Review: 'Avengers: Infinity War' is a Flawless Blockbuster That Will Leave MCU Fans Shaken

April 27, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Review

18 movies, 10 years, 10 Academy Award nominations, 6 Infinity Stones, and one mad Titan. Those are just some of the numbers the Marvel Cinematic Universe (aka the "MCU") is working with going into its 19th and latest film, Avengers: Infinity War, directed by Anthony & Joe Russo. All roads have certainly been leading to this, the culmination of the ever-expanding MCU and the adventures of the countless superheroes found therein. But Infinity War is unlike any of those adventures in which all of our favorite comic book characters have found themselves involved before. With Marvel Studios seemingly having perfected the superhero formula, it seems now is the perfect time to shake things up, and the MCU doesn't disappoint. Infinity War not only leaves the entire MCU shaken, it works to leave fans of this universe shaken, as well.

Much more than just another, run-of-the-mill adventure, the film closely follows the quest of Thanos (Josh Brolin), the galactic overlord whose sworn quest involves collecting all six of the incomparably powerful Infinity Stones. Thanos believes that, with the Stones affixed to his Infinity Gauntlet, he will finally have the power to wipe out half of all the living creatures in the universe, those that remain able to enjoy a far more prosperous and far less crowded world.

Thanos' task is headed in the right direction when Infinity War begins, as many of the Marvel superheroes who have been fighting Thanos' efforts for years now find themselves split up and scattered across galaxies. Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans) are the home team here on Earth, but after the events of Captain America: Civil War, they aren't in any position to team up. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) are still confined to space where the remaining Asgardians of Thor's home world try to find a new planet on which they can thrive. As Thanos and his minions draw closer to achieving their ultimate and nefarious goals, the scattered superheroes of the universe must put aside their respective differences and find a way of defeating the mad Titan once and for all.

Avengers: Infinity War Review

Avengers: Infinity War is directed by the Russo Brothers, Anthony and Joe, a duo that has established themselves well in the MCU. After previously flooring audience expectations with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War, it only seemed right that the directing team should try and prove their worth with something bigger (much bigger). Infinity War is definitely bigger, and a fair argument could be made that it is better than any MCU adventure put to film before, as well.

Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely do a remarkable job balancing the movie between all of the characters required to make an appearance. They pull off this impressive feat in an unconventional manner that automatically sets Infinity War apart form the rest of the MCU, by essentially making the villain the main character of the story. They allow some of the previously established characters to develop to an extent, but only to the point that that development puts that certain character into Thanos' overall plan. This structure allows for near-constant action, something else Infinity War can boast about.

The Russo Brothers take that structure and do cartwheels with it, giving us the biggest, MCU adventure to date and one with the most interesting villains this universe has ever seen. All involved do an incredible job of establishing Thanos' plan as well as the motives behind his attempt at mass genocide. There is, however, a deeper emotion at work when it comes to Thanos and his relationship with the rest of the MCU. This notion of establishing an antagonist's motivations and allowing us to understand them has been brewing within the MCU, most notably Killmonger's goals in the recent Black Panther. The most dangerous villain is one whose goals are understood and even, to an extent, agreed upon, and Infinity War gives us a villain whose ultimate goal, reprehensible as it may be, makes sense.

Avengers: Infinity War Review

Infinity War not only finds a way of handily balancing the massive cast of characters, it does so with a healthy dose of action and comedy alike. While the film is certainly darker in tone than any film of the MCU before it, the Russo Brothers still do a fine job of delivering an explosively entertaining adventure worthy of the brand. The odd team-ups the film establishes throughout are ripe with potential when it comes to that entertainment. Thor mixing it up with the Guardians of the Galaxy offers some hilarious banter. Seeing Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) fighting alongside Wakanda's Okoye (Danai Gurira) and the warrior women of Wakanda provides some flawless badassery. There seems very little has been left on the table this time around, and the resulting explosion of dynamics is just one, more aspect that sets Infinity War apart from the rest of the MCU.

Thanos, himself, is definitely another of those aspects, and Brolin, performing through the CGI creation of the character with seemingly minimal effort, brings the mad Titan to amazing life. Brolin is very deliberate in his performance, almost subdued when juxtaposed with the character's cataclysmic intentions. While much of the MCU represented here performs with standard solidity, it's Brolin's performance as the film's villain that truly takes it up those extra couple of notches. Thanos' villainy is unquestionable, but, between the established motives of the character and weighty emotion the actor brings to it, the antagonist this time around is the first that could easily be sidestepped into the role of protagonist.

