Jim Carrey & Marton Csokas in First Trailer for Thriller 'Dark Crimes'

April 11, 2018
Source: YouTube

Dark Crimes Trailer

"We have a suspect - a crime writer…" "I think the book is your confession." Saban Films has released an official trailer for a dark crime thriller titled, of course, Dark Crimes. The title is a variation of the title for the original article this is based on in the New Yorker, called "True Crime", subtitle "A postmodern murder mystery." Dark Crimes stars Jim Carrey as a detective who gets involved in a case where a Polish author killed someone in real life the same way as in one of the fictional crime novels he wrote. Marton Csokas plays the author, and the cast includes Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kati Outinen, Vlad Ivanov, Agata Kulesza, Robert Wieckiewicz, and Piotr Glowacki. This loos quite dark and mysterious, but also quite good, I'm intrigued. Especially by Carrey's fierce, bearded performance in this. I really want to check it out.

Here's the official trailer (+ new poster) for Alexandros Avranas' Dark Crimes, direct from YouTube:

Dark Crimes Poster

Dark Crimes Poster

Jim Carrey stars as a police officer who reopens a notorious cold case and makes a shocking discovery in this thriller based on the true story of Polish author Krystian Bala, who was convicted of committing a real-life murder based on a similar crime detailed in one of his fictional novels. Based on David Grann's 2008 article "True Crimes" in the New Yorker. Dark Crimes is directed by Greek filmmaker Alexandros Avranas, of the films Without, Miss Violence, and Love Me Not released last year. The screenplay is written by Jeremy Brock. The film first premiered at the Warsaw Film Festival back in 2016, but has been waiting for a release. Saban Films will open Dark Crimes in select theaters starting May 11th, 2018 this summer.

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Hm, I have yet to see Carrey in a "serious" role... might be interesting (might not).

Joe Kundlak on Apr 11, 2018


1998's 'The Truman Show' was his big push to get an oscar worthy role and break out of his comedic 'trap'. Didn't go so well, he's had others (Man on the Moon, Eternal Sunshine, The Number 23 etc.) but has never really been able to be taken seriously. Maybe this is that breakthrough?

Verithin on Apr 11, 2018


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Man on the Moon were great movies (to me), they just didn't do great commercially. To be fair Eternal Sunshine feels like "indie sci-fi" character-driven film, while Man on the Moon is a biopic of Andy Kaufman who is/was himself a "hard to sell act". Anyone who hasn't seen at least one of the two should give one a try. Fair warning, both are a tad "uneventful" (for someone expecting a "tour-de-force" performance or awe-inspiring story. I do think the Number 23 feel flat, I liked the plot and acting, it just felt... i dunno. Finally, Jim Carrey got his first (minor) acting break in a serious role in Doing Time On Maple Drive and I remember he was excellent in it and got a lot of recognition for his part. Although, it was a TV Movie and didn't get a lot of reruns.

Akirakorn on Apr 11, 2018


What about his break out performance in The Dead Pool?

bumboclot on Apr 12, 2018


This would be interesting to see, but carrie has turned into a certified nutjob

B. Martin on Apr 11, 2018


he does strike me as quite odd always and not in a good way.. like darkness odd! always has really since liar liar ... not sure but he turned into andy kaufman after that movie and never found his way back

Derek NOLA on Apr 11, 2018


I don't really care how this ends (it doesn't look interesting in that respect), but I am wondering about the settings. So, what is this, a sex crime in Eastern Europe? The atmosphere of backwardness of the setting seems to be much more appealing here ...

shiboleth on Apr 11, 2018


Looks okay. Interesting if this is what has made Jim act like a weirdo lately.

DAVIDPD on Apr 11, 2018


it was the suicide of his girlfriend I think

Lin Group on Apr 11, 2018


Did you see the doco about his role on MAN ON THE MOON? I think he gets too deep into characters.

DAVIDPD on Apr 12, 2018


hear hear.

tarek on Apr 11, 2018


Where's the Poster ?

Loverboy on Apr 11, 2018


Carrey has arrived at a place of clarity, and he speaks truth, if you really think about what he's saying. But people usually prefer the comfort of their own delusional fantasy worlds.

bumboclot on Apr 12, 2018


Always loved Jim Carrey! From his silly characters such as Ace Ventura, to his more serious like Eternal Sunshine and Truman. This looks just...ok. The cinematography looks like something from Lifetime. Will still check it out though.

CShane on Apr 12, 2018


I don't really know much about Carrey and to be honest, I don't really care. He was never an interesting actor to me. But Plato's Cave as an metaphor for what he goes through? I never thought I'll read or hear something like that. And in Plato's case, the reality you see after you come outside of that cave are ideas which are more then visible reality since the ideas are the only one and true reality, a true light that can't be seen in mentioned cave. Ok, Bo, I might be nitpicking here, I agree about it, since a lot of people don't read Plato and his Republic (let alone many other things), but I couldn't but to react to that. As said, I don't know much about what is or was going with Carrey (and in that respect, I wish him well), but I have to say (and agree with you on that, partially) that he isn't best example for those perceptions, since I think that his situation (from what I gathered by reading your post) is more like some process of psychological healing (and, in that respect, the spiritual one too) and it still remains to be seen what will come out of it. As for this trailer, it does look to me a bit, well, disjointed somehow and incoherent, but I must agree with you about Ms. Gainsbourg. She really is the first person that made me think about this. Who knows, she might be also the true reason to see this. Cheers Bo. I'm delighted about your use of Plato's perceptions and thoughts here, although I find a context to be a bit peculiar. But that's just me ...

shiboleth on Apr 12, 2018


Yeah, I'm cool. Didn't expect much more from that. Thanks, Bo ...

shiboleth on Apr 12, 2018


Gimme all ya got Shia!!

CyraNOSE on Apr 16, 2018


But I didn't get all of it. Only some ...

shiboleth on Apr 16, 2018

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