Stelio Savante & Autumn Withers in Trailer for Indie Drama 'Avalanche'

February 13, 2018
Source: YouTube

Avalanche Trailer

"How many more secrets do you have?" "Oodles." The Willoughby Movie Company has debuted the first official trailer for a relationship drama titled Avalanche, from writer & director Todd L. Green. The film is about a librarian, his wife, and her lover who become trapped in a house together and are forced to navigate the fallout of their indiscretions. Starring Stelio Savante, Autumn Withers, and Gideon Emery in the three lead roles. There seems to be some intriguing things going on, involving cameras and setups just to catch the other person. This has a very low budget look and sound, and it feels like a stage play more than cinema, but it should still be a fun film to watch. As long as you can laugh at this kind of relationship humor.

Here's the first promo trailer for Todd L. Green's Avalanche, originally straight from YouTube:

This trailer is no longer available - please watch the latest trailer for Avalanche here.

Avalanche Movie Trailer

Avalanche tells the story of a librarian (Stelio Savante), his wife (Autumn Withers) and her lover (Gideon Emery) who, after becoming trapped in a big house together, must navigate the chaotic fallout of their indiscretions. Featuring cinematography by Sharad Kant Patel, the dark comedy was filmed in Houston, Texas and is being brought to the screen by Willoughby Movie Company, in association with Lucky Otter Productions. Avalanche is both written and directed by American filmmaker Todd L. Green, making his feature directorial debut after a few short films previously. This has not played at any film festivals yet as far as we know. No official release date is set for Avalanche, stay tuned for more updates. What did you think?

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It might be ok...

shiboleth on Feb 13, 2018


He describes it as relationship drama but it definitely looks more like a relationship comedy. I'll definitely catch this one. Kudos to the lead actors, I've been through a similar situation in real life and and I'm able to look back and laugh. The characters ring true. When or where can I see Avalanche?

disqus_B7Nh9dhdTW on Feb 14, 2018


Wasn't trying to respond directly to you. But you cared enough about it to take time out of your life and comment. I have to see an entire film to determine whether the performances are believable or not. They work for me in the trailer and I've seen both of the male leads give solid performances in other films and on the small screen. But a about much more than performances. My comment was meant directly for the post and the author who wrote it. So you have my apologies.

disqus_B7Nh9dhdTW on Feb 15, 2018


I think so too, Im quite amused by it.

disqus_B7Nh9dhdTW on Feb 14, 2018


Yeah, they might be amusing and generally this is not the bad idea. I'm not just sure how convincing can they be doing the whole thing ...

shiboleth on Feb 14, 2018


Well isn't that why we watch the entire film? I've been in uncannily similar situations. I will definitely watch this.

disqus_B7Nh9dhdTW on Feb 15, 2018


We watch the entire films when they are made good. If we are not sure that we will get that, we watch the ones we are sure of being good. Of course, some of them are challenge and they are something interesting and new. This one doesn't even look close to have any of that. As said, might be an interesting concept, but its realization doesn't look that way ...

shiboleth on Feb 15, 2018


I'm not understanding your English. Do you mean challenged? I'm not understanding what you mean by realization? Something can only be realized when it has been considered. In this specific case, seen or watched. I'm a student of film, an independent filmmaker. I need to see something first to determine how I respond to it. The medium is subjective. Maybe you're correct. But if the point of a trailer is to announce or promote a film. Or to solicit interest, then this has already achieved that. All the other points are moot until the film has actually been viewed. Hopefully it will be distributed or screen at a film festival and then we will actually all be in a position to comment on it once we've seen it. Until then Im not going to troll or pretend to be a film critic. It would make me sound like a jealous failure, or a very bored, bitter individual. The jury is out.

disqus_B7Nh9dhdTW on Feb 17, 2018


Well, there is always a problem with every language, especially if it's not a language one speaks originally. Sometimes people use another language to say thoughts in their original language Which means, some translation is in order. Sorry for any possible misunderstanding, it's nothing intentional. So, I do mean challenge, as something possibly new, daring and brave. Some films have some of that. As for realization, I meant actualization, some kind of achievement or something like that. So, it's not about the awareness or comprehension. Anyway, I'm not a student for some time, but I do things (mostly write) related to philosophy, culture, history and, yes, sometimes, films. I want to stress I appreciate your viewing of things here. And I also agree that some things needs to be seen or somehow consumed (maybe that's a wrong word, but you probably know what I meant by it) before one has some attitude about it. So, my problem is not that, but should I be interested in watching the film after I saw its trailer here. And believe me, I have seen and I am watching so many films that ask paying some attention from me and that makes me wonder what I should watch or not. And my decision to watch this one is not yet clear. since I see a lot films and tv series, but I also read a lot of books and i choose from many different things. And believe me, many among these are worth of attention. To be honest about this one, I'm afraid I might loose interest in it if I don't stumble on it at some point in the future. It doesn't look too appealing for me although there's something interesting about it. As for some 'troll' or someone who 'pretends to be a film critic (which in fact happened few times) ... jealous failure, ... very bored, bitter individual'. Well, I just don't have time for that. I do too many things to be bored or bittered. Anyway, this post is long overdue. So, you have my respect, even if we probably don't agree on all things. Cheers ...

shiboleth on Feb 18, 2018


I also stay open to the maybe. And you're right about the acting since for moments I couldn't decide what those characters in different situations are trying to express. Of course, I don't have problem with the low budget, but low quality of idea and its low realization is something quite different ... Cheers back Bo!

shiboleth on Feb 14, 2018

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