One Final Trailer for End of the World Movie 'How It Ends' on Netflix

July 13, 2018
Source: YouTube

How It Ends Trailer

"Now matter what happens we're going to make it! Okay?" Netflix has launched one final trailer for an intense end of the world movie titled How It Ends, the latest from filmmaker David M. Rosenthal (Janie Jones, A Single Shot, The Perfect Guy). How It Ends is a post-apocalyptic survival thriller, where they're not sure what exactly is happening and/or what exactly the apocalypse is. The plot involves a desperate father trying to return home to his pregnant wife after a mysterious event turns everything to chaos. Theo James stars, along with Forest Whitaker, Kat Graham, Kerry Bishé, Mark O'Brien, Nicole Ari Parker, and Grace Dove. This is available on Netflix today, so they're giving it one big push in hopes some of you want to watch this. Or maybe no one wants to escape to an apocalyptic story when it's already so bad. Enjoy.

Here's the second & final trailer for David M. Rosenthal's How It Ends, from Netflix's YouTube:

How It Ends Movie

You can still watch the first trailer for Netflix's How It Ends here, for even more footage from this.

As a mysterious apocalypse causes the spread of misinformation and violence, a man (Theo James) and his estranged father-in-law race across a chaotic and fractured country to save his pregnant wife. How It Ends is directed by American filmmaker David M. Rosenthal, director of films including See This Movie, Failing Up, Janie Jones, A Single Shot, and The Perfect Guy previously. He's also currently attached to direct the Jacob's Ladder remake now in development. The screenplay is written by Brooks McLaren. It's produced by Paul Schiff, Tai Duncan, Kelly McCormick, and Patrick Newall. Netflix will release Rosenthal's How It Ends streaming exclusively starting July 13th this summer. Thoughts? Who wants to see this film?

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Well, it ends ugly. But, there was an Australian film, 'The Final Hours' is a title, I think. Few years ago. Not so bad. This doesn't look as good as that one. But who knows, I might be wrong ...

shiboleth on Jul 13, 2018


No, it was pretty bad. Endless hours on back roads that certainly never go through cities or towns, any time you choose to get out of the car to help someone you know it won't end well, characters that go nowhere... People who can't talk to each other becoming buddies, it's pretty formulaic. The Fifth Wave was even better.

kaffekup on Jul 14, 2018


Ok, thanks. To be honest, I thought so myself. Of course, with a little help from the reviews I read. And I never watched The Fifth Wave, since it looked, well, not good. Do try The Final Hours, if you haven't yet, it has some good moments ...

shiboleth on Jul 14, 2018


Ok, thanks, I found it as "These Final Hours" and I'll try to watch it. Oh, and the other thing about "How it Ends"; based on the lack of an ending, I wonder if there will be Parts II and III. I certainly hope not.

kaffekup on Jul 14, 2018


True, it is These Final Hours. Sorry, I forgot to check out the precise title. Anyway, enjoy it. As for the 'How it Ends', I don't really care about it. So many bad films have sequels and I'm not really into looking for them. Cheers ...

shiboleth on Jul 15, 2018


I'm of a different mind on this movie. I enjoyed the interaction between the main characters. The most frustrating piece of the movie is that the mystery of "what happened" is never solved. There's some vague talk of a large nuclear device being set off near the coast of California, but they never say 'yup, that's what happened'. And that certainly would never describe the odd weather effects that happen throughout the movie.. Despite that, I thought it was worth a watch. The production values are very good, the acting is decent from everyone. Yeah its predictable, but its shouldn't be getting all the one star reviews its been getting.

Cincinasty on Jul 14, 2018


I do believe in good production value here, but no so much in anything else. And Forest Whitaker is not a bad actor to watch. But, as I said, I certainly won't search to find this one, I simply might watch it because I ran into it. Nothing more about it. As for the need to have some meaningful narrative closure, I can only say, on the end it is not so important unless the rest of the story works. At this moment, for all I know about it, I'm not really interested in that ...

shiboleth on Jul 15, 2018


The story works fine. I’m not OK with a mcguffin as presented in films like Pulp Fiction or MI:3. I’m not OK with it in films like this because it makes no sense to keep it from the audience, especially in context of the TYPES of events happening during the movie. Ergo, it boils down to lazy writing and it’s a sin I wouldn’t forgive no matter how good the rest of it was.

