Second Trailer for 'Venom' Movie with Tom Hardy Unveils the Symbiote

April 24, 2018
Source: YouTube

Venom Trailer

"You should be extremely afraid." Get ready, Venom fans!! This is what we've waited to see. Sony Pictures has debuted the second, official trailer for the Venom movie, a new sort-of spin-off from the Sony Spider-Man universe, focusing on the fan-favorite symbiote villain character. Tom Hardy stars as journalist Eddie Brock in this anti-hero movie, directed by Ruben Fleischer (of Zombieland, 30 Minutes or Less, Gangster Squad). The first teaser trailers were terrible, but this trailer finally shows us what we've all been waiting for - an actual, clear look at Venom and damn does he look good. That tongue! Those eyes! Wow. The full cast includes Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, Riz Ahmed, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Lee, Sailor Larocque, Reid Scott, and a rumored appearance by Tom Holland as Spidey. This looks like it has some awesome action scenes and an impressive cast for this dark anti-hero thriller. Now they have my attention.

Here's the second official trailer (+ new poster) for Ruben Fleischer's Venom, direct from Sony's YouTube:

Venom Poster

You can still watch the first teaser trailers for Fleischer's Venom here, but why would you want to anymore?

One of Marvel's most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen. From Wikipedia: Development on this Venom film, a spin-off from the Spider-Man franchise, first began with producer Avi Arad in 2007. After going through various iterations, an R-rated standalone film was confirmed in March of 2017. The intention was to begin a new shared universe featuring the Marvel characters to which Sony has the film rights, though Sony also intends for the film to share the world of Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is set in the MCU because of a deal between Sony and Marvel Studios. Rosenberg and Pinkner were set to write, with Fleischer and Hardy brought on-board in May 2017. Filming began in October, in Atlanta and New York. Venom is directed by American filmmaker Ruben Fleischer, of Zombieland, 30 Minutes or Less, and Gangster Squad previously. The screenplay is written by Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner, and Kelly Marcel. Sony releases Venom in theaters everywhere starting on October 5th this fall. How does that look?

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Welp...I went from 6 to midnight.

Xerxexx on Apr 24, 2018


Wazzat clockwise or anti clockwise? Lol. Yeah. My interest is also....piqued. Ahem.

Duane on Apr 24, 2018


Hmm... not bad, not bad.

JohnDoeB on Apr 24, 2018


Good trailer.

Nemesis on Apr 24, 2018


Umm.......not really feeling it to be honest, but then Venom isn't really that great a character IMO.

Lewis on Apr 24, 2018


I don't think this is going to be a verybgood movie

Jon Odishaw on Apr 24, 2018


Well this is ridiculously awesome...

ari smulders on Apr 24, 2018


I'm on the fence. I think this trailer played it safe. I mean this is supposed to be rated R right?

Brandon Cole on Apr 24, 2018


Maybe a red-band will be revealed closer to release?

THE_RAW_ on Apr 24, 2018


I'm really hoping! I'm just not feeling the tone they giving us with this property. It doesn't say Venom nor Tom Hardy.

Brandon Cole on Apr 26, 2018


I don't understand why they went for a stand-alone solo film. Seems like an odd choice. You tie-in Spider-man, you're pretty much guaranteed butts in the seats.

THE_RAW_ on Apr 26, 2018


hope not, don't spoil it.

CyraNOSE on Apr 26, 2018


Saw the trailer a little while ago, and was none too impressed. I dig the way Venom looks, looks pretty freakin' sweet. I don't think I'll be seeing this. Will see Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel, after that will probably take it easy on the comic book movies. I think I'm coming down with comic book movie fatigue.

Sergio on Apr 24, 2018


yet another CGI overpowered superhero movie... so burned out on these

Tester on Apr 24, 2018


But yet not too burned out to comment on another CGI overpowered superhero movie.

Nemesis on Apr 24, 2018


I think he means that Tester has expressed his "enthusiasm "for avengers Infinity wars or some some of superhero movie of that kind. thus his surprise. I can be wrong.

tarek on Apr 24, 2018


That's what I also think but not sure which.. I will admit that I do still watch some of them but do not remember any serious interest in any of these movies in ages, but I could be wrong

Tester on Apr 25, 2018



tarek on Apr 25, 2018


No, he's saying if you don't like something why do you have to watch it?? Just to bitch and complain about it, that's why. People get sick of that shit. It's all over the place.

CyraNOSE on Apr 26, 2018


Then stop watching them and shut up. Nobody cares.

CyraNOSE on Apr 26, 2018


hey CyraNose, I see that you and DavidShaw got your internet up and running in your mom's basement again.. good for you kids !!!

Tester on Apr 26, 2018


Honestly, I don't know what to expect from this, but cast looks decent and that will probably sell for me. As for comic book movies fatigue, come on people, that's not going to stop and all that can be wished from these kind of films is improvement since they are not going away for some time. It's like Westerns in the alternate universe. Some of those were good and the same can be expected from the comic book ones ...

shiboleth on Apr 24, 2018


Pretty cool. But why are they going with that weird pronunciation of "symbiote"????!!!

