First Trailer for 'Terminator: Dark Fate' with Linda Hamilton & Arnold

May 23, 2019
Source: YouTube

Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer

"I've never seen one like you before - almost human." Paramount has released the first teaser trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate, the sixth Terminator movie that takes us all the way back to the first two James Cameron movies. This one throws away the other movies and gives us an actual direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day, starting up the day after Judgement Day. As for the rest of the story, we don't know much about where it's headed but this trailer does give us a few hints. Badass actress Linda Hamilton returns as the first Sarah Connor, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is also back as the original Terminator. James Cameron is producing and is credited on the story, some good news. The cast includes Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna as another Terminator, with Natalia Reyes, Diego Boneta, Alicia Borrachero, Steven Cree, Tábata Cerezo, Brett Azar, and Claudia Trujillo. Get your first look at Dark Fate below.

Here's the first teaser trailer (+ teaser poster) for Tim Miller's Terminator: Dark Fate, from YouTube:

Terminator: Dark Fate Poster

"Welcome to the day after Judgment Day." This sixth installment in the Terminator franchise is a direct sequel to The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, disregarding all other Terminator stories as occurring in alternate timelines. Terminator: Dark Fate is directed by American filmmaker Tim Miller, co-founder of Blur Studios, who went from VFX work to the director of the first Deadpool movie previously. The screenplay is written by Billy Ray, and Justin Rhodes. Based on a story by James Cameron, and David S. Goyer & Justin Rhodes. Produced by James Cameron and David Ellison of Skydance. Paramount will release Miller's Terminator: Dark Fate in theaters everywhere starting on November 1st this fall. Your thoughts?

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I want to like it, but then again I couldn't finish Genysis.

Movies Are Fun on May 23, 2019


I never even tried to watch that one.

grimjob on May 23, 2019


I tried. Made it about 20 minutes, does that count?

CShane on May 23, 2019


'A' for effort.

grimjob on May 24, 2019


Looks lame. a mix of Terminator Salvation and Terminator Genisys.

Pincode on May 23, 2019


Excellent teaser !!

Hasinur Rahman Tonmoy on May 23, 2019


The first two installments were kind of the verge of a thriller-action-horror. But every sequel afterwards just feels like an action blockbuster wannabe. There's no sense of danger, not in this one as well. And I gotta say the CGI in this teaser was not good.

Oriyan Ovadia on May 23, 2019


These new T's don't have anything imposing, scarry...T1 had that look and muscles. T2 had that "whatever, I have no emotions" look. This one needed a new look.

Jezper on May 23, 2019


Looks absolutely fantastic. Love the return of Linda Hamilton as Sara Connor, Cameron has is hands in the pot once again, this has potential to be the best sequel since Judgement Day.

Electronic Eric on May 23, 2019


How does any of this "look absolutely fantastic"? Are you on drugs or something? Or being paid?

Sebo on May 23, 2019


What's the problem with you?

Lewis on May 24, 2019


maybe he could have said it nicer - but his point is true. this does not, in any way, look "absolutely fantastic".

dan on May 24, 2019


A matter of opinion. I'm hoping the story is more than a repeat of T1 & T2, but at least the trailer isn't giving it all away. In regards to Sebo, he came over as immature and despite me flagging the comment its remained.

Lewis on May 25, 2019


Don't you know by now you're not supposed to have an opinion here?

Charles Knowlton on May 24, 2019


it's isn't really that bad,but always a repetition of 2

ari smulders on May 23, 2019


It seems they've got the right pieces in play here, and I'm so excited that Hamilton is back, but it still just looks like a generic Hollywood blockbuster. I hope I'm wrong and it actually has something more to offer.

grimjob on May 23, 2019


trailer looks good lots of action, hoping its more that an action extravaganza. hope there is good character development, a good story and that they provide what the first two terminators had, "fear" , fear of the terminator. the terminator should be how kyle reese and sara connor described. a force that will never stop and that evokes fear.

Richard Melendez on May 23, 2019


What the fuck is that fucking song? Good God it's fucking terrible!

ElBischoff on May 23, 2019


It's a cover of Bjork's song "Hunter" but I have no idea who it's by.

JL BD on May 23, 2019


Ok, It's by RIAYA feat some dude John Mark McMillan. Not that you care to know but if anyone else does lol.

JL BD on May 23, 2019


never heard it. I'm sure Bjork's version is a billion times superior.

ElBischoff on May 24, 2019


It looks like an honest entertainment. It was always a lame story, all the way from the first one. But as an entertainment, each of them worked. Of course, some were better and some less so. And I expect nothing more from this one. This will be fun and nothing more. And yes, I agree, it's good to have Linda Hamilton back ...

shiboleth on May 23, 2019


I've found all these Terminator films at least watchable. None have lived up to T2 in my view and none will. Not this one from the look of it. There isn't anything added or new to it from the looks of the trailer. That's what made T2 so great. Cameron presented a whole new ball game with his second effort and it worked. I also have a problem with the cast here. They simply do not have the charisma that Hamilton displayed in T2 or that the bad guy terminator had. I also just do not find Mackenzie Davis very attractive to look at or even interesting to look at. Also the baddie, Brett Azar, just didn't have any effect on me at all. Too bad. Still, I'll watch if for sure when it finally comes around on cable. Why not? It can't be that bad. I didn't think Genysis was as bad as a lot of people seemed to. Oh well...what can I say? Alway swimming against the sure would rather watch it than the new QT nonsense, that's for sure. I already nailed the silly ending of his and it's all over wiki.

thespiritbo on May 23, 2019


Cool Cool! And these sequels always make me nostalgic for THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES! Too soon.

DAVIDPD on May 23, 2019



boball on May 23, 2019


I so badly wanna get excited for this, but I just can't. Real glad to see the og Linda Hamilton back again in the definitive role of her career but this just looks like yet another mediocre terminator sequel with mediocre cgi to me. I'm also not much of a fan of this Mackenzie chick either. She can act for sure but gives off this very "meh" vibe, imo. And of course they throw in two token minorities for the pc crowd. Look I'm all for inclusion, especially being a minority myself, but this just seems like pandering for panderings sake.

JohnDoeB on May 23, 2019


Well said.

THE_RAW_ on May 24, 2019


Looks absolutely terrible.

darkshadow66 on May 24, 2019


this doesn't interest me at all.

dan on May 24, 2019


I think they need to stop trying to revive this franchise and let it die. Simply switching out Arnold and John Connor to female leads and bringing back Hamilton with yet ANOTHER iteration of a terminator, doesn't breathe life into this franchise. I'd rather see us wage war in the future against Skynet (which Terminator:Salvation tried to do, but didn't really succeed). It seems the franchise is taking Arnold's iconic line to heart: "I"LL BE BACK." I didn't watch Genisys and I won't be watching this as well. Sometimes dead is BETTER.

THE_RAW_ on May 24, 2019


Looks like shit. You can't top T2 so why even try? Like the Alien franchise. After Aliens, it was all downhill.

Sascha Dikiciyan on May 28, 2019


They've lost it. Sad.

Grotten Olm on Jun 5, 2019

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