First Trailer for Ang Lee's Sci-Fi Film 'Gemini Man' Starring Will Smith

April 23, 2019
Source: YouTube

Gemini Man Trailer

"I think I know why he's as good as you - he IS you." Paramount has unveiled the first official trailer for Gemini Man, the next film from Ang Lee (following Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk). This sci-fi action thriller is about an aging hitman, as played by Will Smith, who finds himself facing off against a younger clone of himself. A bit like Looper, but about a clone, without any time travel. Lee shot this at 120FPS, also known as HFR (High Frame-Rate) video, and is apparently still trying to push this aspect despite audiences rejecting HFR during the release of The Hobbit a few years back. The visual effects are by Weta Digital. The feature cast includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen, Benedict Wong, Linda Emond, Ralph Brown, and Theodora Miranne. This looks intriguing so far, with some cool ideas and Will Smith being mean and young as the clone - using motion capture to make him look that way. Not really sure about this.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Ang Lee's Gemini Man, direct from Paramount's YouTube:

Gemini Man Poster

Gemini Man Poster

Henry Brogen (Will Smith), an aging assassin attempting to exit his career, finds himself going against a younger clone of himself who can predict his every move. Gemini Man is directed by acclaimed Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee, director of many great films including The Wedding Banquet, Sense and Sensibility, The Ice Storm, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hulk, Brokeback Mountain, Lust, Caution, Life of Pi, Taking Woodstock, and Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk previously. The screenplay is written by Billy Ray, Jonathan Hensleigh, Andrew Niccol, Stephen J. Rivele, Christopher Wilkinson, and David Benioff; from an original concept created by Darren Lemke. Featuring visual effects by Weta Digital. Paramount will release Ang Lee's Gemini Man in theaters everywhere starting on October 11th, 2019 this fall. First impression?

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Looks cheap

Grotten Olm on Apr 23, 2019



Martin on Apr 23, 2019


Old Will Smith = Big Boss Young Will Smith = Solid Snake Finally a Metal Gear Solid movie!

Oblique on Apr 23, 2019


uhhh spoilers!? (for non-Metal Gear players) Seriously though, that would've been a much better concept. The cast in this is great, and Willy vs Willy (pun-intended) could be great as well. It's just the dialogue (in this trailer) is very cliche and meh.

Akirakorn on Apr 23, 2019


The digital cinematography looks awful.

Nielsen700 on Apr 23, 2019


I dig the premise, but too much of an uncanny valley effect for me to handle. A scene or two, sure, but not an entire film.

grimjob on Apr 23, 2019


Not sure if it is uncanny valley or just half baked computer imagery.

DAVIDPD on Apr 23, 2019


Yeah, either way, it's too distracting.

grimjob on Apr 23, 2019


It's as if Looper and The One had a miscarriage.

Sergio R. on Apr 23, 2019


BWAHAHA... had a miscarriage... omg that's the best line I've seen on a FS post all year. PS: To anyone who hasn't seen The One, please do. It's a B-grade action flick, but a damn good one. In-his prime Jet Li, pre-breakout Jason Statham, Carla Gugino, and Delroy Lindo nearly steals the movie. Oh and Carla Gugino!

Akirakorn on Apr 23, 2019


But if you come across WAR looking for The One, runaway, run far away. That is some dumpster en fuego!

Whichhalfofthewit on Apr 23, 2019


LOL I forgot that existed! Maybe I never watched it... or blocked it out. Fun fact: WAR has a better rating on imdb, and both are dismal at 14% on rotten tomatoes. Maybe it's because I saw The One ages ago, when it first came out. Maybe because I like Space: Above and Beyond (tv show, from the same Director/Producer team of The One, Final Destination, etc).

Akirakorn on Apr 23, 2019


I'd love to block it out but then I might watch it again and experience the pain again in some cosmic cyclic joke. I'll just have to live with the excruciata (story of my life 🙂 ).

Whichhalfofthewit on Apr 25, 2019


The One was so cool, man. But then again I was probably around 13 or 14 when I saw it back then. Not sure if I saw it now I'd feel the same way. Honestly I don't remember anything from it except one slow-mo scene. (Which I just rewatched on youtube, still cool.)

Efterklang on Apr 23, 2019


AH SHIT. THE ONE was my JAM as a teenager. Statham had some fuzz on his head, Jet was JET and GUUUUGIINNOOOO, for sure was fox among foxes.

DAVIDPD on Apr 24, 2019


Ang Lee has done some incredible directing, but this looks like a strange departure from his regular fare. Also, this just looks "meh", story and acting wise.

THE_RAW_ on Apr 23, 2019


Guaranteed flop.

Sebo on Apr 23, 2019


This trailer didn't do much for me. I love Winstead though, so I'll check out the next one. Hope it'll be better than this. PS: Anything above 30 fps in movies just looks off. Interesting that he's sticking to his guns since his last movie, which was also shot in 120 fps, flopped pretty hard.

Efterklang on Apr 23, 2019


Something doesn't work with films and Will Smith for some time now. And besides, I remember the times when Ang Lee made films like Ice Storm. Long time ago, obviously ...

shiboleth on Apr 23, 2019


That's not even what Smith looked like in his 20s.

DAVIDPD on Apr 23, 2019


Looks awful, but I would guess the mass audience will eat it up. I'll say this, if you can't buy the gimmick, and gimmick it is, of a younger self coming after an older self this is dead in the water. These kind of mass audience appealing movies with a big gimmick and CGI special effects stuff just don't ring my bell. I wouldn't pay to see this movie and wouldn't even go if it were free.

thespiritbo on Apr 23, 2019


I'm damn near surprised NOT to see the Netflix logo fly by at the end of this one. Will wonders never cease??

Whichhalfofthewit on Apr 23, 2019


Crouching Tiger is his best film. As a Gemini, I was hoping I could relate to this. But I can't.

Electronic Eric on Apr 25, 2019


So am I and I agree.

JohnDoeB on Apr 26, 2019

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