First Trailer for 'A Leaf of Faith' Doc About a Natural Opioid Alternative

May 6, 2018
Source: YouTube

A Leaf of Faith Documentary Trailer

"What if I told you I had the cure for the opioid crisis in my hand?" The Orchard has released an official trailer for a (potentially controversial) medicinal health documentary titled A Leaf of Faith, the latest film from doc director Chris Bell (Bigger Stronger Faster, Trophy Kids, Prescription Thugs). Even though the title might make you think this doc is about medicinal marijuana, it's actually about another kind of potent, powerful plant - one called "Kratom". Grown in Southeast Asia, the plant is part of the coffee family and is, supposedly, a safe and effective alternative to medicinal opioid painkillers. Why is this important? Because opioids are the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. Really. Which is a bit freaky, but it's true. "Join Chris Bell as he explores the natural world of this never before known harmless leaf that could be the perfect human medicine, while providing answers to all his questions and no doubt test[ing] his faith."

Here's the official trailer for Chris Bell & David Baca Jr.'s doc A Leaf of Faith, direct from YouTube:

A Leaf of Faith Trailer

In America we have a 9/11 scale loss every three weeks not by terrorists, but from opioid painkillers. The thing killing 30,000 Americans a year comes in a little white pill in an amber bottle with your name on it. Opioid painkillers are the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. We believe we came across a solution that has the potential to cure America's opiate epidemic. It exists in a plant called Kratom that grows in Southeast Asia. It's a part of the coffee plant and it carries alkaloids that kill pain, give energy, wean people off opioids, and even suppress some from social anxiety without deadly side effects, withdrawal symptoms or addiction symptoms. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it was. In October of last year the DEA announced this innocent plant that can save the world would become a schedule 1 drug that would sit in the same category as crystal meth and heroin. After a double hip replacement surgery, a 6-year opiate addiction, and losing his older brother to pills, Chris Bell made it his mission to help others get out of pain by killing the pain, not the patient. A Leaf of Faith is co-directed by filmmakers Chris Bell (Bigger Stronger Faster, Trophy Kids, Prescription Thugs) & David Baca Jr. The Orchard will release the doc direct-to-VOD starting May 29th later this month. Anyone interested in this?

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More people die in the US now from legal prescription medicine than illegal drugs.

Carpola on May 6, 2018


by taking them illegally.

rickvanr on May 7, 2018


By buying them from a pharmacy.

Carpola on May 8, 2018


So you're saying there are more people overdose and die that are legally prescribed opioid based drugs versus people taking them on the street? Would love to see the data from a legitimate source that proves that. Documentaries like these can be dangerous. They promote a drug that is little known about in the western world as a miracle drug when there is little to no scientific evidence to back it up.

rickvanr on May 8, 2018


There are more casualties and collateral damages caused by alcohol than by any other drug. Still, you can buy alcohol in any supermarket...Go figure.

tarek on May 9, 2018


You booze, you lose.

Carpola on May 14, 2018



tarek on May 14, 2018


There are 142 fatal overdoses a day, 91 of them from opioids.

Carpola on May 14, 2018


Actually there are TONS of studies and this plant has been researched for nearly 200 years. Former head of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, Johns Hopkins professor Dr. Jack Henningfield is just one of many very vocal proponents of kratom. They couldn't INDUCE death in lab rats with any amount of the active compounds in kratom. In addition to that it's more antioxidant than green tea, immunostimulant and has antibacterial, antiviral and even anti-cancer/chemo-preventative potential. Btw, 180,000 people per year (according to die from taking their prescribed medications AS PRESCRIBED. AS in NOT overdosing. That is around 6 times as many as the 30,000 per year dying from abusing opioids. Around 100,000 calls to ER's and poison control centers every year related to over the counter products like acetaminophen and others, for that matter. The links to those facts are cited in the article below.

Philip Fairbanks on May 16, 2018


Wow- great sources.. I think your 180,000 number is fascinating, no source for that? I'd be willing to guess that includes people who have died while taking prescribed medications, not directly from prescribed medications. Look, I'm hoping kratom can open the door to new and great drugs but arguing it should be sold without proper study and without restriction is dangerous.

rickvanr on May 18, 2018


My sources? “By far the greatest number of [prescription drug-related] hospitalizations and deaths occur from drugs that are prescribed properly by physicians and taken as directed,” says Donald Light, a medical and economic sociologist and lead author of a 2013 paper that detailed the estimate, entitled “Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals and the Myth of Safe and Effective Drugs.” “About 2,460 people per week are estimated to die from drugs that were properly prescribed, and that’s based on detailed chart reviews of hospitalized patients,” says Light, who is a professor of comparative health policy at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford, New Jersey. The estimate, which didn’t include those who died as a result of prescribing errors, overdose and self-medication, would make taking properly prescribed drugs the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. Sources for the other claims are also in the links to the article you obviously didn't bother to read before taking me to task on not knowing what I'm talking about. There are over 2,000 studies that reference mitragyna speciosa (kratom) 100 of those were published in 2018. That's nearly one per day. Last year there were 215 studies done. 1,400 of the 2,300+ studies were conducted since 2012. Researchers have proposed that it has dozens of potential applications and benefits (PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and more). In the article it links to another article I wrote that references about a dozen studies from 2012-2015 when the article was written. I've spent hundreds of hours poring over research journals and dozens of those hours were spent researching and writing about kratom. I've spoken with a molecular biologist who has worked as a patent attorney working with pharmaceuticals and bio-tech who along with (as I mentioned) Dr. Jack Henningfield, a world renowned authority on drugs and abuse who was a former head of the National Drug Abuse and dozens of other scientists, medical professionals and researchers believe the plant should be legal and available and that the research (it's also been found to be immuno-stimulant, anti-cancer, chemo-preventative, etc. etc.) continue. So in other words, most of what I just said, only again and with a bit more added to it lol. If you're interested, check out my interview with Dr. Babin, I found it personally really informative, I definitely learned a few things myself.

Philip Fairbanks on May 18, 2018


" this plant is part of the coffee plant" Uh, nope.

Danny Carbona on May 7, 2018


Mark Bell is a great documentarian. BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER was a blast.

DAVIDPD on May 7, 2018


Addiction is money. You don't play with that in this scary world...

shiboleth on May 8, 2018

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