Cincinasty on Jul 15, 2018


How many movies have you seen? Seriously. If you've seen like 5 movies in your entire life...this I guess you assessment works. Once you've seen 6 movies...or more...this film is one of the worst you've even seen. Explain what happened to Sam's mother and Tom's wife. She just disappeared. Explain how they were able to get though the military blockade so easily with that stupid "I'm an ex-marine" speech. Bullshit. None of this film makes sense. What a waste of time and life.

Arrive-without-traveling on Jul 16, 2018


Sadly, it works the OPPOSITE of what you've just stated. The MORE movies you see, the LESS the chance that How It Ends is amongst the worst of them. I mean, if you've only seen The Godfather, 2001, Rashomon and The Shawshank Redemption, then one of those four would be the worst movie you've ever seen. So....which four movies have you seen? (Ya might wanna rethink that logic, slick.) As for those two events in the film - Where DID Tom's wife go? Well, its stated not once but TWICE that she's going to stay with their son. Because he's "prepared for anything". Tom even gives her a nice hug and says "don't stop for anyone". Its convenient, but hardly an egregious screenwriting sin. As for the Army Sgt who lets Whitaker's character through the road-block - again, stated clearly that the road is closed due risk the power outage poses to potentially stranded motorists, but they are allowing local traffic through. Whitaker makes his plea with regard to his daughter and the Army Sgt clearly figures the ex-Marine has prepared for the trip and can handle himself. He then let's him through with the explanation "he's local traffic". I mean, shit, if those two are dealbreakers for you, I'd hate to think what you thought of the poster hiding Andy's hole in the wall in Shawshank or the Apple computer virus bringing down the ship in Independance Day. I'm thinking maybe you never actually finished the movie, because, if you HAD, you'd have mentioned the ending or that silly twat Jeremiah. Which is fine. To each their own. I can see multiple reasons for not liking the movie, not least of which is the complete lack of an ending. But you don't need to attack me for borderline-liking the movie. Eh, I guess if you approach life with the type of logic that gave rise to the first four sentances in your initial response, I suppose it all makes a kind of sense. Kind of.

Cincinasty on Jul 16, 2018


That you are providing such a lengthy retort to such poorly written, acted, filmed and directed drivel is all we need. I'm afraid you're outnumbered. Three people (you, me and one other poor slub) actually finished this film. Everyone else who stumbled on it quickly found something else to watch after the first reel because, well, *snore. The only redeeming quality of this flick IS the ending. The majority, two us, felt the ending credits were simply amazing. Why? Because we were thanking God this film was over. Touche. Pleasure sparring with you.

Arrive-without-traveling on Jul 16, 2018


I didn't write a retort for the movie (which, as I already stated, I found subpar but hardly one-star worthy). I wrote the retort at you, mostly because I found your opening to be so....silly.

Cincinasty on Jul 16, 2018


Silly is as silly does, I guess. Best fishes, Steve.

Arrive-without-traveling on Jul 16, 2018


Says the coward with the blocked feed. But, I guess if any group is going to know their own history, its the cowards.

Cincinasty on Jul 16, 2018


Clearly wisdom is fleeting. Pathetic and pathological come to mind. No more crack for you.

Arrive-without-traveling on Jul 16, 2018


Enjoy the burning tire-fire that is your life.

Cincinasty on Jul 16, 2018


“Or maybe no one wants to escape to an apocalyptic story when it's already so bad. Enjoy.” With unemployment at record lows, NKorea talking about disarming and ISIS shattered and no longer a military power I’d love to know how it’s “so bad.”

David Vigil on Jul 14, 2018


Feels like this was a super Volcano eruption of some type... either just Yosemite or Yosemite and then that triggered a chain of other eruptions with Mt. St. Helens etc... at least that's my take on the 'How It Ends'. As far as the film... meh...

Verithin on Jul 15, 2018


Interesting...seems like folks are pretty divisive in the comments on this. Love it or hate it type movie? I have noticed Netflix's movies are subpar for the most part, however, their series are killing it. Maybe if there's nothing else worth watching I'll give it a spin...

THE_RAW_ on Jul 16, 2018


This is AWFUL. Really, really bad. Terrible movie a complete waste of two hours that I'll never get back. Horrible acting...even by Forrest Whitaker's standards.

Arrive-without-traveling on Jul 16, 2018

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