Naturally, the less revealed about Avengers: Infinity War and the results of Thanos' plan the better. Infinity War is a blockbuster, cinematic experience fans of the MCU will want to have with as little foreknowledge as possible. Where the MCU is left at the end of Infinity War is something of a mystery, though, even for fans that have already taken in the experience. That darker tone of the film bleeds in all the way through, and the ways in which the MCU is shaken up by the end of the film will surely leave fans of the MCU shaken, as well. For that unconventional and downright shocking choice alone, Avengers: Infinity War will be remembered as something of a turning point for the franchise, and good on everyone involved for having the… um… stones to follow through in such a manner.

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It's Marvel's "Empire Strikes Back". Loved it.

tyban81 on Apr 27, 2018


The entire theater went silent near the end. I'm still trying to process what I saw.

CyraNOSE on Apr 27, 2018


Man! The last movie that made me felt that way was THE DARK KNIGHT. Incredible...But I can already see that a lot people are gonna be conflicted. Marvel shouldn’t have announced a two parter. Anybody who has seen the movie by now will understand the last sentence.

Konpliqe on Apr 28, 2018


True that.

Konpliqe on Apr 28, 2018


Agreed, he has a lot of parallels with the Joker and Killmonger, he has a plan, it's mad and it's evil, but there's a twisted logic to it and he's willing to do anything to achieve it.

El_MUERkO on Apr 28, 2018


The entire movie was so well crafted, it is beyond any praise. All the characters had significant impact within the expanse of the movie. Not a single character was undermined. The best chemistry was between RDJ and Benedict Cumberbatch, the two sherlocks in seperate universes. Loved the movie and waiting desperately for the sequel.

abhishek arora on Apr 28, 2018


It's a true masterpiece. In it's 2:30 hours running time there isn't a dull moment, you are simply glued to the screen. I want to say so much, but I don't want to spoil it just yet. Thanos is what drives the movie though and it's by far one of the smartest moves the directors could pull. By telling the story through the antagonist's point of view and it passes with flying colors. Huge applause to Marvel Studios, they've made their best movie so far.

aleks_989 on Apr 28, 2018


Hey Bo. I don't know...I didn't see it yet, and honestly, I don't feel the urge to see it. The Superheroes fatigue struck me since a while. I watch it (waybe) someday on my tv.

tarek on Apr 29, 2018


You two, both of you, I like you and I like talking to you, you know that. And I will gladly continue to do that. But I think you are very wrong here, acting a bit like you intentionally have chosen to be blind people. Those films based on comic books have their problems, but so do many others. As I said before, pathos of gods and pathos of people can't be discarded so easily, no matter what you thing of special effects. And regardless that lack of serious sensibility called the fan base of comic book narratives. Besides, and especially in this one there are narrative ideas that are mostly extinct in other narratives, not only in films today, the narrative of global possibilities. Of course, the punch is, as somebody already has written, one of the key ingredients of these superpowers and their respective stories, but decisive act seems to be always emotional, social and intimate (love, death and all other stuff you might have met in other films). But, let's turn back to the 'punch ingredient' in this super hero narratives, which are not the fatigue, but something like alternative historical universe for Westerns. You both know, there were good Westerns and some of them were bad. Nothing new here. And yes, they earn money. I also noticed that socialism is not being successful in that respect so I'm not surprised. Anyway, if you ever decide to risk your life with one of these films, I strongly suggest Captain America: The Winter Soldier for a start. Something said here is taking place in this and done relatively good. Peace, huh? Both of you? Cheers ...

shiboleth on Apr 29, 2018


I liked Winter Soldier. Solid drama. I liked Sam Raimi's Spiderman. Solid drama. I liked Iron Man 1. Solid drama What I don't like is to see a bunch of superheroes taking themselves too seriously in smashing things and blowing up buildings, with the help of a villain obsessed by the destruction of mankind. Deja vu. My threshold of CGI fest is going down as fast as the schedule of the next 200 Marvel sperheroes movies. Same thing is happening with the Star Wars franchise. They want to milk it as fast as possible. I am a Star Wars universe fan, but watching a Star Wars movie per year isn't for me. But I can understand that its audience will applaude and gladly pay for it. they are pushing the franchise into the pit of genericness and monochromatic storytelling. I like Sci-Fi and special effects, but both are just tools used to tell stories and challenge our beliefs and knowledge boundaries. Now, the story is just a device used to justify the use of CGI and to blow things. I can imagine the screenwriting board way of work: "Ok guys, we have two briges to blow up, a highway to explode and 10 blocks to put to fire. Bring them all together with a story" ;D

tarek on Apr 29, 2018


You're missing out then. Go see it. It makes you feel like a kid.

