Alternate International Version of Latest 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Trailer

March 5, 2019
Source: YouTube

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer

"Whatever happened up there made her stronger." Fox has released an alternate "international" version of the latest, second official trailer for the X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie, titled simply Dark Phoenix now. Sophie Turner stars as Jean Grey, telling her story as she becomes the ultimate evil "Dark Phoenix" character. This international trailer is much better than the official second trailer, thanks to better editing and a bit more polish overall. It's still connected to the previous X-Men series, and brings back a few of the characters from the most recent set of movies. The full ensemble cast includes: James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Evan Peters, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Alexandra Shipp, plus Jessica Chastain, Ato Essandoh, and Scott Shepherd. I'm still not sure what to make of this - the Dark Phoenix saga is a good one, but it's hard to be excited about another X-Men movie anymore.

Here's the alternate international second trailer for Simon Kinberg's X-Men: Dark Phoenix, on YouTube:

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Poster

You can still watch the first official trailer for Kinberg's Dark Phoenix from last year here, for more footage.

Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) begins to develop incredible powers that corrupt and turn her into a Dark Phoenix. Now the X-Men will have to decide if the life of a team member is worth more than all the people living in the world. The next saga in Fox's X-Men franchise of movies. X-Men: Dark Phoenix is directed by industry veteran, English writer-producer Simon Kinberg, making his feature directorial debut with this film after producing various superhero movies for the last 20 years, including X-Men: First Class, Days of Future Past, Logan, Deadpool, and The Martian. The screenplay is also written by Simon Kinberg, based on the "The Dark Phoenix Saga" comics storyline by John Byrne, Chris Claremont, and Dave Cockrum. After being delayed from first opening this summer, 20th Century Fox will finally release Kinberg's X-Men: Dark Phoenix in theaters everywhere starting on June 7th, 2019 this summer. Looking any better? Still excited?

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Well, this international trailer is much better than the U.S. version, but I'm just not excited about this. I don't like Mystique being the leader, I don't like Jean being the villain and it just feels effects heavy with minimal emotion. The only casting I like is McAvoy and Fassbender and at least it seems they got the origin of the Dark Phoenix right...

THE_RAW_ on Mar 5, 2019


I hated that they amped up Mystique's role after Lawrence blew up with the Hunger Games. But I guess I hate a lot of the choices Fox made with the franchise.

grimjob on Mar 5, 2019



THE_RAW_ on Mar 6, 2019


Disagree with you focusing on Mystique. Xavier was/is/always will be a dull leader, Magneto is a drama queen, but Mystique is probably the most versatile female character in Marvel. I haven't read much (some X-Men stuff, but mostly Deadpool and Wolverine) but she's been a spy, mother, foot soldier, (low level) crime boss, experiment victim... not just typical good girl/bad girl or Hollywood trope "bad person in exile loses a loved one and go angry bad". Lawrence has the likability, range, and presence to make Mystique her own franchise to rival Captain America, including the social topics and sub genres that sets Cap's films apart from the MCU. The more I think about it the more I see how much potential there is there, and "leader of the X-kids" is just not it. Imagine if instead of the Captain America movies, they just swapped out Nick Fury with Cap, and that was the only time we ever saw Chris Evans.

Akirakorn on Mar 6, 2019


The character of Mystique is certainly interesting, and I like Lawrence just fine. I just don't think her take on the character was ever that interesting, and it seemed blatantly obvious that her character was given a boost to play off of Lawrence's budding popularity. Makes sense of course, from a business standpoint. Now, I haven't read any comics since I was a kid, so obviously I'm no Marvel Encyclopedia, but everything I read as a kid (wasn't much, admittedly) never had Mystique so front and center, and I never saw her join with the X-Men, let alone lead them. She was always a villainous character, from what I saw. But again, I only read a drop in the bucket, comparatively. I think my problem here lies more with the cynical way the studio propped her up on a pedestal. Also, she just works better as a villain, in my opinion, probably based on my limited experience with the character. I found Romijn's version to be much more interesting.

grimjob on Mar 7, 2019


At least Jessica Chastain looks creepy. Anyway, this has become something regular, the fight between them. And yes, why they just don't start killing themselves on the end ...

shiboleth on Mar 5, 2019


Whatever. I'll see this, but expectations will be kept low.

DAVIDPD on Mar 5, 2019


lol "a few of the characters" the cast is like 93% from previous movies but ok

DanielShaw on Mar 5, 2019


Well its got to be better that Last Stand right?

Lewis on Mar 6, 2019


I've not excitement for this film. Apocalypse was just appalling and hence this looks no better. I've always been disappointed with the X-Men films primarily for their treatment of Cyclops, who I thought was a great character.

Payne by name on Mar 7, 2019

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