DAVIDPD on Apr 24, 2018


Maybe it's the RIGHT pronunciation and we've been saying wrong all along? #symbeeote4ever

THE_RAW_ on Apr 24, 2018


Bugged me too.

grimjob on Apr 24, 2018


Maybe the director isn't American and thought it was normal.

DAVIDPD on Apr 25, 2018


I'm no Fleischer biographer, but I seem to recall him speaking as an American in interviews. I'm also too lazy to look it up. But as someone said, I'm sure neither pronunciations are incorrect.

grimjob on Apr 25, 2018


Don't care, my home girl Jenny Slate can say it anyway she wants. Mmm, that voice. I wanna get all up on her front page.

Whichhalfofthewit on Apr 24, 2018


Yeah, that's cool. She seems down.

DAVIDPD on Apr 25, 2018


Yeah, annoyed me too. Turns out it's not incorrect. Both ways are correct, apparently. AVclub had an article about it, fun read.

Efterklang on Apr 25, 2018


I saw that article as well.

DAVIDPD on Apr 25, 2018


Well, this is LEAGUES better than that lame-ass teaser they put out a couple of months back. And there's things I like about this and things I'm kind of like...."uhh....what?...". Things I like: Tom Hardy The dialogue including "WE" Venom's look is pretty much spot on. Dislikes: The tired "wrangling alien tech to further evolve humans" bad guy motivation Eddie Brock being a good guy The hero/monster on the run storyline No Spider-man tie in. This looks better than I thought it would be. Am I holding out this will deliver? No. I anticipate it will be another mediocre throwaway franchise attempt. And hopefully Tom Hardy will be recast as the new Wolverine....

THE_RAW_ on Apr 24, 2018


True. You have to have Spider-man in there. Which would be refreshing if Spidey was a little more... gritty - with a sense of humor.

Paul on Apr 24, 2018


Looks good to me, not sure why you people have to bitch about stuff like this while at the same time watching a trailer for "Call Me By Your Name" and saying how good it looks and how artistic it is etc.. while secretly masturbating to it in your room at night.

CyraNOSE on Apr 26, 2018


Anyone else think they won't go full-Venom until the end of the movie?

grimjob on Apr 24, 2018



Whichhalfofthewit on Apr 24, 2018


The only thing that might drag me to the cinema to see this is Tom Hardy. But it's probably not enough. Even that poster is awful... I've said it for a while... tom hardy would have made a PERFECT wolverine and someone in the know should have made that happen instead of playing this B-List character. They could even have introduced a (Hardy) wolverine into the deadpool franchise. That would have been incredible.

Scott North on Apr 24, 2018


Wolverine would have been good. It would be kick ass if in Avengers or a Spider Man movie they brought him in as Wolverine and bring Ray Stevenson back as Punisher!!

CyraNOSE on Apr 26, 2018


The only thing that looks questionable here is the budget. Thank you Sony for delivering us from that awful Topher Grace monstrosity. I'm completely supportive as of this trailer. Man, I love me some Venom.

Mark on Apr 25, 2018


Did Spiderman 3 mess everyone up THAT badly? This looks terrible. Just because Venom's beloved doesn't mean we have to accept any mediocre effort they bring us. They're just looking at what's popular and not WHY it's popular... Unless I find out this movie takes place in the same world as Dolph Lundgren's Punisher, I'm offended.

Jonathan on Apr 26, 2018


You're offended?!? Who gives a shit?!?? Dolph Lundgren's Punisher?!?! You're a moron.

CyraNOSE on Apr 26, 2018


You've given me a lot to think about.

Jonathan on Apr 26, 2018


Haha. What a dumb comment. Hardy is an amazing actor and this looks great.

Snowmanfloza on Apr 26, 2018


Hardy IS an amazing actor. That's what offends me. Using him for such studio schlock. I can't imagine any genuine cinefile, who's not feeding off his or her own frantic desperation to see a Venom movie, thinking this looks good. But I guess there's no accounting for taste.

Jonathan on Apr 26, 2018


Not bad at all , Not amazing at all ....btw is just me or (obviously just for that shot) Venom doesn't look that far away from the spidey 3 venom? (You can go see spiderman 3 4K resolution venom clips on youtube now if you want a refresh and trust me 4k looks clear as sh*t to see the 2007 venom design on detail) anyway, the head look similar size , the tongue is amazing yeah that was missing on S3 but i wanted to see like , More buff , tall and more of those really big white eyes ... im sure the big white spider is missing too 🙁 . HOPE IM WRONG. But , let's see what third trailer bring to us before the premiere.

lea_sebas Gonzales on Apr 25, 2018


just quit bitchin

CyraNOSE on Apr 26, 2018


The way Venom morphs on his head...CGI took a couple steps back. But I am digging Venom's look overall.

Brandon Cole on Apr 26, 2018


yup hardy going inside looks weird, but the movement of the transformation is amazing. Just like animated venom.

Lea on Apr 26, 2018


Damn Tom Hardy looks born for this role! Yeah some of the CGi could be better BUT damn if Hardy doesnt look just awesome!

Jchima17 on Apr 30, 2018

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