Official Trailer for Behind-the-Scenes Doc 'The Director and The Jedi'

March 13, 2018
Source: YouTube

The Director and the Jedi Trailer

"I trust him, I have to trust him." Lucasfilm has released a trailer for the documentary titled The Director and The Jedi. This feature-length (a full 95 minutes!) documentary is actually included as a bonus feature on the forthcoming Blu-Ray/VOD release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but it also just premiered at the SXSW Film Festival, hence the timing of this trailer. The Director and The Jedi is an intimate documentary delving into Rian Johnson and his process as he comes in as a director new to the Star Wars universe. The film examines his intensive work and his connection to Star Wars, as well as his techniques and process as a director. Everything about this looks awesome, and I'm excited to watch, just to see Rian at work. The film is apparently a very revealing inside look at the making of a HUGE movie, which is actually quite rare, especially packaged as a two hour documentary. Take a look below & get your copy of TLJ later this month.

Here's the official trailer for Anthony Wonke's documentary The Director and The Jedi, from YouTube:

The Director and the Jedi Trailer

An intimate documentary delving into Rian Johnson's process as he comes in as a director new to the Star Wars universe. A fan since childhood, he sets out to make the most powerful Star Wars movie he can. Navigating the mammoth production, the scale of which he’s never directed before, we meet his cast and crew, see their individual challenges in bringing the film together, say goodbye to Carrie Fisher, and explore the significance of Rian’s more surprising decisions. The documentary gives you a view of what it really was like to make The Last Jedi. As the team strive to do their best, what shines through is their passion and how memorable an experience it is for Rian as director. The Director and the Jedi is directed by filmmaker Anthony Wonke, dirrector of many docs including The Battle for Marjah, Crack House USA, Gymnast, Fire in the Night, Being AP, and Ronaldo previously. This is premiering at the SXSW Film Festival this month. The Director and The Jedi will then be available as an extra on the Blu-ray/VOD release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi available March 27th this month - order on Amazon. Who wants to see this?

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Is this a joke ?

Tester on Mar 13, 2018


Will this have as many plot holes and useless characters?

Jimmy Hauser on Mar 13, 2018


At least Peter Jackson had the guts to admit his mistakes with the Hobbit.

tarek on Mar 13, 2018


Hey tarek. I keep disagreeing with you, but I hope that doesn't test our good relationship here, huh? Anyway, I think it was a good film and very good refreshing for the franchise (SW and The Last Jedi). So, if there were mistakes, there are technical, but as for narrative, it's interesting and it's opening new perspectives. Luke Skywalker is not the key game anymore, even he knew that, didn't he?

shiboleth on Mar 14, 2018


You're welcome to disagree with me every day Shiboleth. It makes the exchage more interesting. ;D As for TLJ, I am afraid to tell you that narratively speaking, it was a total mess. The only good thing in this disaster is the vfx and John Williams music. Rian Johnson turned a very inspiring franchise into a joke. Luke became a total selfish asshole who gave up just because a padawan disappointed him? Obiwan never gave up even when Anakin killed hundreds of babies and Jedi. The motivation is very weak and doesn't fit the character. Luke accepted to sacrify himself in RotJ just because he saw a small light in his father. Why didn't he try to see it in his padawan? The rebellion became a stupid movement led by stupid leaders who took stupid decisions that almost decimated them. Snoke is the new Darth Maul. Rose is a stupid girl who almost destroyed the rebellion because of a kiss, etc. I can't write a long review here, but you get the idea. ;D

tarek on Mar 14, 2018


Of course, I do get you and why I don't agree with you. But I always liked about you your articulate viewing of things. As for Rian Johnson, I don't have any special opinion about him and his work, but I think he did spice up things in right direction. He intentionally diverted from the usual narrative solution. Even with first film in this series, TFA, everybody said that everything changed just to be the same. And that meant, we are all played with the same old narrative and nothing changes or develops. Just different characters and the same story, Well, things did change and have developed and 'a very inspiring franchise' was in danger to turn the SW universe into the stagnant and non inventive exercise of special effects with the same story. Luckily, it didn't happen. No, Luke didn't became 'total selfish asshole' but worried and responsible person. Something worse haunted him, more than a padawan who disappoints him. And that is a question of taking jedi knights for granted. Or, isn't the disbalance in the force caused by two sides of the force. Which means, jedi knights are also the reason for it. And for the rise of the dark side. He does say it, to all the audience: 'This is not gonna end the way you think'. Questions of force are more complex than one of the padawans. Obiwan might have been mistaken in this. In that respect, Luke Skywalker is even greater character for me than he was before. It takes a bravery to question one's belief and its violence, no matter how just it seems. Those are big questions. In the face of all that, rebellion movement deals with what it has to face. Outsmart that. But I think that was never a real fight, Luke's was. And Rose isn't a stupid girl since the outcome came to be just the same, with or without the death of the one she might be in love. I think you cling too much on the same old story, while this one open the new possibilities, the ones that make things more complex and interesting. You are just old fashioned dude. I secretly admire you while also disagree with you. Cheers tarek ...

shiboleth on Mar 15, 2018


Yeah but we can excuse him because he had to take over after Guillermo backed out. He had to start from scratch with everything and THEN meet crucial deadlines. Rian just plain and simple developed and executed a terrible TLJ.

Nemesis on Mar 14, 2018


I know, but he shouldn't have made a trilogy out of a 200 pages book. ;D but I'll forgive Peter Jackson because he gave us the best trilogy ever, and because he is a true hobbit.

tarek on Mar 14, 2018


Did we really need this or did Rian?

Brandon Cole on Mar 13, 2018


Huh? Really? It's a behind-the-scenes bonus feature...

Alex Billington on Mar 13, 2018


Sarcasm for 100 please

Tester on Mar 14, 2018


Daily Double!

Alex Billington on Mar 14, 2018


I know it's BTS footage for the home release. I joke, I kid lol.

Brandon Cole on Mar 14, 2018


I think both!

THE_RAW_ on Mar 13, 2018


I think that The Last Jedi was a good film, but that doesn't mean I'm into this ...

shiboleth on Mar 13, 2018


I'm interested to get some insight on some of the decisions that were made.

THE_RAW_ on Mar 13, 2018


Yes, then apply to life and do exactly the opposite

Tester on Mar 14, 2018


Ha! Well played.

THE_RAW_ on Mar 14, 2018


Glad he is getting to his express his vision elsewhere in the STAR WARS universe.

DAVIDPD on Mar 13, 2018


YES YES YES, pure genius.

Sean Taylor on Mar 14, 2018


Oh to try and justify why he made such a terrible Star Wars? No thanks.

Nemesis on Mar 14, 2018



Jorrell Mcdaniel on Mar 14, 2018

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