First Trailer for 'Chasing Einstein' Doc About the Theory of Relativity

May 8, 2019
Source: Facebook

Chasing Einstein Doc Trailer

Will anyone disprove Einstein? "You don't need a PhD in rocket science to let yourself be carried away by this fascinating film [about] the hunt to answer one of the greatest open questions about our universe." Ignite Channel has unveiled an official trailer for an indie documentary titled Chasing Einstein, which just premiered at the CPH:DOX Film Festival last month. The film asks scientists and astrophysicists to re-examine Einstein's Theory of Relativity, challenging it, pushing it, and further exploring our understanding of our universe. "Following leading scientists including Nobel Laureates on the brink of paradigm-shifting discoveries, Chasing Einstein travels behind the scenes of some of the most extraordinary experiments ever created to probe the mysteries of the dark universe (LIGO, CERN, XENON 1T). Will Einstein stand the test of time, or will a controversial new theory change the way that we see the universe?" This does indeed seem fascinating, and as a big-time space nerd, I'm definitely planning to watch this. It looks super duper geeky.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Brown & Wheeler's doc Chasing Einstein, from Facebook:

Chasing Einstein Doc Poster

Nobody has managed to topple Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, even though it leads to the shocking conclusion that most of the universe must be made of a mysterious form of invisible matter that nobody has ever observed. But now physics stands at a crossroads. Some of the sharpest brains in physics have dedicated their lives to search for this "dark matter" while others are working on a new theory of gravity. Chasing Einstein follows leading scientists around the world, to the largest particle accelerator at CERN, the largest underground labs (XENON), the largest telescope arrays, and the LIGO gravitational wave detector to find out whether Einstein's theory of gravity, as it passes its 100th birthday, stands the test of time. Chasing Einstein is co-directed by documentary filmmakers Steve Brown (of Spark: A Burning Man Story) & Timothy Wheeler (of The Other Shore and Poached). This just premiered at the CPH:DOX last month, and also played at the Cleveland Film Festival. Ignite Channel will release the documentary in select theaters + on VOD in the US later this year. For more info, visit the official website. Who else is interested?

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no trailer, but looking forward to this nonetheless

Tester on May 8, 2019


It's embedded from Facebook, so if you have them blocked or are blocking javascript from loading, the trailer won't show up. Once it's available on YouTube, I'll switch it out.

Alex Billington on May 8, 2019


Looks so good. We need a famous mathematician.

DAVIDPD on May 8, 2019


Cool thing, of course. I would like to have their job. And mostly not for money, but for the thrill of investigating things that may never really exist. Such as a better world ...

shiboleth on May 8, 2019


I like good documentary films with interesting subject matter so for sure I'm interested in this. Having said that, I tend to gravitate towards the spiritual giants and the mystics and sages for the pondering of the Universe and the mysteries not knowable to the mortal mind. Scientists are humans with mortal minds trying to use mathematics to explain and understand the unexplainable and that which will never be understood. Still, this documentary film might make for good viewing as it is a fascinating subject.

thespiritbo on May 8, 2019


HA. Right, right. Let's reject actual science and facts and reality for made-up "spirituality" and man-made "gods". No, thank you.

Alex Billington on May 9, 2019


Amen to that

Tester on May 9, 2019


What did my post trigger in you to get this kind of response, man? You think you know what reality is? You think you know the facts? You really think science has the answers to the mystery that as far as I can tell are unknown to the mortal man. I hesitate to confront you on the ignorance of saying 'made up spirituality' because that seems to reveal you've not done a whole lot of investigations into other levels of consciousness and awareness outside of the grand illusion. I was not referring to the silly organized religions and God and Jesus and all that kind of ignorance. It seems my level of understanding and spiritual travels are out of both you and Tester's level of understanding. To laugh at that which one is unaware of and do not understand is pretty low level stuff, Alex. I'm disappointed, man.

thespiritbo on May 9, 2019


So your musings must have provided you with at least one original factual insight into the universe. Care to share?

Gnubbles on May 9, 2019


Sure...I've learned that I don't know...and never will...and neither will anyone else...even if they delude themselves into thinking that they do. That's the only real fact that 'I' know...that I don't know. Then again...who am 'I'? What is this 'I'? Where did this 'I' come from? What is the source of the 'I'? Who was 'I' before 'I' was born? That is pondered among the sages and mystics I'm speaking of. If it don't make sense, so be it...'I' can't be of any help to you

thespiritbo on May 9, 2019


When your ass gets really sick, do you see a spiritual leader or a doctor ? Yeah, I thought so

Tester on May 9, 2019


What's one got to do with the other? Sorry if my post triggered some fear in you. It wasn't my intention. So, have the scientists given you some solid answers in the mystery of it all? Yet? Yeah, I thought so.

thespiritbo on May 9, 2019


"Scientists are humans with mortal minds trying to use mathematics to explain and understand the unexplainable and that which will never be understood" That's simply not true. Many of Einstein's theories based on mathematical equations have been proven accurate decades after his death. Many more are sure to follow.

Charles Knowlton on May 9, 2019


I don't know what is true or not true, Charles. I've been spending much of the last 3 decades explaining 'truth realization'. I know what it is, but have yet to achieve it. It's also known as 'enlightenment' such as the Buddha was. You see, to my understanding it is all an illusion and in the mind of mortal man. None of it exists. The Universe, Einstein and his theories of it, etc. It's all an illusion. Truth realization seems to indicate that there is thing...only pure consciousness and awareness, if you will. We all learn in grade school that the table is not solid. Our low level of consciousness tells us it is, but even science, so to speak, has proven to us that it is just's spinning molecules and atoms, etc. So if we evolve in consciousness do we live in that reality? Or do we live in the false, illusion of the material world? Look, I dig Einstein. He was an advanced being. Let us remember that he also said, 'Reality is but an illusion...albeit it a very persistent one' loved his sense of humor and love that quote. So like I said, I gravitate towards the mystics and sages and truth realization than I do scientists and the mortal mind. It seems that scared Tester below as well as Alex and that they don't understand and kind of retaliated and attacked. You did not do that so I felt I could communicate with you on this subject more than I could with them. I appreciate that. Peace.

thespiritbo on May 9, 2019


Maybe I misunderstood your comment and for that I apologize, but I think you may be cutting science short a bit. While science certainly cannot explain everything, it has come a long way to show that the universe is a much bigger place full of much more wonder than any mind has ever conceptualized. While I can relate to some of your questions, having myself explored something similar in the past, I prefer to simply let facts and evidence guide my understanding in and of life. This has led to a "comfort" (for lack of better words ) in my life which I was never able to achieve under certain philosophies. Yes there is mystery, much we do not know nor understand, but I simply do not need more to explain it, some of it will be answered in my lifetime and most of it will not.. There is great comfort in knowing that my species's curiosity will continue to search for those answers in a universe that will keep us busy for as long as we decide to enjoy it. Again, apologies for my comment and peace be with you.. hope you enjoy the doc

Tester on May 10, 2019


Thank you for this reply, Tester. It came as a surprise...and a pleasant one at that. I respect your coming forward and attempting to find some common ground between us. I have no problem with the content of your post back to me. I understand and am glad we have found some common ground regarding this fascinating subject matter. As I said in my original post I want to see the documentary film as it is pertaining to a very interesting subject that has captured me for most of my 73 yrs. Cheers and peace back to you.

thespiritbo on May 10, 2019

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