Exciting D23 Special Look Trailer for 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker'

August 26, 2019
Source: YouTube

The Rise of Skywalker Featurette

"A thousand generations live in you now… But this is your fight." At Disney's D23 Expo this year, Lucasfilm revealed a thrilling new Special Look saga trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker. We're now only 116 days away from opening day, and we've still only seen the teaser trailer. But this "special preview" excites with lots of emotional footage, and even more clues / hints at what's to come in this grand finale. Directed by J.J. Abrams, it continues the storyline started in The Force Awakens following Rey, Finn, & Poe as they fight the First Order. Starring Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Domhnall Gleeson, Lupita Nyong'o, Warwick Davis, plus newcomers Naomi Ackie, Keri Russell, Richard E. Grant, and Dominic Monaghan. It's a wonderful look at how far this series has come, all they've been through, taking us to this mega epic finale.

D23 special trailer (+ new poster) for J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, from YouTube:

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Behind-the-Scenes

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Behind-the-Scenes

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Poster

You can still watch that first teaser trailer for The Rise of Skywalker here, to view the original reveal again.

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Every generation has a legend. The final chapter of the Skywalker saga from a galaxy far, far away. Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker is directed by American filmmaker J.J. Abrams, director of the movies Mission: Impossible 3, Star Trek, Super 8, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens previously, as well as producing and TV shows. The screenplay is written by J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio, co-written by Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly. Produced by Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams, and Michelle Rejwan. Disney will release Lucasfilm / Abrams' The Rise of Skywalker in theaters everywhere (including IMAX) starting on December 20th later this year. Still looking good? Ready for it?

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Nah, doesn't create one bit of excitement for me. After the Last Jedi crapshow, Rian Johnson going hard after the fans on Twitter for criticising his movie, after Disney's identity politics wokeness over great storytelling, this trilogy is a total waste of the greatest franchise in pop culture history. 116 days cant's come soon enough for this to be all over.

whoafilms on Aug 26, 2019


I can't wait until it's over so I can stop hearing all you little assholes complain about it. My god, I have been watching these movies since 1977, and there have been some good ones and very bad ones, but the enjoyment I've experienced over the years far outweigh the disappointments. We should be grateful that so many talented people have stretched imaginations and broadened cinematic techniques that quite possibly would not happened without this franchise. May the Force be with you, whiners!

kitano0 on Aug 26, 2019


Rian Johnson?!! It is you!! It is you!! It is you!!

whoafilms on Aug 26, 2019


But you’re right buddy, let’s stop fighting. You called me an asshole, I called you Rian Johnson. You got the worst insult. Apologies

whoafilms on Aug 26, 2019


Oh here we go again. Some good ones? The OT you mean. Yeah I was there too. You mean we should be thankful for the Last Jedi because it pushed visual effects? Why are critics called whiners? So if you like it, I should call you...ass kisser? If you are an SW OG, you certainly can see how Luke's character was ruined and how half of the people did useless shit during it. (lets not even talk about the stupid jokes). If you cant see it, more power to you. Im glad you enjoy these movies out of gratefulness. lol.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Aug 27, 2019


I am a Star Wars fan and I can say only... MEH... 🙁 Nothing exciting about this teaser... Ray`s saber looks weird (I know that they had to do something new for merchandise but c`mon!). And Palpatine on the poster looks just bad... anyway whole teaser poster looks like a joke to me...

Rafał Szkaradek on Aug 26, 2019


I feel like the only person left who enjoyed the first two and is excited for this one.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 26, 2019


The first two were inconsistent. Things I liked and didn't like. I didn't LOVE them like I did the original trilogy. My hope is that this closes out this installment on a high note....

