Trailer for HBO's Two-Part Michael Jackson Doc 'Leaving Neverland'

February 19, 2019
Source: YouTube

Leaving Neverland Trailer

"I want to be able to speak the truth as loud as I had to speak the lie for so long…" HBO has unveiled the first trailer for their two-part documentary Leaving Neverland, a twist on the title Finding Neverland. This revealing documentary is about musician Michael Jackson, specifically two young boys who were befriend by him years ago. At the height of his stardom Michael Jackson began long-running relationships with two boys, aged 7 and 10, and their families. Now in their 30s, they both tell the story of how they were sexually abused by Jackson, and how they came to terms with it years later. This originally premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and received quite a bit of attention, because of the subject matter of course. Each part of this runs a full two hours, for those interested in hearing the truth straight from the people involved.

Here's the first official trailer for Dan Reed's documentary Leaving Neverland, direct from YouTube:

Leaving Neverland Doc Trailer

Leaving Neverland is a two-part documentary that explores the separate but parallel experiences of two young boys, James Safechuck, at age ten, and Wade Robson, at age seven, both of whom were befriended by Michael Jackson. Through gut-wrenching interviews with Safechuck, now 37, and Robson, now 41, as well as their mothers, wives and siblings, the film crafts a portrait of sustained abuse, exploring the complicated feelings that led both men to confront their experiences after both had a young son of their own. Leaving Neverland is directed by English filmmaker Dan Reed, director of the documentary The Valley, as well as lots of TV series work and TV documentaries previously. This premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year as a last-minute addition to the line-up. HBO will debut Dan Reed's Leaving Neverland over two nights - starting March 3rd & 4th coming up next month. Who's curious about this?

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1 he DID abuse kids? I thought he didn't and that it was all a media smear campaign. I'm so confused....

THE_RAW_ on Feb 19, 2019


Of course he did. His big time expensive lawyers and PR firm managed to salvage his name somewhat, but one would have to be pretty naive to not think Jackson wasn't a pedophile, for god's sake!

thespiritbo on Feb 19, 2019


For the longest time I thought he was, but I seem to recall there was some evidence (Macaulay Calkin's testimony?) introduced that absolved him. I was obviously wrong...

THE_RAW_ on Feb 20, 2019


No you weren't wrong. If you are interested, try to watch Razorfist's two videos on YouTube where he dissects the cases against MJ in meticulous detail.

Payne by name on Feb 20, 2019


So, that old question still holds: what is or was wrong with Michael Jackson? Sad stories all around him ...

shiboleth on Feb 19, 2019


Jesus Alex, you really are so staggeringly naive. You do know that just because someone records a monologue onto camera doesn't mean that it's "the truth". These two individuals took the evidence in this documentary to court a few years back and it was thrown out. But who worries about the courts when gullible fools like yourself blatantly swallow this trash. One of the guys in this documentary was a VOLUNTARY character witness FOR Michael back in 2005 (so if this claim is true, he's already a proven liar) plus he also didn't land the Cirque de Soleil MJ gig that he wanted and hence has an axe to grind.

Payne by name on Feb 19, 2019


Just because some people don't want to believe the truth also doesn't mean it's not the truth. You think this doc would be made and released like this if they weren't all trying to tell the truth? Or maybe you're being satirical? Either way, in a world where the truth is often hidden, it's always a spectacle when it comes out, and the harder people fight to cover it up only confirms how real it all is.

Alex Billington on Feb 20, 2019


wow, payne........just wow. you need to calm down. how do you know WHAT happened with MJ and all those kids? and insulting billington like that? your comment is in very poor taste.

dan on Feb 20, 2019


I have more faith in FACTs presented in court than somebody filming a 'tell all' documentary because they couldn't persuade a court to buy their story. Plus I try to apply some rationale and questioning rather than blind 'this must be the truth" belief.

Payne by name on Feb 20, 2019


so what you believe to be "fact" gives you the right to be insulting? i've never heard that rationale.

dan on Feb 22, 2019


Is not claiming that a dead man to be a paedophile even more insulting? Of course, what am I thinking, calling someone a naive fool is far worse than peddling lies about someone being a kiddie fiddler...

Payne by name on Feb 22, 2019


except we know what you did to be fact - and there is NO way you or anyone else can show MJ did, in FACT, do nothing to any of those kids.

dan on Feb 25, 2019


And by that logic how then can Alex claim this documentary to be the truth? In the absence of that we have a justice system where you present facts and opinions and individuals can review all of the evidence. They did that and threw this accusation out (just like they did in the 2005 court case). But who wants to concern themselves with that when individuals like yourself can ignore the findings of a court of law and instead be persuaded by some flashy graphics and some teary eyed performances. Can I suggest you have a look at the Jussie Smollett incident for some context to your position.

Payne by name on Feb 25, 2019


you're a lost cause. so, go ahead payne - keep bullying/insulting people because they don't do/say everything you want.

dan on Feb 25, 2019


I think the lost cause is the fool who blindly believes everything without using his brain or intellect to question anything.

Payne by name on Feb 26, 2019


The cyclical nature of child abuse is one of the worst horrors of humankind. I don't know how we can stop is truly a terrifying quandary.

DAVIDPD on Feb 20, 2019

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