ElBischoff on Apr 29, 2018


Maybe. Maybe not. I will catch up on my tv someday down the road. ;D

tarek on Apr 30, 2018


Late to the comment party because I just saw it. I agree with the Marvel movies you dig Tarek, and for me, this one is on par with those. It's got plenty of drama and focuses on Thanos a majority of the time. True, it is action-packed but it's also expertly balanced and paced. There's also bold decisions made that I won't go into. If you have a cheap theater around, it's well worth $3 or $4 bucks to see in the theater. Bo, since you didn't care for the others, I won't recommend this for you lol

THE_RAW_ on May 12, 2018


I'll give it a try next tuesday for 6$. ;D

tarek on May 12, 2018


There you go! Also Wind River was awesome! Depressing, but solid.

THE_RAW_ on May 12, 2018


All that you said is present in those films. But not only that tarek, there are other directions too. For example, I like a good drama, an intimate story about life and human relations, but so many dramas today on film are much worse than films based on comic books (and I prefer a good drama in that respect, with solid narrative). And that's my point. None of those films are always good and they are not always bad. So, some super heroes do not really taking themselves too seriously while breaking things, they thrown in that situation and none of their superpowers help in that respect, they have to do something more personal and less physical. A villain is not necessarily trying to destroy the world or mankind, he is already destroyed as a person and has too much personality over other people. Don't say you don't know about those kinds of situations in life. Being deja vu or not. CGI is not going away, that would be childish. I think it's more and more present in films usually not considered to be sf or something like that. Can't run from it, it's a present and a future of film making ... So yes, making films is business. Something I don't like either, but that's the way for the last hundred years. Milking audiences is the way it works. I would love to see Hollywood destroyed in that respect. But until then, it's almost hypocritical to complain about milking audiences. There's no other way, whether we support that approach or not. Star Wars is not an exception here.. And no tarek, all the stories are not 'the pit of genericness and monochromatic storytelling'. You know better than that. Some of them are better and some of them are worse, just like so many others. Your view of them has those characteristics if you really think so ... Yes, any special effect is a tool for a story and not a story. In a thriller, guns and cars are tools and means to tell a story, they are not the story itself. Which can still make a film interesting. If some laser beam or super power serves the same purpose, you still have a chance to see a good narrative ... So, blowing things and using CGI are devices to tell the story and not the other way around. You can imagine a better screenwriting and look for them. They exist. Dear tarek, you are very cool person, but you've been to hard on this things. I do respect them to be your view of things, but try to see that there are also good possibilities with these kind of films ... Cheers. Stay good ...

shiboleth on Apr 29, 2018


Happy you enjoyed it shiboleth. It's just I Iost any enthusiasm for these overcrowded superheroes movies.

tarek on Apr 30, 2018


It's cool tarek, I respect you very much for that. Regardless the fact we don't always agree, Yesterday, I watched 'Wild Tales', a great Argentinian film. No superheroes in it, but also good. A bit unusual, but highly recommendable film. I'm trying to say, there are many good films in all directions and genres, we should pay attention to all of them. Cheers ...

shiboleth on May 1, 2018


Thanks for the heads up. Will check it out. I'll suggest you for my part Florida Project and Wind River if you didn't see them yet. Cheers.

tarek on May 1, 2018


Oh I watched Wind River, what a great film. As for the Florida Project, it's on my watch list. Will do, will do, most definitely ...

shiboleth on May 1, 2018


This movie made me feel like a kid again watching it. Fucking brilliant. Russo Brothers fro president!

ElBischoff on Apr 29, 2018


Absolutely enjoyed this movie. Saw it twice, once in regular IMAX (Recommended) and IMAX 3D I do not recommend it. Shot in IMAX and watched in 2d IMAX is a better experience. The movie moves and is the fastest 2 and a half movie I have ever seen. The way the Russo brothers interweave and Interplay the movie is a phenomenal feat. Thanos is finally a legit villain and the humor was on par with Thor Raganarok. Saw this on opening night and the theater was rocking. Highlights were CAP's entrance and Thor's. KIller movie! I have a question, the first several posts are on why folks are not watching it. Whay waste your time on silly comments. Don't even post if you are flogging the movie without even watching it.

deerosa on Apr 30, 2018


I'm particularly impressed that no character in this large ensemble was short-changed. Everyone had their moments.

Michael Wolff on Apr 30, 2018


Thanos....whenever he was on screen, I felt like nobody was safe - unlike most movie villains who are there just for the "good guys" to play off of.

TheOct8pus on Apr 30, 2018


Forrest gump is missing.

tarek on Apr 30, 2018


No. He's there....23rd person to the left at the back....

TheOct8pus on May 1, 2018


You have a hawk eye. ;D

tarek on May 1, 2018


Hulk wasn't there!!

timnimbus on May 15, 2018



tarek on May 15, 2018


The boldest and perfectly executed MCU to date. I was not disappointed.

THE_RAW_ on May 12, 2018


I'm exciting to watch something like this just because I use boxxy software and I have access to all movies/ serials and serials and I enjoying these for free!

Richárd Henrik on Sep 10, 2018

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