THE_RAW_ on Aug 26, 2019


That may be true, my friend. This article was posted more than two hours ago and only 3 comments... where’s the hype? Where’s the excitement? How come the hordes of fans haven’t jumped in? Oh wait, maybe the Social Justice Warriors in California slept in today (joke).

whoafilms on Aug 26, 2019


No, you're not alone. They were both good and interesting. And bringing new spirit to the franchise. I don't understanding all that whining about them or about Last Jedi (which was a bit more exciting than the first). Cheers ...

shiboleth on Aug 26, 2019


Someone hacked shiboleth 's account.

tarek on Aug 27, 2019


Oh, come on, tarek let's relax a bit. This is so much fun. It's a genuine pleasure to be amidst people who are discussing the quality in the Star War films. You must admit it, there's something hilarious about it. Especially, those few words that shouldn't be in the same sentence ...

shiboleth on Aug 27, 2019


;D I can understand the appeal, as I am myself a huge fan of the Star Wars universe. But a threshold was hit with the last Jedi. It was bad writing on every level. Visuals were great though. But we don't watch movies for visuals only. Rian wanted so hard to shock star wars fans he ended up choking them.

tarek on Aug 27, 2019


That last sentence summed it up about perfectly.

LightningB on Aug 27, 2019


Of course, as for the Last Jedi, I see it as a refreshment, with nothing shocking in the story. I don't understand all those fans (whatever and whoever those people are) and their reactions. I especially don't understand the view which says that movie maker, composer or whoever is creating something should do it for fans. Sorry, but that's ridiculous. And I was secretely hoping to see something close to that what I saw in LJ. Yeah, some brave moves from Rian, but then again, nothing too radical and definitely not shocking. Or even soulless. I think it's about choices in the story, not a bad writing. What's good writing for you might be bad one for me. And also, some wrapping of the old narrative lines should have happened. I also read somewhere, just a little bit before The Force Awakens, that first one, from this new franchise, will get rid of Han Solo, second will do that to Luke and the last one ... well, we know who. But, what I like the most, this is some sf and partly phantasy saga that goes on for decades and it mostly works. Nothing too smart about, but yeah, it is visually appealing although nothing too shinny since the stories could be better. And I find some measurement of enjoyment in it. Stories like this can't do better...

shiboleth on Aug 28, 2019


the shocking in the story is to turn Luke, the most optimistic, enthusiastic dude in the universe into a prick. No. A giant PRICK. The dude refused to kill a convicted mass murderer who was trying to kill, because he saw a spark of light in him, and this when he was young and foolish, but paradoxically, he tried to kill some young and innocent kid just because he had some vision of some hypothetical future, that even Yoda couldn't see with Anakin? Come on shibboleth! ;D I can understand that people can change, but for that, you need to create a believable backstory that makes the change organically possible. The Luke we saw in TLJ wasn’t Luke. Just some grumpy obnoxious dude. He was afraid to fail another time with Rey? Fine. Just let her know your motivation and ask her politely to leave. That would have made a more believable and storytelling wise more acceptable.

tarek on Aug 28, 2019


While that was unexpected, it's not exactly surprising nor entirely out of line with the truth. This is pretty much what happens in real life (on planet Earth) when someone achieves that much fame and glory and power. You'd probably turn into a giant prick if you were the most powerful person in the universe, too. And yes, I know it's fantasy and we all wanted Luke to be the best, more pure, but come on, that's not realistic and it's hard to not fall apart once you've achieved that much greatness after growing up cocky anyway.

Alex Billington on Aug 28, 2019


I didn't want him to be perfect, or else I wouldn't have fallen in love with his character. Because he was flawed as a human. That's why we related to him. I just wanted that his character would be consistent with his past story and personality. We can change. We all change. But not radically. Unless we are a Kylo Ren... ;D

tarek on Aug 28, 2019


Sorry for late answer, didn't have the time for it. Anyway, I never saw Luke as an optimistic character in the first place which is why I wasn't surprised what happened with him. Which means, he was more bittered and not a 'prick'. And rightly so, after what happened. And also, a lot of optimistic people can end up quite bittered if things are not going too well for them. Which we have here. But speaking generally, I don't see any story, any narrative the way you described it. And you described some very logical points that should or should not really happen. But, really, is that how people work, how they weigh their decisions, thinking logically about them? Hardly. The moments that define them, especially when they are emotional and uneasy can bring quite harsh consequences that can't be really logically controlled and executed. And another thing. I never had any problem with the believebality of the story and I would go with any other good deviations from the original films. As long as they are made good. And this one was. What I find interesting is the background, the story of the conflict between the dictatorship and the republic (which is just another name for the antagonism between two sides of the force) and can the characters escape their faith to realize what is there that they are fighting or sacrificing for. Does their private passions reveal something better or are they just resentful people who try to manage their place in the world/universe, regardless some more general principles? Or maybe that whole thing was just about their hubris? In Luke's case especially? He was more candidate for that than Han Solo was. So, no, tarek, it's not about the writing, it's what you write into it...

