challenges all Oasis users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune. Wade Watts finds the first clue and starts a race for the Egg. Ready Player One is directed by the one-and-only Steven Spielberg, of Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the Indiana Jones movies, E.T., Empire of the Sun, Hook, the Jurassic Park movies, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, A.I., Minority Report, War of the Worlds, Munich, War Horse, Lincoln, Bridge of Spies, and The BFG previously. The screenplay is written by Zak Penn, Eric Eason, and Ernie Cline; based on the novel of the same name by Ernie Cline. Warner Bros opens Spielberg's Ready Player One in theaters everywhere starting March 29th later this month. Who's excited to see this?

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Hum...Yeah. Still feeling cold. Will wait for the reviews.

tarek on Mar 15, 2018


About 25 reviews on RT, looks pretty positive so far

rickvanr on Mar 15, 2018


If it's the same dudes who reviewed positively Annihilation, then I'll wait for the 25 other reviews. ;D

tarek on Mar 15, 2018


True. I take the reviews with a grain of salt anyways.

rickvanr on Mar 15, 2018


Critics alone can skew the wrong way. I try to look at the audience reaction too. The popcorn metre. I’ll have to check out metacritic though. RT has led me astray a few times in the last year.

rickvanr on Mar 15, 2018


RT and Metacritic pretty much do the same thing, except metacritic is weighted- which I think can sometimes make it a less reliable of a metric. Plus I find most critics are way too politically motivated now. I watch most of my movies at home too, but some really benefit from the big screen (especially if you have a respectful audience)

rickvanr on Mar 22, 2018


Hey Bo! I'm still alive. ;D Just less inspired by the flood of uninspiring movies released these days. Hard to find something worth a solid discussion.

tarek on Mar 15, 2018


Stop being such a Negative Nancy. Wait. Isn't that my role? Haha

Mark on Mar 15, 2018


Ha! ;D Nancy is my middle name too. It's hard to not be a Nancy nowadays. Studios have less and less respect for us. I hate it.

tarek on Mar 15, 2018


only movie I'm really looking forward to and I hate pop culture shit, only reason I want to see it is because it looks like actual fun, something I haven't had at the movies in a while.

4chan on Mar 15, 2018


All Spiellbergs films in one. And some more ... That seems to be the purpose of this. Regardless the book ...

shiboleth on Mar 15, 2018


Screaming Spielberg's back!

Brandon Cole on Mar 15, 2018


Not at all .. Feels boring and a rip off from stranger things ..

ari smulders on Mar 15, 2018


Ari ari ari...1. You havent seen it yet. 2.The story was written before ST. St itself ripped off everything. Spielberg has nothing to prove. What have you done? Nothing. So come on, just STFU.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Mar 17, 2018


This wouldn't be made if stranger things wasn't such succes . .

ari smulders on Mar 17, 2018


Hoping for greatness, secretly expecting mediocrity.

DAVIDPD on Mar 15, 2018


I mean, really. We're getting a new SPIELBERG movie, doing what he does best. This looks like an incredible time at the movies. I'm excited as hell...I know it's been awhile since he wowed us, but way too early to be pessimistic

kitano0 on Mar 15, 2018


Well said!

Sascha Dikiciyan on Mar 17, 2018


Books and movies are so different. Loved this book, never expected a movie because I didn't think anybody could make it. Spielberg can. And it looks like he did. Can't wait.

Mark on Mar 15, 2018


I don't know, I'm just not expecting much from this. A lot of eye candy, very little substance. Which is fine of course for a movie like this, but it's Spielberg, and for some reason I just have very little interest. I feel like it's going to try too hard to make references, and just turn out bloated.

grimjob on Mar 15, 2018


The book was an homage to the cult nostalgia of the 80's and a little 90's (Back to the Future, Dungeons & Dragons, video games, 90's techno) and this looks like it's an homage to ALL the cult nostalgia ever to EXIST! Like some studio head said "Everything pop culture related has to be in there to appeal to those kids!! THEY WON'T GET IT! THEY WON'T BUY TICKETS!" But in my experience, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Especially when you're trying to tell a story and have characters people care about. Less is more in my opinion. That applies to design, art, film making and music. Over-saturation is the bane of my existence.

THE_RAW_ on Mar 16, 2018


Once again, we agree. It looks like a film-by-committee flick, which is turning me off.

grimjob on Mar 16, 2018


I think you need to see the movie before you judge it....

Jose Perez on Mar 30, 2018


A trailer is meant to show the viewer what's in the film. This trailer didn't succeed in showing me anything substantial, just a shit ton of pop culture references. So sure, I'll see it eventually. But I'm not interested enough to pay a ridiculous ticket price for it. I stand by what I said.

grimjob on Mar 30, 2018


Well, that trailer was better than the first couple. Still...the imagery and cuts of this does not even bring a candle to what the book offered. READ THE BOOK FIRST! And that Iron Giant/Say Anything poster is awesome but shouldn't be representative of this movie!

THE_RAW_ on Mar 15, 2018


Not at all .. Feels boring and a rip off from stranger things ..

alexander olsen on Mar 15, 2018


WTF are you talking about, how is this a rip of stranger things in anyway? You do realize the book for ready player one is older then stranger things right?

Lin Group on Mar 16, 2018


why are you repeating ari smulder's comment?

kitano0 on Mar 16, 2018


Yeah. total rip off. So similar. They basically color corrected Stranger Things and there you are: Get Ready Player One. Luckily it has no similarities to The Matrix, Tron or Assassins Creed one should point out, when looking for similarities. None at all. xD

ErrorSapiens on Mar 17, 2018


ErrorSapiens OMFG that was a great reply !!! hahaha alexander olsen • I hope you are an only child and by accident, BTW if you adjust the contrast way down, until the screen is black and you put ear muffs on, it is Stranger Things exactly!

Jose Perez on Mar 30, 2018


I heard the screen testings went down really well!!!!

LV 426 on Mar 16, 2018


Y’know, it’s funny. Apparently, the T-Rex in “Jurassic Park” appears both in this movie AND in “Fallen Kingdom”, and Spielberg is directing her once again in this one, too. And I just now realized that.

Mark Brackney on Mar 17, 2018


Got to see a preview showing of this tonight with my son, it was cool to see him view it and at the end say 'That's the best film I've ever seen', I haven't witnessed enthusiasm like that for a long time. Quite liked it myself.

Carpola on Mar 19, 2018


This is truly a great story... Made me laugh... love when kids say funny stuff

Jose Perez on Mar 30, 2018

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