shiboleth on Aug 29, 2019


It looks more interesting than the previous two instalments, but I'll pass and wait to see what the response is before considering watching at the cinema after the yawn fest that was The Last Jedi.

Lewis on Aug 26, 2019


This looks fine, or whatever. Fuck you, Disney. I'm done putting money in your disrespectful pockets.

Mark on Aug 26, 2019


*Finger crossed and eyes closed* Please don't suck! Please don't suck! Please don't suck!

THE_RAW_ on Aug 26, 2019


This reeks of last minute re-shoots

Dan Hibiki on Aug 26, 2019


With each new film, I keep wondering: Lucas had 9 episodes in mind when he first started making Star Wars. Is this what he had in mind? Or has it become twisted so much that it makes no sense (see Prometheus); the difference being that I doubt Scott had so many films in mind when he made Alien.

Jezper on Aug 26, 2019


Oooh very interesting question... I'm also wondering if this is the ending JJ had in mind when he first started working on TFA. Is this where it's all supposed to lead, how it's supposed to end based on their original ideas? Or has it evolved and changed into something completely different? Hmmm. Very very excited to find out.

Alex Billington on Aug 26, 2019


AB, maybe these could be some questions for an upcoming podcasttttt???? 😉

DAVIDPD on Aug 26, 2019


Ha! Only as speculation! I wish I could actually ask JJ all of this in an interview...

Alex Billington on Aug 27, 2019


It probably is (JJ) and he probably has to dodge around and fit everything that happened in TLJ. I'm wondering more about the "Creator", because JJ built on top of some already set ideas. I don't know if GL ever talked about his ideas, he probably will long after EP9....very long after. I've always wondered ever since I saw that title long ago saying "Episode IV". Although there is a lot of discussion around EP I-III, I still think they told the original idea (how Darth Vader came to be). So will EP 7-9 (yeah I'm lazy) tell the original idea? If so, which is it? Guess we'll wait and see. I always expected EP 9 to end with Luke dying, and some legacy of the Skywalker family there, but deaths came too soon for my liking, so it made it look too rushed.

Jezper on Aug 27, 2019


I've constantly wondered that since Abrams was officially named director for TROS. Since he was not originally slated to direct it, if he had known from the get-go that he would end up directing this one too, would he had done anything different with TFA?

LightningB on Aug 27, 2019


Lucas had 0 episode in mind when he wrote the first one, Vader was never intended to be Luke's father until they started writing ESB.

tarek on Aug 27, 2019


So many films. It was bumpy ride, in the terms of quality but still something to enjoy allong the way. The end won't be much more different and I have no problem with it ...

shiboleth on Aug 26, 2019


Well, I'm excited because I love Star Wars. Through thick and thin, I've always been able to sit back, watch, and enjoy, regardless of any flaws (of which there are many). But man, The Last Jedi really was a giant misstep. Still, I love that universe and can't wait to see how it all wraps up, even though I feel a bit trepidatious going in.

grimjob on Aug 26, 2019


Glad to see im not the only one. Giant misstep is prob the best way to describe it. As for me, there is no redemption for this trilogy. IMO Disney misjudged just how much people still loved the original characters. The new ones are thin. I feel no emotional connection to them. TLJ was the last straw. After Luke tossed his saber I was already done with that pos. And this anger has zero to do with race, or metoo movement or whatever political. It was just IMO a bad movie that took the wrong chances led by an egoistical director. However, the Anthology movies seem much better. Rogue one was great. (lets forget about Solo tho) and the Mandalorian show looks good. So for me the grand finale was ROTJ.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Aug 27, 2019


You couldn’t have said it better buddy. Totally agree on R1 and The Mandalorian!

whoafilms on Aug 27, 2019


Rogue One is probably the best one outside the original trilogy. Love what Edwards did with that.

LightningB on Aug 27, 2019


Anyone who tries to politicize someone else's opinion can fuck right off. Everyone is so blinded from trying to be "woke" or whatever, quality takes a backseat. I agree about these new characters, I too have virtually no emotional attachment to any of them. I hate that I now have to give Disney money for Disney+, but damn I need The Mandalorian. And I'm assuming they'll have their old school cartoons as well, haven't seen those in probably 30 years, so that'll be fun.

grimjob on Aug 28, 2019


The Last Jedi was made to cut ties with the old fanbase and to gain a new fanbase who like gratuitous cynicism and soulless storytelling,

tarek on Aug 27, 2019


Totally agree that this was their plan: call the old fan guard misogynists racists man-babies whiners, and then grab the new Millennials fan base. The thing is... where are they? They didn't show up for Solo (and don't give me that SW fatigue BS), they didn't show up for Galaxy's Edge, they're not buying toys, and they don't give a f**ck about Rey, Poe and Finn. The aftermath: oh let's bring back Luke, and the Emperor, and Vader... see if we can draw some of the old fan guard back. Idiots!

whoafilms on Aug 27, 2019


Yeah, you could certainly assume that. It's a real drag that Johnson seemed more preoccupied with being "subversive" rather than telling a rich story that actually makes sense.There are some good things in there, but few and far between. I liked Looper, and Knives Out looks fun, so I'm not completely down on the guy, but he was clearly the wrong choice here.

grimjob on Aug 28, 2019


Misstep is correct. First non-prequel I would give less than a 5 (out of 10). I think Abrams will steer this back at least somewhat to what he originally envisioned this going. And give every character a real purpose in this finale. No goofy side adventures to a casino planet looking for Rick Moranis the key-master. Or code-breaker. Or gate-keeper. Or whatever that pointless character was supposed to be.

LightningB on Aug 27, 2019


That whole sequence ruined that film for me. Every time I've considered watching it again, that segment and the Rose character stop me. I've seen it 3 times, I honestly don't feel like I'll watch it again. Which is a shame.

grimjob on Aug 28, 2019


The Last Jedi was confusing. There were so many aspects I really liked, but so many weird original character decisions that felt like getting repeatedly punched in the gut. The humor was also out of place for the most part. I'll give it credit for being original and capitalizing on aspects from TFA that were hinted at, but a lot of the decisions made were a bastardization of the characters we held dear and at the end of it all...I don't know if it comes out to a wash. Almost two years later, I'm still trying to figure it out. Whether or not Rise of Skywalker delivers, at least I have hope that The Mandolorian and whatever D.B. Weiss and David Benioff come up with will resurrect the passion and fervor of what a lot of us fans are clamoring for. It's time new characters and stories are explored in this massive, wonderful universe.

THE_RAW_ on Aug 28, 2019


All very well put, and yes, this "Skywalker Saga" is relatively narrow and self contained, I'm excited they're finally venturing out into other aspects of this expansive world.

grimjob on Aug 28, 2019


After what many people thought of season eight for “Game of Thrones”, I think they’re a little bit nervous for what Weiss and Benioff have to offer (Keisha Castle-Hughes deserved better, by the way, but that’s just an aside).

Mark Brackney on Aug 31, 2019


Interesting point.

THE_RAW_ on Sep 3, 2019


Another gimmicky light saber variant tease?? Which looked clunky, no less. I hope they actually use it (that shot) in the movie this time, asshats! A rolling droid battle would have been nice too! Still got time, hint hint!

Whichhalfofthewit on Aug 26, 2019


I heard they will use lightsabers shuriken and nunchaku.

tarek on Aug 27, 2019


Ready or not, here I come.

DAVIDPD on Aug 26, 2019


Seeing Fisher on screen, still kind of hurts. Did not expect that.

DAVIDPD on Aug 26, 2019

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